COVID-19(84) Scamdemic and Global Gangstalking Are Both “Hybrid War” Against Civilians To Achieve “Full Spectrum Dominance,” UN Agenda 2030, Genocide & Enslavement Under AI-Driven Technocracy, & Antichrist Kingdom

Epigraph Quotes:

1) “There is now a New American War. It is inside America. It is called the “War on Terror”. The enemy is YOU! It is a staged, phony war that has been created by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

… This new War on Terror has been socially engineered to provide a continual stream of degradations and provocations against the average American, provoking many in a never-ending stream to resist, and causing them to be labeled dissenters.

Once they have been labeled dissenters they are put on a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Main Core Terror Watch List, which top insiders know is a targeted assassination list for later eradication of all Freedom-loving Americans who want to restore the American Constitutional Republic.”

Preston James, Ph.D., YOU Are THE ENEMY, Veterans Today (2014)

2) “The Israeli Government, working in tandem with the Chicago Jewish Mafia and Zionist-controlled Military-Industrial Complex, ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy which was actually carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency.”

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America, The Millennium Report, December 9, 2019

3) “Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God.”

Thomas Jefferson

Webmaster’s Introduction: The three quotes above help us to understand:

1st quote: As Preston James, Ph.D., of Veterans Today points out, these frauds and provocations are perpetrated against we, the American people, because we are the principle enemy of the Zionist-Controlled US Government (ZOG).

2nd quote: The power structure outlined in the Millennium Report statement, I believe, is basically the same satanically-energized Zionazi-eugenicist power structure that has produced so many murders, mass murders (both JFK assassination and 9/11 were ritual, satanic human sacrifices), and colossal frauds over the past half century. These include the global warming fraud, 9/11, the phony War on Terrorism, the secret gangstalking-electronic torture-mind control program against civilians, and now the Covid-19 “plandemic” fraud. All these advance the communist-fascist-Illuminati Revolution designed to overthrow Western Civilization and indeed, humanity.

3rd quote: Thomas Jefferson, and the other Founding Fathers, were ever alert to the dangers of encroaching tyranny and the importance of resisting tyranny with force when required to preserve human liberty.

The following question by journalist Whitney Webb to author, Douglas Valentine (“The Phoenix Program” and “The CIA As Organized Crime: How Covert Operations Corrupt America and the World”) in an April 28, 2020 interview, helps to clarify the connections between Operations 9/11, Global Gangstalking, and the response to the Covid 19 “Plandemic.” Here, Webb identifies the principle authors of all operations: US military-intelligence-corporate complex (MICC)! The ancient axiom applies here: “Same ol’ crap, different pile.”

Whitney Webb: “Things that have happened recently with this current (Coronavirus) crisis that really concern me are that since beginning in January (2020), at least, what we’ve been told, it’s been the National Security Council, the intelligence community and the Pentagon, who have been drafting still classified plans for Coronavirus response in the event that a certain number of cases is triggered. We’ve also heard mentions of “Continuity of Government,” which has been referenced in recent reports in Newsweek, and NORTHCOM (US Northern Command) having activated already a specific task force in Washington, D.C. Newsweek is even talking about the possibility of martial law and things of this nature. It’s all very disturbing.

Valentine: To give a little context of “Continuity of Government” programs for listeners that may not be familiar…, in the 1980s we had these Phoenix-style operations being implemented by the CIA in Latin America, in places like El Salvador and Nicaragua and other places. While that was going on, Oliver North and these other Iran-Contra conspirators were developing the foundation for another Phoenix-style program for use in the U.S. domestically that included one of these high tech databases of (so-called) “subversives” called the Main Core (list). And this was all under the guise of a “Continuity of Government” program whereby Americans were deemed unfriendly by the state. They could either be surveilled or detained if this plan were ever to be activated. And of course these plans still exist today. They were briefly activated after the attacks on September 11th, 2001. And as I just said, they’ve been coming back up now in relation to the Coronavirus crisis.


Valentine: “This was ideological, psychological warfare, just as is happening in America today, from 1954 to 1967, when the Phoenix Program was created. At that point, they (CIA and USG) decided to just go out and kill these people. They are tired of trying to talk and convince anybody to join their side.

