Dr. Michael Persinger Lecture: “No More Secrets” In Mind-Controlled/Hive-Mind Future (2007 youtube, my transcription, comments)

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ETK Notes on ““No More Secrets,” or “What the Future Will Be:” 2007 Lecture by CIA Spychiatrist/Mad Scientist, Dr. Michael Persinger


“I would like to begin with what the future will be….

The human brain is alive and if you measure it, here is what it looks like (shows video of different parts of brain lighting up). We have taken an EEG, quantified it, and we can see the activity over the left and right hemispheres. There are micro-states in the brain being recreated every 20 milliseconds (50 times a second). There are about four basic microstatic patterns which are the building blocks to consciousness, just like base pairs in DNA are the information for the last three billion years of genetics.

So the question is: Suppose you had access to information within every other person’s brain and they had access to yours? What would happen? Has it happened? Can it happen? What would it mean for the future of human societies?

A. No more secrets. Suppose you had access to the information of every other brain on this planet. No more secrets.

Are we all connected? Yes, we are all immersed in the earth’s magnetic field. The human species is about 7 billion conductive brains all sharing this field. Think of 7 billion wires all immersed in the earth’s magnetic field. This field contains enough energy to store the experience of every human being who has ever lived. It’s an easy calculation. And with lots of energy left over.

Here’s an image of the earth’s magnetic field. In fact, the strength of the earth’s magnetic field induced in every brain by the earth’s magnetic field when all brains are considered is almost identical to the strength that each brain generates. You brain generates on the order of about a pico-Tesla, or about a trillionth of a Tesla. Much weaker than the earth’s magnetic field. What does it mean? Such convergence produces the conditions that allow “global resonance” and the possibility of a human hologram. Seven billion brains immersed in the earth’s magnetic field all with similar intensities. The whole equals the sum and the sum equals the individual. That sets up the conditions for a hologram.

Calculations suggest and that the time required for an event in one human brain to diffuse to all human brains is about ten minutes. It would occur primarily during dreams or during altered states, when the right hemisphere is dominant. Seven billion calculations is an easy calculation.

Has there been evidence that such connections occur? Yes, for decades verified cases indicate that some people’s sudden experiences occur on days when geomagnetic activity is quietist. These experiences usually occur during a dream state. I’ll give you an example. Middle age woman testimony that she passed out and thought about her sister when her sister, who lived 200 miles away, died at the same time….. These kinds of cases have been recorded certainly since the 1870s. (ETK note: Here Persinger may be referring to research by the British Psychical Society which began about that time).

Usually these kinds of experiences occur when geomagnetic field is less intense. Under these conditions, on quiet nights, the connections between all seven billion brains have greater possibilities.

Remember, the most important philosophy that humans have ever developed has been science and the methodology of science and the most potent tool is the experiment. (ETK note: science is not a philosophy).

This experimental work is done at the Maimomides Dream Studies Hospital is that under certain nights, with low electromagnetic background activity, while a certain individual in one room is dreaming and someone else in another room is looking at a picture. On these certain nights when you look at the dream content of the dreamer, it corresponds exactly what the picture looks like as seen by the other individual. (Maimodides was a 12 century Jewish rabbi and philosopher. The Maimomides Medical Center is in Brooklyn, New York.)

Why don’t these experiences occur more frequently? Or is our brain like a television remote that is randomly changing channels and every so often overlaps with the source?

Important question: What would happen if a procedure was developed, a technology, that would allow access to whole information, to all of it? Suppose there was a technology, that’s what we are talking about tonight.

Can the ability to access information at a distance be trained? Yes, and we’ve trained it, with the development of “remote viewing” by individuals like Ingo Swann, a researcher who worked for the CIA. The idea is “can you access information at a distance?”

Think of it this way. Suppose there is a technology that allows us to have access to every bit of information that’s available in the geomagnetic field from all of your brains? That’s what Swann did. He learned to identify experiences that originated primarily in his right hemisphere as pure images and experiences. Here are some examples.

Remember, he (Swann) is sitting in a chamber now. And we’re measuring his EEG. And we’ve enhanced his capacity with the technology I’m going to show you.

Experimental examples are given…. Word association (or words associated with images) and drawings are given by Swann, for hidden and randomly-selected targets (pictures/photos).

“Remember, the whole point is to have a technology which allows access to every bit information that every brain on this planet has.”

Here is a target (picture) hidden in another room. Look what Swann drew. This is what the person draws if he’s exposed to the appropriate magnetic field (with low geomagnetic perterbations).

Was he always successful? Most of the time. However, the degree of accuracy was related to the amount of 7 Hz activity over his right hemisphere (the one involved with dreaming and emotions). This is the same frequency that the entire earth generates. His accuracy was less when there were geomagnetic storms and earth’s magnetic field was disturbed.

So if the magnetic field is disturbed, this connection/communication is lost. When you lose the connection, you lose the ability to communicate. (The Schumann cavity) between earth’s surface and the ionosphere, resonates at about 7 Hz. The more you get close to that pattern, the more you seem to have access to all information generated. Your brain also has an active frequency of 7 Hz.

