Central Bankers Are Running Global Economic Shutdown, World Takeover, Massive Wealth Transfer, Genocide, Population Enslavement Operation (G. Mannarino Interviews, 2/6 & 3/1/21)

Webmaster comment: These two Alex Jones interviews of Wall Street trader, Gregory Mannarino (traderschoice.net), “the Robin Hood of Wall Street,” provide excellent summaries of the Federal Reserve’s economic plan that is now driving the current “planetary lockdown to mass genocide and slavery” operation. This has all been planned since at least the inception of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. The bankers’ goal, simply put, is to “literally buy the world” and enslave and destroy humanity.

“‘They’ are not human,” warns Mannarino: “Everything is fake now;” it’s all rigged,” “they want to crush your spirit, your belief system, they want to bring down everything about you. They want to kill you.” “They want to put us in a state of “learned helplessness”.”

ETK comment: The CIA paid Air Force psychologists Drs. James Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen of Mitchell, Jessen and Associatioes some $80 million in tax payer money to develope torture techniques at the Guantanamo Bay Torture facility that would instill “learned helplessness” in the prisoners. One news report stated:

“Mitchell and Jessen’s techniques were built on a theoretical assumption that reducing detainees to a state of “helplessness” would make them compliant with interrogators’ demands. They based their theory on research into “learned helplessness” conducted in the 1960s on animals by psychologist Martin Seligman, who discovered that dogs that had been subjected to inescapable pain would eventually stop trying to avoid it. Seligman’s theory had never been tested on humans — because doing so would violate a host of laws prohibiting torture, cruel treatment, and human experimentation.”

(See: CIA’s Guantanamo torture program and psychologists exposed (5 articles, 3 youtubes); Comment: “Let’s Not Torture The CIA Let’s Kill Them”)

Now the techniques honed at Guantanamo Bay and other innumerable other “black site” torture centers are being applied to the global population to usher in the Federal Reserve’s (Jewish) New World Order. Why do we taxpayers fund the CIA and US Air Force and these demented psychology psychopaths to find more efficient ways to torture and kill us?

1) Trading Insider Warns a Whole New System of Control is Coming, Must Watch (Gregory Mannarino on Alex Jones Show, March 1, 2021)



Json83 11 hours ago
I don’t think waking people up is going to help us win. All we do is say, “noooooooo” as they continue to bring in their new slave-system. Shouldn’t we be getting ready to bring in our new system when they crash the existing one? We have no alternative, we just complain and say, “Look and see what those bad people are doing” while we ourselves prepare no alternative. We will be saying, “Don’t go into that system, stay with us” while we have nothing organized.

OracleOfTruth 12 hours ago
Everything Gregory Mannarino said is true. People should listen to him.

Raising Awareness should be our number one priority.

Let’s aim for 80%. Then we’ll finally have a fighting chance.

WatchTroll 13 hours ago
Alex let him talk man geez.

Unbrainwashed287 17 hours ago
Wow, that guy was my hero when I was super into gambling

jabronda1 17 hours ago
I’ve been listening to Mannarino for over a decade, and he has been a big critic of Trump, so it’s interesting that Alex has had him on twice only now that Trump is gone.

Tamoharadasa 17 hours ago
Greg is really laying it out! I often watch his show.

Sevensisyers7 17 hours ago
I would’ve thought the Marines would protect us but apparently not.

Sevensisyers7 17 hours ago

karen 18 hours ago
The root cause is the love of money is the evil here on earth!

karen 18 hours ago
It starts with prayer and fasting on the Word of God!

19 hours ago
Go GREG!!!!!

20 hours ago
IMF , Federal Reserve , World Economic Forum are pushing for a digital digital currency just published few days ago on the IMF website.

Quintonwoj 21 hours ago
Gotta make sure the big guy gets his 10%…

nad0104 21 hours ago
freak show? it is a satanic take over of the masses, awareness, be aware of this, we must be born again to be saved from the wrath to come, people this is exactly what we are seeing a beginning of the end. Romans 10:9-10 King James Version

9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.