They set up an entire government apparatus that enabled this to happen. They created a judicial system in South Vietnam in 1966 that allowed for the indefinite detention of anybody considered a threat to national security. There was a secret government decree by the President of South Vietnam and indefinite detention became the legal nail on which this program hung.. These people targeted in the Phoenix Program were free civilians in Vietnam. They had a right to preach their beliefs, such as land for the landless, low rent, economic cooperatives.

But the Phoenix decided that the way to make all of this go away was the “final solution” – to be able to arrest them without any criminal charges. Now they could be arrested and hunted down simply because they are designated as a threat to “national security.” And I would remind your audience that under Barak Obama indefinite detention laws were created in the United States.”

All these things were incrementally put in place, just as in America today. Military courts were set up outside the regular judicial system to try the people under these administrative detention laws. If you found your name on a Phoenix blacklist, you were arrested without a charge, brought to a court without a right to a lawyer, and without the government having to present evidence. I should mention that all of these things are in place in the United States now too. And you were at the mercy of the state.”

…. (Under Phoenix) all of a sudden they were arresting people who are political opponents and torturing them…. And this turns into the greatest blackmail scheme ever created. Pretty soon, all Vietnam was flooded with networks of informants and everyone was afraid they were going to be put on these blacklists. It became a blanket way of oppressing and intimidating everyone; of “pacifying” the country and making sure that everyone did exactly what they were told to do.”

Two main components of Phoenix were:

1) interrogation (torture) centers were built in all the provinces.
2) “counter-terror PRU teams” (equivalent of modern stalking perpetrators) were small groups of 7-10 who comprised death squads who would target blacklisted individuals. They would capture or kill the targets and anyone associated with them. They would terrorize everyone in that area. It was a way of organizing a society through terror. This is what we see today in the United States.”

… Everybody who was a suspect throughout all of Vietnam had their name put in a computer program. Once your name was in that computer your life was ruined. The Phoenix Program’s “Management Information System” was the first computerized system for law enforcement and national security. And pretty soon Mitre Corporation developed a similar program which became the National Criminal Information System in the US. You can be sure that the FBI and CIA (which simultaneously ran simultaneously COINTELPRO and MHCHAOS), and DEA were also compiling on their own computer systems anyone who could be considered anti-war, “subversive,” or in the civil rights movement, the Black Panthers, etc. All this was really for political rather than criminal purposes. And they cooperated with police “red squads”- all this began in 1967.” These kinds of things have been going on forever. People were considered “subversive” for purely ideological purposes.

This (system of domestic terrorism) is the reason why people in the US are so incapable of stepping out of this locked box that we’re in. Or of effecting any real social or political change.

George Bush created an Office of Homeland Security within weeks of 9/11. I said this is Phoenix come home to roost. The DHS totally reorganized law enforcement in the US. Northcom (US Northern Command) became part of Homeland Security.

Now through the DHS, the CIA could operate in every state in America under Homeland Security.The official purpose was to protect the critical infrastructure of the US, which includes the power grid, hospitals, the internet, Google, Microsoft. The people recruited to work of DHS are selected through psychological tests to make sure they will enforce the party line. They create a network of informants who blanket the US and who inform on everyone who considered anti-American, anti-war… This creates this whole parallel secret society of people who can be counted on to toe the line (the perpetrators).

DHS has set up detention centers all over America, especially on military bases, so that people can be put on indefinite detention there when this is activated in a time of crisis. This has been incrementally expanded since 9/11.

Then lo and behold, in 2020, there is a virus attack and a national emergency which activates this and this apparatus goes into high alert. There are secret decrees and executive orders out of the DHS Fusion Centers, that are modeled exactly on the Phoenix Program. They can reach into civil society to create militias of people who are ideologically atuned and when Donald Trump says liberate Michigan or Maryland or whatever blue state he chooses, this is controlled out of the White House, and guys with guns and flags will go into the streets.

The US has 800 military bases throughout the world. After being transplanted into Central and South America and Africa in the 1980s, the Phoenix Program model is now being used everywhere around the world. It is crucial to understand that American military forces no longer view these kinds of operations against civilians as violating the laws of war. The CIA infiltrated the US military and now the US military has been politicized and is now more geared toward warfare against civilian populations around the world. This is how the US military polices the world.”

