COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Provocation)/Gang Stalking/”Touchless Torture:” Youtube with Dr. Webster Tarpley, 2016

Dr. Webster Tarpley’s lecture on modern gang stalking is excellent. At about 27:00 minutes, he begins his description of “COINTELPRO version 2.0,” the modern version of COINTELPRO version 1.0. Version 2.0 now employees hundreds of thousands of unemployed/underemployed disgruntled misfits.

According to Dana Priest and William Arkin (“Top Secret America,” and Washington Post Survey, 2011)

U.S. Security Clearances

5.1 million total in 2013, according to Office of Management and Budget

3.6 Confidential or Secret Clearances

1.5 million Top Secret Clearances, One third of these are held by private contractors

10,000 locations; 1,271 U.S. Govt., 1,931 Private Sector (Sept., 2011)

854,000 employees

There are now many millions of surveillance role players in the US.

Here is an add for “surveillance role player’ job description in Craig’s List, Sand Diego:

“Qualified personnel should demonstrate established track record of conducting surveillance operations at various discretion levels, supporting surveillance training and military practical exercise training. Individuals with previous military, intelligence community and law enforcement experience are highly preferred.”

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  1. This is a very interesting presentation. The comparison to the Stasy Communist East German Secret Police is a good. However, this Cointelpro number two program is much worse. For one thing, this harassment, stalking, smearing program is Global. I don’t live in New York city; I live in a small fishing village in Canada, population 2,500. The Big Brother Police State Neighborhood Watch Community is alive and well. Everything they do is done in complete secrecy. They even deny belonging to a Citizens’ on Patrol program. I believe that between 10 to 15% of the population are part of the gang stalkers. These people are trained to lie; they sign Non-Disclosure Agreements promising never to tell the truth about their harassment methods. Doctor Tarpley says that this program can be stopped but he doesn’t say how. They have 95% of the Media on their side. Anybody who receives a government grant will not rock the boat. How can it be stopped? Politicians are outdoing one another to show who can be tougher on crime, usually meaning attacking the poor homeless community or those who oppose our Police State, War Mongering governments. Nevertheless, I take comfort that some people are trying to spread the message. It is actually worse than Doctor Tarpley mentions. Millions of people have been secretly implanted with Radio Frequency Identification Tags, Micro Chip Spying devices. So every time the suspect or government dissident opens a door, the stalkers hear a beep and they have a remote control that tells them exactly where the suspect is. Of course, the suspect has been demonized. Furthermore, there is the Global Positioning Devices that have been installed on the suspect’s car. People who could expose this diabolical, evil program such as Oprah Winfrew or Dr. Phil are part on the program (either knowingly or not). Even Alex Jones, who claims to be a great government whistleblower, is of no help. I’m glad that Dr. Phil is being sued. Let’s continue to spread the news that a Secret Police Stasi State is not only in formation; it has arrived and the coup was done in total secrecy. Have a nice day.

  2. In the EU continental europe this begins as monitoring and surveillance by the intelligence agency of my country,
    They pass it on to another intel agency if they know your staying in another state/country
    I am homeless and was framed in the street! only to get me in a courtroom on a fake charge where i was videoed by unknown actors/informants by smartphone and bodycam, this info/data is illegally disseminated to corrupt local cops who passed it to their drugs running gang criminals, these people engage in street theatre, mimicing, directed conversation, i suffered several thefts, intel agents, these respectable looking intel agents follow me around, and tell the manager or other worker something bad or humiliating about me so they will harass or ban me in all sports clubs, cafes, Library, shops or other public buildings, a man or woman comes in about five minutes after i arrive and has a sneaky word just out of earshot or comes just after i leave so they will recognize me next time i go there.
    gang stalkers and some informants often look out of their mind controlled zombies, when you speak to them their head and eyes don´t even turn toward you, like they can´t hear or pretend not to hear, their face is brown and drawn by which drug or medication?

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