Brain-Machine Interface Technology a Tool To Injure (K. Ogden)

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Brain Machine Interface Technology a Tool to Injure

Brain-Machine Interface Technology a Tool To Injure




What I am about to explain is a heinous act of terrorism and misuse of technology.

I awoke one day during the summer of 1999 with an unbelievably loud voice in my head. From the very beginning there were threats against my life,”you’re a dead man walking,” “you’re a camera,” “you can never be put down,” “we’re going to shoot you in the head,” “we’re going to kill you and throw your body in the street.” Everything was so loud it was like someone turned the volume all the way up.

Very shortly after this started I experienced a violent fit where pictures were flashed in my head at high speed. Onethings people said they whiplashed me claiming that the episode was really a rapid involuntary download of information from my brain. I panicked and ran into the streets.

A questioning program ran for several weeks, I hardly remember it. All I can recall is that it was very fast. After that they told me they were doing the stupefication process. I am not sure entirely what was involved but I endured an overwhelming amount of input and noise that severely impaired and eventually arrested my ability to think.

They used a movable focal point to capture my attention. This focal point was moved about my body and at that time onethings people tried to convince me that I was being roboted. During this time labels were attached to my body and when my attention moved to a specific body part I would hear a suggestion. There were also labels on my eyes and somehow they could make my eyes jerk upwards uncontrollably and I would hear the suggestion “don’t think.”

I languished in the streets penniless walking in circles for hours on end unable to help myself suffering from severe starvation, exposure and neglect not able to think while they continued to threaten me and play recorded dialog, scenarios, audio routines and noise into my head all day every day for two years.

At about the two year mark they stopped using recordings but continue to make verbal suggestions while flashing pictures in my head. They do this in a sort of looping fashion repeatedly flashing the same pictures over and over again. This looping ran for hundreds of hours day after day for months, then they would change the pictures and start looping me again for several months. I remained homeless another two and a half years while this continued.

I have memory problems it is difficult to remember times from before I was chipped. many of my memories are no longer there and images of familiar places have been altered. Sometimes I will articulate the words I am hearing from them. This happened more often when they had the volume really high, sometimes when I am tired it still happens. I consider it a sort of bleed through but they insist my vocal chords are being roboted.

Onethings people still use noise as a weapon. They feed back sound from my surroundings. Their voices carry on sound especially background noise. I am sure they do this deliberately but even when they do not attach their voices to the noise I can hear what they say all the time. Noise is not an interference. Sometimes they do what I call an immediate playback. They flash a picture of something I saw just a minute earlier. Many times during the day I see bluescreen flashes. These flashes appear in different areas of my field of view.

For the past several years they have tried to institute an imposed referencing system composed of specific examples not my memories suggestion/picture, suggestion/picture. If someone says airplanes I see airplanes.

I spent a total of four and a half years outside walking in circles while these people harass me commenting on everything I see and do, calling out my name, disorienting me by flashing pictures in my head, screaming and dumping noise. This around the clock harassment has continued for six and a half years to the date of this writing.

How long will they keep disturbing me? If they stop will they start up again later? Will they use the computer to totally blot out my thinking again? What about personal information like bank account numbers, personal identification numbers, passwords, phone numbers ,etc? When I bring this subject up one thing people keep telling me is that they will not steal my money but I tell them that they have already stolen from me and they can’t be trusted.

Brain machine interface technology can be used to brainwash, cripple and imprison a human being without physically touching them. These people used this technology to drive me to the brink of collapse and have held onto me interfering every waking moment. This mental occupation displaces my normal thinking. I have to compete for a moment to think. Whatever they put in my head has turned me into a human telemetry camera. No matter where I go they can see through my eyes, hear through my ears and know what I am thinking. I know that I am chipped and I also know that it cannot be undone.

Kyle Ogden

December 15, 2006

I am being criminally abused by a group of people using Brain Machine Interface Technology. These people accomplish this by some type of wireless link to my brain. I know this is the case since they have played noise into my head and refuse to stop talking for seven years and five months now.

I have reported this many times in the last couple of years. This is a very serious crime being committed against me! These people have threatened my life, intrusion, mental occupation, causing a severe impairment by continuously talking and flashing pictures in my mind. It looks like some half cocked brainwashing scheme. These people seem to be trying to rewrite my mind. There is no way I can function while this continues. Everyday the same thing five or six people threatening me, calling out my name, insulting me, making lewd suggestions, attempting to qualify their statements, repeating what I say, commenting on what I see. They even read through my eyes.

These people are undermining my efforts by this ongoing harassment. Now they are trying to ransom me! They say they want me to confess to all the things they say and they won’t stop unless I capitulate. I have endured more than 2,705 days of this debilitating mental occupation. This has caused me severe financial hardship and distress. These sadistic animals have destroyed my life and my way of living.

