CIA Torture (2019 pdf)

I. CIA Terror, Torture, and Rape in Your Name (Texe Marrs, Power of Prophecy program; context and summary of the above (redacted) report)

Webmaster comment: In the above Power of Prophecy program, Texe Marrs provides the context and a summary of the global CIA torture programs which have ravaged the world from the Phoenix Program onward. These programs went viral after the CIA, the US “Interagency” in cooperation with Israel, Mossad and American Jewry as well as Saudi Arabia. Marrs is a great American. He is also an expert on the Zionist-Jewish threat to the world.

Thus, it surprises me that Marrs here seems not to recognize that Seymour Hersh, the reporter who exposed the My Lai massacre and exposed these torture programs more recently, is himself Jewish. Hersh here even exposes the 8-9 “neoconservative Jews” who have taken over the US government. However, I believe Hersh is playing a fairly typical Jewish role here. Theordore Hertzl, head of the World Zionist movement in the late 19th century, stated “We will always control our own opposition.” In fact, Jews typically try to control all aspects of the horrific spectacles they provide us.

Indeed, “neoconservative” Jews do control America and they were instrumental in orchestrating 9/11, which, in turn, provided the “trigger incident,” the pretext used to justify America’s innumerable for wars in the Middle East for Israeli interests and oil…. as well as the global criminal intelligence-police state.