on Gangstalking = “Counterterrorism” = SIGINT + Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)+ Organized Surveillance Abuse (Civilian-Military Stalking Operations)

… Seeking the Truth Reveals Monstrosities…And The Monstrosities Of Interest Here Involve …

(NSA’s) Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), and Organized Surveillance Abuse Against American Citizens.


Webmaster’s Introduction: The website seems to me to provide unusually complete, reliable, accurate, and useful information;. Generally speaking, I endorse, this information as a template for understanding “the program.” Hence, I am reproducing much of its contents here in hopes it will receive a wider audience. Segment III, entitled “The Dirt”/(“The Technology”), seems especially useful, informative, and insightful. In addition, a number of key military and scientific documents are provided on this website. For this, all TIs can be very grateful.

However, my (considerable) enthusiasm for this website diminished significantly when, after compiling the below information, I read the subheading “Rewards,” in which the webmaster offers money/recompense/rewards to TIs who provide him/her with evidence of their targeting. Given that the webmaster of chooses to remain anonymous, I would be instinctively very suspicious of trading personal evidence of stalking/electronic harassment for “rewards.” Personally, I would not share this kind of information with this webmaster. Indeed, this m.o. seems to follow that of the larger “black-market”/”black-budget” “program” itself, in which people are recompensed in creative/off-the-books sorts of ways.

As noted, the author of does not identify him/herself in this website. However, since he/she/they offer(s) financial and other rewards to anyone in the TI community who provides evidence of their targeting, we can deduce that this person or group has relatively “deep pockets.” With so many TIs being deprived of their money, their careers, and their lives through this program, it is unusual to encounter a wealthy TI, although there certainly must be some out there.

Furthermore, we can speculate, based on the contents of the website, that the author(s) is: 1) a “whistleblower,” an insider or someone privvy to inside information and/or contacts, who is now being targeted and is trying to advance the cause of all TIs, or 2) “controlled opposition,” i.e., an insider with ties to the military-intelligence-corporate complex who is trying to shape the thoughts and behavior of TIs and more importantly, to illicit information/evidence from legitimate TIs regarding their evidence of the specific crimes committed against them. In the second case, which hopefully is NOT the case, the author would be functioning as a “fake TI,” a spy, a “perp.”

If the webmaster is a spy/perp, we may expect that the website contains a mix of about 90% truth and 10% lies, as is characteristic of most disinformation provided by intelligence agencies. If that is the case, expect about 10 to 20% disinformation and misdirection in the following information and use your best discernment to ferret out the truth from the lies.

Also, note the drawing of Yoda, the Jedi Master from the Star Wars movie, is an emblem on each page of the website. One could imagine that the author of the website regards him/herself as a Star Wars-type Jedi Master. But is he/she a Jedi Warrior for the TIs or perps? We TIs are waking up to the fact that we are targets of “mind war,” i.e., military-style psychological warfare operations. And it has been widely reported that people in military special teams like to use nicknames. For example, Col. John Alexander, who has been an outspoken cheerleader for the military use of nonlethal weapons goes by the nickname, the “Penguin” in a mind-war/psy-tech group that calls itself “The Aviary.” This group also apparently includes(ed) Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a Satanist and pedophile who co-authored the report, “Mind War” (1980) for the military. Yes, we TIs swim in confusing and treacherous waters!

Based on my familiarity with the so-called “TI community,” my current best guess is that the webmaster of may be a member of the website research team. recently published a survey indicating that it was the #1 most popular website on the topic of gangstalking/targeted individuals. But how many websites are maintained and how many articles are published by “the perps?” Yes, we TIs swim in treacherous waters!

With these caveats in mind, I reproduce much of the information provided on below.

Epigraph Quotes from

In her report, “Microwave Mind Control: Modern Torture and Control Mechanisms Eliminating Human Rights and Privacy” (September 25, 1999), Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland, stated:

“All our emotions, moods, and thoughts have a specific brain frequency which has been catalogued. If these records fall into the wrong hands, our behaviour and attitudes can be manipulated by persons whose ethics and morals are not in our best interest. Both military and intelligence agencies have been infiltrated with such persons.” (4)

…. I am a scientist and artist from Texas. I have been subjected to 24-hour monitoring via SIGINT (signals intelligence) and endure daily acoustic and EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) exposure meant for intimidation or physical detriment. Most people are oblivious as to what I’m writing about and probably think that it is some far-fetched nonsense. The reality is, that select segments of the American population (including activists, whistle-blowers, “dissidents,” sex offenders, et. al.) endure these abuses on a daily basis.

… All circumstantial evidence points to the offenders of the crimes of Organized Surveillance and Electronic Harassment as being from the network of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Intelligence Agencies, Security Contractors, LEIU’s & military personnel, “Community Watch Groups” & NGO’s, “Surveillance Role Players” and anyone charged with a crime who has made a plea deal to become a “community Informant.”

It is difficult to comprehend the thinking it took the militants to decide to declare an informational war on the very country and people that they were sworn to protect and (to break the oath they took to) uphold the words of the founding documents and ideals of this nation. All foreign governments clearly have deciphered these technologies as much as I and others have, so the only conclusion that you can draw is that the CIA/Military are not afraid these secrets will fall into the wrong hands abroad but that they do not trust the citizens with these secrets and have even declared psychological and informational war on us. (5)

Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne stated in 2007 that “nonlethal weapons should be tested on U.S. civilians before being used on the battlefield,” referring to the use of EM weapons in crowd-control situations. “The object is basically public relations,” said Wynne. “Domestic use would make it easier to avoid questions from others about possible safety considerations.” 16 (3)


I. Introduction
II. The Crimes
III. The Dirt (“The Technology”)
IV. Health
V. Security
VI. Shielding
VII. Victims
VIII. List of patents relating to electronic remote monitoring and behavioral modification and control

I. Introduction (Home Page of

Counter Truth [ ‘kau̇n-ter ‘trüth ] ( coun • ter • truth ) noun: 1. The truth presented in opposition to the supposed truth.

The purveyor of is a degreed Scientist and Artist from Texas who has created this website to get a message out to the masses.

I am not just one Scientist making these claims. Another local resident, Dr. John Hall, wrote a whole book about Directed Energy Weapons use on citizens in San Antonio. Other accounts by local citizens can also be found on sites throughout the web. When two unacquainted scientists make independent claims, it underscores that there’s something awry going on in San Antonio (regardless of Hall’s intent).
– D I S C L A I M E R –

The information, opinions, assertions, points of view and data contained within this site are intended for informational and educational purposes and if the likeness, similarities or characteristics of any individual, organization, business or entity appears anywhere within this site, it has occurred in the absence of malicious intent. This site will present assertions as personal opinion, while facts will be aided by source references. Viewers of this site agree to not hold the creator and author of this site liable for any use of the information contained herein (the site). If the viewer does not agree to this, leave the site now!

Advocating violent means to bring about social and economic change, and “advocacy of the use of force or of law violation” is protected speech. (Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444, 447 (1969))

Profane words that are not accompanied by any evidence of violence or public disturbance are not “fighting words” and therein, is protected speech. (Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15, 20 (1971))

A major concern here is …the use of Directed Energy for SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and Surveillance. There are laws that limit usage of Wiretapping and GPS Tracking of Citizens, but there is nothing to protect Citizens against potential abuses with SIGINT surveillance! This means that a citizen could be targeted and constantly subjected to Directed Energy radio transmissions — 24/7.

Additionally, these Directed Energy radio transmissions could be used for “off label” purposes that are intended to harass or harm the targeted citizen rather than simply providing intelligence data. This also raises concerns over the health effects of Signals Intelligence radio transmissions.

The most profound issue of all is that technological advances over the last 75-plus years have given SIGINT the capability to directly affect human physiology and the nervous system in ways which can influence the cognition and actions of a human. The ability to decipher or redirect human cognitive processes is documented in scientific literature, though the most advanced applications are veiled in Government research. The ability to use directed energy along with algorithms of advanced software can allow for the “decoding” or translation of human thought impulses of the nervous system. The nervous system operates at very low electrical frequencies and these frequencies can be intercepted and deciphered by SIGINT directed radio signals. Advances in technology no longer requires one to be hooked up to electrodes in order to monitor brain activity (e.g., EEG). This should be considered a much more grave concern for Privacy Rights than the collection of phone records ! So, why aren’t laws addressing this?

As with wiretapping and GPS tracking, most victims of SIGINT abuse would likely never know that their rights were violated. While there may be difficulty in determining whether surveillance infractions occur, enacting laws to address this issue is still desired as a formality. The difference with Directed Energy is that it can tangibly and physically affect the human body. Directed Energy Weapons serve that purpose. These weapons have documented capabilities to kill and cause disease which further begs for laws that address this technology. Because this technology is beginning to become more attainable to the common man, Federal, State and Municipal law enforcement needs to have protocols in place which address SIGINT and Directed Energy abuses. If a person claims that a crime has occurred, law enforcement should have the available capabilities to investigate, detect and confirm that Directed Energy was utilized in the commission of a crime. They can’t (or won’t) do that today!

If you take the time to research, while wading past all of the disinformation sites out there, you will realize that the full breadth of SIGINT capabilities is profound. And, it’s even more profound that we are not addressing these issues with laws or oversight that will protect American Citizens from potential abuses afforded by this technology.

On this site I’ve also included some PsyOps tactics and harassment techniques that myself and other citizens have witnessed. Like the abuses committed under the MKultra program, some day it may be revealed that these tactics were used against select citizens, so I’ve included it here as documentation. What I feel is a true threat to much of the population is the use of Directed Energy as a SIGINT tool. This should be a major concern for all citizens.

There is a great need for oversight, regulation and watchdog awareness of SIGINT capabilities. I can’t emphasize this enough!

Let’s make it very clear … that that the United States of America should never criticize any other nation on the grounds of Human Rights Violations so long as it allows its Signals Intelligence Infrastructure and Directed Energy Weapons to be utilized against its own citizens !

As described in “The Crimes” page of this site, all circumstantial evidence points to the offenders of the crimes of Organized Surveillance and Electronic Harassment as being from the network of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Intelligence Agencies, Security Contractors, LEIU’s & military personnel, “Community Watch Groups” & NGO’s, “Surveillance Role Players” and anyone charged with a crime who has made a plea deal to become a “community Informant.”

The tactics employed against proclaimed victims mirror those of Cointelpro (Counter Intelligence Program) as exposed in the past by Activists and Congressional Committee investigations. Only now, we have advanced SIGINT and Directed Energy technologies available, which have been thrown into agency tool-bags.

In 2014 I presented my case involving Organized Surveillance to the ACLU, several members of Congress, the Department of Justice, the FBI and my local law enforcement and city leaders, among others. No action was taken.

I am a scientist and artist from Texas. I have been subjected to 24-hour monitoring via SIGINT (signals intelligence) and endure daily acoustic and EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) exposure meant for intimidation or physical detriment. Most people are oblivious as to what I’m writing about and probably think that it is some far-fetched nonsense. The reality is, that select segments of the American population (activists, whistle-blowers, dissidents, sex offenders, et. al.) endure these abuses on a daily basis. This is elaborated upon within the following pages of this site.​

To learn more about these monstrosities, click on The Crimes button below.

II. The Crimes

​I believe that the crimes addressed on this site will continue to exist as long as tangible evidence can remain concealed. Legislative relief is not to be expected. Relief from these crimes will require another American Hero coming forward to divulge tangible evidence indicating the existence of the New Cointelpro and its organized Surveillance and harassment programs being directed at citizens.

Another requirement is the development of an economical Energy Detection Device that can monitor dangerous levels of energy. Such a device would be akin to a household smoke detector, except that it would unobtrusively and effectively detect and notify the consumer about the presence of “various” forms of dangerous directed energy. Though this would be a cost and technological challenge, it is greatly needed in this electromagnetic soup of a world we call home.

[ What Are These Monstrosities ? ]

In recent years, revelations of the frightening surge in government surveillance of citizen communications have been made, but they have only exposed the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface lies a vast government sponsored surveillance and monitoring program that is being implemented, unconstitutionally, against select segments of the population. Blacklists circulated throughout government agencies, contractors and Community Watch Groups are a big part of the problem. Listed below are four particular elements of this covert program that are of interest here.

1) Remote Monitoring refers to the ability to track a person anywhere, anytime, using directed energy in the form of signals intelligence (SIGINT).

2) DEW’s (Directed Energy Weapons) can basically be defined as devices that can be used to survey, convey, pacify, disable or kill using electromagnetic, ionizing, acoustic, particle or plasma energy forms. These are the primary tools used in Electronic Harassment campaigns.

3) Electronic Harassment involves the use of DEW’s or SIGINT, or both, to invade one’s privacy through surveillance or to cause annoyance or physical harm. Electronic Harassment campaigns allow the perpetrators to reach a person within the confines of their homes, making accessible even the most difficult and hard-to-reach targets.

4) Organized Surveillance (aka, organized stalking) involves intrusive, around-the-clock, monitoring or intimidation of targeted individuals by agents, “Surveillance Role Players” (SuRPs) or individuals from “Community Watch Groups.”

Victims of these surveillance and monitoring programs may experience only one or any combination of the aforementioned elements. Besides the obvious information gathered from surveillance, the program’s additional plausible intent is to experiment with, marginalize, silence, pacify or eliminate those who are targeted. The victims are often collectively referred to as “Targeted Individuals.” These claims are not some loony conspiracy theory; this is honestly happening to certain segments of the population. Simply put, this is the New COINTELPRO — It never really went away!

surveillance crimes

Directed Energy and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) are central elements used in the surveillance campaigns. For those who may be unfamiliar with energy technology, it may be easier to relate your thoughts to common items like a radio, cell phone, or wi-fi computer. These items all utilize or process electromagnetic radio waves in a passive form. Law enforcement agencies may use energy technology in the active forms of speeding radar, through-the-wall imaging devices and anti-personnel or crowd control devices (they’ve replaced spraying water cannons with spraying microwaves with LRAD). For perspective, your microwave oven could be crudely converted into an active DEW, but the type of weapons we’re concerned with here happen to be much more advanced and refined and are most likely composed of, or derived from, military-grade designs.

DEW’s and SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) have been some of the most aggressive areas of Defense research in recent years. Directed Energy use has many, many forms, including radar, communications, survey, non-lethal and lethal weapons, non-penetrating and penetrating imaging, silent sound, subliminal communications (used in Iraq and similar to advertising used by large consumer stores), thought redirection and manipulation, surveillance, Remote Monitoring, and the list goes on.

Persons of interest can be monitored, in their homes, 24 hours a day via SIGINT technology. It is essentially a euphemistic “ankle-bracelet monitor” that can’t be seen. This is not openly disclosed, naturally, because of the fears it would instill in citizens. This type of surveillance is a human rights violation, and especially offensive if the individuals it is being utilized against have not committed any crimes.

Any discovery that could possibly be utilized as a weapon, will indeed be used as a weapon in some form at some point in time.

DEW’s have come a long way since the Nazi’s first began to weaponize electromagnetic energy. Because of the stealth nature of the medium, these weapons can be used in ways that are extremely frightening. Firstly, energy waves are invisible, so you can’t see them. Secondly, energy waves are silent, so you can’t hear them (depending on the frequency range). Additionally, you can’t smell or taste their presence. You can’t even feel some forms of directed energy (although, the energy forms that you can physically feel could plausibly be used to torture, cause harm, or even kill).