Webmaster’s Comment: What Webb refers to above as a “Phoenix-style program,” I refer to as G5 (Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide Gestapo). “The Program” is also often called organized stalking-electronic torture-(OS/ET) mind control or simply “counterterrorism.” In “MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program” (2011), author Marshall Thomas demonstrates that the CIA’s civilian assassination program in Vietnam (Phoenix) now also deploys CIA’s MKULTRA-MONARCH mind control technologies. In fact, this program has been ongoing and ramping up over the past 70 years. It is obvious that this massive black and BLACK MARKET operation, currently run through DHS-FBI Fusion Centers in cooperation with US military-intelligence, their private subcontractors, the “Interagency,” and innumerable civilian sector players, is about to radically expand under the auspices of the global response to Covid 19.

It is clear to me, as a retired professor and as a TI (Targeted Individual) myself, that the war against Covid-19 is the new face of the (phony) “War on Terrorism,” and as such, it will be used to justify commission of all manner of new atrocities against and covert genocide of innocent civilians. Comparison between these mutually-self-reinforcing operations affords an important means of understanding what they are really about.

In “The Hidden Evil, The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against the Civilian Population” (2011), Mark M. Rich describes the global gangstalking program as follows:

“According to former intelligence officer, Julianne McKinney’s 1992 report, the pattern of directed-energy attacks and gang stalking is the same all over the world. I’m certain that this program is being used to silently neutralize all people that the New World Order believes will be troublesome to their rule. In particular, this includes intelligent, independent, freethinking, incorruptible, nonconformists.

The US and other NATO countries are covert socialist states with a democratic/republic frontage. Although we’ve been led to believe that communism and fascism are opposites, both are on the same end of the spectrum, which is a socialist totalitarian rule. (In practice), socialism consists of a military/police state, heavy surveillance, persecution, and concentration camps. Germany and Russia are prime historical examples.

The control mechanisms in Russia, which included the targeting of the civilian population, was only made possible by the citizens who stalked and harassed people in public. The KGB’s success, added McKinney, “depended on the extensive use of informant networks and agents provocateurs….”

Based on her research and observations (as a “targeted individual” or TI), former intelligence officer McKinney stated: “I think that once full control is established over a major percentage of the population, and enough of the population is silent and unwilling to stick their necks out, that we inevitably would be heading toward a holocaust.”

Commonalities Between Global Gangstalking Operations (G5) and Operation Covid-19 Reveal They Are “Nested Operations” In a Larger “Hybrid War” Against Humanity:

1) Both MASSIVE OPERATIONS (G5 and Covid-19 Response) are part of “hybrid warfare” conducted by duly constituted governments AND the “Deep State” (intelligence-military-corporate sector) of the Five Eyes Nations (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and Israel and most other nations against their civilian populations.

2) Both are weapons systems that utilize military-grade technologies to surveille, track, target, torture, and eliminate citizens. These technologies include A.I., conscious supercomputers, satellite GPS systems, cell phone stalking apps, psyops, electronic (directed energy and neuro) weapons.

3) Both operations deploy military special operations forces (SOFs) to conduct secret “active surveillance,” break-ins, sabotage of TI’s property, defamation of TI’s reputation, etc.

4) Both are “civilian-military operations” that deploy citizens as “irregular forces” (“surveillance role players,” citizen-snitches, citizen-spies, crisis actors, spotters, trackers, cooperating businesses, members of private security firms, “counter-terrorism” specialists, etc) that include many sectors of civilian society to track, target, torture, and terrorize “watchlisted” individuals. In this sense, these operations criminalize, weaponize, and arguably satanize entire societies.

5) Both operations involve MASSIVE criminal frauds, deceptions, “information warfare,” “cyber warfare,” and manipulations as per the US military’s MILDEC (“military deception”) protocols, Mossad’s motto: “By deception thou shalt do war,” and standard mafia practices.

