Catherine Austin Fitts on “The Great Poisoning, Vaccines, Opioids, and Her Own Targeting as “Enemy of the State” (3/13/22)

Catherine Austin Fitts Interview – Covid Rollback Illusion, Vax Ingredients & Financial Enslavement

Webmaster: Catherine Austin Fitts’ description of her own targeting begins around 28:30 and goes until 38:28. Here are transcribed excerpts of her comments:

“Since the middle 1990’s, we’re looking at a long term poisoning (of the population). The Covid-19 injections have poisoned millions of people. During my litigation (with the government), I was poisoned eight times. This is a much more common, covert tactic than I ever realized.

We’re talking about a global network of infrastructure where if somebody is not doing what they’re told, they can be literally poisoned. When this “enemy of the state” thing started for me it was just wild; people are breaking into your house, they are leaving dead rats on the doorstep, you are being followed in the car and when you are walking on the street, they are approaching and threatening your family. It’s wild, just like the movie “Enemy of the State.

(So) I tried to hire three different private intelligence companies to help me with security. And they would say, no, it’s too dangerous. (But one did tell me that) they are going to drill holes in your walls and introduce biological warfare so I should buy some birds (to use as “canaries in the coal mine”). A process started where I would literally have a flu or cold all the time. Whenever it started to get better, bam, it started again. It felt very junky and synthetic. It didn’t feel natural. Then I noticed that holes had been drilled in the wall and the birds were dying.

Here’s what I discovered. I thought it would be so much cheaper to just kill me. I estimated by the time it was over that they spent $45 million torturing me and trying to make me weak or fail. I finally realized it’s a huge business. Taxpayers pay for people to be surveilled, harassed, litigated against, and they can make a lot more money keeping me alive than just killing me.

They needed me to look like I failed. So weakening somebody is infinitely better than killing them. I think a lot of this biological warfare, including low-grade biological warfare and the non-lethal weaponry… All of this stuff is designed to target and weaken your enemy but not kill your enemy.

Ryan Christian: And now it seems the American people are the enemy.

Look: October, 1995: The (national) budget deal busted. And two things happened the next month. The predatory lending started with an uproar and FDA approved (highly addictive opioid) OxyContin and the predatory lending and the pill mills hit and targeted the same neighborhoods. Here’s the thing: if you can’t get a financially responsible deal on the budget, you have only one other way of balancing the budget and that’s to bring down life expectancy.

… I will tell you that in my dealings with the Neocons (Jewish think tank of Trotskyite leftists) as a political appointee in Washington… These people are not adults. You can not trust them to manage this kind and this level of risk. I think the Neocons have destroyed the American brand. These people are nuts.

America has a record, since the Berlin Wall came down and the unipolar model blossomed, of bringing chaos and destruction and organized crime to nations of the world. If you study what we did to Libya. This is frightening. We are talking about bringing the end of civilization. Civilization can stop. The Neocons have promoted the end of civilization in country after country.

Without law there is no civilization.

Doctors and scientists understand that a civilization cannot succeed with an infrastructure of fake science. Sooner or later the satellites fall out of the sky and the bridges fall down if you science is driven by politics rather than science. This anti-civilization thing based on fake medicine, fake-news, fake-science… this can’t last. We are talking about the end of civilization.

The deterioration of health and IQ we are seeing are from the Great Poisoning… it’s not just one thing. Covid and the injections are just one element of it. This is a genocide. When you see thousands of heart attacks, neurological damage, stroke, myocarditis, pericarditis, it’s almost impossible to believe that there hasn’t been a revolution yet.

They are now trying to get the financial control grid in place. They are working on getting a permanent mandate machinery in place.”