And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come

MauiNZ 21 hours ago
Surprised Alex Jones hasn’t pushed the ‘Kovid Kapoor’ Project Runway and Harvey Weinstein narrative abit more.

nad0104 21 hours ago
it is called the great tribulation the wrath of God read Gods word it is all in there.

ofacepro 21 hours ago
GM knows his shit. His book is phenomenal as I’m learning the market. GM is also an insider and I think he, knows things!

a day ago
The Great Global Pyramid with its golden top built by the global banks/corporations along with their marriage partner the CCP. A marriage of capitalism and communism where most are enslaved below the golden top. Patriarchy hierarchy elites priesthoods. Where is the Miriam and Moses to exodus out of the land of pyramids to a Promised Land where man made pyramids have returned to dust at the foot of Mother Earth made mountains. Corporations transformed into family – matriarchal families. Crap turned into water – hear that Bill Gates. The Mother of Nations and the Peacemaker foresaw all that is happening. Why did Karl Marx at the last years of his life reject Marxism when seeing the light of the Great Law of Peace. Why did the Founding Fathers see the light of the Great Law of Peace brought to Turtle Island by the !other of Nations and the Peacemaker, democracy based on family at its roots. Seeing all humanity sharing the same household.

a day ago
The world is inverted, I bought stickers to spread the word, and am doing what I can! Thank you!

a day ago
Braddah sounds like Daniel Laruso if you’re listening! Daniel san is correct.

a day ago
hes a really smart guy !

2. Central Banks Are Running This Entire World Economic Takedown Operation (Gregory Mannarino on Alex Jones Show, 2/6/2021)

2) Wall Street Insider: Central Banks Shut Down Global Economy to Kill ‘Money Velocity’ Ahead of Great Reset


This segment is from 91:12 to 1:26:20 in larger version of the following program

The Global Covid-19 Hoax Is The Theranos Scam 2.0 – FULL SHOW 2/3/21


Key words: Federal Reserve, hyperinflation, money velocity, dollarizing the world

Epigraph Quote from Gregory Mannarino:

They are going to let the people kill each other.

Webmaster comment: This, among other things, is the global rollout of the gangstalking-electronic-psychological warfare (G5 program) already in place.

Partial transcription of 2nd interview dialogue by webmaster:

Alex Jones:

What’s really going on right now?

Gregory Mannarino:

(From a financial viewpoint): We are now in the biggest freak show in the history of the world. There’s nothing that has even come close to this with regard to the financial markets. It’s gotten to a point of pure rigging, pure manipulation. It’s in our face. People are trying to rise up and do something. But the “powers that be” here are determined to squash everything in their pathway.

What is going on here? What is the core of the rigging and the manipulation of the financial markets? It’s very simple. It’s world’s central banks, none more so than the Federal Reserve, who are finishing what they started in 1913. the inception of the Federal Reserve, which is to be the lender and buyer of last resort. They want to own it all. They want to own the world. These institutions are criminal cartels and they are involved in a market rigging scheme the likes of which we have never seen in the history of the world. Artificially suppressing rates now for over an entire decade, robbing the middle class blind of trillions of realized wealth, fostering a massive wealth transfer to the upper eschelon of society. We have now brokerages participating in this. It’s an unbelievably rigged game.

No one should know this better than me because this is all I do. It’s my job to try to let people understand what’s happening and why it’s happening.

This is a global takeover by the central banks who are working in concert to literally own it all. They are propping up the stock market artificially. Wall Street right now, highest bonuses on record this past Christmas while you’ve got the public suffering, homelessness exploding. You’ve got the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet that last year almost doubled. No one’s paying attention to what is going on here. It’s completely insane. It’s a big scam on the people and what we are seeing lately with the brokerages, it’s all part of it.

The truth is the only answer here. And the fact of the matter is that we have politicians here who are on the take, who are bought and paid for. They do not have our best interest in mind. Their best interest is with the big money.
What’s the grand plan here?

I have been outlining for a decade that we are going back to a feudalistic system. Extreme haves and extreme have nots. The middle class is being erased. I’ve said that people in the middle class have a target tatooed on their face. If you are member of the middle class, they are trying to destroy you. And they are doing a damn good job of it.

The game is now rigged so severely against the average guy and the average girl, it’s a very difficult battle for us to win. But I think we can win if we have enough of us. You, me, many of us are trying to raise the awareness of the people of what is happening. And they are trying to convince people that what they are seeing is not real, via the mainstream media and every other avenue they possibly can.

Jones: Exactly. This is massive, coordinated oppression, racketeering on a scale never before seen; whole classes of people silenced and targeted for corrupt, greedy hedge funds. I mean this is sickening.

Mannarino: It’s beyond sickening. It’s the hedge funds, it’s the investment banks. At the core of the whole damn shit show, I’m sorry to use that language, is the central banks. The central banks today are the government. They are running the world via the financial system, and the financial system is toxic beyond belief at this particular point. We are in the midst of a massive wealth transfer. The middle class is being wiped out by design. Everything is by design.