During a geomagnetic storm” (from the sun), the connections are lost. Thunderstorms also interfere with the connection.

…. But when geomagnetic activity is low, this (ability to communicate) occurs repeatedly. And anyone can do it.

The most intense phenomena were these: When another person in another room is looking at a target (picture) at the same time as a second person is sharing the same magnetic filed, the accuracy becomes greater. So if you have one person here and one person here, you (we) generate a condition that produces the same kind of magnetic field that influences the brain at the consciousness recreation pattern, you’ll find that whatever that person is looking at, the other person can actually draw accurately.

Can the average person access distant information? Yes. At Laurentian University, we developed a technology by producing a device whereby the same complex magnetic fields are shared by two people separated at a distance. When that happens the two brains become one.

So here we have the actual technology. You can see one chamber, that’s what we call the Octopus. It’s basically eight solenoids that produce an accelerating configuration of second- derivative magnetic field. There’s what it looks like (like a modified helmet with wires).

… The essential aspects of that hidden target have been extracted and now are being shared by the two different people who share the same magnetic field. Both those brains are now effectively one.

But the effect extends experience. If both people separated by distance share the same configuration of magnetic field, a light flash, just a light flash, to one person affects the brain activity of the other person sitting in the dark in another room. So what we have found is that we can connect this to actual light.

The critical thing is the energy, and the pattern that detects it.

The photon emission energy from the brain while a person is sitting in the dark, is about 10,000 times less than the stars on a cloudy night. But we can measure it with photo-multiplier tubes. However, it’s 100 times more intense than the energy from the cosmic rays that pervade the universe.

For example, if one person in one room is experiencing a flashing light and another is sitting completely in the dark in another room and they only share the magnetic field, a special kind of configurational magnetic field that produces a synthetic consciousness, making both brains the same…. If a person sitting in one room is seeing a flashing light, the person sitting in the dark also generates light in their brain, because their brains are connected even at a distance.

Is there evidence of information transfer? We are now measuring photon emission from the human brain. That’s how we think it’s working.

We know in neuroscience, that it’s very likely that when you are actually thinking about white light, there are actual photons being emitted from the brain. The minute you have photons, you have access to almost everything.

If we have two people connected…. Photons here and photons here. We may have “entanglement.” You understand what that means? That means you have information at a distance. The minute you have photons you have access to almost everything. That means if you change something here (a photon), you instantly change it there. Already, physicists are doing this…. They call it “teleportation.” In actual fact, they’ve already done it, up to over a 100 km. That’s the first stage to having information from everywhere.

“If one has the appropriate technology and accesses the appropriate patterns shared by other brains, information can be accessed. We could amplify, concentrate, and control what has been happening, only occasionally, for centuries. This is much like watching lightning and mastering lightening, like watching birds fly and developing the airplane.

If you can imagine it, it can be done… Because the brain is matter, it’s based upon the physical principles of the universe and if you have the capacity to imagine it that means the potential is there for it to be done, because our brains are reflective of the essential aspects of the matter of this universe.

(ETK note: This is a huge and very questionable assumption!)

Experiment on Sean Harribance, Noted Psychic (Demon)?

Here is Sean Harribance (large, black man and noted psychic), a classic example of extraction of information. This is the man who knows your memory. Here is a photo of Dr. Webster injecting some radioactive material into Mr. Harribance. We were the first to demonstrate that when he is engaging in reading another person’s memory, it’s not all hocus pocus. What really happens is that a part of his brain that’s been different from the time he was born shows an increase in activity as measured by single-photon emission computerized tomography, very specific to the right parietal lobe.

Here’s Sean Harribance in animation. He’s looking at a picture. All he has to do is look at a picture of the person about whom he’s talking and he begins to talk about the person’s past, often embarrassing things that only they know. How can that be done unless you have access to memory? It’s not written anywhere.

We made an extraordinary discovery about Harribance’s brain. Don’t forget, the experiment is the most powerful tool we’ve got. So we measured his brain activity. We were flabbergasted when we put our magnetometers around his head. His brain actually distorts the local magnetic field. A small amount, but measurable…. and reliable. It was equal to the energy from the light emission from his brain. And the more the photons increased, the more the magnetic field dropped. And that energy was equal to the activity of the neurons; we calculated this activity by looking at our quantitative EEG. … in other words, “conservation of energy.”

The longer Mr. Harribance was close to the subject, the more the subject’s brain began to show the patterns of Harribance’s brain. Our EEG shows that they actually become more and more synchronous. And when they become synchronous, Harribance actually begins to extract information and begins to tell information to the other person, information that only they know about.

Now if you haven’t heard of Harribance…. Let me put it this way. There was an ex-leader of Iraq who hid in a hole…. (ETK: presumably Saddam Hussein). Guess who gave the information to the U.S. government that allowed the government to find that person? It was Sean Harribance. The point is that if you have access to information, you can get it from anywhere. But we have to know what the mechanism is.

We think Harribance’s brain becomes connected to the brains of the people nearby through the earth’s magnetic field. It seems to only work when he’s close.

(ETK question: Is this why “hive-mind teams” need to have “line-of-sight” proximity to targets?)