So, if a weapons system that can evade all forms of human perception and one which has the documented capability to be All-seeing, All-knowing and lethal, does not frighten you, then you may need to check your pulse! All-seeing refers to the optical, through-wall and infrared technological capabilities of the energies as well as their employ in anything from satellites to home electronics (you can buy the hand-held Xaver millimeter wave models online). All-knowing refers to the capabilities of energy systems that can utilize algorithms to interpret neural processes, or thoughts! And lethal simply means that there is documentation that DEW’s can kill — undetected. So, what this leaves us with is a weapons system that escapes detection — an invisible bullet. That’s scary. This is the perfect weapon for the perfect crime, and crime is exactly where this technology has found itself.

[ Why Would This Be Happening ]

In many regards these harassment campaigns mirror some of the techniques used in the FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgram) that was supposedly disassembled after the Congressional Church Committee hearings in the ’70’s. What we are witnessing now is CointelPro 2.0. A plausible explanation for the revival of the New CointelPro model may lie in its use as a counter-intelligence tool to circumvent possible citizen dissent that could have arisen when the US decided to conduct military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is well accepted that American media and citizen dissent had a powerful effect on the outcome of the Vietnam campaign. So, from a governmental perspective, if there was to ever be any future successes with military campaigns, there would have to be some way that the government could stifle civilian and media dissent. And, the CointelPro model could fit that bill. So, now it appears that the illegal measures used by the original program have been resurrected to quell any counter voices to the actions being carried out in the Middle East.

Then we have the effects of Terrorism, caused from nearly 70 years of meddling in Middle Eastern affairs and exacerbated by the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Terrorism opened the doors wide open for even further Draconian surveillance measures for monitoring and manipulating further segments of the population. The surveillance program has evolved over the years to include Occupational Safety measures and more NGO participation from the likes of Community Watch groups and to include the blacklisting, watchlisting and targeting of people for reasons beyond “national security.” These surveillance programs represent an exercise in extra-judicial prosecution which goes against everything that America and its Constitution stand for.

[ Who’s Being Targeted ]

This surveillance program has woven itself into the fabric of our communities and workplaces. To my knowledge, there have been no scientific polls conducted on the demographics of victims, but we can assume that the expected swathe of the population being affected would include intellectuals, whistle-blowers, activists, writers, journalists, lawyers, dissidents, eccentrics, patriots, multi-culturalist, secularist, minority groups, independent people, ex-cons and anyone who doesn’t fit with the creed, cadre, faith, philosophies or politics of the offenders. I can only imagine the number of women whose privacy is being perversely violated by the surreptitious surveillance that is being used in these campaigns. The most unfortunate victims will be the children of our future who have to bear with this crime because their parent’s generation did not act or take these warnings seriously.

In the words of the Air Force Secretary, in 2007, “…nonlethal weapons should be tested on U.S. civilians before being used on the battlefield,…”

Update Section below on 02 July, 2016

big brother big government

[ Who Is Doing This ]

It has been noted that an uptick in citizen complaints coincides with the commencement of the first Gulf War and the ensuing creation of the overreaching Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and abusive powers afforded by the Patriot Act, Department Of Defense Directive 5240.1-R (1994), National Defense Authorization Act (2012) and subsequent Executive Orders, which have all provided carte blanche for government infringement upon the civil liberties of US citizens. On the web you will find many juicy theories of who the offenders of these crimes are, ranging from satanists, corporations, banks, global secret societies, Israeli intelligence, powerful elite families, and the Illuminati. This is pure nonsense and deception, in my estimation, and is simply misdirection meant to pique interest and lead the reader further away from the truth of who the real culprits are. I get occasional emails from persons claiming stuff about reptillian aliens and psychic nonsense — this is either from bona fide crazy people or simply attempts at misdirection. (Though, it is noted that ties do exist between constituents within US government and organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, et cetera ; there is no evidence to suggest that these entities interests are directly tied to organized surveillance or electronic harassment campaigns.) For a basic description of the New World Order (NWO) or Illuminati (constituents of Shadow Governments or Deep State), Click Here.

By keeping it simple and looking at motive, technology, financing, resources, power and infrastructure, everything points to only one entity capable of implementing such a sophisticated campaign and that sits squarely with a government body. Though, this doesn’t preclude these campaigns from possibly being subsidized and sub-contracted to NGO’s or other entities, and it’s that diversification and delegation of this program that gives rise to these juicy theories of who is really behind the perpetration of these crimes. It’s smoke, mirrors and shadows. Several government and NGO programs, such as TIPS, Weed & Seed, Citizen Corps, Infragard and Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU) show intent to permeate our communities.

With all of this taken into consideration, along with circumstantial evidence, it is my estimation that the offenders of these surveillance crimes may arise from the the network of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Intelligence Agencies, Security Contractors, LEIU & military personnel, “Community Watch Groups” & NGO’s, “Surveillance Role Players” and anyone charged with a crime who has made a plea deal to become a “community Informant.” This is all held together under the guise of National Security, Occupational Safety and Community Watch. IT IS SMPLY THE NEW COINTELPRO. Instead of being run by just the FBI, executive orders have made it easier for any and all agencies to partake in the spoils.

The reasons for which someone is added to a target list may dictate which agency or entity is most likely to be instrumental in their surveillance. A whistle-blower could probably expect more “state” and law enforcement sponsored involvement while an ex-con should expect more “community watch” group harassment. Some targets appear to be black-listed in a way that they receive harassment from the full gamut. The electronic harassment component is most probably carried out through government-based channels with, perhaps, some contractor involvement.

We forget, but President Eisenhower tried to warn us about the dangers of the “Military-Industrial Complex.”

jurisprudence oppressive laws

[ Where Is The Evidence ]

This surveillance program was designed to be virtually impossible to prosecute due to the invisibility of the directed energy medium and the plausible deniability of the surveillance players. The evidence is intangible, by design, in the forms of physics and psychology. Though direct physical evidence is lacking to show that government entities are directly complicit in these attacks on American citizens, the circumstantial evidence in victim testimonies, law suits, various state laws, existing patents, unclassified military weapons, literature, publications and statements by government associated officials add veracity to the existence of this unethical surveillance program.

Direct evidence is elusive because the electronic attacks are invisible, silent and difficult to detect — it’s the perfect crime. Instruments used for detecting directed energy, such as broadband spectrum analyzers, can cost more than the annual income of most Americans and the expertise required to operate this instrumentation does not come overnight. Not to mention, we are most probably dealing with military-grade weapons technology that can be pulsed and cloaked. Additionally, parties involved with government programs are bound to secrecy by Non-Disclosure Agreements with the threat of serious legal prosecution and most probably Blackmail via compromising personal information that is private and intimate in nature (perhaps, this is also why green and ambitious politicians that make bold promises end up like the status quo, hence nothing gets done in Congress). Again, only a State or Government power could possess the high degree of finance, technology, resources and organizational sophistication required to both fund these campaigns and keep them insulated from the media, the public and the justice of law.

If you believe that the government would never venture into something so vile and unconstitutional, then I suggest that you consider how its history has already laid precedent with COINTELPRO, MKULTRA, MHCHAOS, the Monarch program, Operation Northwoods, Project Mockingbird and many other black operations including, the nuclear tests on military personnel, Syphilis tests on African American military personnel & Central Americans, psychological-drug experiments performed on citizens and college students, pre-knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack, Gulf of Tonkin Lies, World Trade Center Thermite & Beam Shearing and experimental vaccine testing on Gulf War military personnel.

[ Deception ]

In order to cover-up and obfuscate the reality of this surveillance program, disinformation campaigns can be utilized for marginalizing victims by using trolls or websites that post far-out claims or incoherent gibberish in the vein of being a true victim. This is a subterfuge. It’s an old-school activism-101 tool, whereby the victim’s credibility is tarnished when an offender masquerades as a victim and disseminates erroneous information that makes the true victim’s claims appear to be irrational and delusional. The problem arises when someone’s first introduction to this crime turns out to be one of these erroneous postings which leaves the reader thinking that this is just a bunch of crazy loons blabbing about conspiracies. They will leave that experience and never pay any credibility to the subject again. So, please use discretion when reading internet posts and literature on this topic.

There are several reasons why there is so much incongruity and outlandish material posted on the internet about these crimes:

1) Internet disinformation artists who are part of the surveillance campaigns troll the web, posting gibberish and damaging material that makes the true victims appear loony;

2) Many victims (including myself) are initially in shock when they discover that all of the misfortune and odd experiences they’ve been witnessing, are actually orchestrated surveillance and it is actually happening to them. At first you are shocked, then you feel violated and then you start seeking answers. At this point you do sound like a babbling fool, as anyone who has ever been in shock can attest to;

3) Many victims (including myself) are prone to believing and repeating everything that they first read about after they discover that they have been targeted. Some of the information is erroneous and it gets spread about further by those who are rushing to discover the truths behind their dilemma;

4) These campaigns are classified and covert. This means that they are veiled from prosecution and so there is no “specific” culprit that can be identified. This ultimately leads to speculation and grandiose conjecture that absurdly points the finger at such things as Satanists and the Illuminati.

If you think that Government is too noble to possibly be involved in “unconstitutional” endeavors, then I suggest that you research Project Mockingbird. Marginalization is a common method used to reduce the threat and effectiveness of a foe. We can all recognize how powerful a single word can be once it is cast upon someone or something in a negative light. Think of the multitude of people who have had their names, careers and lives tarnished simply by having a label applied to their name. Murderer, rapist, pedophile, terrorist, racist, bigot, mentally ill, diseased, dumb, delusional — these are just a few dirty words that can brand a person for life, whether justified OR not.

It is a common smear campaign technique to label electronic harassment victims as delusional. Agencies within the government have mastered the art of disinformation, so it is not difficult to tarnish victim’s claims through the “labeling” process. Besides all of the factual information involving the existence and increasing usage of DEW’s by government, some still try to write-off victims claims as delusional. It is preposterous to label, as delusional, all of the proclaimed victims who have strikingly similar claims of harassment, which incidentally mirror a COINTELPRO model type of approach. The same type of “tactics” are apparently being used on these victims which defies all measures of coincidence. So, let’s accept the truth about the crime without labels.

Fortunately, precedence has been laid where victims, labeled as delusional or conspiratorial, have prevailed as the truth was unveiled. Were the claims of victims called delusional under the infamous FBI COINTELPRO program before the truth was revealed to the American public by activist whistle-blowers? Yes, and the victims were redeemed by the TRUTH. How about those who had complained about privacy infringements before Edward Snowden enlightened us all? Were they delusional conspiracy theorists?

Conspiracy [ kən-‘spir-ə-sē ] ( con·spir·a·cy ) noun: A secret plan or agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal or subversive act.

Big Brother/Uncle Sam: “as long as you do as you are told you have nothing to fear”

Conspiracy Theory — a term created by CIA disinformation agents to discredit inquiring minds whom are simply raising a question about something that doesn’t seem to be answered by foregoing explanations, due to either incongruities, extraordinary coincidences or deviation from the laws of probability. “Conspiracy Theory” is a nice example of “labeling” and wordplay usage that turns something into a dirty word. With the definition of conspiracy just provided, you see that there’s nothing odd or dirty about it. People conspire all of the time — just watch the news. The same holds true with the word “theory.” Theories provide scientist, and in turn, each of us, with amazing innovations. Combine the two words and you get a term that actually holds integrity. Some intellects theorized that the NSA was conspiring to obtrusively obtain vast and unnecessary amounts of data on common citizens. Those intellects were labeled “Conspiracy Theorists.” And, then Andrew Snowden enlightened us, as such, that the theory of a conspiracy was, indeed … a conspiracy.

[ Why I Consider These Matters Significant ]

Some day it could be yourself, your children or your grandchildren who become victims of these harassing surveillance and monitoring program campaigns. These campaigns do not mesh with the moral fabric that the U.S. claims to uphold. Americans are being tortured by this program on American soil. The DEW’s used in some of these campaigns have the ability to silently kill and to cause many types of disease without any proof that they were ever used against a victim. That’s significant. Equally significant, is the fact that these injustices are not addressed by the legal system, so extra-judicial prudence is left to those in conflict. Also significant is the fact that these weapons allow for our privacy and coveted human properties — our thoughts, emotions, and decisions — to be violated, manipulated and potentially exposed. Will we no longer be “individuals” in the future if we can’t even hold secrets to call our own? Could “Thought Police” and “Pre-Crime Units” be a reality in our near future?

Detailed, technical information regarding the construct and implementation of SIGINT and Directed Energy Weapon technology can be intricate and because these details are largely classified, it would be superfluous conjecture to attempt to cover such material in-detail, and therefore it has been omitted. The Dirt page contains some veritable information about the real technology being utilized in these surveillance campaigns. Individuals such as Dr. Robert Duncan labor in this type of information, though I can not vouch for the validity thereof. ( NOTE: It’s become apparent that whistle-blowers with the title of “Dr.” or those who have been in “official” employ by government are particularly susceptible to smear campaigns aimed at marginalizing their credibility. )

So, what I’ve done here with this site is to make an attempt to provide the reader with a synopsis, commentary, documents, documentation, references, quotes and links that pertain to DEW’s, Remote Monitoring and Organized Surveillance. Hopefully, this could help those who may be directly affected, enlighten those who hold no previous knowledge and finally, piss-off those who perpetrate the crimes, as I plunge this euphemistic thumb into their eyes.

Booyah, baby !

I believe that one way to change adverse conditions is to inform as many people as possible in hopes that notice will cause a movement in mass opinion or inspire sources of wealth or power to support change. I’m not delusional in thinking that this site, alone, will accomplish this end. I think of this site as just one additional straw on the camels back. Knowledge and ideas are power. Become informed and inform others.

III. The Dirt (“The Technology”)

​The following items are excerpts referenced from other sources which will hopefully add to your enlightenment.