We understand what’s going on with what I call the “scamdemic” here. Who is benefiting from what we are seeing here with regards to the Coronavirus scamdemic? It’s the central banks and big pharma. What they did is successfully shut down the global economy. The central banks successfully shut down the global economy. Why would they want to do something like that? So they can kill what’s known as the “money velocity,” or the rate at which cash moves through our economy. By doing this, they can go wild and vastly inflate their balance sheets. Again, last year the Federal Reserved balance sheet nearly doubled. It went from $4.4 trillion to almost…..

Jones: (interrupting) Quantify that. They have an inflation problem, creating all these derivatives and all this extra money for them that they get first use of, that would show the hyperinflation. But if they stagnate and create a depression for us, it then hides that wealth, secures it only to them, which they can then use to buy up our real assets.

Mannarino: That’s exactly what they are doing. By killing the economy, by shutting off the rate at which cash moves through the economy, it allows them to inflate vastly without the risk of massive hyperinflation. To get hyperinflation, you need cash moving through the world economy. So they killed the global economy so the central banks can inflate. The Federal Reserve is funneling dollars around the world to central banks around the world, effectively dollarizing the world. And these central banks are buying assets with dollars, not even their own currency. So they are dollarizing the world because they can. They killed the money velocity. There’s no chance of right now of a massive hyper-inflationary event occurring.

Jones: You were talking about a global war to consolidate power by big banks. How is their takeover going? How do we fight back?

Mannarino: To understand a complicated problem, we have to look at its root cause. What is the driving force? Obviously, it’s the banks that are running the entire show, the entire world. And the hub of this entire thing, the hub of the New World Order, IS the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. They control our mode of transaction, they are funneling dollars to everyone they want to buy off. Look, you got Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, Morgan Stanley, CitiGroup. These run the Fed. It’s no secret. It’s private banks, private institutions. We need to direct our attention at the root cause of the problem. The root cause of everything you are seeing here: The puppet governments that have been puppet governments for quite a long time. They are all bought and paid for.

Jones: And they are the ones that went to Klaus Schwab, they admit the IMF and World Bank are their fronts. They come in and they set the precedent to say what’s essential and what isn’t essential. And they call it the Great Reset and they say being poor is being good for the earth.

Mannarino: That’s what’s happening. I can’t believe people are buying into it. I am hoping people will begin to see how absolutely rigged this system is.

Jones: They have gamed every angle of this.

Mannarino: Absolutely. And they also know every angle of it. People need to understand. Never in the history of the world have we seen what we are seeing now. We have a stock market near all-time record highs and an economy in free fall, by design. Every single thing here has been thought out in advance and then released. There are think tanks that say; how are we going to manipulate the public, how are we going to rig the financial markets?

They get the mainstream media outlets to push an agenda. Their main tactic is to control people by fear. Just one, like a virus for example. And you control their minds. They want people paralyzed. The more fear they create, the more paralyzed people become. They do not people to: 1) know the truth or 2) God forbid, act on that truth. Because then they win. They must divide and conquer.

Jones: Let’s talk about the solutions. Where this is going. I actually looked this up this morning: And of the top 10 Big Tech companies in the US; all of them doubled their profits last year. Some them doubled in size, not just profits. And they did it because of the lockdown. They were all set, they were all ready because they are run by the big central banks that create all the currency and credit. That’s why they are all sympatico. Big Tech, Big Media, Big Banks, Big Corporations; it’s all the private Federal Reserve, the private Bank of England, the private EU banks, that have unlimited currency and decide how to pick the winners an the losers; and now they are telling you are non-essential.

So how do we fight back? What do you expect them to do next? Because this is a brutal war…. More people reduced from middle class to poverty in the last year than any time in history. Millions and millions extra starving, the UN admits, while the UN runs the program for the lockdown. Covid’s not killing them, the lockdown is. This is a new kind of war isn’t it?

Mannarino: Absolutely. And they are implementing their “final solution.” I call it their “final solution.” Look, this is their end game. I’m talking about those who are running the world. The core of this entire thing is the central banks. Governments, government leaders, Kings, and Queens, monarchs, or presidents, they do not run a damn thing. They all have their strings pulled by the central banks. We have witness the hideous merger between corporations and a new American system, a new American government. And it’s now in our face. You have got corporations stronger, bigger, and more powerful than they’ve ever been. Meanwhile, not the virus, they shut down the global economy so they can finish what they started, to inflate. We need to raise the awareness of people.

The central banks are running the entire show. Everything else is theater. From our Congressional leaders, and the president, all of it is just a show. All of it is being run by the central banks. They pull the strings, period. They’ve killed the economy so they can buy it all. The Fed is now buying everything. There are hundreds of central banks around the world. It’s like disgusting hands that are crushing us. Awareness is number 1. Number 2, you want to take action…. If we understand we are going to quickly move into a currency and debt crisis like we’ve never seen.