During the “connection” there was enhanced brain power in Harribance at 7 Hz over his right hemisphere. Remember, 7 Hz is the intrinsic pattern of the earth itself.

7 Hz is tied to the Hippocampus, the “gateway to memory.” If you access that, you access all the information that is being consolidated in your experience. Remember, your memories are nothing more than synaptic patterns and the gateway to that is the Hippocampus.

Is there another homogeneous field to which all of us are exposed? Yes. There are the communications systems of the web, the internet, and the massive electromagnetic matrix that it creates. There are others. Effectively, right now, communications systems are so pervasive that we all are immersed in this background that we call communications systems.

In the past, we used to have to have radar sent out and reflected back in order to see things at a distance. Now, the electromagnetic density of all the communications systems are so great that they generate a shadow, we don’t even have to generate radar emissions anymore.

We are living within the shadow, quite literally, of a massive electromagnetic field generated by communications systems. This means we are all immersed in a homogeneous secondary field called the communications system, called the modern technology. And much of it is pulsed…. very much in the range of the human brain.

So: what would it mean if you and everyone else had access to the information of every other brain on this planet?

First of all, knowledge is the ultimate power. And historically, when 50% of people populations become educated that’s when you have revolutions. That’s why dictators are often against literacy or access to free information. The control of populations is based upon a few having discretionary information over the many. Economic advantage derives from proprietary information. The success of governments depends on sequestered facts.

We have seen the impacts of leaking information on the web.

The answer to the question: What would happen if everyone had access to the information of every other brain on the planet? No more secrets.

Comments to youtube lecture:

Anaiis Salles 1 year ago

Remote viewing experience I had was more like bi-locating. While cooking supper, I found myself going into an altered state; the majority of my consciousness was then standing by a car at the scene of an accident. I was ‘holding space’ for a women and two children. I told her everything would be all right, not to worry. The driver in the other care was dead but there was another guardian at his side. I waited, roadside, until help came. While I was waiting there, I took a look around to see where I was. Eventually, my awareness shifted back to my apartment and I finished cooking supper. Two days later, my neighbor bill knocked on my door. He’d been away. I asked where he’d been. He said upstate New York. All of a sudden, my experience came rushing back to me. Oh, your sister and your nieces were in a car accident! He looked at me so strangely. How could you possible know that, he asked. I was there, I told him. I didn’t bother to explain. This was GREAT confirmation of my experience of remote viewing. The goal of that exercise was to HELP another human being. Not to invade, or power over.

YouNolf 2 years ago

I’ve got a MAJOR concern about this guy: if it has been demonstrated (Do a research about Ingo Swann, macmoneagle, the monroe institute etc to confirm this) that:

– technologies that can BLOCK remote viewing HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN DEVELOPED (these are electromagnetic technologies),
– and remote viewing has been “discovered” during the cold war period (this means plenty of time to play with it and to research it),

then why the hell is he talking about “NO MORE SECRETS”? It is stupidly obvious that the government and govt agencies and even third parties by now have mastered this technology and taken countermeasures to its public disclosure.

Funny how he doesn’t mention any of this, and shifts the attention to the alleged “freedom” and “no more secrets” side of things.

What happens when there are no more secrets but the closely guarded ones? One day remote viewing is bound to be accepted by our mainstream science and Western society, and the feeling I get from videos like this is that they are preparing the ground to let this happen, because they know how to conceal the secrets in a remote-viewing-safe way.

Basically the future will be like it is now, just with the people thinking that there are no more secrets (“We remote viewing now, we know everything!”) when in fact there are ways and technologies to conceal them.

This whole public disclosure thing reeks of false sense of freedom, which is worse and more dangerous than the sense of being lied to. Please up vote this if you find this concerning. Let’s have a discussion and make people THINK and USE THEIR BRAIN

Amazing Polly 5 months ago

Persinger is one of those scientists so lost in his aims that he fails to see the evil this tech will bring to the world. … or else he wants the evil. hard to tell.

Greg Napier 3 years ago

Howard Storm, during his NDE (Near Death Experience) was shown the world in the year 2185 in which the worlds population was telepathic.Perhaps this is what Professor Persinger is envisaging himself for the future of mankind.What a world that would be!

A Yema 4 months ago
He states that we will have “more” freedom with this technology! What a direct “sales-pitching” lie because the polar opposite is true! If we would ever lose our individual personal privacy in our own personal, intimate thoughts, then our entire “human beingness” has been destroyed and we will become easily mind-controlled slaves or zombies! I call this the “Mad Scientist Syndrome” promoting and supporting evil onto humanity and the world.

77Fortran 3 years ago

Anyone got some info into why they chose to try and `remote view’ rather complicated scenes? Wouldn’t it be simpler to find the simplest and most replicable thing possible e.g. very simple shapes or numbers?

Cale Scrimgeour 4 years ago

no wonder why the government wont fund this guy. talking about how real this stuff is would scare the shit out of any government due to the amount of crap they try to hide.

Kenji Chraiti-Kojima 5 years ago

He’s stunningly well-dressed.

stage274 1 year ago

The magnetic field is not responsible to collect the information. It is space itself at the quantum level. Your body is connected to the earth field. But you are a field onto yourself also.