[ Remote Control Humans ]

[Patent #] 6017302, Loos:

In human subjects, sensory resonances can be excited by subliminal atmospheric acoustic pulses that are tuned to the resonance frequency. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance affects the autonomic nervous system and may cause relaxation, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz used. The effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include slowing of certain cortical processes, sleepiness, and disorientation. For these effects to occur, the acoustic intensity must lie in a certain deeply subliminal range. Suitable apparatus consists of a portable battery-powered source of weak sub audio acoustic radiation. The method and apparatus can be used by the general public as an aid to relaxation, sleep, or sexual arousal, and clinically for the control and perhaps treatment of insomnia, tremors, epileptic seizures, and anxiety disorders. There is further application as a nonlethal weapon that can be used in law enforcement standoff situations, for causing drowsiness and disorientation in targeted subjects. It is then preferable to use venting acoustic monopoles in the form of a device that inhales and exhales air with sub audio frequency. (1)

[ Leading Government Official Acknowledges DEWs ]

“Microwave mind control: Modern torture and control mechanisms eliminating human rights and privacy”

Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland
Report-September 25, 1999:

“All our emotions, moods, and thoughts have a specific brain frequency which has been catalogued. If these records fall into the wrong hands, our behaviour and attitudes can be manipulated by persons whose ethics and morals are not in our best interest. Both military and intelligence agencies have been infiltrated with such persons.” (4)

[ Project Pandora ]

In 1965 it was discovered that the US embassy in Moscow was being hit with electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum, but the fact was kept secret from the embassy employees…. The DOD‘s Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) set up a lab at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and participated in Project Pandora. Scientists began by zapping monkeys to study the biological effects of highly concentrated microwave frequencies. (Constantine pg9) Similar studies were conducted at the V.A. hospital in Kansas City, Univ. of Rochester, Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, Johns Hopkins, MIT, the Mitre corp., Univ. of Pennsylvania, and many other domestic and foreign research labs. The CIA began experimenting with other forms of directed energy in the EM spectrum. Dr. Jose Delgado experimented on four human subjects using radio waves, reporting they experienced different emotions, sensations, and colored visions. Delgado stated that these weapons were more dangerous than atomic destruction. With knowledge of the brain, he said, We may transform, we may shape, direct, robotize man. (1)

[ Microwaving Animal Experiments ]

“Dr. Allan Frey, a biophysicist at G.E.‘s Advanced Electronics Center, Cornell Univ. (and a contractor for the office of Naval Research) discovered in 1958 that the auditory system responds to EM energy in a portion of the RF spectrum at low power densities…well below that necessary for biological damage.” “The human auditory system and a table radio may be one order of magnitude apart in sensitivity to RF energy. Frey proposed stimulating the nervous system without the damage caused by electrodes. He wrote two papers, Microwave Auditory Effect and Applications and Human Auditory Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy. Frey‘s work had obvious implications for covert operations. He synchronized pulsed microwaves with the myocardial rhythm of a frog‘s heart, the heart stopped beating. Frey had perfected the induction of heart seizures by beamed electromagnetics. He microwaved cats and found that stimulation of the hypothalamus had a powerful effect on emotions. Frey…found that human subjects exposed to 1310MHz and 2982 MHz microwaves at average power densities of 0.4 to 2mW/cm2 perceived auditory sounds…” (1)


The CIA, in association with various other agencies, undertook a long series of experiments on unsuspecting prisoners, students, military personnel and others recruited into one of the at least 162 subprojects of what became known as MKULTRA.(56) …Experimenters used college students, servicemen, mental patients, the poor and, in several instances, children as young as four years old, in attempts to create untraceable assassins, couriers and other operatives. MKULTRA sub-projects involved the services of many notable universities and used a number of false front corporations… 64 We would still know nothing of these activities had it not been for the release of 16,000 pages of documents in 1977 through the FOIA request filed by the surviving family of Frank Olson. Unfortunately CIA Director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of any MKULTRA records shortly before the order came in to his office 65, leaving an incomplete picture of a concerted effort by various agencies to create new and better means of controlling the thoughts, emotions and thus behavior, of unsuspecting individuals. (6)

[ Official – Test Weapons on Americans ] “Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs”

Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne stated in 2007 that “nonlethal weapons should be tested on U.S. civilians before being used on the battlefield,” referring to the use of EM weapons in crowd-control situations. “The object is basically public relations,” said Wynne. “Domestic use would make it easier to avoid questions from others about possible safety considerations.” 16 (3)

[ More Remote Control Humans ]

Robert A. Monroe (1993) “Method for Inducing Mental, Emotional and Physical States of Consciousness, Including Specific Mental Activity in Human Beings”, patented by Robert A. Monroe, a practitioner of “remote viewing”, founder of the Monroe Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia. Specific states of consciousness can be induced, “through generation of stereo audio signals having specific wave shapes…human brain waves, in the form of EEGs, are superimposed upon specific stereo audio signals, known as carrier frequencies which are within the range of human hearing.” (1)

[ DEWs ]

A detailed study conducted by Andrei G. Pakhomov, Yahya Akyel, Olga N. Pakhomova, Bruce E. Stuck, and Michael R. Murphy with the Brooks Air Force Base, Human Effectiveness Directorate, offers a scientific analysis of the effects of millimeter waves, “Current State and Implications of Research on Biological Effects of Millimeter Waves: A Literature Review”, McKesson BioServices (A.G.P., Y.A., O.N.P.), U. S. Army Medical Research Detachment of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (B.E.S.), and Directed Energy Bioeffects Division, Human Effectiveness Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory (M.R.M.), Brooks Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX. (6)

[ Weapons are for Enemies, no, Citizens ]

Why hasn’t the weapon been more widely used for war? It doesn’t have the success rate needed to be reliably used for war in place of ground troops. It probably is being used as a supplement. According to European Parliament documents it was used in Desert Storm to fatigue and demoralize troops. Also, if it were successfully used in war once, countries would invest more into anti-psychotronic defenses. So it is considered more valuable as a political dissident silencing, spying, espionage, and silent assassination tool. (5)

[ The Subliminal is Real ]

Nexus Magazine
Volume 5, Issue 6, October/November 1998
Military Use of Mind Control Weapons, Judy Wall 1998


“…Subliminally, a much more powerful technology was at work: a sophisticated electronic system to ‘speak’ directly to the mind of the listener… and artificially implant negative emotional states-feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness. This subliminal system doesn’t just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it; it implants that emotion in their minds. …presentation system carries cloned emotional signatures, the result is overwhelming.” (4)

[ DEWs ]

The US has deployed the Project Sheriff active denial weapon in Iraq. Raytheon outfitted Humvees with their Silent Guardian Protection System, a device capable of heating the skin to 1/64 of an inch, causing instant pain similar to intense sunburn, 103 with the goal to facilitate dispersing a crowd. According to a report released by the Air Force on the human effects of this weapon, people with contact lenses and those wearing metal suffered greater effects. An imprint of a coin was discovered on the skin of a test subject and death or severe heart problems may occur.104 (6)

[ Crowd Control ]

Active Denial System: (ADS)

Wade Smith, deputy director of this program for Raytheon, has voluntarily felt the beam during testing. “This is an effect that literally gets under your skin,” said Smith, “I can assure you, once you come in contact with the beam, you will be inclined to stop whatever you are doing.” Active Denial Technology uses a transmitter to send a tight beam of 95-Ghz millimeter waves; the energy reaches the subject and penetrates less than 1/64th of an inch into the skin. A two-second burst can heat the skin to a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The sensation is like that experienced when touching an ordinary light bulb; the flesh does not burn, however, because of the low levels of energy used. Exposure of at least 250 seconds would be required before burns would result. Sandia National Labs website has the following information: ADS systems are a new class of non-lethal weaponry using 95 GHz-millimeter-wave directed energy. This technology is capable of rapidly heating a person‘s skin to achieve a pain threshold that has been demonstrated by AFRL human subject testing to be very effective at repelling people, without burning the skin or causing other secondary effects. Active Denial Technology (ADT) provides an effective non-lethal active-response mechanism to disperse, disturb, distract, and establish the intent of intruders. ADT emits a 95 GHz non-ionizing electromagnetic beam of energy that penetrates approximately 1/64 of an inch into human skin tissue, where nerve receptors are concentrated. Within seconds, the beam will heat the exposed skin tissue to a level where intolerable pain is experienced and natural defense mechanisms take over. This intense heating sensation stops only if the individual moves out of the beam‘s path or the beam is turned off. The sensation caused by the system has been described by test subjects as feeling like touching a hot frying pan or the intense radiant heat from a fire.

Burn injury is prevented by limiting the beam‘s intensity and duration. DOD-sponsored millimeter-wave human effectiveness testing, initiated in 2001, has demonstrated ADT as both effective and safe without any long-term effects. It is expected that the DOD-funded human effectiveness testing of the small-beam ADS by the AFRL HEDR during the next six to eight months will validate its effectiveness and safety as a non-lethal weapon system. (company website) The ADS is the public face of a brand of technologies that have never seen the light of day but have been in existence for decades. This weapon is lethal depending on the distance to the target (person) and the power level setting. Second and third degree burns are possible at shorter ranges, higher power settings, or longer time periods of exposure. Besides using the most benign terms for these new weapons, the public face of the new technology is restricted to those systems that will cause less resistance among the general public to their development. (1)

[ DEWs ]

Definition from the Center for Army Lessons Learned, Fort Leavenworth, KS: “Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.” (6)

[ LRAD ]

According to Defense Update, the LRAD [Long Range Acoustical Device] can produce a 150-decibel acoustic beam from 300 meters away. The human threshold for pain is between 120 to 140 decibels.112 In a 2003 New York Times article Mr. Norris demonstrates his technology to the reporter. At 1% of capacity, the reporter’s eyes hurt, and hours later still experienced a headache.113 …This technology can inflict permanent damage and death despite its classification as a non-lethal weapon. While the LRAD may be seen as a way to save lives in times of disaster or to avoid civilian casualties, the LRAD and similar directed acoustics may be cause for concern to those who exercise their right to assemble and conduct peaceful demonstrations and protests. The New York City police used the LRAD at the Republican National Convention and it was also used in Miami at a WTO Free Trade protests.114 (6)

[ More Remote Controlling Humans ]

The American Psychologist
Journal of the American Psychological Association
Volume 30, March 1975, Number 3

“Given a thermodynamic interpretation, it would follow that information can be encoded in the energy and “communicated” to the “listener. Communication has in fact been demonstrated. …Sharp and Grove (note 2) found that appropriate modulation of microwave energy can result in “wireless” and “receiverless” communication of SPEECH. …The capability of communicating directly with a human being by “receiverless radio” has obvious potentialities both within and without the clinic.” (4)

[ NSA’s Eschelon ]

Signals Intelligence refers to the ability to eaves drop on cell phones, land lines, radios, and email. Eschelon was the name of the program that was exposed in Australia when it was charged with being used for political purposes. Eschelon‘s surveillance power lies in its ability “to tap all international and some domestic communications circuits, and sift out messages which sound interesting. Computers automatically analyze every telex message or data signal, and can also identify calls to, say, a target telephone number in London, no matter from which country they originate.” According to the BBC, “Every international telephone call, fax, e-mail, or radio transmission can be listened to by powerful computers capable of voice recognition. They home in on a long list of key words, or patterns of messages. They are looking for evidence of international crime, like Terrorism.” Building on an original post WWII alliance between the US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, Eschelon had by the late 1980‘s expanded to include joint operations with Germany, Japan, and China. It was initiated under the legal premise that while it is not permissible for the US government to monitor the conversations of its citizens without a warrant, it is not illegal for British intelligence to monitor American citizens, etc. Once the “take” has been pooled, the respective agencies can have safe access to their own domestic intelligence, because the Britons, Australians, or Germans did it, and not the home government. The primary operating agency for all Eschelon activities worldwide is the US National Security Agency [NSA]. (Rupert pg 228) When Boeing beat European Airbus in a major sale worth billions of dollars the Europeans accused the US government of conducting industrial espionage on behalf of Boeing using Eschelon or related technologies. (1)

[ Total Information Awareness (TIA) ]

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be given access to all state and local databases, complete access to all banking and stock transactions, and all private data bases on demand (medical records). They will monitor and control all communications at state and local levels, as well as build an intranet for corporations. Local police agencies that receive federal subsidies (all of them), will in effect become intelligence gathering units for the federal government.

Under the TIA program created by DARPA the government is now monitoring almost all activity of all Americans, including bank deposits, shopping, web surfing, academic grades, divorce records, spending, phone calls, utility usage, travel, virtually everything. It plans to track everything you do employing face recognition software that can stop you from making a withdrawal at the bank or from boarding a plane. The government has placed all its faith in incredible new technologies such as PROMIS software and exotic weaponry systems that are just beginning to be unveiled. TIA plans to recognize you by your voice, by your unique body odor, it even plans to use “non-invasive neuroelectric sensors” to read your mind. (Washington Times 8/17/02 (1)

[ Disinformation & Misdirection Techniques of Agents ]

Information warfare works as an internet strategy according to war college documents by having people chase the white rabbit around the endless maze of disinformation so that they can’t even tell what is true anymore. The only people who research these topics are the thousands of victims. (5)

[ Former NSA Employee Sues NSA ]

John St Clair Akwei vs. National Security Agency Ft George G. Meade, MD, USA
(Civil Action 92-0449)

NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL).

[ Man on the Moon ]

Senator & former Astronaut, John Glenn, sought to pass legislation in Congress that would make the use of human guinea pigs less likely.

[ Weed & Seed ]

The Weed and Seed program is touted as a method to prevent violent crime and drug trafficking in select neighborhoods using multiple government agencies, Federal, State, and local authorities to mobilize residents in a targeted are to assist law enforcement in identifying and removing violent offenders and drug traffickers from their neighborhoods. All these actions lead to rejuvenating “seeding” operations to bring back desirable elements to replace the people who have been weeded out. Just how the many agencies in tandem with locals weed out the bad elements is not spelled out. The program is sponsored by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) which on their website proudly proclaim that non-lethal weapons are being distributed at the local level to fight crime. Just what kind of non-lethal weapons are being used and on whom, is not exactly clear. One such system openly displayed by the NIJ for dissemination to local authorities is the active denial system and the milliwave radar system for burning human beings and seeing into private residences respectively. (1)

[ Russian & American Partnership for DEW’s ]

The 3\1\93 issue of Time Magazine and the Jan. 11-17, 1993 issue of DEFENSE NEWS both reported on U.S. and Russian collaborations involving directed energy and mind-control technologies which could be used for various purposes such as to suppress riots or control dissidents. (2)

The 8\22\94 NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE reported on a secret meeting between experts from the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Center and Dr. Smirnov, whose work has included remote electroencephalography and neural mapping of the human brain. (2)

[ Militarizing the Police ]

The 3\23\94 WASHINGTON POST reported: “The Pentagon and the Justice Department have agreed to share military technology, including directed energy weapons, with civilian law enforcement agencies for use on America’s urban battlefields. (2)

[ … and yet … More Remote Controlling Humans ]

In the 1970‘s in the law review Crime and Justice, an article entitled “The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior and its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Control” stated “In the very near future, a computer technology will make possible alternatives to imprisonment. The development of systems for telemetering information from sensors implanted in or on the body will soon make possible the observation and control of human behavior without actual physical contact…it will be possible to maintain 24 hour surveillance over the subject and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behavior. It will thus be possible to exercise control over human behavior and from a distance without contact”. (Kieth pg 102) (1)

[ A President for the People ]

When Jimmy Carter became President in 1976 he promptly moved to introduce a modicum of control, he instituted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act establishing an 11 member secret court to oversee the surveillance activities of our covert agencies….Carter’s move to reform the CIA was to appoint an outsider as head of the agency, Admiral Stansfield Turner. After Turner took over as Director of the CIA 800 “rogue” agents were let go, though most all of them found work in various false front companies that had been set up in the previous years. 84 (6)

…tighter restrictions on human experiment including accountability and transparency did not occur until 1997, when President Clinton instituted revised protocols on human experiments.87 (6)

The Russians banned all EMF weapons in 2001. (6)

[ The Police-State Rising ]

In March, 1993, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ, Dept. of Justice), issued a report titled: “NIJ Initiative On Less-Than-Lethal Weapons,” which details the push to arm state and local law enforcement offices with directed-energy weapons for use in domestic affairs. (2)

[ Targeting Individuals ]

“In 2004, The US Air Force Directorate: Controlled Effects gives a clear picture of objectives:…“For the Controlled Personnel Effects capability, the S&T panel explored the potential for targeting individuals with non lethal force, from a militarily useful range, to make selected adversaries think or act according to our needs. Through the application of non-lethal force, it is possible to physically influence or incapacitate personnel.”