6) Both programs incorporate weaponized psychological techniques including carefully-scripted defamation, abuse, and degradation of civilian “targets” designed to induce “learned helplessness,” “exploitable alterations of personality,” and to drive “targets” to commit suicide or crimes against others and/or to go insane and/or display symptoms that mimic insanity. (In this manner, “the G5 program” has created increasing numbers of “Manchurian Candidate-type” shooters over the past decades.)

7) Through these forms of domestic terrorism, both programs aim to:

a) break the will of “targets”
b) create the symptoms of mental illness so that “targets” can be diagnosed as crazy and institutionalized, and/or
c) and/or induce suicide in “targets.”

8) Both operations are supported by US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM), defense and intelligence contractors, and MAJOR racketeering (including mafia) organizations which involve private-corporate profiteering by the International Zionist Criminal Syndicate and the (Israeli-American) Bi-National Security Racketeering Network.

9) As per Dr. James Canton’s presentation to Softwerx (See: Neuroweapons, “Dark Network Supply Chains,” “Man-Hunting Business” (aka GANGSTALKING) & “Hybrid Warfare;” Presentation By Dr. James Canton (Video, Transcription, and My Commentary)), neuroweapons are now widely deployed as part of “hybrid warfare” and the “man-hunting business” (gangstalking/electronic torture) is supported by “dark network supply chains.” And regarding the burgeoning Covid-19 industry, Jared Kushner (Jew), President Trump’s son-in-law, and several allied corporations are among those poised to profit from a “Coronavirus Surveillance System.” (See: Meet The Companies Poised To Build The Kushner-Backed “Coronavirus Surveillance System”)

10) Both operations target civilians with “shock-and-awe” psyops involving “slow-kill,” “soft-kill,” “silent-kill” “no-touch torture” techniques, technologies, and weapons systems. However, whereas the G5 (OS/ET) program especially targets “dissidents” and “whistleblowers,” Operation Covid-19 targets the entire domestic population, especially the elderly, for elimination.

11) Both operations have the effect of psychologically degrading and destroying civilians’ lives, per the East German Stasi police state’s “Zersetzung” (literally “decomposition” or “disintegration”) tactics. These operations degrade the health, professional success, quality of life, and the duration of civilians’ lives. In this manner, both operations amount to a covert “stealing”/”taking”/murder of civilians’ lives. Incorporated into these programs, are techniques and technologies developed by the weaponized medical and psychological professions (in the CIA’s MKULTRA program and others) over the past 70+ years.

Indeed, as Mark M. Rich states regarding organized stalking in “The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against the Civilian Population,” both operations amount to “very cleverly disguised programs of torture and murder.” Indeed, both programs are massive human extermination-civilian assassination programs.

12) Both operation are part of a silent depopulation holocaust scripted for implementation of UN Agenda 2030 and carried out with full support of the United Nations and its member states.

13) Both operations deprive innocent citizens en masse of their civil liberties and due process of law and thus, constituting the highest treason.

14) Both programs feed, fuel, and facilitate a draconian, totalitarian military-intelligence-police state that essentially divides our nation into two groups. “Irregular forces” (perpetrators, contact tracers, surveillance role players, etc.) are “predators” and victims are “prey.”

15) Embedded within each operation are deep-seated, mocking contempt of and heightened targeting of “goyim” (non-Jews) in general and Christians in particular. (Christian churches are now deemed “non-essential” and singing has been banned in some states, etc.)

16) Both operations constitute and incorporate various aspects of hybrid-, information-, civilian-military-, unconventional-, net-centric-, psychological-, cyber, and Fourth Generation warfare and “low-intensity conflict” against civilian populations. These terms describe official US military policy and involve the full complicity of our Zionist-Occupied-Government (ZOG) and Zionist-controlled military and intelligence forces.

17) Both operations are “sold”/justified as “responses” to staged, false-flag, synthetic terrorism or “trigger events.” Just as 9/11 served as major trigger for the phony “War on Terrorism,” the manufactured Covid-19 hoax is the trigger for the pre-scripted government “war on Covid-19.” These pre-scripted responses are typically activated when military drills or “exercises” just happen to “flip live.”