Zack Duncan 5 years ago


Katherine Jaconello 4 years ago

Dear Mr. Persinger, These are just your opinions and you should state that. The mind is not the brain after all. The mind is mental image pictures as vividly expressed in many movies in the past and today. The brain is the switchboard. Your pronouncements are only your opinions and you should make that clear. Otherwise, you come off as an authoritarian. I, personally, know you are wrong on several aspects of your agenda, too numerous to count.

Myself 2 years ago (edited)

1. As a researcher, Michael Persinger has a fairly poor track record, with none of his experiments being replicated by anyone so far.

2. None of his claims have a verifiable mechanism. In fact, in his presentation, he presents a number of claims that run counter to what is understood in basic physics.

3. He makes one statement (at least) that is easily proven to be an outright lie. He states that the psychic Sean Harribance is the one that informed the US army as to where Saddam Hussein was hiding. That is an obvious and stupid lie.

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/stor … d=98174979

All in all, my impression is that Michael Persinger is neither stupid nor crazy but in fact an accomplished liar. He covers his lecture with pseudo scientific jargon, often in fields he has no expertise in, and peppers it with unverifiable personal accounts.

In sum… a fraud. (otherwise, why wouldn’t he just do the Randi challenge and prove it and then he could give a million bucks to his favorite charity?)

sicktoaster 4 years ago
If there’s natural telepathy then that’s fine but using technology to make everything instantly readable by everyone strikes me as unethical and an invasion of privacy.

Dave Begotka 3 years ago

nice!! I think I got dumber……….lol

Ryan Navin 4 years ago

there’s no way to fully use the spiritual consciousnes cloud as a means of storing memory and accessing others memories completely in the 3d plane only after we enter spiritual or a higher plane of consciousness can we do this. right no we only achieve very limited use of the spiritual “cloud”. In the future as we become more benevolent and stop destroying each other and ourselves we may evolve to a higher form of consciousness. Trying to use that “cloud before we are ready will yield horrible results.

TheMoon 5 years ago

beginning of THE BORG?!?!?!?!?

Teresa Carrion 4 years ago

I’m fine with this strange technology, as long as I can turn it off when I do something stupid and think about it all night long.

itisitsits 1 year ago

Excellent presentation by Mr Persinger. This is something that I know is coming and as he says at the very last moment, there will be no more war or starvation.

StraightShooter 5 months ago

i call BS

Katherine Jaconello 2 years ago

Hallelujah….He was kicked out. Students have been saved.

Kenji Chraiti-Kojima 5 years ago

I man look at him. This is true class

b dog
b dog 2 years ago (edited)

For all of Persinger’s good work, I’m disgusted at his blind acceptance of “remote viewing”, the fancy CIA name for telepathy, which was debunked (and defunded) 2 decades ago.

MIKYCD DOJO 4 years ago

Science or ancient esoteric mysticism **repackaged**? 

Patricia Woods 1 year ago

there was so much witchcraft and dark magic going on in this video. how many times did he flash the devil horns? just another form of deception. watch out and ask before you give your energy away to a deceiver. that is why they are called deceivers.

Katherine Jaconello 3 years ago

I tried to watch this again. Dr. Persinger’s main premise is false. The brain is not the mind. The mind is not the brain. We are not all connected. Man is not an animal or a biochemical mechanism. The individuals who voted him “Best Lecturer” haven’t a clue about humanity. Students, take up flower arrangement, gardening or maybe get a degree in business. Shun the neuroscience field. It’s too old-fashioned (19th century) regardless of their computer demos. And it won’t get you anywhere especially when the animal rights people outlaw their cruel and vicious experiments on baby monkeys. 

James Randi Zététicien 3 years ago

PSI exist because of the numerous positives study, but for this one, I’m waiting for a replication. The God Hemlet was a fraud so I’m very skeptical about Persinger work, we will see in the future.

Archangel Raphael 4 years ago

or are you exempt from cognitive bias as ye ‘judge him’
the difference between you and him, student and teacher?
he has been in the trenches doing the work … what about you?
what is your mental block to seeing the TRUTH?
might it be ‘jesus loves ewe?’
or is it some other crutch you need?

Archangel Raphael 4 years ago

LoL . how about sheepish ewe gets themselves a library card first?

Archangel Raphae 4 years ago

offensive because why?

Archangel Raphael 4 years ago

michael persinger has studied the brain most of his career, and then lo and behold ‘idiot’s ‘R’ Us’ are asked for their opinion….to comment on his work?

…the rest is HIS-story….I wonder how many of the ignorant twats who have commented believe in Santa or Satan or Jesus walking on water?

Archangel Raphael 4 years ago
we the sheeple have spoken….what a bunch of ignorant low brow humans given a keyboard with which to express their idiot opinions…brave new world ‘we the sheeple’ have arrived…

Archangel Raphael 4 years ago

I rather see you get yourself a library card …. 

MGTOW Psyche 2 years ago (edited)

Im curious how psychopaths/autistic people differ in relation to this science? Would their lack of empathy and God Brain Module affect their ability to understand or read other people’s minds or be read by other normal people?