From the Air Force Research Lab: (6)

[ Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Part Two ]

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, introduced his “Space Preservation Act of 2001,” originally introduced in the House as HR 2977 which listed “electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons” and “plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons” that would be prohibited or controlled by the legislation. (3)

[ Augmented Cognition ]

One application of augmented cognition allows a user to monitor a person’s brain functions and send anticipatory commands to the person being monitored. For instance, a military command unit will be able to monitor a pilot in a cockpit, and based on the sensory output of the soldier, the base command can input messages directly into the pilot’s brain to improve performance. DARPA describes this as a human computer symbiosis whereby, “This research will enable development of closed loop human-computer technologies, where the state of the user is measured, analyzed, and automatically adapted to by the computational system.”118 …DARPA does not address the implications of such symbiosis, or the dilemma of the extent to which a person can or should be manipulated. The use of this technology is used for military purposes but it may not be long until it is used to “improve” the factory worker, prisoners, or the mentally ill. (6)

[ Proof of DEW Existence ]

U.S. News & World Report; 7/7/1997; Douglas Pasternak

So-called acoustic or sonic weapons […] can vibrate the insides of humans to stun them, nauseate them, or even “liquefy their bowels and reduce them to quivering [diarrheic] messes,” according to a Pentagon briefing. (4)

[ Iraq – Testing Ground for DEW’s ]


The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, OH); 3/20/2003 Byline: Jim Krane Associated Press

“Once you’re engaged and you have a capability that’s almost ready, you’ll try it,” said Clark Murdock, a former Air Force strategic planner now with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “All kinds of things have been invented, particularly in the (classified) world, that will be used. If you use it and it works and no one knows, why talk about it?” (4)

[ The New Cointelpro 2.0 ]

Philosophy of “Occam’s Razor” which states that the simplest explanation is usually the best. So to make someone sound paranoid, all you have to do is come up with a sufficiently complex plan of harassment and the majority of people’s disbelief of that event will be sufficient not to act or care about it. (5)

[ Disinformation & Misdirection Techniques of Agents ]

Simply by getting a couple of agents to pretend they are psychotronic slaves and then have them talk about evil aliens or other typically non-believable topics, the whole group of people who now talk about electromagnetic brain manipulation is associated with evil aliens and not believed by the average person who heard the first story. (5)


High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) is the world‘s largest electromagnetic broadcasting station…a creation of US Air Force and Naval Research…30 miles from Fairbanks Alaska,….The HAARP project manager describes the “experiment” of earth penetrating capability using “frequencies of 10 to 20 Hertz (pulses per second) or maybe one Hertz, one cycle per second type waves.” This range of frequencies are the same dominant frequencies within which the human brain normally operates. Objections to nondisclosure of the biological effects of ELF on living things were ignored. The military, particularly the Navy and Air Force, have extensive research on the negative effects of ELF. These effects have been well documented but the government easily deflects public concern by playing down the effects and minimizing the risks. This is the same method used for other military systems, including nuclear weapons tests, LSD experiments, and radiation experiments, all carried out on unknowing subjects under the guise of National Security. The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been falsified as to the true nature of the weapon system, its capabilities, and its possible fallout….HAARP can do seven things or more…Generate an EMP to disable electronic devices, improve submarine communications, more flexible and accurate radar, disrupt enemy communications while maintaining ours, earth penetrating radar for finding hidden installations, finding oil, gas and mineral deposits, detection of low flying missiles and planes. These are just the publicly stated capabilities….

The brain operates with a narrow band of frequencies, beta waves or normal activity are 13-35 Hz, alpha waves or focused mental functioning are 8-12 Hz, theta waves or mental imagery are 4-7 Hz, and delta waves or sleep are .5-3 Hz. External stimulation of the brain by electromagnetic energy causes the brain to become entrained or locked in phase with an external signal. Specific waveforms and frequencies trigger precise chemical responses in the brain. The release of these neurochemicals cause specific reactions in the brain, which result in feelings of fear, lust, depression, love, etc. The power level needed to achieve a level of control over brain activity is very small, from 5 to 200 microamperes, which is a thousand times less than the power to run a 60watt light bulb. The trick to influencing brain activity is in the combination of frequency, power level and wave form. (1)

[ …More Remote Controlling Humans ]

[Patent #] 6011991, Mardirossian:

A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity. The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location (e.g. by satellite). At the remote location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded normalized brain activity curves, waveforms, or patterns to determine if a match or substantial match is found. If such a match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate the word, phrase, or thought corresponding to the matched stored normalized signal. (1)

[ Bathing in Microwaves ]

We are bathed in microwave energy, how come there is so little independent investigation in this area especially in light that the head acts as a microwave cavity and neurons as microwave transceivers? There are Earth shattering patents from the 70’s and 80’s on brain wave amplification, brain wave reading at a distance, and brain wave modulation using a wide range of frequencies. How is this being ignored? Pretty obvious what is going on, isn’t it? (5)

[ DEWs ]

Pulsed Energy Projectiles (PEPs) are another form of weaponry that is used to paralyze a victim with pain. According to New Scientist magazine, the expanding plasma effects nerve cells, but the long term effects remain a public mystery.105 The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program reports that, PEPs create a flash bang effect that startles and distracts.106 However, the effects are much greater than just startling an individual. A 2001 Time magazine article states that the PEP “superheats the surface moisture around a target so rapidly that it literally explodes, producing a bright flash of light and a
loud bang. The effect is like a stun grenade, but unlike a grenade the pep travels at nearly the speed of light and can take out a target with pinpoint accuracy…as far away as 2 km.”107 (6)

[ Remote Controlling Humans ]

Robert G. Malech patented in 1976 an, “Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves” (#3951134). The patents abstract states, “Apparatus for method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from the subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject”. “The present invention relates to apparatus and a method for monitoring brain waves wherein all components of the apparatus are remote from the test subject. “High frequency transmitters are operated to radiate electromagnetic energy of different frequencies through antennas which are capable of scanning the entire brain of the test subject or any desired region thereof. The signals of different frequencies penetrate the skull of the subject and impinge upon the brain where they mix to form an interference wave modulated by radiation from the brain‘s natural electrical activity. The Modulated interference wave is transmitted by the brain and received by an antenna at a remote station where it is demodulated, and processed to provide a profile of the subject‘s brain waves. In addition to passively monitoring his brain waves, the subject‘s neurological processes may be affected by transmitting to his brain, through transmitting compensating signals. The latter signals can be derived from the received and processed brain waves.” (Kieth pg 182) (1)

[ Dumbing-Down the Populace ]

It is difficult enough for people to learn and understand. We spend a third of our lives in school. It is difficult to comprehend the thinking it took the militants to decide to declare an informational war on the very country and people that they were sworn to protect and uphold the words of the founding documents and ideals of this nation. All foreign governments clearly have deciphered these technologies as much as I and others have, so the only conclusion that you can draw is that the CIA/Military are not afraid these secrets will fall into the wrong hands abroad but that they do not trust the citizens with these secrets and have even declared psychological and informational war on us. (5)

[ Winning Hearts & Minds ]

Just in case you are still wondering why we have terrorism at all or why we are called the “great SATAN” by many countries, just be reminded of articles published in major newspapers such as the Feb. 14, 1992 USA Today, who reported allegations by Saddam Hussein that the CIA targeted him: “the CIA used psychotronics and biocommunication to cause a blood clot in the brain or heart…”. We even have laws that say we can not assassinate leaders of other countries. We have turned into a criminal state in which Congress is impotent to enforce the laws without an army of their own. SATAN (silent assassination through amplified neurons) has many applications for pissing people off and creating life long enemies. Even the European Parliament documented this fact about the psychological effects of psychotronics after Desert Storm. Almost every country in the world is aware of the U.S.’s use of psychotronic weapons around the world except U.S. citizens. Sadly, our government has decided to make us the most uneducated and politically ignorant nation of the so called first world countries through an embarrassing public education system and perpetual lying to us “due to national security”. (5)

Air Force’s “New World Vistas” report: “It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction….” (5)

[ Disinformation Campaign ]

The disinformation techniques used by the government to conceal Directed-Energy Weapons development involves [emphasising] use of the term “Non-Lethal” to describe these technologies as well as surreptitiously embedding the development of these weapons within the haystack of other innocuous weapon developments such as immobilizing sticky foams, [temporay-blinding] lasers and pepper spray-like materials. (2)

[ Kennedy’s Warning ]

“The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy American’s freedom and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.” — John F. Kennedy at Columbia University, 10 days before his assassination. (5)

[ Eisenhower’s Warning ]

Search for the video of President Dwight D. Eisenhaurer’s farewell speech in which he coined the term, “military-industrial complex” when sending a very chilling and serious warning to the American people regarding the looming dangers of a nation being overcome by policy for war contractors rather than policy for the people.

[ Regulating DEW’s ]

Dr. Nick Begich … He is the editor of Earthpulse Flashpoints, a new-science book series and published articles in science, politics and education and is a well known lecturer, having presented throughout the United States and in nineteen countries. Begich has served as an expert witness and speaker before the European Parliament and has spoken on various issues for groups representing citizen concerns, statesmen and elected officials, scientists and others. He is the publisher and co-owner of Earthpulse Press and Executive Director of The Lay Institute of Technology, Inc. a Texas non-profit corporation. (He stated) “In February 1998, I testified before the European Union parliament for an hour and a half and convinced them of the detrimental effects of non lethal weapons on humans, their behavior and their minds. The EU was convinced and passed a resolution banning the use of weapons that can manipulate a person (see Parliament Resolution A4-005/99 entitled “Resolution on the Environment, Security, and Foreign Policy” passed on January 29, 1999). During the hearings, the US representative and NATO representatives sat in the back and declined to participate when asked. In the US, there is no such resolution or anything remotely close to being considered by any member of Congress. There is no concern for it in the US because no one knows about them.” (6)

[ Russian & American Partnership for Directed Energy Weapons ]

Dr. Igor Smirnov, a Russian expert on non-lethal weapons, was brought to the US for a series of meetings in Virginia in 1993. The meetings were attended by representatives of the CIA, DIA, FBI, and ARPA, civilians included representatives of the NIMH and GMC‘s Director of Biomedical Research. Smirnov and his non-lethal weapons technology was brought to Waco during the Branch Davidian Siege in 1993 in hopes of using them on David Koresh, but a software problem reportedly made this impossible, and Smirnov could not guarantee its safety. (1)

[ Experiment on the People ]

In 1940 scientists exposed four-hundred prisoners in Chicago with malaria (a US experiment Nazis cited at the Nuremberg trials to defend their own experimentation).68

During WWII, Seventh Day Adventist conscientious objectors were enlisted into Operation Whitecoat by the US Army and the Adventist Church. They were told that they were being tested for defensive research purposes while the government was in fact testing offensive chemical and biological weapons.69 (6)

[ Experiment on the People some more ]

After WWII, matters became far worse for those who were caught up in the web of illegal scientific testing. In 1947 Colonel E.E. Kirkpatrick of the US Atomic Energy Commission issued a secret document stating that the agency would begin administering intravenous doses of radioactive substances to human subjects. At the same time atomic tests in which the residents of Utah and Nevada were purposely exposed to radioactive fallout. There were also a series of operations during the 1940s and 1950s in which US cities were attacked secretly by the military through the spread of biological agents in order to track their propagation through a real population.70 (6)

[ Microwave Hearing ]

“Dr. Ross Adey … determined that emotional states and behavior can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field. By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency, he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS theta rhythm on his subjects. Drs. Joseph Sharp and Allen Frey experimented with microwaves seeking to transmit spoken words directly into the audio cortex via a pulsed-microwave analog of the speaker’s sound vibration. Indeed, Frey’s work in this field, dating back to 1960, gave rise to the so called “Frey effect” which is now more commonly referred to as “microwave hearing.” Within the Pentagon this ability is now known as “Artificial Telepathy.” Adey and others have compiled an entire library of frequencies and pulsation rates which can affect the mind and nervous system. (Guyatt)” (1)

[ DEWs ]

While the effects of these weapons appear to be short-term and topical in nature, there is evidence that electromagnetic weapons have effects on the brain, including sleep disruption and behavior changes.108 They can produce anxiety and fear or compliance in humans. It is possible to use these weapons as a means of torture, yet without knowing exactly when, where, and how the weapons are used, we are left to speculate. 109 110 (6)

[ Electromagnetic Warfare ]

Woodpecker WWIV:

Full scale electromagnetic warfare between the US and USSR began on July 4, 1976 when the Russians began broadcasting a broadband of short wave radio signal that could be heard all over the world. The signal is maintained at enormous expense and is made up of the most powerful radio transmitters in the world. The “Russian Woodpecker” radio signal varies between 3.26 and 17.5 megahertz, shortly after it came on line complaints were heard, mostly centered in Oregon, headaches, anxiety, lack of body coordination, and other symptoms…. the Soviets caught US intelligence unaware with their 100megawatt transmissions of extremely low frequency waves (ELF). The ELF pulse covered the frequency range of the brain. I had a hypothesis that this was a new mind control weapon that could entrain a human being‘s EEG. I designed an experiment and conclusively proved that the Soviet transmission could entrain the human brain and thereby induce behavioral modification. They (CIA) proved a certain ELF frequency could cause cancer, I have repeated these experiments and found this to be true…a single ELF frequency (classified) can cause cancer … Nothing stops or weakens these signals…. The government [U.S.] has built huge transmitters in South Africa, Australia and other places to beam ELF waves back to Russia. There is no shield that will stop these signals. (Kieth 203) (1)

[ Military-Industrial Complex ]

The money involved in the non-lethal weapons industry is growing and military contractors are reaping the profits. According to Defense Industry Daily, Aaardvark Tactical, Inc. in Azusa, CA won a $50 million contract to develop non-lethal weapons, anti-terrorism capabilities, and riot gear.127 Ionatron was awarded a $12 million contract to develop the Laser Induced Plasma Channel technology which produces man-made lightening bolts.128 SAIC received a $49 million in November 2004 to develop High Power Microwave and other directed energy systems while Fiore Industries received a $16.35 million contract for similar technology and ITT received a $7.85 million contract for the same in 2000. 129 Fiore Industries received a $7.1 million for High Power Microwave Research and Experiment Program as early as 1994 and the same year Hughes Missile Systems Company received a $6.6 million contract for High Power Microwave Suppression of Enemy Air Defense Technology.130 Lockheed Martin secured a deal with DARPA in 2005 to continue the development of the Space Based Radar Antenna Technology in a $19.5 million contract.131 According to the Lockheed press release, the technology, “could significantly increase global persistent surveillance coverage”….In May of 2006, the Air Force issued $24 million in contracts for “Electro Magnetic Effects Research and Development” to Northrup Gruman, Voss Scientific, Lockheed Martin, Electro Magnetic Applications, and SAIC among others.132 (6)

[ Russia Adopts Directed Energy Weapons as their “Go-To” Weapon of Mass Destruction ]

A good 2013 overview read from the Czech activist and writer, Mojmir Babacek.

