Bryan Kofron (whistleblower/TI) #2 video message from

Webmaster (ETK) Comment: I have a number of posts that feature the insights of whistleblower, Bryan Kofron, on this website. Although I had questions about Kofron’s testimony in the past, he now sounds extremely credible to me. I believe his videos are well worth watching, listening to, and understanding.

Message to TIs from Bryan Kofron:

Due to threats made against me and my loved ones, I am discontinuing The fake activist organization “PACTS International” is involved in a slow-kill domestic assassination program. They bragged to me that they have killed Targeted Individuals before and they said that I would also be killed if I didn’t stop my efforts to expose the Truth about what is being done to T.I.’s. I am NOT affiliated in any way with PACTS International and I never was. If you are a Targeted Individual and/or a whistleblower, stay away from PACTS International and DO NOT trust them or get involved with them in any way. They are liars, they are very dangerous, and they are loyal to the same people who are targeting all of us. They continue to downplay and cover up the use of frequency and etheric weapons against Targeted Individuals in accordance with the will of the people running this program against T.I.’s. The online T.I. community consists largely of fake activists and fake T.I.’s who are complicit in the psychological operation being run against T.I.’s. If you are a T.I., stay away from these controlled opposition groups and understand that T.I.’s are being used against other T.I.’s to perpetuate the negative effects of the psy-op being run against us. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my efforts to expose the crimes being committed against T.I.’s and what is going on in Seattle, Washington. Stay Strong and never give up. – Bryan Kofron


No Recourse
1 month ago (edited)
Tell insiders they are using this program for future confinement of falsely profiled people. It protects the real criminals. The people directly involved in implementing the program at the street level torture pets, children, pregnant women and old people. They slander innocent people by using organized crime trained liars and deceivers. Thats how they isolate the victim.

It goes past the use of computers and silent weapons. They also go after productive healthy people eventually destroying lives and MAKING THEM HOMELESS. They did this program to my cousin. The people controlling this tech in local towns and cities are bullies and cruel and horrible.

No Recourse
1 month ago
These people doing this are actually demonic. They are truly criminal.

Sirius Magus
1 month ago (edited)
Can you please connect with 2 different people on their channels.
1- A warrior Calls (lawful remedy for the population )
2- Brendon O’CONNELL .. channel

Bruce Vaughn
1 month ago

It’s not about “The Year 2012 and The Mayan Calendar” and it’s not about “Cern” neither is it about “Planet X Nibiru” nor is it about “Climate Change”, but rather it’s about THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST!

The world “as we know it” is coming to an end, Jesus Christ is about to return (Matthew 24:1-8). The Rapture is very near (Luke 21:28, 36).

Now would be the time to give your life to Jesus Christ so that you can escape the coming cataclysm which The Bible describes as The Tribulation by being taken in The Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 3:10), you might pray the following prayer:

Heavenly Father I confess that I am a sinner and need Jesus as my Savior. I repent of my sins and ask Jesus into my heart.

Father your word says if you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Father I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and I believe in my heart that you raised him from the dead.

Father I receive your salvation by faith and I pray you baptize me with your Holy Spirit in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen.

If you sincerely prayed this prayer of Salvation then you are Saved (Romans 10:9) and have been baptized with The Holy Spirit (Luke 11: 9-13) and you are now Rapture-Ready. Welcome to the family of God!
Surviving Things To Come – Parts 1, 2 and 3 on YouTube.

Part 1 (15min):

Part 2 (15 min):

Part 3 (11 min):


You might want to look into:

1) Essiac

2) Vitamin B-17

3) Hydrazine Sulphate

4) MMS + Bill Humble

5) Royal Rife

6) Wilhelm Reich

7) Turmeric

8) Pumpkin Seeds

9) Apricot Seeds

10) Colloidal Silver

11) Black Seed Oil

12) Baking Soda: Dr. Simoncini Sodium Bicarbonate Video (10 min). (

13) Prayer in the name of Jesus Christ

Enter all these items into your favorite search box and add + CANCER and then do your search. e.g. Essiac + CANCER, or Hydrazine Sulphate + CANCER etc.

You also should look at the following YouTube videos:

1) Watch “Dr Ted Broer talks about toxic foods we eat –” on YouTube (16 min).

2) Watch “Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell” on YouTube (7 min).

