Brian Carl Steinhoff: Letter to Human Rights Attorney

Letter to Human Rights Attorney

Mon, Oct 14, 2:19 PM (10 days ago)

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I have over the course of the last three years been sent to 3 mental health care facilities under false pretence while under the influence of the federal governments remote neural influence, remote neural monitoring and synthetic telepathy equipment at no point did I actually receive proper services but instead was manipulated humiliated and physically and physiologically assaulted whilst in front of professionals in the mental health care industry, followed back to my property with this same equipment and taken advantage of using illegal interrogation techniques and emberessed in front of the entire community. I turned myself in to two police departments and was turned away visited a sheriffs department and was electronically drugged into a stuper and finally turned myself in with a written confession where I asked to be asked questions in person like a human being but I also feel that I was coerced into this situation. I wish to have this equipment turned off immediately so that I may deal with the reality of whatever has occurred. The federal authorities hire people to talk through my head and distort the nature of my sensory system I would like to obtain legal council for turning this equipment off I have been consecutively assaulted physically by this equipment and have reported this assault to the police department my body is currently being manipulated by the same forces that wish me historically to receive no medical health care.

I am under electromagnetic surveillance and remote neurological and biological control and my thoughts are currently being read by the federal government, help me please get these frequencies cut off so that we may proceed. Could I please obtain you as legal council to have federal technologies turned off of my physical person so that I may go to the doctor and after that has occurred we could discuss the civil and criminal aspects of my case in private. I need to obtain you as legal council to help walk me through a situation with my family doctor without the synthetic telepathy aspects of this technology being legal or active. Without federal human coercion with my doctor either through technological means or through telephone interfaces, so that I may go in healthy and confident to receive medications for my predicament and then I need to have the neurological and biological aspects of this equipment turned off after my visit with my doctor. We also need to request a copy of my hippa health care records which would now include this three year story legally. We need to write up a document explaining my current legal and medical situation, schedule time to see a family doctor discuss time on my property before being served legal papers so I can get my body and mind in order and some of my daily rituals back in sync with reality and also so that I may have some private conversation with my family as a human beings and not as federal employees. I would like to visit some of my extended family as well.

I am on government frequencies these frequencies have become my medicine legally. I am on remote neural influence and remote biological influence technologies with remote neural monitoring visual cortex aspects active, and with synthetic telepathy aspects active legally. I need to request to have the remote neural monitoring visual cortex aspects turned off legally, I also need to request to have the synthetic telepathy aspects cut off legally so that I may visit a doctor of my choice while on my current legal medication which is electromagnetic transcranial and biological stimulation therapies other wise known as elecrx electronic prescription. I need to visit my doctor federally protected so that I may have doctor client privilage so that I may discuss the possibilities for medications for when these technologies are legally cut off in the biological and neurological realms. We need to contact the federal and or local government with legal documentation sharing the fact that I am in need of these therapies and that they provide me with neurological and biological food and I may be in need of something to help me once these therapies have concluded.

I wish to visit my doctor protected and intellectually active enough to describe my current predicament so that I may be sure to receive proper care once these therapies have been turned off…. I also need to request the three year data file in my very long interface with the U.S. government so if I have any health issues as a result of these interfaces we will have adequate data for legal and medical inspection. I would like to hire a legal professional to ask the U.S. government in a legal document to send us information pertaining to my medical issues, you must remember that their may be a lawsuit against the federal government so this has to be carried out in a legal fasion and not on a telephone I would request that you verbally speak to none in the U.S. government about this case or about me in particular since in the past they have scewed the perception of lawyers that I have visited.

I would ask that you not participate in any remote neural monitoring or synthetic telepathy activities offiliated with the U.S. government since it is them that I may be suing. I need someone to help walk me through this process without being offiliated with the U.S. government or any government any country or entity, company, agency or person on planet earth or elsewhere in the entirity of creation that is linked to Mr. Brian Carl Steinhoff with electromagnetic signals intelligence frequency equipment. I would ask that you not participate in this fasion because it violates my privacy rights and my personal rights of which I am trying to defend. The legal documentation should read like this.
My client who is currently legally on electromagnetic frequency influence technologies which are supplying him with proper neurotransmitter support and are a source of neurological food which allow him to express himself appropriately and intelligently with individuals other than himself humbly request to have these therapies extended for his doctors visits and also humbly request to legally have the synthetic telepathy aspects cut of legally which allow the U.S. government to read his thoughts. We would also request that the remote neural monitoring aspects which allow beings to tap into his visual cortex and experience reality as him cut off as well for these legal interfaces with the medical community so that he may receive proper medical care while on the healing and neurologically stimulating aspects of these technologies. We would also request to receive the three year data file meaning the real life recording of Brian Carl Steinhoff’s experience with the federal government over the course of the last three years, and also all physical interfaces that used foreign material. We would request actual living footage of these said materials as they have everything to do with my clients health and wellbeing since the whole interface is in question we must humbly request access all of this data as all of it is relevant to his health and wellbeing.