[ Polish Defense Minister Reacts to Mind Control Weaponry ]

[ Tempest In The Shadows ]

Part of the NSA’s Tempest Program allows for the distant detection and interpretation of electric emanations from electronics and computers. Even while much of the program’s techniques are still classified and documents are heavily redacted or blacked-out, these capabilities are acknowledged fact. Essentially, if the NSA or any agent has a target, they can access or obtain data from a remote system without tapping into wires or hacking into a system. It is all capable through SIGINT or radio antennaes and signals. It is a completely wireless and remote monitoring process. If the target were a laptop computer within a cabin on a hilltop and the Tempest Agent was at the bottom of the hill, the Agent could essentially determine what images or data is being processed on the laptop’s screen — all by the means of directed energy radio signals which capture emanating impulses from the laptop. There is absolutely no need for any visual or video contact — it is all done through electric signals. In the 1980’s the Tempest program at Lackland Air Force Base, in San Antonio, was certifying hundreds of technicians a year. (7)

The human body is basically an electro-chemical soup, of sorts. The human mind emanates electric impulses in its natural functioning processes. These electric impulse signals can also be captured with antennaes and interpreted through algorithms to provide an agent with the images and words that are being processed within a human mind. It’s just like Tempest technology, which has been around for a good while now. The evidence is often right in front of us, yet most of us never connect the dots. It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it’s not. How many people in the world are aware of this capability? Granted, it’s a scary thought to realize that one’s mind could be read. And, those who own these technological capabiities (military-industrial complex) don’t necessariliy want people getting scared, now do they? Those who wish to delve into this knowledge will find many published scientific studies and articles, as well as declassified material that will further their understanding of this reality. Through the literature I’ve read on this subject matter and through experiences I’ve witnessed within the scientific community, I can assure you that this technological capability is fairly well refined at this day and age. Though, I will be long dead before the day comes when this capability is common knowledge to the common man.

It’s funny, no sad, yes funny, because in 2016 many people would be in total awe if they saw the Youtube video of an ocean Destroyer shooting a drone out of the sky with a laser. Amazing as it is, this is one of the real-world weapons capabilities that our Navy has available right now. But, what’s not so funny and which is actually kinda scary, is the fact that this capability, although rudimentary, was possible over forty years ago. Yes, almost a half-century ago ! In 1973 DARPA’s early incarnation did the exact same thing over the skies of New Mexico. (8) So, I guess it is actually sad, becuse like the laser technology, the Tempest-Mind Reading capabilities will most likely go unknown to the common man for many, many years to come !


(1) “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program”
By Marshall Thomas

(2) “New World Order and E.L.F. Psychotronic Tyranny”
By C.B. Baker (Youth Action Newsletter, issued December 1994)

(3) “Weapons of Mass Coercion: The Hidden Use of Energy Weapons,
HAARP, and Chemtrails for Political Control”
By Byron Belitsos

(4) “The Hidden Evil”
By Mark Rich

(5) “The Matrix Deciphered”
By Robert Duncan

(6) “US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights”
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(7) “Tempest Timeline”

(8) “The U.S. Military Shot Down a Drone With a Laser—in 1973”
By Kyle Mizokami
Aug 30, 2016
Popular Mechanics

IV. Health

On October, 2017.​

I am not a licensed Physician or medical professional. I am presenting some information that has been gleaned from other sources and from my own personal experiences. The following should not be taken as medical advice, but only as a reference. Consult a doctor if you are experiencing troubling symptoms in order to rule out potential organic manifestations.
A couple criteria should be met before indicating that a symptom is indicative of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) exposure. 1.) Many of the symptoms, listed further below, when regarding Directed Energy, should not present themselves as chronic or continuous in duration, but may come about fairly acutely in a somewhat sudden instance. 2.) The same said symptoms should also be nearly completely alleviated, almost instantly, upon re-positioning ones self, or affected area behind acceptable shielding material. If neither or only one of the above conditions are met, the symptoms you are experiencing may be indicative of another ailment. It should be noted that many of these symptoms are common to countless other ailments. So the key here, when related to Directed Energy, is that these symptoms can be virtually stopped cold in a shielded environment or at a location away from your usual routine path.

​Below, is a grim and protracted listing of potential effects that could result from exposure to directed energy. (Many of these symptoms mirror those of a myriad of other organic disorders — consult with a physician to rule out any organic manifestations.)

– Headache;
– Head pressure;
– Memory loss;
– Eye floaters;
– Vision problems (macular, retinal and corneal damage);
– High-pitch tone in ear – you are being scanned;
​- Red and burning ears;
– Sudden hearing drop in one ear – you are being scanned;
– Curling and cramping of the toes or fingers;
– Sphincter muscle control;
– Joint pain;
– Tremors;
– Panic attacks;
– Runaway Adrenal attack;
– Sinus spasms;
– Pins-and-needles sensations;
– Hair-raising on back of neck and base of skull;
– Burning skin sensations;
– Bee sting sensations;
– Itching without a cause;
– Vibration or Buzzing sensations;
– Buzzing in rear-occipital skull ( regardless of incoming radio
signal; this is a documented phonomena );
– Noise sensitivity;
– Tooth tingling – nerve sensitivity;
– Sleeping hands or limbs;
– Crook or Stiff Neck;
– Butterflies in the chest/stomach sensation;
– Referred Pain;
– Induced aggression (like sham rage in cats);
– Acute, quick onset depressive episodes;
– Urge to urinate;
– Urge to defecate;
– Irritable bowel;
– Spastic colon (peristalsis);
– Nausea;
– Sleep disruption;
– Sleepiness;
– Fatigue (very sudden onset);
– Yawning attack;
– Chest pain;
– Racing heart rate (palpitation);
– Sneeze attack;
– Heating (core temperature – early area of military research
on lethality – openly documented);
– Atrophy of muscle or tissue;
– Muscle pain;
– Muscle jerks and twitching — especially when falling asleep
– Muscle stasis (muscle tissue can be tetanized when
– Priapism (males);
– Erection problems;
– Sexual stimulation (male/female);
– Sexual Orientation manipulation (documented);
– Amplification of a present pain, health disorder or addictive
​ tendency;
– Influence and manipulation of natural thought direction;
– Voice to skull (V2K);
– Subliminal and Silent Sound (sound spotlight) conveyance;
– Cancer(s), Leukemia, thyroid disease, pancreatitis, diabetes,
kidney damage, hypertension, aneurism, stroke, heart
valve damage, heart attack, lupus, Alzheimer-like
dementia …

​Disorders without a definitive link to electromagnetic radiation exposure, but which warrant attention and research include, SIDS, Autism, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Time will give witness that knowledge exists on how to destroy specific types of neurological tissue via directed energy. This knowledge exists for other types of tissue, so there is no reason to believe that it doesn’t exist for neurological tissue, considering all of the time, money and effort that is spent researching directed energy weapons.

You can be in perfect health, as documented by a physical check-up, and still experience all of the above listed effects when exposed to various forms and intensities of directed energy. Shielding can reduce many of these effects (see Shielding page).

An individual should be suspicious if they experience painful symptoms whereby an elicit underlying cause cannot be determined and when the symptom stops any time that you move your body position to a new location or position yourself behind any material that is typical of shielding materials (metal, ceramic tile). If the symptoms stop temporarily as you relocate, but then resumes to manifest itself, you may be experiencing targeting by DEW’s. The symptoms cease momentarily because you move out of the path of the directed energy. One way to test this is to sit in a relaxed state in a rocking chair and without movement. If a symptom manifests itself, start to rock the chair without moving or touching the affected region. If the symptom stops it could “suggest” directed energy is the culprit. ( Update: Actually, you can forego the rocking chair and simply turn your head to the side, ~ 90 degrees, to touch your ear to the shoulder. I don’t know the physics behind this but apparently the planar angle of the radio signal is phase dependent upon the position of neural receptors … I suppose. ) This does not rule out the presence of an underlying organic manifestation as being the actual cause of the symptom(s), but it does potentially act in the process of elimination.

At some point in time a victim will consider contacting law enforcement. I don’t have a definitive position on this matter. Filing a report with law enforcement could go one of two ways: Neutral or Bad. By Neutral, I mean that the report is filed without incident and you go on about your day. This will not slow or stop the harassment one bit! And, by Bad, I mean that the officer involved could press the process of casting doubt upon your claims which could eventually find you in a tight spot if you do not choose your words wisely. You do not want to be put in a holding tank for 72 hours of observation. If you do choose to file a report, it would be best to have a trusted friend present when filing. Be calm, concise and intelligent when articulating your statement to the officer. Be sure that you are of sound mind and that you have a friend, family member or a professional contact that can attest to your sound state of mind. Be absolutely sure that you never convey information that could be perceived as being possibly harmful to yourself or others! At the very best, all this process will achieve is to create a documented record, and also act as one more voice added to the pool of voices claiming that these assault campaigns do, indeed, exist. As well, it will add to the city blotter, adding a record, which could conceivably become a demographic source for an investigation or potential future legal proceedings.

Most so-called DEW attacks are most likely not a directed beam or laser but actually an extremely low frequency radio broadcast that has been modulated into wave-forms that mimic pain, sound or an actual physiological process of the body. For example sciatic nerve pain could be broadcast as radio waves that are received and interpreted by the brain as a pain in the legs of a victim. The victim may believe that a beam is being directed at their legs or torso, when in actuality it is being received and processed by the brain — like a cell phone picking up radio signals. The ancient LIDA machine was one of the first forays into manipulating the body through brain directed radio signals. This technology is much more advanced nowadays.

I am not a licensed physician, nor do I claim to be a medical professional. Consult with a licensed physician before starting any medication, supplement or exercise regimen. The following list should augment a sensible diet. I’m not a fitness nut, but common sense has told me that I would have to adjust my lifestyle choices around the daily electromagnetic exposure that I’m subjected to.

The following list offers some ideas on how one could supplement their lifestyle if they are sure they’re being targeted…

Vitamin D – Beneficial in many aspects beyond just bone health. Electromagnetic effects on metabolism and on the colon may cause reduced Vit-D absorption. Some individuals may reduce dairy intake due to a spastic colon caused by the directed energy. Also, some individuals may retract from outdoor activities once stalking campaigns ensue. Vitamin D supplementation may be beneficial, but ONLY after consulting with a physician and potentially augmenting with Magnesium.

Magnesium – A vital component in Vit-D metabolism. May mitigate anxiousness observed in some cases of vit-D therapy.

Potassium – An essential vitamin that’s absorbed through lipid channels of the colon, so consuming this with something that contains fat is recommended.

Vitamin B Complex (esp. B6 & B12) – Beneficial for energy. Electromagnetic effects on the colon may reduce Vit-B absorption.

Multivitamin: I take no more than three multivitamins a week, splitting the tab and taking half in the morning and half in the evening.

Vitamin A – Beneficial for vision. Consume with something that contains some fat.

*Aspirin – Aids against blood thickening effects of some forms of electromagnetic radiation. May reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke. I would recommend a half dose or a baby aspirin each morning. Consult with a physician before use.

Pro-biotic – I only take this a day or two after experiencing food contamination symptoms (which is very rare).

*Propranolol – A prescription beta-blocker which is an early generation blood pressure medication, though usually prescribed for off-label conditions such as tremors, headaches and seizures. It is popular with some types of athletes, classical musicians and thespians. This can be the difference between life and death if a runaway adrenaline attack is directed at you with electromagnetic stimulation of the brain and adrenal cortex of the kidneys. As little as 5mg a day for someone under 200 pounds might be adequate for some individuals.

Vitamin C – I get this through fruit consumption, orange juice and the occasional vitamin.

Chondroitin and glucosamine – May be beneficial to joint tissue.

Chamomile – Can act as a mild, natural sedative. One or two tea bags from a brand such as Alvita.

5-HTP – May be beneficial to the mood for some individuals. Take as directed on the labeling with the exception taking week-long breaks from time to time.

*Iodine – Taken in the form of sea Kelp, can be beneficial to your thyroid gland if you are being exposed to heavy electromagnetic radiation. Iodized salt and sea food are common sources of iodine.

Activated Charcoal or Diatomaceous Earth – It should be food-grade quality. Theoretically, it acts as a cleansing agent that will adsorb and carry out impurities within the digestive tract.

*Exercise – Whenever possible and at a location where you are not likely to be “zapped” in the adrenal cortex (kidneys) or heart muscle.

*Water – Take half your body weight in pounds and convert it directly to ounces — this is, at least, how much water you should consume, daily. So, a 200 pound individual would benefit from drinking 100 ounces of water a day. I recommend a robust tap water filtration system, and bottled water. Some victims have claimed to have had their water systems tainted!

An OTC sleep aid – I wouldn’t recommend using this more than three, non-contiguous nights a week.

Alcoholic beverages – One (1) aperitif or digestif consumed at your main meal of the day may be beneficial.

Avoid Omega Fatty Acid supplements – I believe that there may be a resonance effect in the chemical bonds elicited from directed energy of the right frequency that can elicit symptoms of pain in muscle tissue. (Entities in my city have published research material describing the administration, through microencapsulation, (and other modalities) whereby an untraceable dose of drug or chemical can be amplified many times to a level that has potent clinical drug effects when specific directed energy frequencies are applied on the targeted subject.)

* = daily

[ Weaning Off Medication ]

Limit medications (or any chemicals) if you are a target of Organized Surveillance or Electronic Harassment campaigns. If you take any medication and you are a victim of one of these campaigns, you need to be aware that directed energy can modify the intended effects of the medicine. There is research evidence that directed energy of the right frequencies may amplify or reduce the efficacy of some chemicals. I’d recommend that you stop taking any non-critical medication, but only after consulting with a physician first. I’m not a physician, but I can make some suggestions that you can explore with the support of your doctor. Wean off of the target medication in small dose reduction increments over an extended period of time (this may involve sectioning a tablet or capsule into 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 doses, as the tapering process evolves). Consume plenty of water. Obtain Propranolol (request it for tremors or migraine headaches — but be aware that this is an early generation blood pressure medication). Propranolol can mitigate some physical withdrawal symptoms. An antihistamine (Vistaril or Atarax) may help mitigate any anxiety symptoms that arise when tapering off of your medication. Week on, week off use of something like 5-HTP might help once you have to stop taking the antihistamine. There will be days that test your conviction, but the key is to stick to the regimented plan or you will never realize positive results.

[ Food Tampering ]

Throw away all opened or unsealed foodstuff after a burglary or break-in entry. Everything! If you feel suspicious that someone may have entered your home, throw away all food items that are unsealed. Inspect apparently sealed containers for signs of tampering. Try buying food items in “individual packet” sizes (sugar, salt, etc) and get smaller container sizes that will be consumed over a shorter duration of time. Start buying bottled water! There is documentation of drug or chemical administration through microencapsulation (and other forms) whereby an untraceable dose of drug or chemical can be amplified many times to a level that has potent clinical drug effects when specific directed energy frequencies are applied on the targeted subject. Consider if you had a large container of salt that was adulterated, whereby you would unknowingly be self-dosing yourself over a long period of time. Red Burning Ear syndrome, which I began experiencing, went away shortly after taking these measures (this may involve a bilateral approach utilizing drugs combined with directed energy — an area of study in my vicinity). This info should be considered extremely important for those who are targeted !

V. Security

Updated On October, 2017.

