Anne P. Kaspar Statement (2017)

To whom it many concern, I, Anne P. Kaspar, wish to support Karen Melton Stewart with my sad affirmation that I too have been a victim of what many call ‘Deep State’ sponsored crime or ‘state-sponsored domestic terrorism.’ I request you come to Karen’s assistance as immediately as possible with the full power of your office’s resources.

This worldwide true terror program includes intricate elements that bear the mark of a massive police state intelligence event like the now infamous and tragic Stasi ‘Zersetzung.’ These now vastly developed programs and their committing criminals illegally surveil, stalk, harass and torture innocent Americans daily in each aspect of their lives. With military grade surveillance/stalking/harassing equipment and war weapons, and deep intelligence intricacy, cunning and planning, a law-abiding untried American is eliminated for a reason unknown, unstated and too often, unrecorded.

Watch-listed and hunted, innocent citizens often are branded ‘domestic terrorists’ with zero true evidence of such activity. and experience wanton destruction in all life areas. Lost are families, assets, careers, health and well-being. Unable to secure adequate medical or legal support to stem the crimes against humanity committed against them, these innocents live a state of continual terror. In secret torture programs that remain deeply hidden not due to true national security concerns, but due to the cloak of legal cover criminals perpetrating these horrors require to ensure undetectable orchestration and success, these law-abiding citizens become of the lepers of the modern age. Untouchable, tossed away and left to die alone, without ever acting unlawfully, these human beings deserves our immediate concern and care.

These severe abuses are unparalleled in history and exist worldwide. In every country, each state, every county and city, and each town, innocent citizens, their whole families and neighborhoods, are tortured slowly to death as their human, civil and constitutional rights corrode with each step of these heinous acts. Psychopathic at their foundation, these horrific police-state programs must end now. I invite you today to join me in the immediate restoration of America’s human, civil and constitutional rights. Please act with integrity and honor for Karen and her fellow Americans today in in every way your office is endowed.

Please know like all other such failed states that fall into deranged totalitarianism, America will suffer a degradation unknown in her history if this cruel profit model is allowed to continue. All areas of national, state and local governments have been hijacked by the private entity, the Department of Homeland Security, via Fusion Centers, to propagate these vast and also racketeering scams that only fuel the already rapidly expanding American police-state. This rabid military/intelligence/industry industry profits by selling (human trafficking) contracts on law-abiding Americans, who are pronounced ‘non-entities’ by a grotesque legal slight of hand. Founded on post 911 national security laws that are not only unconstitutional but also grossly illegal when compared to the Nuremberg Code and additional precedent human rights and war crimes international law, these programs today commit heinous travesties of such Kafkaesque nature that victims themselves can barely believe what’s happening often for decades. This predatory profit model encircles the innocent chosen from watch-listing and thus, program commencement to death, as assets are either destroyed or via various criminal identity theft and other financial schemes, stolen slowly and utterly.

Tragically ingenious, this American horror must end. No authorities responsible for citizen protection from this state-sponsored, military/intelligence/industrial complex-driven predation, show the least bit of imagination or receptivity to educating themselves about this stupendous crime against humanity, or to allowing those with hard-won knowledge born of survival to enlighten them. The current professionally contributed evidence, understanding and information available on the Internet is legally exceptional and must be heeded, or at least reviewed by those charged with the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our dear, now-failing democracy.

I am writing to state, the person you are neglecting, dismissing and abusing, is an authentic victim as are thousands of us. She has a right to equal protection under the domestic and international law. Please, for all our protection, do your jobs and aid in the termination of the worst human rights crimes our planet may have ever witnessed.

Thank you.

Anne Kaspar

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One Reply to “Anne P. Kaspar Statement (2017)”

  1. To All who are Concerned,
    As a representative of Citizens Against Harmful Technology, I am here to tell you this will be the destruction of Billions of lives for the gain of a few if we don’t stop this organized crime network that has infiltrated & taken over
    every government agency and our military industrial complex. Your tax $ is being used to slow kill, murder rape and profit from innocent law abiding citizens. This is being done against anyone who speaks out about the many levels of heartless corruption. The master minds behind this so called program are as few as 16,000 that are out to reduce the population by 90% and gain complete control over what is left. By supporting the incompetent medical industry making germs that make people sick and allow pHarmaceutical industries to profit and supporting the ruthless telecom industry you are signing your own death warrant. As a whistle blower under attack for a few decades I became involved in helping others under attack. This is quite likely the most unspeakable atrocity in the history of the human race. No one can afford to ignore what is happening to people and the earth any longer. It must become first priority to stop this nightmare caused by a few evil ruthless monopoly players. If you choose to ignore this warning yo will have regret. Go to our website and see the truth for yourselves. Although their M.O. is to operate under plausible deniability, we have plenty of proof on our website of the severity of this life threatening problem. Sincerely,Neal C.

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