Battlefield Knowledge Transfer: Counter NWO Unconventional Warfare – Intro (Video & Text From DavidDeGraw.Org)

Webmaster Comment: I believe David McGraw’s assessment of what’s happening is accurate.

I. Battlefield Knowledge Transfer: Counter NWO Unconventional Warfare – Intro

Battlefield Knowledge Transfer: Counter NWO Unconventional Warfare – Intro

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Comin’ in hot… 20-minute voice message… summarizing attacks against us… intro…

For more info, read this post: Who Runs the World? Dismantling the Matrix, Confronting the Shadow –

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II. Who Runs the World? Dismantling the Matrix, Confronting the Shadow

David DeGraw
Dec 17, 2022

I don’t have much time to write, but out of love and respect for you and your family, I have a duty and responsibility to post the truth here in very clear language. 

Some people will instantly dismiss this, roll their eyes and scroll away… tragically, they do so at their own peril.

Truth is not for the faint of heart, we have many battle scars to prove that.

However, if you want to survive, please hear me out.

Ease your preconceived notions for a few minutes, because if you are not proactively defending yourself, you will be completely enslaved soon.

Sounds like hyperbole, nonetheless, it is a very real present danger.

In fact, you are surrounded, and the predators are closing in, right now.

Everyone is under individual-specific attack.

Full Spectrum Unconventional Warfare.

You need to understand the battlefield to effectively navigate the covert oppressive forces that are spiraling around you.

As crazy as this all sounds, we can explain it to you in detail.

We are at war, every one of us, whether you want to believe it or not is irrelevant.

World War III has been launched against you, against us, to enslave as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Gaining A.I. control over as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, that is the Globalist’s New World Order strategic agenda.

As they describe it, “manufacturing bodies and minds” is the new A.I.-driven arms race.

Hence, COVID, with the experimental mRNA gene-editing nanotech bull market to kick things off.

And that’s just one piece to the puzzle, reality is so far from the absurd illusions that the old mainstream media cast.

Unlearn all that propaganda, quickly, the mainstream media is a cesspool of misinformation, a clusterfuck of psychological operations run amok.

When it comes to the mainstream media, “The more you watch, the less you know.” 

We have to follow the truth, wherever it leads us… and the truth leads through the valley of the shadow of death… literally… through surreal evil.

Right to the Tip of the Spear: the world is run by a Satanic Cabal. 

That’s right, that’s the unfortunate reality that we are confronted by right now.

We know who they are, and we know what they are doing.

You can generalize by calling them the old money aristocracy, but the truth is much deeper and darker than that.

I’ll get deeper into “who” is pulling the strings, but, more importantly, first and foremost, we need to understand “how” they are operating, so when we hold them accountable, we won’t open up a power vacuum that allows other power-addicted forces to fill the void.

To sum it up, they are using A.I., nanotech, EMFs and CRISPR to enslave humanity.

Through A.I. machine-learning they have weaponized everything we communicate against us, having learned everything you communicate, they know exactly how to influence people based on personal confirmation biases, and that is just the beginning.

As a subject matter expert on Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), I’ve reported in detail about the latest developments in behavioral sciences, from psycho-metric profiles to micro-targeting.

A.I. now knows you better than you know you, and it knows exactly what to say and communicate to you based on your confirmation biases, in your psycho-metric profile, to get you to go along with whatever they want you to go along with.

It also knows in real-time what information to censor from your conscious awareness to keep you in line with their agenda. 

PSYOPS experts and behavioral scientists armed with A.I. can influence anyone to do just about anything, it is unregulated wickedness run amok.

The fight isn’t fair.

Like taking candy from a baby.

Here’s how World Economic Forum adviser Yuval Harari explains it:

“We now really have the technology to hack the human brain, in a way which was previously impossible.

When Hitler gives a speech on the radio, he can’t know what the reaction of each and every individual in Germany is, and how to tailor his message and his words differently to different people. It was technically impossible. Now, it is feasible, not just feasible, it is happening.”

“The really important thing that’s being hacked is human beings. With enough data about me, and enough computing power, you can know what I personally hate and fear, or fantasize about, and then you turn this against me.”