Kyle Ogden

December 19, 2006

This is the best I can do ( I am being harassed at this very moment) in relating what is taking place. Disordered and not complete as the ridiculous stupidity of this psychological trespass and terrorism are beyond my ability to describe.

Seven years and five months of twenty four hour a day non-stop suggestion and harassment. Unqualified claims, they say I was erased. They speak in some confusing language beginning every sentence with a negative. I consider this as an attempt to deceive. Repetitive suggestions mixed together with things I have said. Flashing pictures in my mind with a suggestion, suggestion/picture, suggestion/picture or with the picture first then the suggestion. I tell them this conditioning will not work. These people act like they can say anything they want to me and they say they will not stop. This is a relentless push to argue, threaten and harass monopolizing all my time to extort a confession, so they say.

Onethings People have spent a lot of time trying to convince me that all the pictures (chits) originated with me. They have shown pictures of the house where I grew up along with cartoons and 1960’s and 1970’s television shows. All of which they say were whiplashed from my mind. The first place I went after I was chipped was Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek is where I grew up. There is no doubt this is an attempt to brainwash me.

Mental occupation ( ongoing 89 months).
Using noise as a weapon ( ongoing).
Comment on what I see (ongoing).
Looping by repeatedly flashing the same pictures in my head over and over again ( ongoing).
Flash a picture in my head of something I just saw ( immediate playback).
Replay a sound I just heard ( immediate playback).
Feedback sound from my surroundings ( anytime I am in a noisy place or outside).
Always trying to qualify what they say ( all day every day).
Bombarded with suggestions Phrased: “you don’t suggestion, you can’t suggestion, you don’t want suggestion,this is not your bullshit, etc” ( all day every day).
Call out my name ( all day every day).
Slide show ( all day every day).
Repeat what I say back to me ( all day every day).
Personal insults ( all day every day).
Threatening me all the time ( all day every day).
Sexual harassment by making lewd suggestions ( all day every day).
Many times I think they are suggesting me just to record my reaction.

Flashing pictures in my brain severely disrupts my concentration and blocks my vision by interposing for that fraction of a second that the picture is there. Onethings people flashed pictures while I was driving an automobile, this caused a serious impairment. I asked them “are you trying to cause an accident?” There were many times onethings people would put me “on station” by holding a chit for several minutes.

There was a period of time that I did not dream ( first three or four years). I can’t really say when they started dreaming me. Artificial dreams almost every day now. I believe that I have no natural dreams and have not had any natural dreams since this began in ’99. These artificial dreams are either short stories or a string of pictures. These pictures vary from unclear black and white to clear detailed color and often contain familiar places or objects. Sometimes during a dream they use what I call “anybody’s voice” sounds like words but lacking tone. I see this as an attempt to pass off this voice as my inner voice. This voice doesn’t sound like my voice and it doesn’t sound like anyone else’s either.

Twice I have taken excursions underground. Once at the gold bug mine in Placerville, California which is a horizontal mine drift cut into the side of a hill approximately 370 feet deep and 110 feet vertical from the top of the hill. My cellphone did not operate in this mine, but the link to onething was not interrupted. The second was in Murphy’s California at the Mercer Caverns. This is a natural cave that is 17 stories deep. We went on the tour and through all the twists and turns of the steep descent onethings people talked and commented on what I saw all the way to the bottom.

Estimated 65,000+ hours of threats and harassment and enduring financial hardship.


Ninety seven (97) months of this harassment. One thing I must add is that there are two symptoms evident from being chipped. First there is an almost unnoticeable high pitched tone in my head. This tone becomes more obvious in very quiet places and louder when I flinch my neck and facial muscles. The second I noticed on a flight I took from Spokane to San Francisco. While looking out the window into the sky I noticed these tiny sparkles swimming around, this was very obvious. These tiny sparkles are there all the time and are more noticeable when I look up at the sky and lose my focus.


Three Thousand and Forty Four (3,044) days I have been harassed, threatened, polluted with noise, screamed at and thousands of pictures have been dumped into my head. Onethings people have stepped up their harassment at night and are badgering me more in my sleep. The only time I can hear them when I am asleep is during REM sleep. My life has been reduced to one emotional breakdown after another. I have reported this many times to the authorities with no reply.


Three Thousand Two Hundred and Thirty Four (3,234) days of this mental occupation and harassment. If I haven’t made it clear, It is impossible to function while this continues. I am beyond angry and inconsolable over the loss of these almost nine years of my life. Now Onethings people are suggesting death and disfigurement. How can I prove the existence of these Nano-Transponders?


