Alfonso Romero TI Statement

Alfonso Romero

I. Well the problem is how, how are we going to be able to proof such a subtil form of persecution?. I don’t see it is possible.

After nine years of been fighting this Satanic force alone (only God sustain my heart) the only thing that i think can become favorable in order to revert the process it is not only by denouncing the existence of such a monstrosity throughout any means, it needs of something more practical, it could be of great help if Christian Churches and Congregations take the subject seriously and simple start talking about this, without fear, because there are many good peoples under persecution, yes, but there are too many good peoples that are been used as persecutors, poppets of the judeo/masonery. And they are not only going against the Law but against God itself, and they should be warned…

II. I’m from Miami too and i has been under such a fire for around 9 years … i was living with my social security benefices in a very cheap place … they began to attack the landlord with many city tickets till he finally sell the property for demolition now they made of me a homeless person, i’m sixty five years old. I’m not afraid of these satanists, i’m a Christian. How can i contact you?.

Tambien soy cubano, me gustaría conocer a otros en la comunidad que esten siendo afectados por este flagelo. Quizás se pueda hacer algo judicial en grupo, colectivamente. Vivo en mi van y me aseo en un GYM, por eso tengo un P.O.Box. Ten presente que todos nuestros medios electrónicos estan intervenidos, es un milagro si me sale este post aquí, es la segunda vez que trato sin resultados. Saludos!

Alfonso Romero
Coral Gables, Fl

III. I. The takeover of America by these evil forces has been a very extensive process in time, it would be necessary to go back to the epoch of the formation of the American nationality in which the masonic lodges played the fundamental role, that’s where everything began, it was there in where the seed was sown. Today the Constitution seems wonderful to us because many of these Freemasons were Christians and Christians the majority of the citizens of this country and therefore that Freemasonry was not openly Luciferian, like today, that defies Christian values ​​without qualms; his great architect is none other than Satan himself, an architect only manufactures, he does not create from nothing, therefore he can not be a God, but that was not seen that way by those Christians.

The important thing for that Freemasonry was to play to make the structure of a State and that they did it, once, concealing their goals and achieving the initial purpose they remained in their secret societies conspiring and influencing society through the State institutions, until the present day.

If the American nation does not wake up and its best Christian childrens put aside their fears and begin to raise their voices from their churches and do not realize where the root of the evil is, it is only then a matter of time that the enemy of the land, the masonry will give a deadly blow to the people of the United States. Will American Christianity assume its responsibility with courage? Let’s hope that there are those willing men by the grace of God.

The peace of Christ.

IV. It is treason!. You are missing something, this is not a mere sedition because they are involve in the work of the secret societies, most of them are Freemasons, and this ‘fraternity’ has its roots in a secret agenda elaborated from the Judaism/Zionism for the world domination, which is the core of the deep state, and they are strangers to any place, they are Jews/talmudists …

The fundamental characteristic of any State, visible or not, it is to have a limit or range of land – there is one: they almost own America, and want the whole world – and the second one is an army/police force – they already have …: NSA,CIA,FBI.
In other words, they has been working together, which made of them conspirators, and against the peoples of the USA, and for another nation, an alien nation of complex characteristics, not at all visible till now, but an international Nation/State: ‘The New World Order’. This is treason!.