Brendon O’Connell: The IIA PSYOP (Interactive Internet Activities) How Information is Weaponized

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“Both the old alt-media and Main Stream Media are all controlled by the same NATO and Marine psyche warfare operation run out of private data analytic companies, like Dynology and Clear Force, to name just a few. These work in tandem with private security contractor teams playing crisis actor, larpa, and johnny-on-the-spot witness for critical events.. There are vast pools of registered out-of-work actors and gophers recruited in the same vein as a criminal informant for police operations. Many, but not all, of these people are literally registered pedophiles, drug dealers and users for the real dirty jobs….

This is all an expendable work force. Just as the East German Stasi, recruited and maintained its RAT Lines, and a lot of them were literally rats, of street information and gangstalking teams. These are IIA operations as set up in Iraq and Afghanistan, aka military psychological warfare operations…. They’ve been around for centuries. But now it is an absolute science applied to multiple avenues of information flow. From the so-called mainstream to the Alt Media.

… We are all part of this system. We are all in the pool they can draw from, puff up, delete, suppress, and use as they wilt when the data analytics indicate short, medium, and long-term requirements for information-limited release, controlled release, or outright suppression and deletion. This is large scale military-intelligence-based psychological warfare designed and applied to the enemies of the United States overseas and now brought home and privatized, but still run by the same military personnel in private subcontractor form.”

Brendon O’Connell, this video

Brendon O’Connell: The IIA PSYOP (Interactive Internet Activities) How Information is Wesponized

Internet Interactive Activities = Tactical Social Media Information Warfare & Psychological Operations.


Department of Defense Information Operations Joint Publication

Internet Interactive Activities is the General Jim Jones Shadowgate Dynology Network that Targets the Most Powerful Truth Tellers. While the Most Powerful Contributors are pushed down from viewers and made invisible, the Controlled Opposition Limited Hangouts are pushed to the top.

The Entire System is RIGGED to push the Cabal Approved Narrative.

Even the Alternative News Networks are Captured Operations.

Sure Alex Jones, Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, and Glen Beck tell a lot of truth. But they are there to BLOCK the truth from going any further. The best Liars will tell you 90% Truth. But it is the last 10% that is the most important and Dangerous to the Globalist Cabal.

Internet Interactive Activities Methods are actually Far More Effective. Outright Censorship will merely push Truth Tellers to other platforms. While IIA is a STEALTH ATTACK, that in most cases the Victims of these Operations seldom know WHAT is being done. And those who do suspect such Tactics can very rarely Prove it.

While the Truth Bombs dropped by Controlled Opposition Operatives may sound like the full truth to those not more well informed on a subject like the public at large, the most powerful part of Information Warfare is to NEVER ALLOW THE MOST POWERFUL INFORMATION TO REACH THE PUBLIC.

Controlled Opposition Operatives will inform their audience just enough so that they will be satisfied that they know the full truth, and thus Block Them from looking any further.


Having full awareness about these Tactics that are being used against you every day is crucial, and will effect Everything You Do On The Internet…

@OratorBlog March 17, 2023
Defense Primer: Information Operations

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Updated December 9, 2022


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