All interfaces effect his biology and his psychology so they have become legally part of his medical history. This information in necessary for our civil case against the United States of America and is also relevant for any criminal aspects and is also relevant for any and all medical and psychological needs. Therefore we need this request aquiest to in the most expeditious manner possible. My client desires to have the federal government legally out of his head so that he may deal with all of his medical and psychological issues in an intelligent fasion with the healing aspects and neurological aspects active so that he may do this cutover in the least dramatic fasion possible. After my client has asserted his medical rights and is functional again then we may proceed to cut of the healing and neurological frequency therapies while he is prepared with medicines that will keep him intellectually active enough to face his current situation. My client would like to know and be aware of the time and date when these electromagnetic transcranial and biological stimulation therapies will conclude legally.

I realize this situation may be a bit unique but I assure you all of this information is valid and requires the eyes of an intelligent person in the legal community. I am worried about my health and I want nothing more than to face the details of my life in the most functional manner possible. There are many details of this case that has many aspects which I would be happy to talk to you about in person in private once I have obtained you as legal council, currently I am being listened to by the U.S. government and small head games are being used on me so that the government will have adequate data against me in court. I would rather develop the rest of my case with you in private.

Please consider defending me I have no one in the universe to talk to about this situation with besides the federal government and i’m not sure what there desires are . There is a very large chance that someone in the federal government will contact you about this information and I would suggest that beyond the validation that my situation is real that you not listen to anymore information. I’m quite sane and articulate I speak lucidly about my situation and I need the stimulation of these therapies in order to talk to a legal professional intelligently, I also need the stimulation of these therapies which have become a form of legal medication to visit someone in the medical community and I need a lawyer to help me make sure that this will occur. I have been trying to seek legal help for over two years I have written thirty or fourty lawfirms and called at least 200 I have contacted the F.B.I. with questions in all honesty about the validation of these signals and have received no official response.

I keep reaching out for an intelligent individual in the legal community to see me as a person who needs some attention and some legal representation as this situation has gone on entirely too long for my taste almost three years I have sat here while government employees with the help of advanced technology take advantage off all of my human rights with no one to speak with legally to defend myself its a very humbling position to find oneself in please consider defending me and helping me ascert my rights as a human being..

Very sincerely, Brian Carl Steinhoff

Thank you for your time and attention in this very serious matter. I will be happy to pay for your flight down and your room for my case against the united states government and also to help defend me in my very large historically significant case. It is the longest case in United States history of a person knowingly or unknowingly being spoken through with federal equipment while his rights were being violated and many new investigative techniques have occurred as a result of this bizzare and unique situation.

I would request that you pay close attention to this message and take it very seriously I have many other documents that I could share with you about this situation and many other details will be unearthed during the course of the legal investigation of my technological interface with the U.S. government after we receive the three year data file containing all of the incidents and interfaces we would have allot of information to work with in order to argue my side about my perceptions on this situation the only perspective that has not been honored up until now.

Don’t disappoint me I am simply looking for another human being to speak with about my very delicate situation..

very sincerely Brian

I have heard many excuses for not helping me from many legal proffesionals but to be quite honest I don’t think these are there actual perceptions but rather the U.S. governments since my phones are filtered by companies hired by the U.S. government and I really don’t think I’m talking to the actual lawyers in most cases.

To me this doesn’t seem legal that someone your suing and have reported has the right to filter all forms of human interaction in the legal community even going so far as to use the same aspects of this very sophisticated technology on people that I may meet in the real world to talk about these issues with to me this oversteps the bounds of a civilized society where every person has the right to legal council and the right to communicate with other individuals to have there rights acknowleged.

Please consider helping me I am a human trapped at home with no car and very few opportunities to contact human beings in the real world. I am a responsible human being who has many capacities and abilities which are constantly made fun of and one of them is my capacity to get help in this situation even though I always say exactly whats on my mind and I always tell the truth it never seems to be enough in this situation even after having been listened to consecutively for around three years with technology that trumps a lie detecter and allows you absolutely no freedom of thought or speech without fear of legal retaliation .

I am quite literally electromagnetically fused to the state of texas or to the united states of Americas technological structure which is very much like a constant telephone call with biological interfaces that you cannot hang up from that aspect is loosly coined voice to skull but I call it remote neural monitoring and remote biological influence and neurological influence equipment which is a form of signals intelligence since it has the capacity to make you sick or mirror any disease and also has the capacity to cure you of any illness and is the most important form of technological advancement on the planet right now it effects every single human being on the planet.

please forgive me if my words are disjointed or confused at all when you read this information because of the fact that it is in a text format I realize that the words may not be perfect please realize that I am in an unusal situation and if my words aren’t completely perfect please take into consideration the fact that I have been through many things recently and that I am stimulated by technology which may effect the way that I express myself to some extent so forgive any sentence structure problems and or mechanics problems in my letter to you. For three years I have been under this technological influence which the U.S. government has the legal right to obscure they can float this information and the reality of my situation indefinitely and admit to nothing legally and no one can do anything about it I have filled out a freedom of information act request asking for the validation of this equipment use on my physical person and still have heard nothing.