Aubrey Dana 3 years ago (edited)

You never hear about this aspect of Persinger’s research. He’s usually trotted out to provide a skeptical view of NDEs based on his “God helmet” research (which is highly flawed btw). Meanwhile, he’s saying that consciousness is non-local. At the end of this lecture, he reveals a piece of highly-classified intel. A lot people don’t realize that this got him locked out of his lab. He almost lost tenure over it. Luckily, he’s Canadian, otherwise he’d be Chelsea Manning’s bunkmate. That was one secret he wasn’t supposed to reveal. Yes, folks, RVing is still being used by the CIA, but it’s gone into the deep black. And the RVers they have make Joe McMoneagle look like Ms. Cleo. There’s also evidence they are trying to enhance the effect with technology. Check out some of the stuff DARPA is working on and you’ll see how 2+2=4. And that’s just the stuff that isn’t highly classified. Imagine what is! I would not be surprised to learn that Super-Psi was also used to locate Bin Laden as well.

Gary A. DePietro 1 year ago (edited)

LISTEN –>>>> 33:30 <<<---- Click blue numbers to listen. This is NOT GOOD. Being in such a field of electromagnetic radiation can do awful things in the long term. Google this key: Cell phones+brain heating And then remember your WiFi devices and many other products put out radiation in the same area of the electromagnetic spectrum. mechadense 1 year ago Aside from this unscientific presentation/presenter this is idea on its own is not realistic at all. Receiving: Unlike birds we have not even the capacity to sense the full strength earth magnetic field. Provably not even unconsciously. We can't even sense artificial magnetic fields that are orders of magnitude stronger than the field of earth. Sending: Even with the best superconducting measurement devices (SQUIDs) magnetic fields of brain currents are barely measurable above the noise level just on the skin outside the skull (and the indirectly measured brain currents are I believe just gross averages). There is information stored in the frozen magnetic fields in rocks. This tells us about the history of earth's geology but it certainly does not tell us anything about the brain activity of dinosaurs. The ultra faint magnetic fields a biological brain emits while thinking quickly and irrecoverably dissipate in the background noise of the universe towards thermal death. We will have the option of telepathy if our technology gets us to something like sub micron sized radio communication systems devices that can be injected - for the better or the worse. karen mcardle 2 years ago Understanding someone else's brain or what they are thinking, feeling, I have had this all my life, I even met my soul partner at 13 & we married 10 years later, Even if we where, in other parts of the world we could read each others thoughts & dreams, worries , we dreamed the same, & our children are very aware of others,. This makes sense to me, My Husband sadly died 2010 from Lung cancer & yes we seen it coming, still hurt like Hell & still does. I also have a new thought on death , I see it as a" new beginning,s" in more ways than 1, Thank you ChangelingRoyalGuard 3 years ago We aren't our brains. But I appreciate his open mindedness and spreading truth. tvochannel 5 years ago Hi there - we don't sell copies of our programming.  GermanOperaSinger 6 years ago R.Carroll completely misunderstands the goal of serious parapsychological research. Experimental Parapsychologists do not slap the 'paranormal' sticker on anything unexplainable, no, that's something ordinary, supernatural believing laymen tend to do. Parapsychologists who claim there is a real phenomenon to be studied here look for natural means of explaining it. Note that 'natural' does not necessarily mean our current scientific knowledge understands these mechanisms fully. latribe 5 years ago Interesting discussion at 46:00 about interference to telepathy from electromagnetic microwave pollution from computers and mobile phone proliferation. As we get less telepathic do we get more psychopathic? What is HAARP for? What does HAARP do? Mad Cat Sphere! ! 1 year ago Awesome Foofighter 1 year ago (edited) Make subtitules to Spanish people please. This discovery must to know each and every one of the people who live on this earth.!!!! Juan Felipe Proaño 4 years ago I watch the testimony of ingo swan in a conspiracy theory channel turns out even scientists are accepting what we thought to be conspiracy Daniel Christopherson 6 years ago This is powerful!  stage274 1 year ago Why this does not make sense. Is because we can remote view stuff on the moon, and the moon does not have a field around it. No all time and space is connected. But he can't say that, because it comes to close to saying we have souls. Nix Dorf 6 years ago To me this looks like a total non sense. Pretty much that Quantum mind crap or Ramtha "What a *bleep* we know type of thing". Mr. Persinger is becoming famous for claiming that he can do experiments, repeatedly that no one else can replicate. Like the Sweden team and the God Helmet episode. FractalInfinities 6 years ago Photon emission from the human brain! the deeliciousplum 6 years ago If data does exist & that Dr. Persinger's notions are testable, I can't see this being rejected by the numerous communities of Natural Scientists. It takes courage & it's at quite a risk for an actual scientist to decry another's work as being a sham, that takes courage. RT Carroll - "If parapsychologists can't perceive a naturalistic cause for an event, it must be paranormal. Parapsychology, we might say, is a science that looks for things it can't explain and then explains them as paranormal." the deeliciousplum 6 years ago @GermanOperaSinger Hi, I understand your feelings around Mr. Carroll's thoughts. One is free to cultivate imaginative notions that are within the realm of Parapsychology. It's true that we can look at works of creative art and to identify