Coronavirus is US psychological warfare operation: Ex-US military officer

Coronavirus is US psychological warfare operation: Ex-US military officer

Thu Mar 5, 2020 4:32PM

Former US military psychological warfare officer Scott Bennett

A former US military psychological warfare officer has said that the coronavirus is probably a fabricated psychological warfare operation launched by the United States to spread fear, panic and intimidation in the Chinese economic markets.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak began in China last December, it has infected more than 90,000 people globally and killed more than 3,000. The majority of cases and deaths remain in mainland China.

The death toll from the coronavirus in Iran, which has one of the highest numbers outside China, stood at 107, Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said Thursday.

Scott Bennett said that “this is a fabricated psychological operation that has been coordinated with an actual physical sickness to spread fear, panic and intimidation in the Chinese economic markets with the purpose of isolating China and disrupting the Chinese-Russian-Iranian economic, military alliance that we’ve seen in their patrols in the Persian Gulf, and their solidarity in the defense of Syria from the… regimes of Recep Erdogan and Turkey, Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, and Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Zionist state, and the purpose was to create a disruption that would fracture this alliance for Western exploitation.”

“The safest and best explanation is to see this as a exploited psychological operation designed to so panic intimidation and also open up doors for ‘aid and immune vaccination development,’ which may in fact lead to more harm than good. Remember the West and the (US) Deep State is inundated with a lot of these big pharmaceutical companies that generate vaccines that do nothing except cause more harm and more cancerous debilitation on the human body for the purposes of profit and exploitation,” he added.
US making biological weapons around world: Report
US making biological weapons around world: Report
A recent report alleges that the US military has been mass producing bioweapons around the globe for years as part of its biological warfare.

“So the coronavirus I think, is developing into a lot of smoke but with no fire and the amount of people who die from traditional flus and sicknesses actually seed the coronavirus explanations,” he noted.

“So this is something that could be attempted to cause major economic and political uprising in the world, but in that sense it should be ignored largely and isolated and kept from causing political social disturbances in countries such as Iran, which are being targeted increasingly, with information warfare and psychological operations,” he observed.

“This is the time to of course treat the coronavirus like it could be an actual physical debilitating sickness and take all precautionary measures, but at the same time, not overreact to the point where the national psyche is traumatized or regime change, color revolutions or other typical Western instrumentalities for forced political revolution is allowed to be triggered. So this is a safer way to understand the corona viruses through the lens of an information operations perspective,” he concluded.