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, recently stated that the Covid-19 operation was a “live exercise.” Thus, we should view “Operation 9/11,” the Jade Helm-15 and UWEX-16 mega military drills of 2015 and 2016, Covid-19 Medical Martial Law, and Israel’s Talpiot Program (combining A.I., 5G, the Internet of Things, Silicon Valley-Silicon Wadi high tech) as “nested operations” all managed and overseen by the same traitorous groups in order to accomplish their New World Order agendas.

18) Both these military-intelligence operations use electronic and psychological warfare technologies to remotely surveille, control, target, torture, and terminate specified components of civilian populations in order to advance elite agendas. These agendas include eliminating all political opposition (“dissents”), chipping and mind controlling (MK) the public, and vaccinating the public for targeting, torture, and dramatic population reduction.

(In the case of 9/11 and the phony War on Terrorism, the primary objectives were to prosecute the pre-planned succession of Middle Eastern wars for Israel and to radically expand the domestic military police state in America and elsewhere. In the case of Operation Covid-19, the main goals include the destruction of the American economy, massive reduction of the civilian population, and rollout of the A.I.-led fascist, feudalistic totalitarian technocracy of Israel’s Operation Talpiot.)

19) Directed energy and neuroweapons and associated soft-kill, slow-kill, silent kill “no-touch torture” techniques deployed in both operations were developed and tested on non-consenting human test subjects (aka victims/”targeted individuals”) by the military-industrial-medical-academic complex in numerous classified, black projects such as the CIA’s MKULTRA and US military’s MONARCH programs. Developed over many decades with taxpayer money, these technologies continue to garner enormous profits for corporations and the military. These technologies include directed energy and neuroweapons (so-called “non-lethal weapons”), satellites, AI, conscious supercomputers, sensing technologies for surveillance, tracking and targeting, bio-telemetry, remote neural monitoring and manipulation, collection of “meta-data,” and mind control (MK) and influencing, etc.

20) Both operations incorporate the main principles of CIA “no-touch torture,” which include: 1) self-inflicted harm (voluntary self-sheltering, social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, allowing oneself to be tracked and “contact traced” with your cell phones, spying and ratting on your neighbors, etc.), 2) sensory deprivation (self-quarantine, self-isolating, wearing masks and gloves, social distancing), and 3) anyone can be coerced, tricked, or enticed into torturing others (based on Dr. Stanley Milgram’s highly unethical “obedience to authority” experiments of the 1970s).

“Social distancing,” now widely required as response to the “threat” of Covid-19, for example, is a CIA torture protocol devised in the 1950s (See: [WATCH] Social Distancing is a “CIA Protocol” That Amounts To Torture;

Social Distancing Is A “CIA Protocol” That Amounts To Torture (Video)

21) As is well known to military-intelligence operatives, Coronavirus (flu/cold) symptoms parallel those produced by microwave radiation sickness and microwave radiation syndrome.

Furthermore, the incidence of Coronavirus sickness is particularly concentrated in areas where weaponized 5G millimeter wave (GHz) frequencies have been rolled out. Electromagnetic, acoustic, and scalar weapons have been tested and deployed against millions of nonconsensual human test subjects (Targeted Individuals) in “terminal experiments” since World War II. Now these “nonlethal,” directed energy, and neuroweapons will be rolled out against general populations.

The recent electronic attacks on American diplomats at the Cuban and Chinese embassies provide additional “proof of concept” (their term) for investors in the military-corporate sector. These same weapons systems are now used to “dispose” of human test subjects and/or other watchlisted individuals (TIs). They will likely now be MUCH MORE WIDELY deployed against “non-essential” citizens under global Covid-19 Medical Martial Law.

22) The mayor of Los Angles recently promised “rewards” to citizens who snitch on their neighbors. This communist-style, Soviet and E. German Stasi tactic, is also used extensively by DOD-FBI-CIA-NSA-Department of Homeland Security, Neighborhood Watch, Citizens on Patrol, Infragard, and cooperating private security firms in global gangstalking operations. Under auspices of the Covid-19 response, citizen spies and snitches are termed “contact tracers.”

23) Both operations are “divide and conquer” tactics.