I would like you to understand that people in the federal government though they be honorable and though they may have reasons for the things they do have overstepped their bounds in some situations and they have a since of humor. For example if I send you a very serious message it is very easy for you to take it in an unserious fasion this is the most insulting technique that is used not allowing validation that this situation is occurring and not allowing me a legal voice in the world after almost three years is one of the most atrocious things that human beings can be involved in.

I am approaching you as a valid human being with a valid argument whilst the U.S. government uses sophisticated equipment on my physical person without validating my claims with any human being I would like you to take this email as seriously as you can please realise that words are limited they often don’t express the complexities inside the human experience and the law tends to play games with human word usage.

People can be very convincing even when they are not right I have had to deal with many federal employees on the telephone and during my interfaces with this equipment and people will say almost anything to get their way so if you are approached by someone on the phone please realize that they are employed in a certain capacity and that they have motives that are diametrically opposed to me receiving any legal council even if you cannot take the case yourself I am requesting you to be my human contact because this is a human rights violation.

Please read this email several times take your time and consider it again and again slowly digest this material and consider what it would be like if you were in a similar situation. The moment one finds out something is amis in there life they immediately reach for legal council.

Imagine doing that hundreds of times on the phone and in the real world and still even after turning yourself in and writing a written confession you can’t receive legal representation from anyone on planet earth. If you really take the time to consider this in all honesty I think you will take my case. To sit at home and suffer whilst many minds take advantage of you legally and physically is the most disempowering situation a human being could be in. I don’t think many people would sit through an hour of this interface unless they were thoroughly confused.

I am watched in my shower federal employees use equipment to make me urinate and break wind they have complete control over my physical person and its the most emberessing and intimate situation a human being could go through. I really cant imagine why any human being wouldn’t reciprocate to me in this situation as it is real and valid and worthy of receiving legal council for. Please contact me with good news.

I’m searching for a real human. I would like you to act as my legal council in this case and I am desirous of talking to you as soon as humanly possible.

very sincerely Brian Carl Steinhoff

thank you for your time and attention in this very serious of matters

Please contact me and consider taking my case I need a sensitive intelligent human being to help me out of a very difficult potentially devastating situation

very sincererly Brian Steinhoff

if there is an aspect of this case that you think you may be suitable to provide services for the services you have to offer would be much appreciated. thank you again for your time. there are a few confusing words in this document as it was written specifically to an individual such as i can have you flown down to texas and things of that nature please ignore this information as it was meant for a particular individual. All the technical information is real and validatable and keep in mind the fact that i am not angry, simply ready to expedite this process as quickley as possible i’m not sure if there is a way to ask the government to either serve me documents so that i may seek medical care and i’m not actually sure how to legally ask for a continuence of these legal transcranial stimulation therapies for my visit with my family doctor.

There will be criminal aspects that i will have to contend with in the near future and i am simply attempting to remain functional enough to face this issues head on. heres what i am faced with I have not been served criminal summons papers for court so there is no way for me to obtain a criminal attorney.

The only other thing i can think of to do is approach civil litigation attorneys and ask them to help if that means i need to file an injunction to ask the united states government to serve me papers then thats fine. If it means filing an injunction to have validation about my interface with the U.S. government so that i may have something to show a legal proffesional and or a medical health care profesional that would be suitable as well .

And if theres no other choice then i think i may be forced to file a law suit against the united states government simply to have them deal with me in a real world situation so that i may get the former to problems resolved please let me know if there is an aspect of this case that you can help me with legally

i’ve been without legal council for almost three years and its very frustrating when i am very aware of what needs to transpire but at the same time quite thoroughly confused why i cant obtain a legal proffesional to help me out with this situation because I quite obviously need a legal mind to help me out with a situation of this nature.

I am drowning in red tape and i am a simple honest human being having someone with a legal degree who knows how to speak with a legal mind and knowlege of the united states legal system would be the most rational solution for my issue with the united states government. Please help

let me know what you think anything services you could provide me with would be much appreciated very sincerly Brian thank you for your time and attention in this very serious matter

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  1. I am victim of gs dew electronic harassed, my privacy violated 24/7 even in my bathroom and at work ( I am a teacher) in Rome, please help me

  2. The last three days have been non stop, headache will not subside. Keep in mind, the deployment of The direct energy weapons, involves three separate neighbors. All of course within 50 feet or less. During the day, where vehicles logically come and go, a myriad of deployment from this source as well.
    In order to follow you from room to room, there is x-ray or similiar capabilities. No government is going to stand there and tell you how vaporizing your organs is somehow legal. This challenge begins now.
    Deployment became 24/7 ever since I wrote a screenplay about the weaponization of “invisible warfare”. Whenever the Department of Defense attempts to tell the American people, that this agency has no detection capabilities, the Brooklyn Bridge is still for sale. Linda

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