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ETK Introduction: Clearly, the FBI-military-police’s covert, illegal war against domestic political enemies and leftist political movements carried out under the FBI’s secret COINTELPRO (“Counter-Intelligence Program”) between 1956 and 1971 never ceased. We must understand the history and character of COINTELPRO in order to understand the purposes of, the techniques employed by, and innocent civilians targeted in today’s Global COINTELPRO Version 2.0, which I have dubbed GOG’S NeW GESSTTTTTAPO (Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups’ Electronic Surveillance, Slavery, Tracking, Targeting, Torture, Terrorism, Tyranny, and PsyOps Operations). The following Freedom Archives youtube video provides a good introduction to COINTELPRO and should be watched by all Americans to help them understand the deeply-fascistic orientation of the U.S. government/corporate empire.

On this Fourth of July, perhaps we should be holding a funeral/wake for the American Republic, the U.S. Constitution, and the American dream rather than the standard holiday fireworks, beer, watermelon, flag-waving and parades, which seem more and more a futile exercise for the duped, clueless, propagandized, and mind-controlled masses.

Where are today’s Thomas Jeffersons, Patrick Henrys, Martin Luther Kings, and leaders of conscience?

The following explanation from “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program” by Marshall Thomas links the FBI’s COINTELPRO with modern organized stalking/electronic torture operations:

“…. The major violence of the (COINTELPRO) domestic terrorist campaign was directed at the Black Nationalists and American Indian Movements. These individuals were readily imprisoned on false charges or assassinated.

British Commander, Frank Kitson, first codified counter-insurgency operations theory in his book, “Low Intensity Operations; Subversion, Insurgency, and Peace Keeping.” And he insists that infiltration and psychological operations be mounted against dissident groups in normal times before any mass movement can develop. These tactics were adopted into COINTELPRO against American citizens in peacetime with considerable energy spent insuring that the different progressive groups did not link up and cooperate; specifically, the anti-war movement, composed of suburban white youth and the Black Nationalist Movement.

…. COINTELPRO operations are presently being incorporated into the development of microwave and radio-frequency radiation weapons. Dissidents that in the past were visibly attacked or assassinated in a traditional manner are now targeted for elimination using electromagnetic weapons. These internal dissidents are used as human guinea pigs and experimental subjects in terminal experiments that are designed to force a suicide, incarceration, or premature death due to the effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

These political assassinations are accomplished with invisible bullets that leave no obvious injuries. The driving of a target to suicide using microwave hearing as well as other techniques is perfectly deniable because these individuals are tormented invisibly, unable to seek help from the psychiatric community due to the symptoms of the attacks mimicking symptoms of schizophrenia that naturally attacks several million Americans. Thus, the intelligence agencies have achieved perfect deniability for their crimes.”


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