Are We Living in Dr. Delgado’s “Psychocivilized Society?”

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“Other MKULTRA subprojects dealt with ways to maximize stress on whole societies.”

John Mark’s “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate; The CIA and Mind Control,” Times Books, 1979

The “new world order” is in fact a web of interlocked ‘behavior modification’ projects and subprojects under the umbrella of a larger mind control program.

Through the years, we have had brief glimpses of parts of the Program. The Pike, Church and Senate Committees revealed the existence of a web of sprawling ‘behavior modification’ programs that co-opted literally thousands of hospitals (particularly mental wards), prisons, universities, youth institutions, rehabilitation clinics and other such institutions.

Only a few years prior, “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society” by Dr. Jose Delgado, a professor at Yale Medical School, was published by Harper & Row. The book chronicled Dr. Delgado’s research – funded by the CIA, ONI and Air Force Intelligence – into ‘behavior modification’ through electronic brain implants and radio waves. In the last chapter, entitled “Toward a Psychocivilized Society,” Delgado outlined his dark vision of a society based on mind control.

A few years later (sic), Dr. Paul Verdier published “Brainwashing and the Cults: An Expose on Capturing the Human Mind” (1977) in which he outlined the science of mind control. He accurately described trauma as the most ancient and effective method, and outlines how the use of extreme trauma forces the subject into a ‘dissociative state’ during which they are more suggestible. Verdier, who practiced psychiatry in California, had been a top scientist in the Canadian Department of National Defense and held important posts at several large defense contractors. After outlining the science of programming, he unveils a dark vision in the final chapter – titled “Benevolent Brainwashing for the Future” – that bears much resemblance to Dr. Delgado’s “psychocivilized society.”

Decades before either Drs. Delgado or Verdier published their work, Dutton published “Hypnotism” (1943) by Dr. George H. Estabrooks. Estabrooks, who had headed the Department of Psychology at Colgate University, headed a large secret program through the years of World War II that used hypnotically-controlled couriers and planned to also program assassins. He said that hypnotizing people to do things against their will – including assassinations – was “child’s play” and that his experiments on U.S. soldiers were successful. Like Dr. Verdier, he highlighted trauma as the most ancient and effective method of mind control. It is therefore unsettling that both he and Dr. Verdier stated that children were the best hypnotic subjects.

Could it be that our political candidates are in fact “manchurian candidates,” programmed with a political ‘alter’ in the same way our cultural icons are “manchurian candidates” programmed with alters (‘stage personalities’)? Could it be that the military, intelligence services and powerful corporations are run entirely by “manchurian candidates”? If it is so, could it be that by this point all of the programmers alive today have themselves been ‘prepared’ through intensive programming in what is an enormous multi-generational enterprise?

Why do so many politicians and celebrities have ‘missing time’ in their backgrounds or come from abusive homes or families associated with the medical profession? Why do so many of them ascend to power and fame so dramatically fast? Why does it seem like doors were opened for them at every stage of their life and why is it that whenever they enlist in the military they are immediately given a relatively high rank?

Why have so many cults, spree killers, political assassins, ‘serial killers’ and high-profile murderers been directly linked to these mind control projects through the years? If the programmers are creating the ‘fear’ that creates support for legislation that increases their power, who says they have not by this point taken full control of the people and institutions who pass it? Who says that they haven’t taken control of the banks, corporations, and august bodies such as the Council on Foreign Relations? Is not the science of mind control the philosopher’s stone of world control? Are we to believe the technicians did not usurp their paymasters?

Could it be that above people like Rockefeller, Rothschild and Kissinger are nameless, faceless doctors associated with prestigious hospitals and colleges? Have many of us been drafted into various mind control programs without our knowledge? Are we living in Dr. Delgado’s “psychocivilized society”?

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[–]Beneficial1 3 points 9 months ago

Pretty much sums up where Kubrick was going with Eyes Wide Shut. Many major celebs have handlers, or Mind control doctors. It’s very rampant. But those who have sold their soul, they go through a trauma based programming to instill alters. And the parents of the young and aspiring allow the child to be abused in this way for a shot at fame. It’s no big leap to say the elites would offer up their own children for the programming of certain talents and to follow their will. And I think the amount of people who in some way go through T. b. p. are more than is estimated.

The biggest example of a collective form of trauma based programming was 9/11. Trauma was used to Alter world events like trauma is used to Alter a person’s psyche.

I agree – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was another example. There is a wealth of documented evidence that a plot was set in motion to create the “Lee Harvey Oswald” as a patsy decades before the 1960 election. This means it’s unlikely he was killed for any of the reasons that are usually cited, as the conspiracy began long before his administration. Kennedy was killed because he was a wildly popular president, and his assassination was designed to inflict trauma on the masses.

Kennedy was himself programmed. His father, Joseph, was a wealthy businessman and a fascist whose vast fortune was derived from bootlegging operations. By most accounts, he was a cold man who committed his “mentally ill” daughter Rosemary to an “institution” and never visited her.

Kennedy “went missing” for an extended period of time during his attendance at the prestigious Canterbury School in Connecticut, supposedly due to ‘illness.’ He appeared again at the Choate Preparatory School, where he graduated. He then enrolled at Princeton, where he again went missing for an extended period of time – another purported ‘illness.’ He reappeared the following year at Harvard, graduating in 1940 and then briefly attending business school at Stanford before again going missing for a period of time – supposedly on a mysterious trip to South America. Could these periods of ‘missing time’ have covered for programming?

The following year, Kennedy enlisted in the U.S. Navy after being drafted into a five-month “special exercise program” allegedly due to a ‘back injury.’ He initially served in the Office of Naval Intelligence but was later reassigned to the Pacific after the FBI discovered he was having an affair with an alleged Nazi spy.

Kennedy became the commander of PT Boat 109, which was allegedly sunk following an enemy attack. According to official biographies, the sickly, back-injured commander rescued a wounded crewmember by using his teeth to tow him by his life jacket strap for three miles. He then proceeded to swim along a shipping route for four days until encountering friendly natives who had carried his distress message – carved into a coconut shell – to a U.S. infantry patrol. Has his military history been completely falsified or could it be that this ‘super-strength’ is the result of intensive, trauma-based conditioning?

Through his presidency, he was consistently supplied hard drugs – purportedly for his ‘back’ by Dr. Max ‘Feelgood’ Jacobson, who was also “treating” Marilyn Monroe.

A landlady who worked for Lee Oswald’s mother testified to the Warren Commission that she had spoken of taking her son to unspecified “mental examinations” at Jacobi Hospital in New York. There were no further mentions of this, and it is rarely ever mentioned by researchers. Oswald’s links to government-sponsored ‘behavior modification’ research are so numerous that they could fill several books.