I. Artificial Intelligence: Connecting human brains with devices and the Global Brain (Trunews.com 5/31/19) & II. Implanted Microchips Fused to Soldiers’ Nervous Systems by 2030 (TN; 5/30/19)

I. Artificial Intelligence: Connecting human brains with the Global Brain (Trunews 5/31/19)


Webmaster Introduction: Pertinent section begins at 27:00.

Edward Szall: “We’re becoming the computers.”


Coral Harmony Knight
46 minutes ago (edited)
I thank and praise God for you, TruNews. God bless you all.

Mike S
50 minutes ago
Trump is turning the U.S into the Orwellian nightmare.

13 minutes ago
Trump is an narcissistic Tool!!!! PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL!!!!!

Kristy Warshauer
47 minutes ago
“The Queen stood on thy Right hand in gilded clothing, surrounded with variety.”

(Ps, xliv. 10)

Anon News Feed
34 minutes ago
Global brain = beast system

Handsome Truth 28
58 minutes ago

Chris Wager
50 minutes ago
Never ever using Gillete again

Mike S
57 minutes ago
No R.F.I.D chip is going into my hand/forehead. I don’t consent to worshipping Satan. The spiritual warfare is already happening.

For One Light
15 minutes ago
DOC .. We are not the Temple .. Jesus IS OUR TEMPLE .. Our Temple is Jesus our MOST HIGH GOD ! ..

10 minutes ago
These head gear devices I believe will be used to monitor the thoughts of everyone through some sort of central global system. Every man, woman, and child would be hooked up on this system. At first it will be optional. People will use it for commercial purposes or as some “fun” thing for the house. Then when the additional systems of global governance, religion, and ideology along with digital currency appear it will be made mandatory to even function in the world. Anyone who refuses will be treated as an outcast and probably treated as a suspect.

big Zini
37 minutes ago
21:26 My payers go out to Tina

II. Implanted Microchips Fused to Soldiers’ Nervous Systems by 2030


Webmaster Comment:

Pertinent segment begins at 20:50.

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