24) DHS’s secret army of citizen-spies and gangstalking perpetrators already includes many millions of individuals, all of whom operate under a military-style chain of command. This secret army of civilian spies and operatives is critical for carrying out harassment, abuse, and street torture of TIs. These same secret armies can now be deployed against the mass of the population under Operation Covid-19 and will be supplemented by another army of “contact tracers” who will track movements of just about everyone.

25) Under Covid-19 martial law, most civilians are, in effect, “targeted individuals” to a limited extent now. Just as “TIs” around the world have been for decades, they too are now isolated in their homes (a form of torture and punishment in and of itself) and will soon be tracked, surveilled, and attacked using sophisticated computer programs, phone apps, cell towers, satellites, psychological warfare tactics, CIA no-touch torture, and invisible directed energy/neuroweapons. As the secret targeting-gangstalking program has abundantly demonstrated, these technologies can transform any and all residences and places of business into “electronic concentration camps.”

26) In both operations, government and elites use (NSA) big data to determine which individuals to suppress, neutralize, and/or eliminate via targeting with these soft-kill, silent-kill, slow-kill weapon systems.

27) The unconstitutional, extra-legal processes and protocols now in effect are emergency “COG” (continuity of government) protocols that give wartime powers to political leaders and the military command structure. These unconstitutionally-assumed war powers remove citizens’ 1st, 4th, and 5th amendment protections, among others. Like the “Terrorism Watch List,” Covid-19 medical martial law is completely unconstitutional and eliminates all civil liberties going back to Magna Carta.

28) As targeted individuals have experienced for over half a century, those now confined to their homes under medical martial law lose their jobs, livelihoods, privacy, civil liberties, dignity, access to due process of law, and the ability to function AND we can expect they will be subject to varying degrees of psychological and electronic attacks, depending on whether they are deemed “essential” or not.

29) As “targeted individuals” have been for decades, civilians confined in their homes today under Covid-19 martial law may be subject to 24/7 surveillance, tracking, targeting, and remote brain-mapping, cloning, and manipulation from incapacitating directed energy and neuro weapons attacks (via 5G and other weaponized EM frequencies). (In a recent presentation at a Softwerx convention, military consultant and CEO, Dr. James Canton, proclaimed that “neuro (warfare) is the new cyber (warfare)” and would prove immensely profitable to investors.

30) As has been demonstrated in the massive, secret, illegal experiments on non-consensual human test subjects since the 1950s, directed energy and neuroweapons (so-called “non-lethal weapons”) produce a variety of symptoms that mimic a variety of illnesses, cause mood changes, incapacitation, and even premature death. Electronically-induced symptoms can be diagnosed in whatever manner authorities desire so that individuals can be diagnosed with Coronavirus or as a “potential health threat,” or as criminal, delusional, paranoid, schizophrenic, mentally ill, etc.

31) “Dark network supply chains” (including bitcoin, banks, etc.) used to support the illegal, global “man-hunting business” (gangstalking aka “counterterrorism” operations) may soon supplant traditional economies as depopulation proceeds under Covid Martial Law.

32) The “Man-hunting business” (gangstalking operations) is continuing through the Coronavirus “plandemic” manufactured crisis, indicating that both operations are run by the same entities and are meant to support each other and run concurrently with Israel’s Operation Talpiot. (TIs such as myself have observed that our targeting has not decreased during the Covid crisis.)

As of May 4, 2020, the “secret army” of “irregular forces” (gangstalking spies, trackers, spotters, harassers, and perpetrators) still functions to “police” the streets and track and intimidate civilian targets. These groups act in concert with psychological operation groups, special operations forces, military and non-military counterterrorism specialists, private military and intelligence subcontractors, crisis actors, surveillance role players, and street thugs, private sector security contractors, etc., all of whom operate within military-style chains of command. These “secret armies” are now pre-positioned to carry out selective and/or radically expanded attacks against civilians under Medical Martial Law.

Thousands of private subcontractors in the “National Security Racketeering Network” are affiliated with the FBI (example; Infragard), Mossad (for example; Blackcube) CIA (including Raytheon), and the U.S. military (Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman).

33) House break-ins and other violations of constitutionally-guaranteed civil liberties are commonplace in both operations.

