Benefits of Gangstalking (Per Viewer Comment to youtube by Francesca Valerio Invernizzi):

Webmaster Comment: Here, I highlight D. Hilton’s comment to Francesca Valerio Invernizzi’s Oct. 13, 2011 youtube entitled: SECRET CRIME – Gang Stalking VITTIMA DI STALKING ORGANIZZATO. Refreshingly, Hilton points out some benefits of the current mass targeting and torture of innocent civilians around the world.

It is heartening to learn that in the (classified) cost/benefit calculus of our leaders and betters, gangstalking, torture, and slow-kill murder of select members of society is justifiable on the basis of the many benefits these operations provide to society. Hilton’s comment may even help convince TIs to renew their faith in the “bad ass” US military, and indeed, welcome their own degradation and elimination (in effect, a human sacrifice) for the greater good.

Another benefit of G5 (Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO) is that it stimulates the economy. These massive federal, state, and local programs infuse massive amounts of cash and other rewards to all the various segments of society involved in these secret, unconstitutional, extralegal, indeed, felonious operations.

Of course, my tongue is in my cheek, as I hope D. Hilton’s tongue was in his cheek when he wrote the comment below. Indeed, I resonate more with the comment by Gabriel Mardis at the bottom of this page which refers to our society as “generation kill.”

Comment to SECRET CRIME youtube above:

D Hilton
4 years ago

Hello I 100% believe everyone.
I want to shed some light on your experiences.

Organized governments, military groups, criminal groups and elite have a long history with secretly testing new technology on the populaces. This technology is legally and safely being developed for medical purposes on civilian universities. The technology has a range of usefulness. They are developing computer brain interfaces to treat stroke, heart attacks, chemical imbalances, paralysis, high blood pressure, and Parkinson disease.

It is not just pulse rate or heart rate they can control but individual capillaries. So much so that they can isolate small locations of the body, control the capillary network independently from the rest body’s heart or pulse rate. This creates for a new pulse location to form in the body. This can be weaponized to cause heart attacks, strokes, and embolisms. The technology is further being developed for motor cortex control and human reflex control.

The end result is to be able to instantly kill people or animals simply by causing brain death or a cease in heart beat, breathing reflex and causing paralysis. I refer to this as “Death Beam” a theoretical all powerful energy source that can be controlled by computers to instantly kill any or all living things. It is truly bad ass….The American military never ceases to amaze me.

If your an American then be happy you won the arms race.

On the positive side. They are not likely to kill you because they will likely want to conduct long term monitoring. You can also increase your safety level by keeping good health and practicing good blood pressure. Try adapting your life style to that of a heart attack survivor. Healthy diet, light and regular exercise, and finding a zen.

The real positive side….Think of all the world leaders, billionaires, dictators, and Illuminati assholes that the technology is going to be used on first. It will be used to control, and assassinate these people to control their empires. If you have the capability to control a persons heart and lungs the first thing you do strategically is “hook that shit up to every competitor and take over the planet”. This means that 1000s of fat cats who previously had their say at politics or could cause corruption suddenly no longer become important. The worlds elite will trim the fat cutting out the weaker less powerful Illuminati.

Now for the fun part! Once this technology gets implemented the American military will want to have world leaders and powerful people threatened, intimidated and assassinated. To do this it is best for them to use a combination of random people and “Darth Vader” types to do so.

That way no paper work is detectable and no command structure can be traced back to the holders of the technology. Research CIA cutout devices to have a better understanding.

Important people will one day view surveillance of simple folks in their own home explaining that they are acting as messenger of the “Death Beam”. It sounds kinda wacky but if you research espionage organizations it kinda makes sense.

Perhaps one day in 20 years you will get to be the messenger of the “Death Beam” towards an Illuminati. Good Luck and God Bless America!

Outer Limits

Cia Cut out device

Signal Corps

Webmaster’s second comment: One of the comments on the Signal Corps video above is perhaps also worth highlighting. In particular, Gabriel Mardis’ phrase, “generation kill,” seems to accurately describe the American military and America’s now totally militarized and lobotomized society.

Comment to Signal Corps youtube above:

Gabriel Mardis
1 year ago

is that call for fire from generation kill?