“In the past, many tyrants and governments wanted to do it, but no one understood biology well enough, and nobody had enough computing power and data to hack millions of people.” 

“Neither the Gestapo nor the KGB could do it, but we will be able to systematically hack all of the people.”

“We have to get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals.”

This all became very clear during the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Based on the data gathered, social media has made it very easy to control minds, to decisively influence thoughts, feelings and opinions.

That was surveillance and manipulation outside of the skin. Now, with mRNA genetic-editing nanotech injections, surveillance and manipulation will move under the skin, for total bio-metric control. 

Here is more from Yuval Harari:

“Covid is critical because it convinces everyone to accept, legitimize total bio-metric surveillance. If we want to stop this pandemic, we need to not just monitor people, but we need to monitor what is happening under their skin.”

“What we’ve seen so far is the government collecting data about what we do, where we go, who we meet, what movies we watch, [what we say,] the next phase is surveillance going under our skin.”

“We now see mass surveillance systems established even in democratic countries, which previously rejected them. We also see a change in the nature of surveillance. Previously, surveillance was mainly above the skin, now it is going under the skin.”

“Governments want to know, not just where we go and who we meet, above all they want to know what is happening under our skin. What is our body temperature? What is our blood pressure? What is our medical condition?”

And, once you have injected their nanotech and genetic editing, they can very effectively manipulate emotions and thoughts through small cell frequencies, primarily.

The Internet of Bodies is the complete enslavement of humanity. 

When it comes to genetic editing (CRISPR, mRNA and nanotech), this is what Klaus Schwab, founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, gleefully said on National Television:

“The difference of this 4th industrial revolution is, it doesn’t change what you are doing, it changes you.

If you take genetic editing, just as an example, it is you who are changed,

And, of course, this has a big impact on your identity.”

They are literally enslaving people. That is their stated, intended goal.

Listen to more from Schwab’s adviser/spokesperson Yuval Harai again:

“This whole idea that humans have this soul, a spirit, that they have free will and nobody knows what is happening inside me, so whatever I choose, whether in the next election or in the supermarket, this is my free will, that’s over.”

“How to engineer bodies and brains and minds, they will be the main products of the economy, of the 21st century economy, not textiles and vehicles and weapons, but bodies and brains and minds.”

“Bodies and minds are the two main products of the next wave of all these changes, and if there is a gap between those who know to produce bodies and minds, and those that do not, then this is a far greater than anything we saw before in history, and this time, if you are not part of the revolution fast enough, then you will probably become extinct.”

According to their plans, this story ends with all of us living in a digital prison with a Central Bank Digital Currency whip, a leash and noose around our necks, that can control every action we take, hooked into the Internet of Bodies, which controls our thoughts, emotional and physiological states, while we eat GMO nanotech food and take mRNA nanotech shots once every few months, like a computer upgrading its Operating System software.

They call this grand design a Smart City, which is truly a digital concentration camp for controlled bodies and minds.

As crazy as it all sounds, it is all verifiable, blatantly provable.

An incestuous cabal of Satanists are strategically trying to enslave you, right now.

That is our present reality.

Just look at all the global corporations that have significant percentages of their “workforce” in China, toiling in sweatshops.

The Chinese government runs factories where the “workers” are now required to wear EEG censors that monitor their productivity and emotional state, so they can maximize profit.

Amazon is already using similar techniques worldwide.

Recently, Klaus Schwab went to China to praise their totalitarian government as a “role model for the world.”

“I respect China’s achievements, which are tremendous. They have worked with us for over 40 years. It is a role model for many countries. In imposing systems, the Chinese model is a very attractive model.”

The Satanist Cabal loves China. 

They control the CCP and have been exploiting and experimenting on the Chinese population for decades, for the past 40 years, according to Schwab.

China has been the Satanist’s experimental playground. They develop their A.I., PSYOPS, censorship, behavioral engineering, social credit scoring systems, all the Technologies of Control have been worked on there.

With COVID, they started implementing their tyrannical totalitarian Chinese model on first world populations.

