The Gateway Project: Real Raison D’Etre For Operation Crestone/Baca? Declassified 1983 U.S. Army Document

Epigraph Quote:

From my point of view, the uses of this new (neuro) technology philosophically are comparable to and amount to the Biblical Fall of man, the eviction from paradise. The all-encompassing thought-reading and mind-influencing capacity (of this technology) divides man into two encampments: Those few “God-like” people, who are allowed to use these means, and all others, whose freedom and free will is being taken away.

Dr. Rauni Kilde, Former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland, TI (targeted individual) and author of “Bright Light on Black Shadows” (2015)

Analysis And Assessment of Gateway Process: US Army Intelligence And Security Command; June 9, 1983



1. Introduction
2. Hypnosis
3. Transcendental Meditation
4. Biofeedback
5. Gateway and Hemi-Sync (brain hemisphere-sync)
6. Lamp Vs. Laser
7. Frequency Following Response
8. Role of Resonance
9. Brain Stimulation
10. Energy Entrainment
11. Consciousness and Energy
12. Hologram
13. The Part Encodes the Whole
14. The Consciousness Matrix
15. Brain in Phase
16. Evaluation
17. Self Congnition
18. Time-Space Dimension
19. Intervening Dimensions
20. Subatomic Particles
21. Dimensions In-Between
22. Special Status: Out-Of-Body-Experience
23. Absolute in Perspective
24. From Big Bang to Torus
25. Our Place in Time
26. Quality of Consciousness
27. Consciousness in Perspective
28. Gateway Method
29. Hemi-Sync Introduced
30. Advanced Techniques
A. Problem Solving
B. Patterning
C. Color Breathing
D. Energy Bar Tool
E. Remote Viewing
F. Living Body Map
G. Focus 15: Travel into the Past
H. Focus 21: The Future
31. The Out-of-Body Movement
32. Role of REM Sheep
33. Information Collection Potential
34. Belief System Considerations
37. Motivational Aspect
38. Conclusion