3) Watch “We’ve Found The Magic Frequency (This Will Revolutionize Our Future)” on YouTube (6 min).

4) Watch “Using sound waves to destroy cancer | Christine Gibbons | TEDxDetroit” on YouTube (8 min).

5) Watch “Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege” on YouTube (17 min).

6) Watch “How Joe Tippens Beat Terminal Cancer with $7 Dog Medicine – Interviewed by James Templeton” on YouTube (38 min).


7) Dr. Lorraine Day’s Website:



Deborah Carroll
1 month ago
they sound like malignant narcissists and sociopaths or psychopaths

Melinda Dawn Hanke-Mayorga
1 month ago
I haven’t seen you use any clips from this movie:

(This copy is of low quality but it’s free, I haven’t checked out any other upload. The copy I torrented was off much higher quality and made the artistic look even better.) I couldn’t believe that I never heard of it until just a month or two ish ago… My jaw was on the ground for almost the entire film. I was shocked at how old it was and I could not believe the amount of information presented in it (though I also understand that what’s presented isn’t the only way this stuff works as there are, of course several different ways to employ it, as I’m sure, several different modes of operation were used to see which worked the best.) The artistic expression of the film was pretty different for an movie for adults.

Anyway I thought you might want to check it out (as well as anyone else reading this) and perhaps you could use clips in future videos?


Birgit B.
1 month ago (edited)
What has happend to Bryan Kofron, it´s said he has disappeared?

No Recourse
1 month ago
Please look for patriots to help you.

Deborah Carroll
1 month ago (edited)
so far I have listened to about six minutes of this video and I notice 3 things…

his voice sounds a tad bit like a computer voice

his sentences blur into each other thus basically he talks nonstop barely taking pauses

and most importantly he repeats himself a lot and talks in circles with his words not giving a clear directive

This is what I mean by the above three points: he sounds regulated in his speech and a bit static… he also sounds a bit hyper and I supposed he is scared and deeply concerned about all of this… yet is he so frightened that he is unable to talk in a way that gives his information a clear direction to follow what he is sharing? I would say that his mental awareness is hyper and he is sharing from a higher frequency. He is talking a bit too fast in my opinion. He is not slowing down enough to receive his own words in the moment. It is like too many words are spinning in his mind all at once.

He needs grounding. I would say that this is a clear indication of his own trauma from being able to witness the monstrosity of this type of technology. I will continue to listen to this yet it is very difficult to follow.

Also feeling human feelings (emotions) such as anger and grief, helps to heal the problem of being in a higher frequency mentally. We have to learn to feel below our neck and feel in our body.

We have to get educated on the best way to feel our feelings. We need to connect with water and we need to feel our vital force.
Soaking in a bath is good and working out on a punching bag is good. Bio-Energetics and Core Energetics are excellent and also the pathwork teachings are very helpful.

okay now as I continue to listen he is finally slowing down and getting more to the point

C. Lacy
1 month ago
You Warrior! God Bless the truth!

Belinda Aleman
1 month ago
God Bless you for helping

John Henry
1 month ago
Love Blessings from Rotterdam Netherlands

Bruce Vaughn
1 month ago

Dear saints of God, how are you? I thought I would share what God showed me with you.

You may or may not know this, but THE BODY OF CHRIST is under satanic attack. There are too many saints and Pastors alike still passing away prematurely. I personally believe there’s “something in the water and food”, there are too many people getting sick and dying.

As we rapidly approach THE END OF THIS AGE AND THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH, it seems that we are all now in The Healing Ministry (Matthew 24:1-8; Luke 21:11, 25, 28, 36; Acts 2:19-20; Revelation 3:10).

As I’m sure you well know it’s not about receiving healing from God, but rather it’s about “keeping your healing and maintaining your health (Hosea 4:6).”

Due to the current health situation in our country and NEW DISEASES, as well as the introduction of TRANS-HUMANISM (Daniel 2:43); I personally believe we will all need The Baptism of The Holy Spirit, The Whole Amor of God and The Gifts of Healings in order to survive in these last days.

If you desire to walk in the gifts of God in these last days and be a blessing to The Body of Christ and others, then you should do the following: fast for 24 hours, NEITHER EAT NOR DRINK ANYTHING. Then go to God The Father in the name of his son Jesus Christ and ask him for THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (Luke 11:9-13) and for THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18) and also for THE GIFTS OF HEALINGS (1 Corinthians 12:1-[9]-11, 31; 14:1).