these as "real". It appears that there are different definitions for the descriptor "real". I do stand beside you when you express that there are many natural mechanisms that presently our species do not have knowledge of. Deldari Be Happy 4 years ago Amazing!, this is 5th dimension  Max Wilson 2 weeks ago (edited) So is the device one single magnetic field that both people are sitting in, or two separate identical fields that each person has? Bob Hiller 6 years ago @ThisIsUngood Perhaps through funding? Just a hunch, but following the money is always a good idea. Superkuh 6 years ago Understanding neuroscience does not mean you have even the most basic grasp of physics. Persinger does not even grasp faraday's law, the simple relation between the rate of change in a magnetic field and the induced electrical potential. His belief in temporal correlation of qualitative phenomenon that cannot be empirically observed proving some wacky hypothesis is, well, delusional. kadag 2 years ago We can all Vulcan mind meld! Dude! JMM 5 years ago If enough people have faith then this can be real because of a universal magnetic connection to earth? This guy needs to get on the Joe Rogan Experience! TacticsTechniques&Procedures 4 years ago Hippocampus=the 9th gate. I need to find 1-8 first.  TacticsTechniques&Procedures 4 years ago I've blacked out before according to witnesses.  Chad Lilly 5 years ago Find: Calibrating your brain. (online) ... Over a period of time these simple procedures can produce dramatic effects in your life, by exercising both sides of your brain, simultaneously. LegendofJack 6 years ago @isthattrue212 dude if you want to smoke weed and watch him talk you would rather watch this....... psychotropic drugs and the nature of reality.  Ah Na 5 years ago you are a brother of light Sunny Rhoades 6 years ago Great Science Research, thank you for posting cheers from Ontario Canada. Sunny Rhoades 6 years ago The Illuminati and the Power Elite - Wall Street -Would not like this lol if we could read peoples minds and have no secrets wow. This is true Evolution. Mara Grace 5 years ago I think we should all be allowed a little "privacy" but it becomes far less necessary when one is very diligent in one's thoughts. "Impure" or "harmful" thoughts become less and less, then there is no longer anything to "hide". :) jerrydecaire1 5 years ago I hear ya'. I get all sorts of wild stuff and it comes and goes like a force of nature-completely unpredictable and therefore hard to prove. jerrydecaire1 5 years ago Well, natural or ordinary experience would seem to suggest this is bonkers but just because something isn't ordinary doesn't make it automatically unreal. If you see Tony Cicoria's NDE maybe that download from the other side really happens. It made him a musician at 42! (Oliver Sachs has a bit to say about that).You seem a fairly reasonable guy and maybe I've mistaken you for a caricature (I run into a lot of those). I find it hard to believe no less than you, but I do after reviewing so much jerrydecaire1 5 years ago With a PhD in neurobiology perhaps then you can appreciate a paper in Physical Review A (65, 033818) in 2002 and others in 2012 that say the same. This is no "genie"-this is fact and has been established for some time now with no-one to discredit the Copenhagen interpretation and forget Stenger-guy's all wet from everything I've read so far. I'd probably be on your side if not for my own experiences which are more reliable than you will ever give them credit.  jerrydecaire1 5 years ago When Persinger was taking the reductionist materialist route with his God helmet, Shermer and guys like you made him your top mascot. And now that he's been honest enough to admit there's something behind PSI, all of a sudden he's a fool. All that goes to show is that chumps like you are not open to the evidence-your mind is already made up and it shows in your ex-post-facto argumentation. And anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot who doesn't understand the science. THAT'S NOT SCIENCE! jerrydecaire1 5 years ago You implicitly call others stupid by using words like "ludicrous." It's called being passive aggressive. But you never qualify subjective terms which are clearly ad hominems- when you say "ludicrous" how? jerrydecaire1 5 years ago It's shit to those who have never had a PSI experience as much as seeing is shit to the blind. jerrydecaire1 5 years ago Maybe you should debate Harvard Neuroscientist Eben Alexander who had an NDE and prior to that experience thought just like you do now-it was clear to him that the brain was all there is. He now says he was completely wrong and describes reductionism/materialism as "primitive" and outmoded and science is in dire need to rethink their old paradigm.  Turtle Walker 1 year ago I find it amazing that there are dislikes for this brilliant video. Fabrizio Spagna 6 years ago How can I build a Persinger's Helmet by myself? Psi Clips 3 years ago I was surprised to see Dr. Persinger explicitly discussing psi research. Back in the 80's I worked in a psi lab in San Antonio, and we would read his "straight" research on geomagnetic correlations published in the Journal Of Perceptual and Motor Skills (where he would publish several times a year). He never hinted at any psi-mediated effects, just geomagnetic correlations and a possible connection to temporal lobe epilepsy. Also, I had to smile when he mentioned Sean Harribance. Harribance spent several months each year in San Antonio, and he wanted us to help him sue the railroad company, claiming a toxic rail spill damaged his psi ability. I first got interested in this in the late 70s when the Soviets broadcast their "Woodpecker" 8Hz pulsed signal. Also, Alexander Dubrov had published his book "Geomagnetbiology: The Geomagnetic Field and Life" around that time. Later, people like Bob Beck, Andrija Puharich, Pat Flanagan and others developed small ELF generators, so Persinger's equipment looks like