The security requirements for a targeted individual are quite different from that of the average person. One is likely dealing with offenders whose resources span law enforcement, military and intelligence agency types. If a surreptitious entry is in order, there’s not much you can do to prevent it. Therefore, your security should be geared more towards detection, and evidence of physical tampering rather than that of entry prevention. So, the advice given here is not really aimed at deterring a conventional burglar, but is aimed at detecting a surreptitious burglary. Both, conventional and alternative security measures are discussed below.

The crux of the Organized Surveillance campaigns is to maintain an undetectable state. This means that breaking and entering is a no-go, unless they can remove the “breaking” aspect, and then it’s a “go!” So, the key point I will stress here is that you should setup your security in a fashion that will show physical evidence if any tampering has occurred. If there’s physical evidence, then there’s a crime and where there’s a crime there becomes a record and a record is a cardinal sin for these offenders. For them, it’s all about going undetected. With that said, some of the things I’ll present are quite simple and low-tech — actually ancient in some respects.

First, I’m going to present some conventional security information, much of which is fairly obvious. More of the same is not necessarily better. Diversify. Two locks on a door, all of the same style, may be defeated by a similar attack. Two different styles of lock requires two different modes of attack. Some non-branded, Chinese made security products could plausibly provide better security than a big-name, common product by way of being novel and obscure and therein presenting more hoops for a offender to hop through when trying to find schematics, code keys or additional information that might allow them to circumvent the security device. This would represent a beneficial instance of something being ‘lost in translation.’ The more diverse your security arrangement is, the less likely it is to be wholly defeated. Even if the offender is so adept that they can detect and defeat everything you throw at them, you may rest assured that you will have at least slowed them down and maybe even prevented them from carrying out their full objective. The most advanced security technology can’t replace having feet on the ground — human or canine.

I believe that there are four primary reasons for the surreptitious agent entries into a target’s home:

1) Survey and observe what’s going on in your home;

2) Surveillance setup;

3) Psych-ops effects; and

4) Food, water & chemical tampering.

As a Targeted Individual, your security options are limited, though this should not preclude you from taking other recommended security measures because all of us are still susceptible to the common burglary. The following items may be more applicable to those who are targeted.

High-end Locks: I’d recommend a keyed lock and a padlock for your door’s exterior. These locks should cost a few hundred bucks or more. Research them beforehand. Updated : I don’t just recommend this ; this is a must ! At a minimum, buy a highly rated lock off amazon !

Concealed Cameras: Use multiple concealed or hidden cameras throughout your domicile at the earliest hint that you are being surveilled. It would be best if you provide the funds and details for an acquaintance to purchase and discreetly deliver these items to your person. These should be discreetly and quickly positioned and installed. At some point the offenders may surreptitiously setup surveillance around or within your home. Detecting this new age technology is virtually impossible unless you are incredibly lucky or spend good money for a professional survey.

Low-tech Goodies: Sometimes you may just want to know if someone entered or traversed an area. I won’t give away my personal techniques but I will seed your imagination with a couple examples. Use invisible fluorescent dust on steps or handles. Loosely place a low-lying “hair wire” or micro-fiber across a walkway or doorway (a passerby will unknowingly dislodge the fiber from its anchors). Be creative and practical ! Novel, unconventional techniques are great ways to defeat “conventionally” trained types who think they are God!

Wax Seal: This is an ancient, tried and true method. In place of wax, use Plasti-dip or Great Stuff Foam on pad-locks or seams of doors, windows or containers (especially containers of a security camera recorder). Note, that unless you have a high-end padlock, it could be shimmed and opened without any sign of tampering, so you will also want to cover the area where the U-bolts enter into the lock ! You may want to put a small piece of tape over the key hole before dipping a pad-lock into Plasti-dip or Great Stuff (you may want to tape off all surface area that will contact the Foam, for it is hard to remove when cured). This material should be embellished with other embedded materials, security tape, string, labels, markings, fingerprints, imprints, or other uniquely identifying material so that it cannot be removed and replaced with a replica of your original stamp coating design. Be practical and creative here. The point here is the detection of tampering. This method is only as good as the uniqueness and inability to reproduce your original stamp coating. If you leave this page with anything to heed, it should be this advice at a minimum!

Single Entryway: Only one door should be accessible with a key from the home exterior and this door should be very visible to neighbors and the public. This door should be brightly lighted, consistently each evening (preferably with battery backup) so that it will potentially pique interest from neighbors in the event that the light is tampered with or turned off at night. Place some type of eye-catching item (eg., a really small, non-annoying strobe light) in the vicinity of this door when you are away from home. This will continually attract attention and the occasional glance from neighboring and passing eyes.

Posting: Post a discreet and classy Reward Sign somewhere on your property “for the capture and prosecution of anyone found tampering with or attempting to burglarize your property.” This posting will sit in the back memory of neighbors and those who have observed it and it will subconsciously draw more of their attention and glances to this area on a daily basis.

Trash: Don’t discard your trash within a contained bag ; empty your trash in free-form, allowing it to mix in with other refuse.

The following material is more conventional in aspect and doesn’t particularly benefit Targeted Individuals.

[ Perimeter ]

If you live in a populated neighborhood, the offender may attempt entry at the least conspicuous location which could simply be the front door or the garage. One technique that can be used by the offender is to have a large vehicle, such as a trailer or van, parked in front of your property in order to obscure your neighbors line-of-sight. Look around your property and determine which areas you would choose to enter if you were a burglar. After determining these locations, emplace some obstacles. If you live in a rural location you will need more strategic deterrents. Rural locations are actually more vulnerable because once you are away from the property, the criminals can move into action and spend as much time as is necessary to attack your property without the fear of being spotted.

[ Doors ]

Door hinges should not be exposed to the exterior. Doors should be windowless. The strongest door and lock in the world is only as secure as the frame and jam that envelop it. I recommend the use of both a high-end keyed lock and a high-end padlock for your doors exterior along with a interior-side-only-keyed-deadbolt. Knowledge on how to defeat these high-end locks eventually evolves, so the same models that are esteemed at the time of this writing may be irrelevant tomorrow. Regardless, their costs will start at several hundred dollars apiece. These will be the best physical deterrent that I can recommend.

[ Home Alarm System ]

These will be defeated, but I will mention them on the premise of detecting conventional burglars. Wireless systems may seem hi-tech and cool, but they can be defeated via frequency jammers. Hard-wired units with a back-up uninterrupted power supply is preferable. When using keypads or combinations use confusing dummy sequences while only truly depressing the actual combination code keys. Heat signatures can be read on the touched keys with IR, and the unique frequencies of the individual keys can be sniffed-out with remote RF scanners. ArgenMesh shielding could be explored in these situations. Infrared and wireless sensors can be jammed. Laser, acoustic, compression or fiber-optic sensors may be a better alternative.

[ Windows ]

Keep blinds drawn when away from home. Install a screw or stick into window jams to prevent the window from being slid open, even if the glass is broken. Use security film, laminated or reinforced glass. Hard-wired sensors are preferable to that of wireless. Be prepared for a plan of action in the event of a fire.

[ Lighting ]

Motion lighting may be beneficial, but note that infrared sensors can be jammed. Hard-wired lighting, out of reach, is recommended in obscured areas of the home’s perimeter. Timed indoor lighting systems may fool a common criminal, but for the targeted individual it is pointless because they always know whether you’re home.

[ Cameras ]

Hard-wired cameras should be placed at exterior corner locations to allow for video capture of all angles. (The wires of the cameras should be protected with flexible conduit or pipe which can be found at a home improvement store.) They should capture areas of main entryways as well as obscured locations that neighbors can’t see. Infrared LED beam cameras reduce the need for additional exterior night-lighting (LED cameras cannot be used from behind a window or protective covering, due to reflection glare). Wireless cameras are susceptible to signal jammers. Connect cameras to a DVR or hard-wired computer that can either store the footage or relay the footage over the internet or to a smart phone. Utilize dummy cameras along with real cameras. Use concealed or hidden cameras. Utilize a wild game, hunter or nanny motion camera. Insure that the recording equipment is concealed or placed within a locked space that would show evidence if tampered with.

[ Booby Traps ]

Illegal. Yes, they are illegal. Of course, if you insist on breaking the law you may have to let a jury decide whether the real criminal is yourself, or the burglar pig who lost his eyes from an attenuated 12 gauge bird-shot trip-wire. Oh yeah, it’s still illegal! Yes, it’s still illegal even though you posted a sign on the front door that said “Beware of Booby-Traps.”

[ Automobile ]

Car alarms may only be a small annoyance to someone with skills. One of those strobe light & siren combo units that locks onto a steering wheel may be more effective due to its novelty. Use your manual key instead of remote key when possible to lower the risk of an offender cloning your remote signal key. Unless you know and trust an automotive professional who will help you out, you should not even waste your time searching for GPS tracking units installed on your car. They are really small now and their signals may be pulsed and difficult to detect or static until movement is detected. Some GPS units stay in sleep-mode until they are “called” by the offender to wake up and transmit coordinates. There are some reasonably priced dash or mirror cameras available on that may be useful in cataloging incidents involving offenders out on the street. Watch for tampering with your tires or wheel bolts. Watch for dripping fluid from under the vehicle.

If I worked for DARPA or one of the intelligence agencies, I would have already created a small transmitter, smaller than a cellphone, which could emit radio signals that could elicit effects such as nausea, headache or drowsiness. The Lida machine did this decades ago (although, with pleasing effects), so you can imagine what current technology can do! This device could be concealed near any place that a target would sit, and it could be remotely activated via phone, etc. With all its possible implementations, do you think this capability doesn’t already exist ?

[ Information Technology ]

Computers: Protecting your information and activity on a computer is an increasingly difficult endeavor, but regardless, you should still attempt to harden your systems security. Use an Ethernet land-line when possible and keep it disconnected as much as possible (air gapping). Use open-source software applications. Verify your software with checksums or hashes. The only people who really know if a proprietary application has a back door are the Feds and the application’s authors. Use keyboard and hard-drive encryption software. Use a robust and ubiquitous anti-virus program. Use a robust Firewall! Use a virtual sandbox application! Utilize virtual operating systems when performing risky or private tasks (e.g,TAILS). Use proxy chaining or at least just a simple proxy. Use encryption software (TrueCrypt). Use encrypted email services. Spoof MAC addresses. Use privacy browsers (Tor)! Use encrypted SMS/MMS texting. Periodically, review system security event logs. Download material on a separate computer and scan and transfer to your own. Applications that are relevant today may be dinosaurs tomorrow, so research the right application for your needs. Never do anything nefarious while utilizing privacy concealing techniques because it will only bring into question all of the instances of legitimate usage! Phones: When urgent privacy is needed, remove your phone’s battery. Place a small piece of electrical tape over front facing cameras. Jailbreak or Rooted phones may afford better security for those who know what they’re doing. Install a good anti-virus and Firewall program which only allows exiting data from applications that you trust. Use an encrypted texting application. You can find many of the same privacy applications for your phone as are listed for the computer, above. Be aware that your device (computer or phone) can be tapped into remotely by RF sniffers. The keys you press and the images on your screen all emit unique frequencies that can be scanned remotely and reconfigured into a character or image on the offenders system. This is not conspiracy; this is the simple science behind real technology available to intelligence personnel. Using something like ArgenMesh may attenuate the signals your device emits when it is draped over your device.

[ The Self ]

Be prepared to protect yourself should you ever encounter a threat to your self well-being. The best defense is to talk yourself out of a situation, such as I have successfully done for the past 25 years. Self defense courses could be beneficial in showing one how to exploit body “pressure points” by the use of strikes and holds. Weapons can be grouped into three basic category types through cutting force, blunt force and projectile force (blades, clubs & guns). All three of these categories can comprise lethal and non-lethal effects. I would recommend that everyone have at least one non-lethal and one lethal tool at their disposal. I would recommend the following items to meet the needs of every category:

Pepper Spray – Non-lethal pepper spray in a compact canister can be used by anyone and can be very effective against man or beast. Spend a little extra money for a quality multi-shot product.

Telescopic Collapsible Baton – Non-lethal means of physically defending yourself around your property. This is recommended over a baseball bat, which can be extremely lethal;

Blade – Lethal means to protect yourself in the event you can not access firearms. I personally recommend something like the Cold Steel Gladius machete; and

Firearm – Lethal means of self defense. A quality revolver and shotgun make good home defense firearms. When away from home, a quality pistol is the best option.

2nd Ammendment Gun Rights IWI Tavor FN 5.7 Five-seveN

​I would recommend a good gun safe bolted to the wall and floor along with added weights in the bottom and placed in a tight space that is preferably behind a false wall or a hidden room. A tip that I’ll leave you with is that if you are ever traveling or need a place to secure your firearm away from home, find and use a pawn shop! Yes, use a pawn shop to temporarily and securely hold your firearm. Just make sure that you are “pawning” it, and not selling it, before you sign your name ! Don’t waste money on electric stun guns (either blunt or projectile) because they rely on power sources and they require close proximity. If you have a steering wheel lock in your car, it can double as a blunt-force club. Lastly, there is one weapon you can carry with you everywhere — your belt and buckle. A heavy, solid buckle clasp or a loop buckle that could accept something hooked or clasped onto it (for example, a heavy key chain or ring of keys) can be swung with force. Just be aware that if you miss your target, the buckle end is swinging back in your direction!

The last thing I want to convey here is that while taking security measures can be beneficial, no amount of precautionary measures are totally foolproof. So, shed all false senses of security and be prepared to cope if your privacy and property are violated.

VI. Shielding

Updated On February, 2018 !!!​

The aim here is to provide victims with information that may prevent them from experiencing the same pitfalls as myself and others before them. My recommendations for shielding should not be construed as a solution to stopping all directed energy attacks. What I present here are some materials that can stop some forms of attack, outright, but which can only reduce the impact of others.

​NOTE: My recommendations here are just opinions, and do not constitute a solution for stopping directed energy. If you choose to purchase materials based on information found here, you do so at your own risk. I do not claim that everything on this page is completely correct, for there are many unknowns regarding directed energy. I am merely presenting my opinions based on common knowledge and my experiences.

I’ll save you some reading time and tell you that all you really need to stop most of the directed energy attacks are two things. Silver fabric that’s greater than 50% silver and mu-metal that’s heat-hydrogen annealed. I’ve created a Faraday cage using these materials which stops most annoyances. Although, since creating this, there is some form of directed energy being used that feels like a vibration wherever its directed. I first thought it may be acoustic or really high frequency radio waves, but neither lead or rubber seems to attenuate it. It could be that I’m not isolating the energies source direction or that it could be coming from multiple directions. Having multiple sources has long been a way that the target can be fooled into believing they can’t stop an energy flow. But, these materials will allow you to stop dream tampering and the like. If you don’t have at least $400 to spend, then I recommend you start saving because for about $300 you can get a couple lab kits from Magnetic Shield Co. that has different types of mu-metal. Each kit can be split into two effective 10″x16″ sheets of stacked metal. For another $80 you can get two 57″x40″ swathes of JWtextec 55% silver fabric on Amazon. These should be doubled over a few times (at least four folds) and then wrapped around the body. The main thing you will want to do is learn how to tie a shemagh head wrap. I recommend you get a 57″x40″ sheet and fold it over semi-square, once, and then fold it into a semi-triangle, as shown in the following video. You will be amazed how much this helps. At some point the energy source could be bumped up in power, requiring more layers. So, I recommend using this only when absolutely needed.