35) These criminal operations are covered up by the complicit mainstream media (MSM), which misrepresents what is happening according to dictates of the government (CIA-Deep State), which is part of the Mossad-Israeli-Rothschild-International Zionist Criminal Syndicate.

36) Tracking, surveillance, and mind/behavior manipulation technologies perfected over decades of covertly attacking “targeted individuals,” will now be extended to the vast majority of the population under Coronavirus Medical Martial Law. Key technologies involved include cell phone apps, satellites, GPS, cell towers, and portable devices, in conjunction with directed energy and neuroweapons and a variety of software programs such as Jade Helm II, PROMIS, PRISM, Palintir, Carbyne911, etc. which are private sector versions of military grade C4-ISR (Command, Control, Computer, Communications-Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance).

37) All these operations constitute various components of the “electronic battlefield” (“electronic concentration camp”) and deploy AI in conjunction with “big data,” 4G, 5G, satellites, the Internet of Things, satellite GPS, and conscious supercomputers to control populations. US military and intelligence services have been perfecting the “electronic battlefield” since the late 1960s.

38). Enormous profits from the destruction of targeted civilians’ lives and theft of their property are garnered by the “National Security Racketeering Network” – “International Zionist Criminal Syndicate,” which includes the mafia, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, DHS, local police, private security firms, etc. We may equate that with the “asset forfeiture” which will radically increase across the world as businesses and homes undergo bankruptcy and foreclosure in the Covid-19 “mother of all debt traps.”

39) These “nested operations” reinforce one another. For example, the millions of citizen-spy-gangstalking perpetrators currently deployed in global gangstalking operations may now ALSO be deployed in Operation Covid-19-Partial Martial Law. And, as noted, the same military-grade technologies are used in both operations.

40) As planned in think tanks, universities, etc. by the global Judeo-Masonic-satanist psychopathic elite and executed by the Mossad-CIA-controlled “Interagency,” these operations are designed to usher in a uber-fascist, police-surveillance state more draconian than the one’s envisioned by Orwell and Huxley AND to usher in one-world government-antichrist kingdom. As such, these operations are ultimately run by Satan and his psychopathic human agents and are thus deeply satanic at their core.

41) Both operations are part of the larger eugenics program that has been waged against humanity by psychopathic elites for generations.

42) Both programs can be scaled and tailored to torture, murder, enslave, and/or transform human targets into intelligence assets (Manchurian Candidates, mass shooters, etc.)

In this regard, we may now understand the secret global gangstalking (“man-hunting business”) program as the prelude to today’s fascist-communist-technocratic lockdown of societies which itself is prelude to the long-planned transhumanist transformation of our species. In Christian terms we can view the gangstalking program as “pre-tribulation” practice for the satanist “powers that be” and the Covid-19 fascist-communist dictatorship as the tribulation itself.

The larger picture is that this is a global Bolshevik (communist-fascist) and French-style revolution as per the historic designs of the “master cult” of extremely wealthy and powerful Jewish and Masonic (Illuminati) satanists, the Black Nobility, etc. This event has extraordinarily dire implications for all civilization and humanity itself as we are now being shepherded into a post-human caste system comprised of cyborg geniuses (the elite) and cyborg slaves.


1) Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which gave control of the U.S. economy to Jewish- international bankers, and the National Security Act of 1947, which gave these satanists their own private army. In addition, per Madison V. Marbury (1803) that “all laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void,” the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, among many others, must also be repealed.

2) Shut down the United Nations and all plans to fulfill UN Agenda 21 (2030).

3) Place the NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI, Congress and the US military on lockdown and set the American people free. The US military has “misplaced” $21 trillion over the past couple decades and, in the past 5 years, has ignored nearly 100,000 reports of corruption from its own personnel.

4) Hang all spies as traitors to America.

5) Hang those authority figures who are complicit in perpetrating this communist-fascist revolution upon America and the world.