As Black Rock CEO Larry Fink says, “markets like totalitarian governments” and “China is leading the way.”

Yes, the Babylonian Black Rock money magic, the largest money manager in the world with the most powerful A.I. in the world.

When it comes to collecting data, Black Rock’s Aladdin already has God-like powers.

As Harari made clear, Stalin and Hitler’s wildest fantasies have come true.

Black Rock, and their private partners at Vanguard, literally own the world now. 

They are the largest shareholders of all the big pharmaceutical companies, over 90% of media companies, tech companies, food companies, energy companies, weapons companies, you name it, they control it, with a tyrannical A.I. fist.

Pick a company… Pfizer, CNN, FOX, Facebook, Google, Exxon, Master Card, Berkshire Hathaway, or just name any company that you think is evil, then check to see if the public-private partnership of BlackRock/ Vanguard are the largest shareholders.

Black Rock even controls the Federal Reserve and global central banks now.

Every power player on Wall Street now relies on Black Rock’s A.I., Aladdin, which controls the stock market. 

The stock market decoupled from reality with Aladdin’s High Frequency Trading a long time ago.

Larry Fink, and his A.I., have caused major crises to position themselves as the saviors each time, growing in power every step of the way.

In 2000, the dot com stock market crash, the ‘08 financial crisis, and COVID are all blatant examples. Each time a disaster hit, BlackRock was called on by paid-off puppet politicians to fix the engineered crisis, by giving Black Rock the power to decide winners and losers, so they could “bail out” the companies that they owned, consolidating power while destroying competitors.

During the Financial crisis of ’08, Black Rock seized control of significant Federal Reserve operations, and then, in 2020, once the COVID CARES Act was signed, the Black Rock takeover was complete, they were officially enthroned as the banking czars of the New World Order.

When you look at nations who are in deep debt, such as the U.S., China and E.U. countries, who are they relying on to stay financially afloat?

Black Rock.

Larry Fink is Black Rock’s CEO, Aladdin’s manipulator, a board member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum.

Black Rock now controls both political parties and have captured government agencies through campaign finance, lobbying, the revolving door and control of media and tech.

Think about it. 

They now control the money supply, the government, the media, tech, energy, most of our food supply and the medical system.

Checkmate Aladdin.

Unleash COVID to enslave humanity once and for all.

Black Rock also funds “woke” cultural operations to serve their interests.

In Psychological Operations, identity politics are designed to silo populations off into the smallest possible demographics, to tribalize the masses, so they fight against each other, while the old money aristocrats keep raping and pillaging, literally.

Black Rock has a new ESG ratings racket, a social credit score system for the corporate world. Aladdin assigns an “environmental” score to companies that follow their orders, under the guise of saving the planet.

If you don’t get Black Rock’s ESG stamp of approval, you will be bankrupted, essentially.

Therefore, if you are a company and you do “woke” advertising, or you go along with one of their climate change narratives, or support their COVID policies, you get a higher ESG score, meaning you are more “investable.”

However, if you don’t bow to Black Rock, you get a bad ESG score, and the money flows elsewhere – whip & chains 101.

To be clear, every sane person is against harmful pollution, we should obviously limit harmful pollution, but their so-called “green” initiatives are Trojan Horses and rackets to consolidate power.

Their solutions are thinly veiled money-making rackets that end up making problems worse, it’s a vicious cycle.

They completely ignore things like geo-engineering, the spraying of toxic heavy metals in the air, which is poisoning all living organisms. 

It is satanic. Evil forces always cloak themselves in perceived good, and their propaganda always appeals to the greater good: “making the world safe for democracy,” “combating climate change,” “get a shot to save Grandma.”

That’s how evil operates, it is shapeshifting, that’s how they operate. Anything that large numbers of people put their trust and faith into is targeted for subversion, co-option and then complete takeover.

For example, a political party becomes popular, so they infiltrate it and eventually co-opt control of it. They also do it with major organized religions. Literally anything many people like or support is targeted for takeover.

The old line… “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

Evil always wraps itself in whatever is popular. Satanists often cloak themselves in popular disguises and use popular trusted symbols.