We have the largest bank on the planet, by assets, J.P. Morgan, the Wall Street super bank, they are essentially the core riggers of the metals markets. They dump more paper gold and paper silver onto the markets than is mined in an entire year.

Our best strategy is to let them play their game, let them suppress the price of precious metals. We know it should exponentially higher than it is. This is how we beat the system. You bet against the system. You become your own central bank. Let them play their game. We’ll take the opposite side of that trade, and we’ll acquire it, just like they are. The richest people in the world today, what are they doing? Are they in dollars? No. They are in hard assets. So we move into hard assets. The market runs in cycles. You get risk-on and risk-off. When you have a risk-on environment like we have today, you see stocks go up, up, up, up. And other assets, gold, silver, and yes, bitcoin, are suppressed.

We need to understand what actions that we can take to protect ourselves, our families, communities, etc. And understand it’s a freak show. I’ve been buying physical gold and silver, platinum and paladium. Exploding debt is the key here.
The system is toxic.

A big market crash is going to happen because that’s part of the end game.

Jones: Everything you are saying is totally true. All this stuff is on record. I’ve checked the Federal Reserve Charter. We are now 108 years into this monster and it is a total dictatorship. They get to play God. Of course they are abusing their power; They have a technocracy to track everything we do. They are actually doing it. In a communist system, you are a slave. And then some banker lives offshore and runs your country as a farm. They are getting rid of our free market. They are getting rid of the sliver of a piece of the economy that we could live off of. They put us on a universal income, then they collapse things even more.

Mannarino: What are they doing? They are trying desperately- and they are succeeding- to create a two-tier slave society. They are completely getting rid of the middle class. It’s all about control. They want to make the government much larger and more powerful. They want people dependent on the system, they are literally creating zombies, dependent slaves, who will bow down to a one-world-government. This is where we are going. To a new system, a new paradigm, a new dollar.

We are in the middle of a massive shift from one system to a completely new system.
In order to finish the job, they had to shut down the global economy. That’s the key. That’s why they are doing this whole virus scamdemic. They got the main stream media pushing their agenda. They got people afraid. They are creating people who can’t act. They are making people paralyzed and dependent on the system. They are creating slaves. They want guys like us not to talk. They want to shut us down.

Jones: They admit they want to depopulate the planet.

Mannarino: They are the using the financial markets to create a massive wealth transfer effect and its always the same thing. We know what they are going to do because they’ve done this before, but never to this degree. Central Banks, the Federal Reserve, has hyper inflated a bubble in debt on a scale and magnitude that… even me, and I study this stuff all time, even I can’t even get my head around it, it’s so big. That debt bubble has inflated a massive bubble in the stock market and a massive bubble in housing. What they are going to do at a time of their choosing, is allow that debt bubble to burst. At that point, there will be pandemonium in the streets.

Why is the Federal Reserve right now involved in a money printing, digital asset extravaganza?….. Again, by design…. They are trying to prevent the financial system right now from locking up. This is called a “credit freeze,” when the system just stops, there’s no cash in the bank and nothing can be had. This is why the Fed is buying it all design in order to allow a monumental event to occur, wait for the public reaction… and then they will offer their solution… It’s always a three step process…

Talking about depopulation, they are going to let the people kill each other. This is why I tell people: get together with like people. Understand what’s going on. Raise your awareness.

Look, this is all by design. Nothing we’re seeing is by accident. People don’t understand, they want you gone. They want control. It’s all about control. It’s about creating a new society. A new set of rules. That’s why they are going to do depopulation. They are going to let the people kill each other.

(Webmaster’s note: This, dear friends, is the gangstalking-electronic torture (G5) program on steroids…. which is a primary mechanism through which massive depopulation will most likey occur.)

They (Federal Reserve and Central Banks) want it all. They want you gone. All of this a psyop on a scale we can’t even conceive.”

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New York is insane now. How come they haven’t recalled the mayor and governor with votes?

2 days ago

All of this is leading up to the great tribulation that Jesus spoke of, and then climaxes to Jehovah’s great day Armageddon (Matthew24:21 Revelation 16:14-16). Now is the time to reconcile yourselves to our father and creator Jehovah God Almighty (Psalm83:18 Exodus6:3 Revelation 4:11 John17:3).Jehovah (YHWH) God has promised everlasting life on a paradise earth (a new righteous society of people) for all who obey Him and His son Jesus Christ (John17:3 Psalm37:9-11,29 Matthew5:5 Matthew 7:21).Give your allegiance to Jehovah’s Kingdom (theocratic heavenly government) the one that Jesus told us to pray for, because very soon it’s going to destroy Satan’s system and all who support it! (Matthew 6:10 Daniel 2:44 Revelation 16:14-16) please read the scriptures.