​There are energies that can circumvent every form of shielding suggested here. For instance, deadly radiation in the form of alpha particles only requires a sheet of paper to stop it, whereas potentially dangerous low frequency acoustics (infrasound) may literally require a mountain to dampen its energy.

Shielding comes with a caveat: The more you shield, the more advanced and intense attacks can become. As well, technology evolves, so what may work as shielding today may not work tomorrow.

If you live in an apartment-style or hotel/motel structure, your first act of defense is to move. Mobility helps. The ease at which offenders can access you (through a single wall) is not going to bode well for you. Move to a detached structure home or RV. A location that has the least number of angles of potential attack is best, of course. A home with less neighboring structures is a much better option than one in the middle of a subdivision with homes located on all four sides, because you never know who could rent or buy the home next door. The inner-most location of a dwelling may provide the most secure area due to more walls being present between yourself and the offender. Homes with basements are prime. The further you are from the nearest structure, the better.

Directed energy sources may include land-based, satellite, aircraft, drone and ionospheric relay (GWEN and HAARP systems). Land-based assaults can come from equipment located in structures, automobiles, and trailers or may be in the form of a small signal emitter device that has been covertly hidden in the vicinity of the target. Though I have never seen a directed energy device, it’s speculated that some units may take on the appearance of, or be concealed as, some type of home appliance, utility device, stereo speaker or amplifier. Hidden signal emitters are small electronic devices that are probably no larger than a cell phone

“Many” so-called DEW attacks are likely not a directed beam or laser but actually an extremely low frequency radio broadcast that has been modulated into waveforms that mimic pain, sound or an actual physiological process of the body. Think of it like an EEG recording of a pain or physiological process that is transmitted and received at the frequency of the targets nervous system operating frequency. For example, sciatic nerve pain could be broadcast as radio wave signals that are received and interpreted by the brain as a pain in the legs of a victim. The victim may believe that a beam is being directed at their legs or torso when, in actuality, it is being received and processed by the brain — like a cell phone picking up radio signals. The ancient LIDA machine, which elicited relaxing effects, was one of the first forays into manipulating the body through brain directed radio signals. The technology is much more advanced nowadays. Mu-metal with a silver fabric underlining can help against these types of attacks.

All the shielding in the world will not help a victim if they do not secure their property. Access to your property will undermine any progress you make, so I strongly advise any victim reading this page to make sure that they check out the tips on the Security page, as well !

At some point in time victims may begin a quest to obtain equipment that can be used to detect directed energy. I can save you a lot of headaches and a lot of money with two words: Don’t bother! Firstly, the equipment that most people can afford is mostly useless when considering the broad varieties & frequencies of directed energy that you could potentially witness. All of those neat little spy gadgets you find online are narrow bandwidth and therefore mostly worthless unless, somehow, you get lucky when the directed energy miraculously falls into the spectrum of frequencies that the device can actually measure! ( From 1 hertz to 1 Trillion hertz — you feelin’ lucky — what are your odds? ) Equipment that could be used to detect a broad & dynamic spectrum of energy delivery is prohibitively expensive and can even reach into six figures worth of money. On top of the costs, there will be knowledge required to effectively utilize such equipment, and this doesn’t come overnight! Even those neat little hidden camera detectors are mostly useless against the technology being used by the intelligence community. Again, don’t waste time with trying to “measure” the energy — the attacking source can change mediums or modulate out of frequency and even if you could detect an attack, it won’t hold much credibility as “evidence.”​

We are dealing with a mind boggling array of energy potentials here in the forms of electromagnetic, acoustic or particle devices that emit radio wave, micro wave, millimeter wave, ultrasound, infrasound, ionizing radiation, laser or plasma energy. As previously noted, a material that is effective at shielding one form of energy may be totally ineffectual at shielding another form of energy. This dilemma can be diminished with the stacking (or layering) of different shielding materials.

Note: I have not applied survey techniques in the measurement of shielding material effectiveness. because the measurement equipment I posses does not provide reliable quantitative data. My suggestions are primarily based on the accepted nominal conductivity and permeability values for a given material, along with subjective palpable perception.

Faraday Cages:

Faraday cages can attenuate electromagnetic energy. Steel sheet metal grounded by electrical wire and 50% Silver fabric can form the main base of the structure. Mu-metal and SiliconSteel can be added at critical areas (head region) to attenuate low frequencies, which are your biggest enemy. Finally, envelop the structure with silver fabric, such as 50% Silver Argenmesh.

Lead sheet or PolyTungsten sheet is not required but it is added protection against high frequency ionizing energy (and acoustic energy).

I no longer recommend copper plate due to its cost, bulk and lesser efficiency compared to quality 50% Silver fabric and sheet metal combinations.

Be aware, that if there is any gap in the structure wider than the amplitude of a wave transmission, that energy can enter the structure, unimpeded. or likely sell magnetic shielding tape that can seal seams. If you were to create a completely closed system, you could create ventilation ports (e.g., for small entry and exit fans) with openings occluded or covered with electrically grounded small-mesh screen, and baffles to occlude a direct line of entry through the port.

You could presumably get by with nothing more than a 50% Silver fabric “tent” and a few plates of mu-metal or silicon steel around the head.

If acoustics are used (which I tend to doubt) a dense structure would be required using a damper system composed of a thick layer of natural rubber that is sandwiched between many layers of ceramic tile.

Depending on your proximity to the nearest source of energy and how much discomfort you can withstand, you may require more or less structure, as described above.

​​[ Shielding Materials ]

Yes, perpetrators surely reference my information provided here, and yes, I’m giving away my techniques and defenses. I think it would be selfish to not share my personal findings with others when I believe that it could help others. As well, if what I post here is used by perpetrators to explore a work-around, then we can all just consider the CounterTruth as an “in Situ” “Proving Ground” for the materials and techniques presented here.


Yes, movement! Yes, it’s not a “material,” but sometimes it’s the only thing you will have. It’s free, healthy and one of the best defenses, but it’s not always practical. If you are in a confined space that can’t be shielded, such as in a shower, you can sway or shift weight from left to right which will move the head and torso. Here’s the kicker — if you are being sent low frequency broadcasts directed at the CNS, all you have to do is turn your head “out of phase,” such as touching an ear to the shoulder or looking straight down at your feet — 90 degrees, or so, may work. If you’re laying prone, then you would raise your head up as to be looking at your feet. It took me a long time before I discovered this, but it works in my case. It works until the signal source is also rotated “in phase,” or multiple sources at different angles are used (I’m assuming). Try this and give me feedback if you find that this works for you. Again, this is a temporary “fix” because the source of the signal can be rotated and multiple signal sources at different angles can be used.


This is my go-to shielding material. I recommend this above ALL other things. I know this material is prohibitively costly, but it will provide you with the relief you’re seeking if you use it correctly, and it will save you time and disappointment as you cycle through other costly materials that don’t provide the relief you seek. I tell you this to save you all the time and money that I wasted on other materials, namely ceramics and rubber. Depending on skin depth, shaping and annealing type, this can be effective against extremely low frequencies (ELF), if placed on top of aluminum or silver fabric that can conduct eddy currents. Hydrogen annealed is better than pressure annealed. You shouldn’t bend this material because it can disrupt the material bonds, but you can carefully curve it. The company at sells reasonably priced mu-metal lab sample kits on . These kit sheets should be stacked in the right order (conetic, netic) and have enough sheets to allow splitting it into two separate sets that can be taped together, giving you two shielding plates per kit. You could slightly curve the sheets and tape them together with magnetic shielding tape to make a helmet, of sorts. A shemagh style head wrap of Argenmesh (at least six feet of fabric), with a mu-metal helmet on top, can reduce eddy currents and can reduce symptoms.
Absolutely Recommended.

Silver (Ag):

Very effective with EMF. A Silver fabric, such as ArgenMesh, can be purchased by the foot. This fabric should be at least 50% Silver. It can be a little pricey. It’s very effective with moderate RF and microwaves, depending on the number of layers (folds). More than four or more layers (folded over) are often required for adequate attenuation levels. It is extremely versatile being that it is a fabric. This can be very effective against a runaway adrenaline attack if you drape a couple layers over your shoulders, like a cape, or wrap a few layers around your torso. You can use it as a blanket, head wrap or even line the inside of a hat or clothing with it. It is highly portable. Absolutely Recommended.

Silicon Steel, Electrical Steel & Metal Foams:

I recently acquired some electrical steel. It’s not as effective as mu-metal, but better than regular sheet metal. A non-oriented grain in the thickest gauge is a good all-around option. This material should not be bent, but can be carefully curved. It is much cheaper than mu-metal, but shipping costs do add significantly to the price. I am considering this material for a full-chamber Faraday cage. Silicon Steel is very hard to cut, so you may want to order pre-cut.
Highly Recommended.

Lead (Pb):

1/4 inch thick lead sheeting folded into multiple layers, as needed, can provide effective attenuation of ionizing and acoustic energies. It is malleable and can be folded with some pressure and cut with a box cutter blade. Lead is a poison and should be handled with caution. The cut corners and edges can be dulled and blunted and then wrapped and duct taped in a garbage bag containment. This material can get pricey and is very heavy. Additionally, Bar-Ray produces quality and economical Lead aprons that can be very versatile in use. You can obtain lead sheeting through the fine people here: . Sheets can be folded over as many times as you need to create more density. Polytungsten sheets may be a viable alternative to lead.
Highly Recommended.


“Natural” rubber bath mats or rubber step stones (pavers) have proven to be effective as acoustic dampers (MUST be natural rubber). Five or more mats (or several pavers) can be rolled or stacked together and duct-taped as a bundle. Several bundles may be needed. Note, just because it’s Rubbermaid brand does not mean it is pure rubber ! You can create a damper system with this rubber and ceramic tile sandwiching, to attenuate acoustic energy. As of 2018 I’ve found that this material stops a “knock-out” signal that will put you to sleep quickly. I won’t speculate on what form of energy is being used, but metals don’t stop the source.
Highly Recommended.

Sheet Metal:

20 to 30 gauge Steel sheet (with iron content – Not stainless steel) can be effective against lower electro-magnetic energies when electrically grounded. I would recommend testing the integrity of your electrical ground with a small volt meter. (20ga = ~1mm thickness & 30ga = ~ 0.3mm thickness.)
Partially Recommended.

Ceramic Tile:

You can acquire from 1×1 inch to 20×20 inch tiles to fit any application. It can be effective at shielding moderate acoustic and low electromagnetic energies. Tiles can be stacked as needed. Sandwiching this around natural rubber provides a good Damper System defense. The depth of this material required, on its own, depends on the variable frequencies and energy levels, so you may find yourself needing to stack quite a few sheets before you begin to feel the difference. Clarification : Don’t use white porcelain — you want a tile with some iron and carbon content which will likely be brown or gray colored on the backside.
​Partially Recommended.

Nickel Plating:

This can attenuate the magnetic components of low-to-moderate electromagnetic energy.
Partially Recommended.

Aluminum Plate:

This material is a fair conductor which is recommended as a substrate to other materials, such as mu-metal.
​Partially Recommended.

Steel Plate:

Steel’s iron content can effect the magnetic component in electromagnetic transmissions. The steel’s carbon can act against the electrical component. It can be pricey and weighty !
Partially Recommended.


This material can be quite effective at attenuating low to moderate electrical components. Sheets of 1/16″ thickness can be cut to the size of your ceramic tiles. Grounding this with alligator clips and wiring helps (amazon has ground plugs). Required depth may vary. This can be bulky and pricey. This material could be an added defense against electronic snooping or eavesdropping, I’ve down-graded my recommendation for Copper and would recommend a sheet-metal & Silver-Fabric combo over this material.
Partially Recommended.


A viable alternative to lead. This would be effective against very high frequency radio transmissions.

Neodymium Magnets:

Not recommended.

Mylar Blankets:

Rubbish. Not recommended.


Rubbish. Not recommended.

PVC-Plastics, Polymers:

Not recommended.

Blue Gel Ice Packs:

Don’t waste your money. Just half-fill some zip-loc bags with water.
Not recommended.

Anechoic Tile:

I have not physically evaluated this material.


I have not physically evaluated these materials.

Active semi-conductors:

Not evaluated. Not feasible.

Differing thicknesses of the shielding materials and stacking combinations should be experimented with. Silver fabric and Lead apron are useful when traveling. Single-sided Cantilever Racks can be placed at the rear of a sofa or at a bedside to provide over-hanging structure for shielding material (extreme caution should be paid to the weight rating of the rack arms and to the overall stability of the structure). A single-sided cantilever rack set-up can be very helpful, but you HAVE TO USE EXTREME CAUTION to avoid collapse and possible death.

A small fan can be propped against any structure around the targeted region to mask acoustic energy. Slightly bending just one of the blades inward or outward will increase the vibration. Note, that these small $7 fans produce white noise and a mellow vibration that can actually enhance sleep. The vibration of this device will create a level of white noise that lowers the signal to noise ratio of the incoming acoustic energy. Be aware that the coils of a fan emit low frequency magnetic fields.

[ Electronic Appliances ]

Directed Energy EMP’s can cause all kinds of havoc with electronics and is a common complaint by targeted individuals. In an 18 month period, or so, I had lost or experienced malfunctions with my TV, two cell phones, laptop, home security system, three separate security cameras, AC unit, refrigerator, two different floor fans, electronic thermometer and a wireless motion detector. I have decades-old electronics in cIosets that still function and I’ve had many of these devices for years before these problems started. It was, precicely, electronic gadgets (specifically, a smartphone, wireless printer and smart TV remote) that initially led me to discovering that electronic harassment was occurring (explained in detail in the discover_os.pdf file located on the Documents page of this site). In my case, and likely other’s cases, electronic harassment started just before the public organized surveillance started. This makes sense because it is SIGINT which is likely used to build-up intelligence on the target for use in formulating the harassment approach that will be used on them, going forward.

The electronic harassment occurs to this day. In June, 2017 I was using a Neckband Bluetooth headphone set when, I started to feel my neck burning and found that the headphone set was heating to the point of burning the skin. I quickly threw an Argenmesh silver towel over it and it began to cool down. The unit works fine in a shielded environment. This Argenmesh ( >50% Silver fabric) has saved my cell phones, as well. This makes me ponder whether some exploding batteries have been the result of Directed Energy attacks. In July, 2017, my refrigerator started warming up. There’s a deep set cabinet drawer next to the fridge where I use a small LED flashlight to view into the back corners. When I went to turn on the flashlight, it would flicker off. So, I changed the batteries and the same problem occurred, but the light would stay on when I moved it away from the cabinet. Long story short, the flashlight was in a line of sight between my refrigerator and a travel trailer that had parked near my home. The light only flickered off when it was placed between the line of sight between the newly parked trailer and my fridge. The fridge was only a couple years old and showed no other problems. One morning I went to use the flashlight to look into the far reaches of the cabinet and I noticed that the light stayed on perfectly. When I got home from work that day and opened the fridge for a drink, I noticed that everything was cold again. So, I look outside and sure enough, the trailer was gone. A year before this incident, I had the same scenario, only this time it involved my air conditioner fan. Placement of shielding material around the AC fan stopped the problem instantly !