God will surely give them to you (Matthew 7:7-8; Mark 11:24; John 16:23). After you receive them, begin fasting and praying in the Spirit on a regular basis; this must become a part of your lifestyle (Matthew 17:21; 1 Corinthians 7:5; Jude 20).


1) How Much Longer Lord? Waiting On God’s Perfect Timing! : (6:44 min.)

2) The 7 Feasts of The Lord are prophetic (Colossians 2:17). The Rapture will occur on a FEAST OF TRUMPETS, “at the last trump” 1 Corinthians 15:52 : //
(10 min.)

3) Aliens and the End Times Deception: (15:42 min.)

4) Mid-East Prophecy Update – August 27th, 2017: (32:04 min.)

5) Rock Harbor Church Prophecy Update 5-3-20: (43:30 min.)

6) The Falling Away, Spiritual Departure or Physical Rapture? by Dr. Andy Woods

6A) Watch “The Rapture Comes First, 2 Thessalonians 2:3 – June 14th, 2020” on YouTube: (42:38 min.)

6B) Watch “Ask Gary: The Falling Away” on YouTube: (7:33 min.)


1A) COVID-19 VIRUS a.k.a. COVID-5G/A.I. (51:22 min.)

1B) COVID19 Worldwide Survival Plan March 10th Report Dr Bill Deagle MD : (43:28 min.)

If you are a Pastor, you should know that we are living in the last days and you should consider teaching your congregation Bible Prophecy (Biblical Eschatology) and about The Rapture (Pre-Trib). Be blessed and Godspeed.

Signed: A Prophet of Jesus Christ 😎

Sandra O
3 weeks ago
If anyone knows how to get a hold of this gentleman I could really use his help I’ve been targeted individual for 7 years and I am now at the assassination stage I’m not sure what to do at this point Then followed state-to-state wherever I move people consider me crazy and I’ve even had my youngest son my last child taken away from me because they think I’m crazy it’s the military the trauma-based mind control program I’m not crazy I’m perfectly sane I know exactly what’s going on and I’ve been trying to tell anybody and everybody who will listen I’ve been abandoned an isolated I joined some of the Facebook groups but I do have a problem trusting people and letting people in but boy do I have a story to tell

Shtwaeven Freamayne
1 month ago
Could I have been experimented on since I was a child? Im in Australia

WaKeNuPmOrEeVERyDaY John
1 month ago
This is legit ppl only video ive seen that was real! Everything he’s saying is spot on! They’ll off him for this offense..Thanks for putting everything on the line for this! You are a true Hero brother! Hang in there the Most High God sees ALL!

В. Телепнев-Оболенский
1 month ago
Not only Americans

No Recourse
1 month ago
So. Where’s the names and places??

1 month ago (edited)
Bryan, stop repeat the same things 20 times in line. Please, post names and addresses of perpetrators ASAP. Do not waste our and your time, since, if criminals decided to harm you even more, they will do it, and you will not have an opportunity to publish the most important information.

No Recourse
1 month ago
God BLESS you for helping.

1 month ago
I blew the whistle in the CAF back in 2016 and was cognitively discredited and released from the Armed Forces.

Here are links to all of my Voat posts about Transhumanism, Technocratic Tyranny and Cybernetic Experimentation as well as all the links I have collected since becoming a Mind Raped Electronically Harassed Gangstalked Targeted Individual Oct 19 2015 – Present. The final post has all the intel links in it. I will be posting my other stored data from my computer harddrive in the coming weeks via a cloud based data service such as dropbox.

Regards Patrick Latham, Leader of the Freedom Party of Canada

Mind Control

Mainstream Media & News, Theater, Cybernetics, Brain Implants, Neuralink, Brain Implants, Remote Neural Monitoring, Voice to Skull, Project Blue Beam, Jedi – (Digital Remote Viewing), Synthetic Telepathy, Remote Electro Shock, Monarch Programming, Minority Report, Future Crime, Thought Crime, Thought Police, Mind Rape, Neural Viruses, Mind Plagues, Soul Catching & Siphoning, Intelligence Theft, Cognitive Liberty, Mental Privacy, Neural Ethics, Perception Management, Reality Hacking, Psychological Profiling, Brain Mapping, Predictive Programming, Behavioral Science, Behaviour Modification, Behavioral Management, IIA – Interactive Internet Activity, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Trauma Based Mind Control, Ritual Torture, Bio Hacking, Mass Surveillance, Constant Surveillance, Psychological Warfare, Hypnotic Induction, Hypnotic Suggestion, Hypnotic Trance, Psychic Driving, Indoctrination, Communist Reeducation, Public Struggle Sessions, The Human Connectome Project, Compete Brain Emulation, Shadow Games, Mind Tricks, Psychobabble

