Bryan Tew email message Dec. 21, 2020

Answer: They are hiding in plain sight! You will find some of them here:

Why? Training research & development in Artificial Super-Intelligence for the continued refinement of existing technologies

They are the Psychiatrists & Psychologist at the local Mental Health Hospital; the Neuroscientist at the local University; the Behavioral Scientist at the local children’s clinic, etc. They are hiding in plain sight!

Cognitive Researchers Psychiatrists Psychologists Neuroscientists Behavioral Scientists etc. It could not occur globally without multilateral government nation state knowledge and approval. Some type of umbrella or reciprocal agreement, probably under a secretive United Nations protocol. Chinese, Russian, European, American, etc. That’s why the Chinese and Russians will not help me. There is no where to run. It’s a global paradigm. I cannot find help anywhere. Not even with countries who hate the American Government.

Government Contractors, hiding behind and using law enforcement agencies & other government agencies foreign and domestic to do their dirty work. They are using Organized Stalking, Gas Lighting, etc., to set me up and entrap me other targeted individuals, pairing off in ‘BAIT & SWITCH’ tactics with law enforcement agencies to make it appear that Organized Stalking never happened.

The Hive Mind Team Members are using a Virtual Interface (Virtual Reality Interface) using a technology called the ‘Electronic Brain to Brain Interface’ (BBI). It’s not Virtual/Augmented Reality anymore. It’s now called ‘NEURO-REALITY’!

A Computer Multiplexer (BCI) ROUTES the signal to a Tower, Satellite or Mobile Platform which then RELAYS the signal to the digital receiver, similar to how cell phone technologies are deployed. The digital receiver is tracked & pinpointed in real time just like a cell phone, as CIA/DIA Mind Control technologies depend on Timing & Location. However with the Mind Control technologies of the CIA and Department of Defense, the digital receiver is not a phone. It is a human brain.

The Shadow Government Contractors are using a ‘fabricated or falsified stream’ to interfere with your memory & thought process.

Once you become dependent (ie. you believe their impulse injections are your own) on the system’s output (or they believe your responses to it are consistent) they will begin to fabricate ‘subconscious responses’ which they will pretend are indicators of honesty/dishonesty, positive recognition, anxiety, etc, and they will use these ‘impulse injections’ to convince you that the fabricated responses are your own.

If you are unaware of this constant mental manipulation the system will begin to shape your thoughts and behavior. They will use this to [attempt to] restrict your thoughts and behavior by blocking [interfering with] your memory & thought process while these suggestions (injected impulses) are being provided ­ the interference is triggered& can be activated at will by the attackers.

The goals of these attacks appear to be threefold: Censorship, Memory Management & Direct Behavior Control.

These people are not concerned with legal constraints or any particularly acceptable way of life. They simply use anything you enjoy, hate or appreciate to abuse you regardless of your behavior so if they give you a compliment, realize that they are only doing it to see how youwill respond when they turn around to negate it & torture you nightly.

If you keep a constant handle on your ‘state of activity’ as well as your situational perception
you will recognize conflicting impulses & although it is possible for the system to overpower your impulses, if you understand the attacks you will be able to recognize the physical changes resulting from these powerful impulses & this should prompt you to re­evaluate your current state.

Unless you have been tortured to near­ incoherency, you should be able to fight the system’s influences.

These remote neural attacks are most effective when you are stepping through sequenced tasks so try to avoid ‘zoning’ on your activities

Remote Neural Manipulation is accomplished via their system’s ability to interpret your thoughts & is wholly dependent on its ability to predict and influence your ‘reference choices’ or ‘impulse sequencing’ during thought composition.

The RNM System maps patterns with impulses & identifiers (evoked potentials)& uses statistical data about your ‘composition habits’ to predict how you will think or act as you begin to formulate thoughts or prepare toact. The system’s ability to define& map these references intelligibly depends on your cooperation [or ignorance] & the attackers’ ability to make sense of what they see visually or what they can guess based on your past activity.

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Webmaster Observation: This general description of the gangstalking-electronic torture system is consistent with considerable other evidence compiled on this website. Speaking as an Emeritus Professor myself, I find it quite plausible that these academicians have convinced themselves they are advancing science and the betterment of humanity when in fact they are advancing what amounts to a Satanic agenda through deploying Satanic torture technologies on innocent civilians. These amoral opportunists are violating innumerable international treaties, and laws and all moral standards, and thus, should themselves should be stripped of all civil liberties and utilized as human test subjects/lab rats.

Byan Tew email message to webmaster re: Ella Free, Derrick Robinson, Matthew Arnegard and other probable government perp/contractos on Feb. 1, 2021:

Bryan Kofron was using voice altering software pretending to be someone else in a video audio he made. He is just another cyberstalker provocateur engaging in cyber theatre.