It’s July 4, 2009 in a few days this abusive ordeal will have gone on for Ten years! Mid-July of 1999 is when this whole thing started. Nothing has changed, Every minute of every day these people scream out my name, Threaten me, Call me names, say insulting things to me, flash pictures in my head, Trample my thinking with suggestions. I cannot function, cannot work or drive a car. All these years lost and for what? They’re doing this just so some sick bastards can see how much harm they can do to a person with this technology by harassing them and displacing their thinking for a prolonged period of time. This is just not right to do this! Those Ten years of my life are not replaceable!


Today is March 12, 2012 it’s just a few days after my 50th birthday. These abusive idiots never shut up and have interfered with me causing enormous setbacks, turmoil, loss of financial gain and even an auto accident. This is 12 years, 7 months and 27 days of this harassment. 6.660000 million minutes of complete and total bullshit.
The people who are conducting this so called experiment have no clue what they are doing and have no control over the outcome.


It is August 12, 2013. This makes it 14 years, 29 days of non-stop threats, suggestion, insults, flashing pictures in my head, calling my name, commenting everywhere I look and reading over the top of me. They compete with me every minute. These scum bags call out my name every time I take a breath all day long, they just will not let me go. Will this harassment ever end? Since they can see through my eyes and know all my passwords they keep hacking my stuff. Can I even call it hacking? They read what I type in right through my own eyes! For what it’s worth at least I figured out how to detect these microscopic transponders. I need a little more time and some money to prove it. 14 years, 29 days is 7.405920 Million minutes. I keep track of this ordeal in minutes because they never shut up even for one minute.


Every day I live provides these people with more images, more dialog, more interactions, more situations that they record and throw back on me. They record everything and later flash pictures in my mind and make suggestions in effect trying to name the images. From the very beginning they tried to get me to name the pictures or make some association to the images. As I have said before all the images did not originate from me. They flash a picture and make a suggestion and attempt to get me to remember what they say. They are trying to convince me to take possession of everything I see and hear from them.


I believe that there is a technology in existence today that can allow the people using it to monitor your thoughts, see into your minds eye, able to see through your eyes and hear through your ears, making suggestions and synthetic telepathy. This is brain machine interface technology. This can only be done by invasively implanting microscopic chips in the person’s brain.
I do not believe that the brain itself transmits out information that can be picked up electronically. It seems to me that some people believe that voice to skull is capable of this type of intrusion but I don’t think so. The best bet to expose this technology and find remuneration for injured person’s is to detect this implant, exposing the way the thing works, where it is in the brain, and maybe even who made it.
Every person who is subjected to this type of abuse has the evidence right in their head.


Most targeted people that I have talked to think that voice to skull is the technology that is being used to harass people. There is even an abbreviation for the technology. They call it V2K. Hearing voices is V2K, flashing images in your brain is V2K, seeing through your eyes is V2K, hearing through your ears is V2K.

These people just don’t believe this is done by TELEMETRY!!!

Kyle Ogden


I am so disappointed at the extreme sense of ignorance demonstrated by the obviously marginalized people who claim to be targeted individuals. Chronic “hearing voices” and the many other complaints are signs of mental illness or brain machine interface that is most likely accomplished by implanting the person. The brain cannot demodulate radio frequencies into images and sound. The idea of EEG Cloning and EEG Heterodyning is fantastical bullshit.

Implanting and channelizing the information is necessary to create this intrusive brain machine interface. Microscopic transponders are implanted in specific regions of the brain to extract neural data and that information is remapped elsewhere.

Kyle Ogden

Well, it’s March 24th 2017 and still no relief from the harassment. I had a birthday this month, I turned 55 years old. I will never be able to make up for this loss of productive years. I was 37 years old when this ordeal started and this continuous overload of input has cost me dearly. The U.S. Government won’t lift a finger to stop this. I just can’t imagine why anyone would endorse torturing a person like they are doing to me or who would pay for it. I guess the Defense Department has super deep pockets and they can do whatever they want without anyone ever knowing what they spent the money on. My name is Kyle Ogden and I am still being criminally abused by people using wireless brain machine interface technology. This abuse has continued non-stop for 17 years, 8 months, 10 days. This is a very very long time.

The most difficult problem in my entire life has been reporting this to the authorities.

Date to date calculation:
From and including: Thursday, July 15, 1999
To and including: Friday, March 24, 2017
Result: 6463 days
It is 6463 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 17 years, 8 months, 10 days including the end date.

Kyle Ogden

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    You’re not alone. I am well into my 2nd decade of abuse by thugs I don’t even know. It has been an ongoing assault
    that includes such crimes as conspiring to commit murder, drugging, poisoning, every kind of sexual assault known to mankind, etc. Keep on speaking up. The TI’s silence is an open invitation to further abuses. I will pray for you Kyle, and when you are feeling strong enough, pray for your tormentors. God bless.

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