an extension of their early work. Amber Dixon 5 years ago No, if our thoughts came out of our mouths every time we said what we really thought then we would be considered criminals and isn't that what is actually happening in America with our personal freedoms being slowly taken from us? Maybe this is the next China. LOL Remember I said 90 percent of the population WOULD be arrested for thought crimes, so yes I was fucking with you. Amber Dixon 5 years ago I think I'll start listening to more Alpha-Theta-Delta waves when I go to sleep at night. Anything to become more like a child, not for Christ's sake or any reward, but because I like children more than adults. At least when they try to lie, you can tell. The wolves...sheeple (our brothers and sisters in the world) can do it with a straight face and an arrogant attitude too. Denchanter357 4 years ago makes me take him and the entirety of his work much less seriously... sigh Devachandra9 11 months ago What were the circumstances around which Sean Harribance became an asset of the CIA: i.e., disclosure of the hole in which Saddam Hussein was hiding? nethy02 6 years ago plenty of satanic hand signals in this video, don't trust this man, anyone who wears a pocket watch needs to be analyzed  nethy02 6 years ago fair enough PsychedbE 6 years ago @PartyBeliever Have you ever tried thinking like an entity together instead of putting your "self" in a box and comparing that box to other boxes? Sure life would be "changing" a bit but if you knew how much communication you perceive unconsciously and react to it subconsciously, you'd realize that telepathy is only an easier form of communicating "consciously" 😉 doesn't mean you can read each others minds instantly... (havent seen this vid yet though, just a reacting to this)  TheMoon 5 years ago windows saving the world???!?!? Amber Dixon 5 years ago Anyone 6 years or older, which is the Age or Reason or Accountability would be arrested for thought crimes. I guess that would make up 90 percent of the population. LMAO 8-) Mrgruffy44 5 years ago Drunvalo Melchizedek claims that there are earth grids for each species that connect all members. Grid for whales, grid for humans, etc. This explains our interconnnectedness. I'm not saying that I believe this. Could be. I don't know. Beings of the 4th dimension can read each other's thoughts? I still want proof of these phenomena. Sherry Galloway 1 year ago Some are having difficult time believing this. I don't know why. I have been doing this since childhood. Superman575575 6 years ago Love this guy. Strange thought,If something like this comes into practice, will it be possible to emulate the frequencies and thoughts on some synthetic network that can also access the brain, ultimately giving someone the omnipotence to implant an idea (say something sinister) into all minds? We are noetic infants in the scheme of this plan, so my thought is hypothetical nonsense, but still worries me. There are a lot of people out there against conscientious expansion. This could be a new wmd. Superman575575 6 years ago @Superman575575 haha a 'weapon of mental depletion'  RichCor 6 years ago Thannks for sharing, very very interesting video! delataylor 5 years ago These handpicked, positive individual results being presented from these experiments are so profoundly unimpressive and unconvincing that anything is happening over vague coincidence, that I don't even know that looking at the actual statistical results is even worth it (if these are being claimed to be positive results). delataylor 4 years ago Okay, I looked all over and I don't see any issue 21 in your Edge(Pseudo)Science Magazine. However, what is it that you're trying to claim? When I find the issue of this pseudoscience magazine that you want me to read, which article is it you want me to read? What is your claim? Now, please do not tell me about "actually serious skepticism" (and what in the hell is "dogmatic skepticism"?), if you think that anything claimed in this video should be taken seriously by science. delataylor 4 years ago Why would I do that? First of all, you just gave me additional opinions on the matter, not the original published data. Secondly, did I not just say that if this is what is to be presented and claimed to be the "positive" results, I don't even see the point in reading the actual data? AsylumSeaker 5 years ago Encrypt your thoughts by developing an alternative worldview. Even if they get access to your thoughts through the magnetic field, they will not be able to interpret them if they don't understand the language you think in. AsylumSeaker 5 years ago So long as there is a pattern, it is theoretically readable with a sensitive enough instrument. Persinger makes repeated comparisons to radio technology, which faces similar problems in terms of signal to noise ratios. The 'signal' emitted by household wiring would be, I think, fairly easy to recognise and filter out by generating a close enough imitation of it and summing it to your mix in inverted phase. AsylumSeaker 5 years ago Called tumour by what authority? If individuals don't wish to participate in such a project, I think they'll find techniques to resist. And I think there will be many such individuals. AsylumSeaker 5 years ago As he said in the video, it is the pattern, not the amplitude, which is significant. AsylumSeaker 5 years ago I do not mean to say that we think in the language we speak. What I suspect is that each of us develops a fairly idiosyncratic way of thinking highly dependent on our cultures, spoken languages, childhoods, trades and vocations, and a range of other things, and I think that this idiosyncrasy in our ways of thinking might confound efforts to interpret our thoughts from outside. Johnny Allison 6 years ago @neurocapable Sorry about that. I didn't mean to misrepresent the field of science. Believe me I known what you mean. Take a look at Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science" then you will understand what I meant by my comment. I own a Shakti Lite unit and would vouch for the effects. I've also used a fair share of drugs in the distant past. I have been practicing Yoga for a number of years and can also vouch for those effects. Post Modern results differ in the way things are recorded no doubt. Johnny Allison 6 years ago @neurocapable The video "Human Super Sensitivities and the Future" shows Ingo giving credit to the value the Sanskrit language and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali have in relation to remote viewing. The Sanskrit word for science is Vidya.  