6) Most importantly, expose and purge the Israeli-Jewish organized crime syndicate which controls America. The Jewish Neoconservatives at PNAC (Project for the New American Century) in coordination with Israeli Mossad and the CIA carried out 9/11 and their planned subsequent wars of aggression in the Middle East primarily advance Israel’s interests. These groups, in concert with Israel’s leadership, the Jewish lobby in America, millions of American “sayanim” (secret agents), and the “Mega” Group of Jewish billionaires must soon be “strongly encouraged” to exercise their “right of return” (Aliyah) to Israel.

This group of Jewish billionaires, including Bill Gates (who wants to chip and vaccinate us all), George Soros, Elon Musk (humans must merge with A.I., Neuralink and Neuralace & some 22,000 satellites in low orbit to track us all), Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg (“They believed us. Dumb fuckers.”), Jeff Bezos ( and Washington Post), Ray Kurzweil (proponent of “the singularity”- the point where computers take over humans), Peter Thiel (carbyne911 software), and Jared Kushner (Bibi’s buddy and Trump’s son in law) were never elected to public office and deserve no voice whatsoever in American politics.

The bottom line is this: TIs such this author have a basis for comprehending the radically evil modus operandi of these clever and despicable “intelligence operations.” In fact, the goal of these Judeo-Masonic-eugenicist-satanists is to usher in a “post-human” world, sometimes referred to as “Tikkun Olam” (“reinvention of the world”) as per the desires of their god, Lucifer. America, once a Christian nation and the “land of the free and home of the brave,” is now a very fragmented and divided nation as a result of the steady diet of propaganda, mind control, and lies to which we have been subjected for decades. Can we awaken and unite in time to fend off this most grievous threat to our humanity and civilization?

7 Replies to “COVID-19(84) Scamdemic and Global Gangstalking Are Both “Hybrid War” Against Civilians To Achieve “Full Spectrum Dominance,” UN Agenda 2030, Genocide & Enslavement Under AI-Driven Technocracy, & Antichrist Kingdom”

  1. Excellent summary. Great to have all on one page – a keeper for TI’s in their run down list to remember when telling their stories. Thank you Dr. Karlstrom – for your tireless reporting and clear headed perspectives.

  2. When is this going to end? I’m constantly attacked by an ai entity. It made me deaf in my left ear and sexually assaults/molests me. All it wants to do is use me as an antenna. I really really do not like the gangstalker perps and want nothing to do with them but they constantly come back through v2k. Jesus Christ. Seriously. The ai entity stalks threatens harasses and sabotages non stop invades our home and will not quit or leave. Ive tried to make peace with the pos’s but there is no point. Sleep deprived to the max. Cant even enjoy life anymore. Police dont help and neither do any of the government agencies. Thanks for the solid info…

    1. get Jesus in your life

      if this doesnt work out , and it wont, because humans are losers….

      youll have eternal life and be happy forever

  3. “They create a network of informants who blanket the US and who inform on everyone who considered anti-American, anti-war… This creates this whole parallel secret society of people who can be counted on to toe the line (the perpetrators).”

    Secret societies. Freemasons and Illuminati.

  4. I am being psychologically and physically targeted with severe warfare. My phone and computer are hacked and used for psychological warfare daily plus I am hit with some sort of electronic weapon that can hurt my head horribly (where I need medicine) when being punished for telling someone, showing them or finding proof on my tech. I need serious help and I need info, this has been happening about a decade but way worse lately. I have government zoom in my passwords and I have proof of live-streaming / psych ops on myself as a TI. My dad was in the Marines, won money from the government for agent Orange (so I’m told). I was also told he was in a secret gov program that I won’t mention. I am made to look crazy or don’t talk about it and I am experiencing community gangstalking and have been treated horribly at the bank and places I’m normally treated great lately. The level of warfare has gone up since I am pure in Christ and I am a outspoken Christian. Where do I go for help? This is dreadful. I grew up in CA (have memories now as a child that don’t make sense) and need to get direction and guidance to save myself and the people I’m around. Any help is appreciated.

  5. hope we can jail all this ” new world order ” scumbags satanists criminals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + to CONFISCATE all what they have !!!!!! To make them ” homeless ” !
    who are against ” new world order ” SEND an email to me,please .
    i use email+ 2 apps for chat

    Be prayerfull, watchfull !! TRUST in JESUS CHRIST !! ask for guidance in prayers !

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