Population Control

Chemtrails, Sustainable Development, Agenda21, Globalist International Genocide, Eugenics, Contact Tracing, Implants, Mass Surveillance, Geo – Engineering, Soft Kill, Brain Drain (The Discrediting or Elimination of Intellectuals), Desensitization, Marxist Dysgenics, Flouride, Cancer, Disease, Vaccines, GMO’s, Pharmacological Drugs, Birth Control, Hyper Sexuality, Pickup Culture, Abortion, Miscegenation / Race Mixing, Gender Dysmophia, Homosexuality, Fake Wars, False Flags, War on Terrorism, Gun Control, Poison Shelves, Human Trafficking, Desensitization, Sex Wars (Feminism), Gender Inversion: Demasculanization & Feminization of men, Defeminization and Masculanization of Women, Demoralization, Behavioural Science, Psychology. Psychiatry, Mental Health, Neurology, Transhumanism and Pharmacology are all heavily involved in destroying society with Medical and Technocratic Communist Tyranny.

Poison, Rape, Murder, Torture and Remote Control of Free Human Beings.


AI, 5G, Mass Surveillance, Neuroscience, Psychology, Psychiatry, Targeted Individuals, Targeted Individual, Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment, Cybernetics, Electronics Experimentation, Skynet, Judgement Day, NanoTechnology, Nanotech, Transhumanism, Posthuman, Posthumanism, Anti Human, Transcendent Man, AI Takeover, Synthetic Biology, DNA Manipulation, Biometrics, Bio Surveillance, Invisible Enemy, Molecular Bionic Hybrids, Scalar Weapons Abuse, Brain Machine Interfacing, Self Assembling Machines, Transfection, Luciferase, Hydrogel, Gene Drive/Extinction Technology

Sexual Warfare

Sexual Imprinting, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Monarch Programming (Split Personality), Adrenochrome,Trauma Based Mind Control, Ritual Abuse & Torture, Generational Sexual Trauma, Homosexual Rape & Torture as Mind Control, Sexual Bullying, Forced Prostitution, Molka (Hidden Cameras), Cybersex Slavery, Black Mass Rituals, Pedophilia, Save The Children, Child Sex Trafficking, PizzaGate, Pedogate, Child Pornography, Torture Porn, Snuff Porn, Adult Sex Trafficking, Prostitution, Pimping, Adult Pornography, Grooming Gangs, Rape Gangs, Ethnic Sexual Conquest, Ethnic Warfare, Communism, Gender Wars, Red Mafia, Police Corruption, State Corruption, Media Corruption, Business Corruption, Sexual Psychological Warfare, Sexualization through the Media; Music, Television and Movies

stcmww iscnotp
1 month ago
Where is the 2nd part of the podcast with the addresses he says he has, or did he not really end up giving them out?

Cave Man
1 month ago
Einstein called it “a spooky action at a distance” referring to entangled particles. Which by the way some how became the smartest thing on the planet, called a q-bit.
T.I.’s are plunged into this gap without lube, its horrible. WWIII is being fought in the consciousness. Targeted Individuals are the battle fodder, not given a choice.
A.I. Is the beast not some well spoken human. None of this crap matters because although I get no bad vibes from Elon. His starlink endeavor put him in the D.O.D’s pocket not other way around. So even if the targeted community quit acting like entitled victims and came together to tear down the obelisk cell towers. It’s already too late.
The human, animal, insect, and whatever ever else can spawn a thought on this planets, minds have been hacked.
Seeking out a Vatican catholic priest in my early stages of the program. Was late I was desperate, he believed me? Looked me in the eye and said we were born into a world that was f#%ked. This is in Gods hands now. Many were chosen few were picked. I along with fellow T.I.’s failed.