All coincidence ? Nah. Probability calculations defy the definition of coincidence for all of these electronic issues occurring and then halting upon applying shielding material. So, essentially, it is a game to mess around with targeted people’s electronics. Probably, because it can be a costly game for the targeted individual. Once I started implementing shielding materials, all of these electronic issues stopped ! A few layers or Argenmesh or thick sheetmetal should help most electronics, especially if grounded with a wire. Items with electric motors will need to be shielded with an additional layer of thicker iron or nickel containing sheet metal.

[ The Visible Spectrum ]

One area of energy that should be noted here is the visual spectrum of energy. Yes, this is the energy spectrum that we all call “light,” along with all its glorious colors. We won’t be talking about this spectrum in regard to shielding for skin cancer, or the likes, for that pertains to another spectrum called the UV (ultra violet) spectrum which is generated from the sun. The light energy we want to shield here is the visible spectrum, for it can reveal much about us which could be exploited by anyone with nefarious intent.

Surreptitious entry into one’s dwelling could be performed with the intent of setting up equipment for video intelligence. Material gained in this manner could be used for blackmail, humiliation or other perverse reasons. Don’t assume that you can detect whether this equipment has been installed, because you can’t. With technology like fiber optics and power-beaming, covert video devices are virtually impossible to detect nowadays unless thousands and thousands of dollars are spent on a professional security sweep, and even these sweeps sometimes fail to detect covert equipment. With stringy fiber-optic line lenses, equipment could potentially be operational from behind a sheet of wallpaper or paint on a cement wall — their application is virtually boundless. Lenses can even be behind electronic appliance LED’s and may even possibly take the form of a solid-state material that doesn’t even look like a camera lens. The point here being, don’t think that you will spot the equipment. There’s speculation that surreptitious video feeds may be available for viewing on hidden deepweb or darknet sites.

Be aware of these possibilities, and, in turn, use discretion. With that said, it’s pretty clear how to shield against this energy threat, and that would be through appropriate lighting and veils. A Canopy Top or Post bed with sufficiently obscuring veils is recommended for anyone influential (famous or not).

Unfortunately, please note that all of the shielding material discussed on this page, combined, may not block all directed energy. But, It can remove or reduce some symptoms elicited by the directed energy, and that, in and of itself, can make a world of difference.

I strongly recommend for any victim reading this to visit and follow the advice given on the Security and Health pages of this site !

VII. Victims

Updated On January, 2017.

Victims of these New Cointelpro tactics need to fight back against your attackers ! We’ve seen how the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement changed things for shooting victims! Sometimes, fighting back is, unfortunately, the only way to bring about change.

T​here isn’t any reliable demographic data available to present a clear picture of exactly who is being targeted by Organized Surveillance and Electronic Harassment campaigns. We can assume that the population segments being affected would include intellectuals, whistle-blowers, activists, writers, journalists, lawyers, dissidents, eccentrics, patriots, multi-culturalist, secularist, minority groups, independent people, ex-cons, sex offenders and anyone who doesn’t fit with the creed, cadre, faith, philosophies or politics of the offenders.

Targeted Individuals

​Only the perpetrating sources know the full reasons for which people are being targeted. As described in “The Crimes” page, investigating, silencing, pacifying, marginalizing, intimidating and eliminating individuals are definitely motives. Ostensibly, a targeted individual serves a multi-purpose as both a target to render nullified and as a source of experimentation. The experimental component would serve as a source of field data that could be used in determining the efficacy of a particular modality, whether through psyops or Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). As a scientist, I strongly agree with many other sources who claim that some of the attacks occur within the scope of “experimentation.” The data gleaned from a campaign against a targeted individual could find several uses such as the effects from long-term directed energy exposure, method development, equipment development, innovation, process (brain) mapping and algorithm development, among countless other possibilities. The most cynical aspect of the targeting process may simply involve the fact that some sinister sociopathic people just like “playing” with or torturing others (you know the types — those who liked pulling the wings off of insects or torturing pets when they were kids).

Key components for the usage of Directed Energy against a target:

– Investigation (eg., SIGINT);
– Intimidation (eg., “voice of god” used against Iraqi soldiers);
– Marginalization (eg., V2K used to simulate schizophrenia):
– Pacification (sleep deprivation, anxiety, remote lobotomy);
– Experimentation (bio-effects, brain mapping, interrelations);
– Silence or elimination (stroke, heart attack).

[ Offensive States ]

One website that posts demographic data on Organized Surveillance and Electronic Harassment victims has listed Texas in the top five offending states. As the data contained in this amazing Washington Post article infers, this information is probably correct, for NY, CA and FL are also listed and each of these states has huge Intelligence Community Infrastructure (Arizona has plenty of swine, as well).

The two deadliest attacks on US military bases both have Texas connections. I personally believe that the problems in Texas are a microcosm of the broader issues our country faces in respect to the power elite structure that is running the country along a path of destruction while infringing upon our constitutional rights. A big problem lies with Conservative Christians and their paternalistic interest in regulating people’s thoughts. I am not a Muslim. I’m white, previously conservative and I was raised in a Christian home, though, the existential shouldn’t relegate one’s views to subjectivity when the truth is laid before you. The truth stands on its own. I see a change for the better, as economic plight has produced an influx of new residents from other states and the International immigrant population of Texas is growing rapidly.

Three of the known instances of Targeted Individuals fighting back against their attackers all have Texas connections. These three Martyrs are Aaron Alexis, Myron May and Gavin Long. The claims made by these victims, before their deaths, are instantly recognizable by those in the Targeted community.

[ Aaron Alexis ]

Aaron Alexis assaulted the Washington Navy Yard in 2013. With his time served with the Navy and being employed as a IT professional contractor for the government, Alexis was apparently aware of some connections involved in his Surveillance and Harassment dilemma. According to Alexis, he was a victim of Organized Surveillance and Electronic Harassment.

Aaron Alexis was an accomplished individual. He was seeking an advanced degree in Aeronautics. He was an honorably discharged Navy reservist and a Department of Defense computer consultant professional [contractor] who was never diagnosed with a mental health disorder, nor taken pharmaceutical drugs nor engaged in drug use, according to family members. (1)

He sought help for being subjected to technologically induced messages. (1) The messages were likely either from V2K or sound spotlight, which are documented technologies from which some Electronic Harassment victims experience attacks and which was probably responsible for the sleep deprivation for which Aaron was seeking help. This is also likely what he was referring to when he carved the words, “My ELF weapon” into his shotgun, for he believed that the Navy, who has worked extensively in the field of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radio technology, was responsible for targeting him.

Before moving to the nation’s capital, his last known residence was in Ft. Worth, Texas. (2)

[ Myron May ]

Myron May assaulted three individuals at his Florida State alma mater in 2014. What connections these individuals had to Myron, perhaps have gone to the grave with him or are lost in one of the intercepted packages that he sent around the country just before the incident occurred. According to Myron, he was a victim of Organized Surveillance and Electronic Harassment.

Myron May was an accomplished individual. He studied at Florida State University before attending Texas Tech University’s law school, and practicing as a Attorney in Texas and as a Prosecutor in New Mexico. (3)

[ Gavin Long ]

On July 17, 2016, Gavin Long shot and killed three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the wake of nationwide violence and protests over spurious police shootings involving African Americans. (4)

Evidence suggests that Gavin Long claimed to be a Targeted Individual and he declared himself as a Sovereign Citizen. The FBI lists sovereign citizens as a “Domestic Threat.” (5)(6) You put two and two together and it would suggest that Gavin was, indeed, correct about the Surveillance and harassment that he claimed was occurring around him. Gavin’s surveillance and harassment likely played an antagonistic role in the shooting that took place in Baton Rouge. The spurious police shootings of African Americans around the country probably acted as the catalyst that sent him over the edge.

Gavin Long was an accomplished individual. He was enlisted for five years with the Marines, serving in Iraq and making Sergeant E-5 rank while performing as a Data Network Specialist. He was honorably discharged after an injury. He worked as a spiritualist and nutrition-fitness instructor and self-published several books. While listed as a Dean’s List student at the University of Alabama, he apparently left college to pursue a spiritual journey overseas. Before attending the University, he had obtained a degree at Central Texas College. (6)

[ An Unruly Government Seeds An Unruly Society ]

It’s undeniable that it’s a big mistake to ever work for or with the government. So many Targeted Individuals, including myself, report either being in the military, working for the government or being a government contractor.

As more victims fight back, more and more people will begin to identify with the injustices that are being dealt to citizens under the guise of “Homeland Security” and “Community Watch.” As this occurs, a domestic pattern of dissidence will develop. Blame the government’s power-hungry narcissistic losers who couldn’t make it in the commercial private sector and whom live off your tax dollars, as they continue to implement programs that will eventually divide and destroy your country. Don’t blame those who have the spine to fight back against injustice !

Knowing that wars are more about politics and money, rather than freedom or defense, anyone considering joining the military nowadays should take great pause. After all of the lies, atrocities, legal issues and veteran benefit injustices that we see military personnel endure, along with the long history of government experimentation on enlistees, it leaves one mystified as to why anyone would ever join the military. I see only one justification for joining the military, and that would be to defend against an attack on Homeland Soil.

[ Deer In The Headlights ]

As is seen in every instance that is not agreeable with authorities, individuals are marginalized with the labels of “mentally ill,” “terrorist,” and so forth, regardless of the reasons for their actions (See Deception section on “The Crimes” page). If I were a family member of anyone whose life was lost in the previously noted incidents, I would be searching hard and deep to find the truth behind these men’s accusations.

Ideology, ideas — these are the kernel of any movement, but when all that exists is a static ideological vacuum, nothing changes. Change requires action. Will victims continue to sit idle, voicing themselves into a vacuous void ?


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Gavin Eugene Long aka Cosmo Setepenra: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

VIII. List of patents relating to electronic remote monitoring and behavioral modification and control

The following LIST OF PATENTS covers technologies that utilize ENERGY forms that should be of vital concern should they be used in an unethical format (and we all know that, if it can be used, it will be used….). Many of these technologies have the ability to probe and affect our most coveted self identifiers —our thoughts, and behavior. Everyone needs to become aware of technologies that are a potential threat to self-sovereignty or “individualistic” freedom. With the capability to implement some of these technologies through orbiting Satellites, if used improperly, they could be used to manipulate the masses.

Please NOTE, this list only covers patents up to around the year 2000, so this list is only an inkling of what really exists and would most probably pale in comparison to the CLASSIFIED material that governments hold in their coffers.

US5159703 Silent Subliminal Presentation System (aka, silent sound) Oliver Lowry 1992

US4877027 Hearing System (aka, microwave hearing) Wayne Brunkan 1989

US3566347 Psycho-Acoustic Projector (aka, electronic confusion), Andrew Flanders 1971

US5562597 Method and Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress, Robert Van Dick 1996

US5123899 Method and System for Altering Consciousness, James Gall 1992

US5123438 Method and System for Altering Consciousness, James Gall 1994

US5270800 Subliminal Message Generator, Robert Sweet 1993

US5134484 Superimposing Method and Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages, Joseph Wilson 1992

US4717343 Method of Changing a Person’s Behaviour, Alan Densky 1988

US4395600 Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method, Rene Lundy and David Tyler 1983

US4777529 Auditory Subliminal Programming System, Richard Schultz and Raymond Dolejs 1988

US34834701 Apparatus for Inducing Frequency Reduction in Brain Wave, Kazumi Masaki 1989

US5539705 Ultrasonic Speech Translator and Communication System, M.A.Akerman, Curtis Ayers, Howard Haynes 1996

US4821326 Non-Audible Speech Generation Method and Apparatus, Norman MacLeod 1989

US4227516 Apparatus for Electrophysiological Stimulation, Bruce Meland and Bernard Gindes 1980

US5352181 Method and Recording for Producing Sounds and Messages to Achieve Alpha and Theta Brainwave States…, Mark Davis 1994

US4315502 Learning-Relaxation Device, Denis Georges 1982

US4503863 Method and Apparatus for Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation, Jefferson Katims 1985

US5356368 Method of and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness, Robert Monroe 1994

US5213562 Method of Inducing Mental, Emotional and Physical States of Consciousness…, Robert Monroe 1993

US4335710 Device for the Induction of Specific Brain Wave Patterns, John Williamson 1982.

US4191175 Method and Apparatus for Repetitively Producing a Noise-Like Audible Signal, William Nagle 1980

US4889526 Non-Invasive Method and Apparatus for Modulating Brain Signals …, Elizabeth Rauscher and William Van Bise 1989

US3393279 Nervous System Excitation Device, Gills Patrick Flanagan 1968

US3647970 Method and System for Simplifying Speech Waveforms, G.Patrick Flanagan 1972

US2995663 Means for Aiding Hearing. Henry Puharich and Joseph Lawrence 1961

US3170993 Means for Aiding Hearing by Electrical Stimulation of the Facial Nerve System, Henry Puharich 1965

US4858612 Hearing Device (via microwave energy), Philip Stocklin 1989

US5785653 System and Method for Predicting Internal Condition of Live Body (aka, remotely scanning a targets internal organ condition), Kiyuna et al.1998

US6011991 Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave Analysis … (aka, electronic mind reading), A. Mardirossian 2000


US3951134 Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves, R.G. Malech 1976

US5448501 Electronic Life Detection System …, 1995S 6400307 System and Method for Intrusion Detection Using a Time Domain Radar Array, L.W Fullerton et al.

US4893815 Interactive Transector Device (locking onto and tracking of human targets), L.Rowan, 1990


US5467777Brain fingerprinting, Dr Lawrence Farwell, 1995

US3014477 Hypnotic Inducer, Carlin 1961

US3060795 Apparatus For Producing Visual Stimulation, Corrigan et al. 1962

US3278676 Apparatus For Producing Visual and Auditory Stimulation, Becker 1966

US3393279 Nervous System Excitation Device, Flanagan 1968

US3563246 Method and Apparatus For Improving Neural Performance In Human Subjects By Electrotherapy, Puharich 1971

US3629521 Hearing Systems (via Microwave),Puharich 1971

US3712292 Method Of and Apparatus For Producing Swept Frequency Modulated Audio Signal Patterns For Inducing Sleep, Zentmayer, Jr. 1973

US3884218 Method of Inducing and Maintaining Stages Of Sleep in the Human Being, Monroe 1975

US3951134 Apparatus and Method For Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves, Malech 1976

US4395600 Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method, Lundy 1983

US4717343 Method Of Changing A Person’s Behavior, Densky 1988

S4777529 Auditory Subliminal Programming System, Schultz, Dolejs 1988

US4834701 Apparatus For Inducing Frequency Reduction In Brain Wave, Masaki 1989

US4858612 Hearing Device (via microwaves), Stocklin 1989

US4877027 Hearing System (via microwaves), Brunkan 1989

US5159703 Silent Subliminal Presentation System, Lowery 1992

US5356368 Method Of and Apparatus For Inducing Desired States Of Consciousness, Monroe 1994

US5889870 Acoustic Heterodyne Device and Method, Norris 1999

US6011991 Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave Analysis and/or Use of Brain Activity (aka, Remote Viewing), Mardirossian 2000

US6052336 Apparatus and Method Of Broadcasting Audible Sound Using Ultrasonic Sound As A Carrier, Lowery 2000

US6470214 Method and device For Implementing The Radio Frequency Hearing Effect, O’Loughlin/Loree 2002

US6587729 Apparatus For Audibly Communicating Speech Using The Radio Frequency Hearing Effect, O’Loughlin/Loree 2003