It matters not in the end whether the information is credible or fantastic in nature although sowing division and disseminating false information is important part of what they do. What matters is that the people who are targeted stay on the phone or on YouTube or other social media and remain plugged in to the paradigm meaning they keep responding or keep listening to that call, video etc. that’s what is important you stay on the phone you keep watching that video or listening to that idea.

It doesn’t matter how many chaotic a random events the victim responds to because that doesn’t help further their technology. The victim must respond to their specific situations and to their specific conversations because only then can they verify the responses of the victim are consistent.

So they’re using people like Ella, Matthew Arnegard, Bryan Kofron, Derek Robinson, Karen Stewart, David Voights, Sean Andrews retired chief of police Damian Jones, and Catherine Horford (ETK: Katherine Horton?) etc. These are examples of crisis actors used to achieve this cyber theater and street theater using DECEPTION & MANIPULATION.

The objective of the Shadow Government Contractors is to use these crisis actors in countries and cities around the world to cognitively infiltrate targeted individual support groups to achieve this objective meaning to get on those conference calls and into the chatrooms and even real space groups to keep developing patterns of synaptic responses from their victims. It’s how cyber theater works in CIA Mind Control technologies. The cyber stalkers are just worthless peon thugs on their way to an eternal horror chamber, but they are used to destroy innocent men women and children in the process

Anyone who comes onto one of Ella Free’s calls and any, I repeat any, cognitive researcher (psychologist, psychiatrist, behavioral scientist, neuroscientist, etc) are immediately suspect. Get away from them. Your life and eternal soul (Will, Intellect & Emotion) depend on it.

Not for all the treasure in this world would I trade places with one of them. No one in history ever got a free-pass from God to target and help destroy the human soul of another person. The terrifying eternal horror that awaits them on the other side of death is beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend, and it won’t be long. When death and destruction in this life happens to them it will come suddenly and the Bible says it will be like a dreadful nightmare which never ends.

Sometimes they are real credible targeted individuals, to add to the illusion of credibility, but mostly they are government informants and government perpetrators turned into provocateurs, crisis actors engaging in a deadly game of deception and manipulation. ‘Ella’ is one of these government perpetrator-provocateurs and anyone who engages her in conversation or gets on her calls and listens or participates by responding and talking is in great danger.

The majority of government informants and government perpetrators involved in the cyber theatre and street theater are already targeted with the technology and it is eternally to late for many of them, although they might not be aware of that fact because of their ignorance of the technology. This is necessary for the purposes of verification.

Same with street theater and these so-called conferences, rallies, marches, and other meetings of targeted individuals in cities around America and the world. The organized stalkers and cyber stalkers are used for this purpose, namely, to force victims into conversational and situational scenarios to establish verifiable patterns of synaptic responses which the supercomputers can remotely measure and integrate back into RNM data.

For their technology to work properly they must force the victim to respond specifically to their provocateurs either because of the victims cooperation or because of his or her ignorance.

In the end, that’s all that really matters is that the victim keeps responding. So the people who are engaging in the street theater and cyber theatre will keep on trying to talk talk talk talk talk talk talk in order to drive the narrative of the conversation in order to continuously capture the attention active memory) of those who are targeted. That’s what they are told to do.

Sometimes the information will be credible and more often than not it will be trivial paltry fanciful and fantastic in nature because one response from the victim is not enough they must keep developing the situational scenario and conversational scenario to keep developing the responses of the victims until they have enough responses from each victim that they can correlate those responses into what are called response statistics and then from that statistical data determine coherent patterns of thought which can be remotely captured identified developed and integrated back into RNM data. The super computers which the victims brains are remotely tied to are downloading all of the responses of the victims in real time into its database

The danger is that targeted individuals who are mind control victims will reach the point of no return where because of their continued responses to the street theater and cyber theatre – playing the game – with the cyber stalkers and organized stalkers the sensory & neural pathways of their brains have been fully mapped out and reversed engineered to the point that the cognitive model (copy-cat parallel twin personality) is complete and they can no longer differentiate between their own normal memory and thought process and the mental suggestions (fabricated and falsified memory references and motivational impulses) of the super computer.

At that point it is GAME OVER.


  1. My name is Marc Alexander Garcia, from Ennis Tx. This has been happening to me for 6 months at least. I am being targeted by mind control tactics, trying to get me to kill myself. I am in no way suicidal. They’re army and ex military. Or active . They’re using rf frequency to do it, wifi weaponry. Ble to hack my devices.
    I could use some help.
    Thanks for your concern..

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