Mike Hunt
1 month ago
The webpage is forsale so fark you with the scam asking for donations :P~

Tyler Wuoti
1 month ago
Good stuff bro I’m a fan keep it coming

3 weeks ago
When can we expect some evidence? The entire video is you describing something but not showing anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lars Peter Larsen
1 month ago
m/k ultra is been a world wide problem/experiment

Julie King
1 month ago
Thanks for this video. Do you have Part 2?

Lady J Homestead
1 month ago
Thank you Man of Nineveh. ~Signed, The Queen of The South

1 month ago
I wrote my congressman mr mccaiin years ago and all he did is forward it to the fbi and they put it in the circular file?

The Mechanic
1 month ago
Thank you for sharing this video

1 month ago (edited)
i was thinking that all these symptoms of technological attacks and v2k are strong delusions for ppl to believe these insteaad of receiving the love for the Truth.
i never have ssee proof of this tech, but evp has been observed since the 1st radio.

That Gang Stalking Show
3 weeks ago
This is an old video.

Matthew Hill
2 weeks ago
Pure evil sick and depraved something out of a horror movie like saw but reality

breakthrough implosion
1 month ago
A lot of these people are tweakers.

M Ewalani Manuel-Coats
3 weeks ago

Elbert Quiros
1 week ago
I had a DEW used on myself and almost died from it. My whole body was being fried. We did it to Iraqis and I have proof of the weaponry that was and is used.

P Body
3 weeks ago
Does anyone know how to contact Bryan Kofron directly? His site is down.

Sarah Reyes
1 month ago
Is there help for a senior about to be homeless because of this abuse please?

Steven Halliday
2 weeks ago
Bryan got heart

laura stierheim
1 month ago
It is the Warlock MC and a college fraternity that formed a secret society with a million members. They are working as perps in this program

Pete Warren
3 weeks ago
My name is Tracie pettit and just wanted to ask if sñomed, loinc hl7, are also part of experiments being done on people unknowingly? As I have found several files on my n my ex,s with info that has my name on!? As well as loinc and it pertains to so many medical procedures that I have never ever knowingly have had! Very disturbing procedures indeed XXX

Jordi Galvan
1 month ago (edited)
All this are doing by EE UU they have this program againt people around the world, EE UU have to shut down the super computer,…. that coutry are the EVIL…Victims are worldwide

laura stierheim
1 month ago
Helpppp I am a TI. I wrote letters to authorities no one believes me. I am tortured for so long.I cant take it anymore.

Korei Kilburn
1 week ago
Oh yeah better not trust one drive nor google drives. They got mine.

Just Me
1 month ago
Fear is their stronghold in our lifes.. makes no sense but when we stand up against evil,. It loses powers, and once you know the tricks they do not work as well.. also I think even the mental/physical abuse mindcontol conditioning breaks down as we get older but suicide is then pushed onto us.. but know now I have been in several different “programz” throughout my life., like I was a commodity on some unknown market- but unsure on that. Thank you for speaking out without those like you I would believe I was insane…

C. Lacy
1 month ago
God is our protection. Armor is real.. learn the word.

stcmww iscnotp
1 month ago
I’m sure it’s not an accident that both of those sinister Seattle homeless shelters have street numbers that add up to 13:
1+5+7=13 in 157 Roy Street for the more upscale shelter, and 5+5+3=13 in 505 3rd St for the shabby downtown shelter.

Just Incredible
1 week ago
Bro u don’t understand the scope of it. I believe you got to see one part of it it’s alot more sinister than u can think. It’s not just America it’s worldwide and it’s not the government be the people it’s good vs evil.

Chosen One
1 month ago
i have been tortured 24 7 in my home out my home they are blocking targets from supermarkets by loading our dna in the stores system soo when we go to shop we are tortured my name is shawn townes i am stalked by ems police fire dept electric comp all contractors all security and they rape 24 7 and use the cell phones on us.

1 month ago
I know this guy sounds totally crazy, the sad part is he’s not. I have personally experienced this kind of thing.

.. you don’t even want to know what it takes to get away form these programs once your “involuntarily” enrolled in one..

Annie Hurst
1 month ago
So individuals that are connected to these computers, are they considered transhuman? Wouldn’t this technology change or alter their DNA with a frequency? Why do they choose certain people to use this technology on? I have a lot of questions and no one to legitimately ask.

Matthew Hill
3 weeks ago