2 days ago

Ps. Cartels don’t do biz with blacks on the drugs lol. Nobody does deals with them people gangs target people here with drugs and not cartels.. what a dumb guy

2 days ago

That dude Jon was a total flop that thought he knew something but knew nothing about anything lol what a flop on this guy on the show seriously lol.

2 days ago

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3 days ago

Laura Loomer is a tranny man and a Jew!

3 days ago

Bushes are Jews,Trump is a Jew and Obamas mother was a Jew get a FN clue!

3 days ago
Fromaggio Vagiola

I’m a Pepper, He’s a Pepper, She’s a Pepper.

Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?

2 days ago
Fromaggio Vagiola

I was a pepper.
But my doctor gave me some hydroquloriqine pills and cleared that sucker and my Kung Flu right up

3 days ago

if u are a white patriot and in the US army its time for u and most of u in the army who are the same to realise who your enemy is and what they plan , u should turn on this government now and then hunt down antifa etc , THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FOR PEACE NOW , just please think of it , Biden intends to seperate/split America and destroy it one way or another , turn on the evil satanic left and get trump back in , that is how u assure peace and a strong US and a free west , those behind this must be hunted down and their money given to the poor , justice must be seen to be done , many who support the democrats are moronic fuck wits who know not what they do , u cant help them but america does need a dole system and a healthcare system that IS self evident . [show less]

3 days ago
Verba Bellum

Covid is a Protection Racket

3 days ago

biden will start a war and use those american soldiers that are patriots as cannon fodder, the troops guarding the white house will be swapped for lefty soldiers that will shoot american people, biden is hoping for a civil war so the chinese can invade as UN troops or an actual war on US [show more]
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Alex, what F… wrong with you?! Why you didn’t let Pieczenik talk?! You invited him, but only you were scrumming like dumb!!! This is the link: https://youtu.be/rclFYMBYykU

3 days ago

Alex Jones is owned by the Jews biggest shill on the net.

3 days ago

The David Knight Show

3 days ago

covid is not creating enough fear so now they step it up and introduce the concept of deadly more contagious mutations of covid….The elites are panicking that their plans are falling apart. People don’t want the vax…they have only got one shot at the reset and they know it.

3 days ago

Face the Enemy or Run Like Cowards!

3 days ago

“Viruses”, as we have been taught -DO NOT EXIST
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3 days ago

Worse than being thrown off social media is having to spend time with family members who only watch npr and cnn and think of you as a cook just for simply refusing to play this coof game.

3 days ago

Trump supporters have their guns taken away…..
That is such an insane concept I can’t even believe it’s not a joke.

…..you can’t punish somebody because they “support” something or someone.
That doesn’t make any GOD DAMN SENSE!
3 days ago

Alex Jones and Donald Trump walked the Capitol Hill victims right into prison, now Trump’s playing golf in Florida while Alex Jones tries to gather up a new slew of victims

3 days ago

Remember though: It’s not what you know that matters. It’s whether or not you bribe (or blackmail) the judges into allowing your Evidence to seen.

3 days ago

I watch for entertainment. I’m always fuckin shocked when months and years later I find myself saying “holy shit Alex was right”

3 days ago
Truth and Justice

Alex is a Sell Out… Fake News Communist Lover

3 days ago

Alex Jones is a Judas Goat

3 days ago

Right… because he doesnt blame jews every hour of the day like you losers?

3 days ago

Pedodent Biden: #10 https://www.bitchute.com/video/SPjGCnTvfcg/

3 days ago
JOeKEe O’Biden

Yep, Okey-Dokey, what a JOeKEe O’Biden

2 days ago

1st, Click on the link.
2nd, on that page press the agree button.
3rd, click the REQUEST FORM tab on the top left.
4rd, in section (1) Organised table layout, there is 5 tabs the first one is (symptoms) in the 2nd button click on the VAERS ID, under them 5 buttons click on ADVERSE EVENT DESCRIPTION.
5th, skip section 2,
6th, on section 3, unclick all vaccines, and click on COVID 19 VACCINES.
7th, section 4 unclick THE UNITED STATES/ TERRITORIES/UNKNOWN and click individual states .
8th skip all other sections.
9th on the bottom click send for results.
BUT REMEMBER ITS ONLY 1% recorded vaccine injuries ITS HORRIFIC. on the CDC website! [show less]