“Neural Guantanamo:” Testimony of A.E. (October, 2018)

Webmaster (E.T.K.) Comment: The following four recorded personal testimonies by life-long MK-ULTRA victim, A.E., offer a VERY sophisticated understanding of the targeting and programming tactics deployed against “TIs” (targeted individuals) in the global organized stalking/electronic torture/mind control program here referred to as GISTAPO-666. These statements (below) accurately describe how “the program” destroys the lives of “targets” and also provide insights into the character of the “Illuminati-Masonic-satanic” elite who ultimately run these evil programs.

The picture that emerges is that blacklisted individuals, classified as “targets,” are coerced, controlled, and co-opted through continuous and covert manipulation of their external and internal (mental and physiological, through psychotronics) environments. Collectively, these techniques comprise “no-touch torture” waged by the corporate state against generally innocent citizen-civilians.

These programs, presumably taxpayer-funded, give New World Order political, corporate, intelligence, academic, and military/paramilitary “special forces” operatives the power to:

1) secretly “eliminate” (assassinate) and/or “neutralize” anyone secretly “watchlisted,” that is, designated by the DHS as a political enemy, adversary, “potential threat,” or “terrorist” (who in actual fact are generally critics of government policies, “dissidents,” “whistleblowers,” etc.),
2) slowly drive “targets” insane due to application of CIA “no-touch torture” techniques, as occurred at the U.S. military-run Guantanamo Bay detention center, so they will eventually snap and act out violently, perhaps killing themselves or killing/injuring others, whereupon they can be incarcerated and/or diagnosed as delusional-schizophrenic-paranoid and institutionalized; the so-called “psychiatric reprisal.”
3) utilize earlier MKULTRA victims as “non-consensual experimentees” and/or control and manipulate them to fulfill particular functions for the New World Order agenda (i.e., to be NWO slaves),
4) use individuals as “non-consensual experimentees” in a host of brain-transhumanism-cloning-AI research and development programs carried out by the military-corporate-academic complex,
5) use individuals as “non-consensual experimentees” for the testing of neurotech – nonlethal weapons in military-corporate-academic research and development programs.
6) secretly, silently genocide targeted individuals, groups, and entire populations throughout the world.

1) Neural Guantanamo: Programming Part 1

Programming Part 1: Neural Guantanamo

2) Neural Guantanamo: Disclosure Part1

Neural Guantanamo: Disclosure Part 1

3) Neural Guantanamo: Insidious Presence

Neural Guantanmo: Insidious Presence

4) Laws Against Torture

Laws Against Torture