It is tragic. I have compassion for everyone. The fight isn’t fair.

When you are relentlessly drowned in a sea of propaganda, your critical thinking capabilities atrophy, your cognitive functioning is impaired. Then add in all the toxic heavy metals that are sprayed in the air, all the chemicals and GMOs in our food, and big pharma’s highly addictive prescription drugs.

With cell phones, modern social media, A.I., nanotech, frequencies and chemical warfare, critical thinking skills are being amputated, and that is their intended goal, to eradicate critical thinking, personal consciousness and free will, so they can wipe the slate clean, format your hard drive to install their new bio-OS, to manufacture bodies and minds.

Here’s Harari again:

“The biggest question in economics and politics over the coming decade will be what to do with all these useless people.”

After thousands of years, during which humans were the rulers of the world, authority and power will shift away from humans to computers, and most humans will become economically useless and politically powerless.

Already today, we are beginning to see the creation of a new class of humans, the useless class.

Just as the industrial revolution, in the 19th century, created the new working class, the proletariat. So now the Artificial Intelligence Revolution is beginning to create the useless class.”

With new A.I., the global economic elite do not need a big workforce anymore. Now they feel we have an excess of people, too many workers, the majority of workforce are now officially obsolete. 

Instead of this technology being a great thing for humanity’s overall wellbeing, the power-addicted pathological shortsighted greed driven globalists are trying to figure out what to do with the billions of people that they now consider to be the “useless class.”

Essentially, in their minds, the world is theirs, and A.I. should not be used to make people’s lives better, to free people, they are using A.I. as a weapon to consolidate even more power and get rid of “excess useless people.”

It is dark, here is Harari one last time:

“The whole idea that humans have this soul or spirit, and that they have free will… that’s over.

Today we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale. Everything is being digitized, everything is being monitored, and in this time of crisis, you have to follow the science. 

It is often said that you should never allow a good crisis go to waste, because a crisis is an opportunity to also do reforms that in normal times people would never agree to, but in a crisis you see that we have no chance, so let’s do it.”

So do it, or become extinct. 

Do you want to commit suicide slowly, or should we just turn off your money supply now?

Welcome to the Satanist New World Order.

They want to manufacture, or more technically speaking, farm genetically engineered slaves in ecto-pods.

This is also why they are targeting national civilian militaries and first responders with as many injections as possible, so they can eliminate any competition and create their own super soldiers.

We are dealing with a level of evil that most people can’t comprehend. It is surreal evil.

For years, I have been saying that evil has become so evil that good people can’t even comprehend how evil it is.

People need to understand that these power-crazed maniacs are willing to risk nuclear war to carry out their agenda and avoid being held accountable for their now proven horrific Crimes Against Humanity and highly inhumane profiteering rackets.

Besides trying to instigate World War III, they are strategically collapsing societal supply chains. They are strategically maneuvering for a brutal crackdown.

Right now, Aladdin is set to crash the stock market and create total financial desperation so people will run into the CBDC trap, just to get enough money to survive.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Then, you’ll have to have your bio-OS injection booster upgrade once every six months.

As far as they are concerned, if you don’t bow down to their tyrannical economic system, you are “useless” and must be eliminated.

The bars of our concentration camp are the CBDC, nanotech (via injections, geo-engineering, food and medicine), 5G, small cell tech to connect bodies and send frequencies, cell phones and mainstream media/big tech.

They want total control of our money, communication/information systems, food, “healthcare,” and weather.

But… who exactly are they?

Who is controlling Aladdin and Black Rock/Vanguard?

This is where things get real dark, the real dark night of the soul, the valley of the shadow of death…

For now, let’s just say that Jeffery Epstein and Peter Nygard are just the beginning.

The old money aristocrats are the personification of evil.

I will adapt some excerpts from my forthcoming book, detailing exactly who they are, in my next post.

We know exactly who they are, and they know exactly who we are.

So much vital info is already in the hands of powerful strategic allies.

Things are moving quickly over here… little time to write… every second is strategic…

More ASAP,

~ David

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