Johnny Allison 7 years ago Nothing new here. Yogins have been reporting this kind of experience for quite some time. The entire Bhagavadgita was based on remote viewing. Thats not to downplay it. It just pays to be cautious of those claiming to have "new" science. Read the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Leafmouth 0 6 years ago Any links for articles supporting this? defi ant 5 years ago people would feel the need to kill themselves, all sins must be resolved first  Lily111 6 years ago WOW. the ending... ... this is just awesome :D Maureen Smith 1 week ago Mixed bag comments here. I can see how easily controlled and lead we are. Drdrkr 6 years ago this has my attention  vulcanus30 6 years ago M.Persinger should claim JREF 1 million dollar prize :) David Goodman 4 years ago snake oil at best. DJ Milk 4 years ago I've taken quite a bit of classes taught by Dr. Persinger He is a very intelligent and perceiving man but that doesn't mean he is exempt from cognitive bias. DJ Milk 6 years ago dis guy is my prof, yo :) Astgen 6 years ago @nethy02 this man teaches at my school and I would trust his opinion over yours anyday Kim Reivanen 1 year ago This is some next grade bullshit. So many logically erroneous comparisons and outright misleading or lying when interpreting some of the graphs shown. As a whole, this cannot be mere incompetence. Brian Farmer 6 years ago “When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. - Nikola Tesla, 1929 Allen Clw 4 years ago Dean Radin's website or blog do a good job in explaining it. You can go to the institute of noetic science's website for more varied infos and also Alex Tsakiris 'Skeptiko' for up front debate and presentation.  Allen Clw 4 years ago The presentation itself is a bit weird, a bit unconvincing to me too. As for hard Data, You can go to main website of the institute of noetic science for free references. Another free reference is Victor Zammit's book ''A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE'. You can also look for 'Jack Hunter (Paranthropology)' main website for free infos. There are also podcasts like 'Alex Tsakiris (Skeptiko)' which you can access for free on his website on debates and references. Go take a look. Here you go: 'www1scientificexploration1org0edgescience0edgescience_021pdf The reason why I gave you links to 'FREE' references, is to see if you are actually serious skeptikal enough to learn the truth or is you just want to make some noise as an intent to prove your dogmatic skepticism. And trust me when I say that it save me a lot of time doing so, if you are not one of them, good. Rep the '1' w/ '.' & 0 w/ '/' Allen Clw 4 years ago I am not a fan of how he kinda jump to possible explanations rather than presenting the data. But I am glad people are trying to get the taboo topic of parapsychology known. Just wished me used a more 'in the middle/ here is what we found' approach. Allen Clw 4 years ago Oh... Sorry I guess we were both misunderstood in this exchange. I wanted to say that this video and the way the presenter present put his argument in a 'I already figured it out' manner raises more skepticism than actual answers. it's more like, here you go, some information to sustain your beliefs, rather than actually discussing the issue as one would expect from such a high profile person. I was telling you that it's better look at resource rather than listening to his 'Conclusions'. Allen Clw 4 years ago There are large samples testing being done in fields of Parapsychology. There are specific tests that aim to test people who are known to score outstanding results in psychic phenomena. But many tests are done with your everyday goer that are willing to be guinea pigs. Allen Clw 4 years ago Wow... I didn't expect that. You should have started with that instead of waiting for me to give you resources you have been asking for in your previous comment. Whatever suits you, and which ever excuses.. I mean reason you wanna give to stay away from actual research to support your cognitive dissonance is your right to have. Allen Clw 4 years ago I wanted to show you recent research that support the dualism theory but who I would insist does not conclude on it. Like the one where there has been laboratory results supporting the claim of a third person mind healing an currently incurable disease. (breast cancer) Maybe I should have made this clear instead of just throwing it like that. Sorry. Panthera 5 years ago Before asking questions, one should learn to make them right, and understandable..  Panthera 5 years ago Yeah, just watch this video and become programmed OR should I say a helper in projecting a non-sense project?! I hope watchers are using their brain and critical thinking and not getting hooked up on dreams of insanity. Panthera 5 years ago Do you feel that you would be allowed to read government's, rothchilds, bilderbergers and others' secrets, conspiracy stuff, world take over ideas etc etc..? In your dreams.. This is one big joke and a pure non sense. The one way to use such a technology would be to control mass population and eradicate thoughts which they are afraid of.. Making complete slavery whose master has total control of actions, feelings, and even thoughts..!!! Is this what you want?! Panthera 5 years ago LOL Panthera Although there is a tech to read minds, this is a nonsense.