“Countering Global Insurgency” by David Kilkullen (Journal of Strategic Studies, 2004, pdf)

ETK (Webmaster) Introduction: In “The CIA As Organized Crime, How Illegal Operations Corrupt American and the World” (2017), Douglas Valentine asserts that Department of Homeland Security’s operations amount to a “global Phoenix Program!” The following documents about and by Australian, Dr. David Kilkullen, a top “counterterrorism” advisor to both Presidents Bush and Obama, who actually proposed that the U.S. needs to conduct “a global Phoenix Program” support this allegation.

In my opinion as of today, January 26, 2019, the Phoenix Program is the basis of what I’m calling GISTAPO-666 and what is commonly referred to as “gang stalking” or “counter-intelligence stalking” with its attendant Psyops, mind control, and electronic torture components!

See From the Phoenix Program (1967-1972) to Today’s Global Gestapo (GISTAPO-666): Excerpts from D. Valentine’s “The CIA As Organized Crime” (2017) for details about this extremely evil, illegal, unconstitutional, totalitarian program.

Epigraph Quotes:

“The top counterinsurgency adviser to Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq advocates practicing a “global Phoenix Program,” alluding to the notorious Vietnam-era CIA operation that provoked a worldwide uproar because of the detention, torture and execution of thousands (25,000 to 40,000+) of Vietnamese (civilians)… in a forty-eight-page strategy paper, “Countering Global Insurgency” published in the obscure Small Wars Journal in September-November 2004.

“From the final chapter of “The Phoenix Program” (by Douglas Valentine, 1990):

“Where can Phoenix be found today?

1) Wherever governments of the left or right use military and security forces to enforce their ideologies under the aegis of anti-terrorism,
2) Wherever police check points ring major cities,
3) Wherever paramilitary police units patrol in armored cars,
4) Wherever military forces are conducting counterinsurgency operations,
5) Wherever emergency decrees are used to suspend due process,
6) Wherever dissidents are interned indefinitely,
7) Wherever dissidents are rounded up and deported,
8) Wherever security forces use informants to identify dissidents,
9) Wherever security forces keep files and computerized black lists on dissidents,
10) Wherever security forces conduct secret investigations and surveillance on dissidents,
11) Wherever security forces (or thugs in their hire) harass and murder dissidents,
12) Wherever such activities go unreported in the press.”

Webmaster (ETK) Statement: All of the above Phoenix program activities are currently being carried out by America’s “National Security Establishment/Enterprise” both in America and abroad. THIS IS THE PHOENIX PROGRAM.”

Reviving Vietnam War Tactics by Tom Hayden


Countering Global Insurgency by David Kilkullen (Journal of Strategic Studies, 2004, pdf)


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