9/11 Executed by “Neocon-Jew-Captured” US Government to Justify “Global Domination and Domestic Surveillance State Agenda” (Honegger)


Published July 15, 2016

Transcription of first portion of Honegger’s talk (by ETK):

ETK note: This extremely important presentation by White House and military policy insider, Barbara Honegger, proves that the (Jewish) ‘neo-con’ PNAC (Project for a New American Century) signatories and participants orchestrated Operation 9/11 as pretext to justify their long-planned “global dominance and domestic surveillance state agenda.” While I disagree with Honegger on a few important points (for example, I am convinced no planes hit the WTC and that the towers were destroyed mainly via directed energy weapons), I find her analysis to be correct for the most part.

Even after researching this subject for 16 years now, Honegger’s account of the pre-meditated, cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians that occurred on 9/11 still makes me nauseous. The Jewish/Zionist “neo-conservatives” that controlled the Bush II and Obama administration remain the principle power behind the Trump administration. Hence, absent a true unveiling and widespread recognition of these truths by the American and world public, we may expect the neocon Jews’ “global dominance and domestic surveillance state agenda” to continue to advance toward the establishment of their long-sought “Jewish universal empire” (One World Government/One World Religion/New (Satanic) World Order) as called for in the Jewish (Babylonian) Talmud and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

The implications of this information are critical to the proper understanding of the global, covert, inter-agency torture and assassination program we have been referring to as “gang stalking.” Understood in this broader context, we can deduce that “gang stalking” is not the testing of a weapons system, as some have postulated. Rather, it is a fully operational system by which the “domestic (and global) surveillance state” targets, tortures, and disposes of citizens of its own choosing.

Information included herein suggests that “gang stalking” is one component of the plan to usher in the Jewish Utopia and reign of the anti-Christ as outlined in the Protocols of Zion. This helps explain the diabolic nature of the gang stalking program.

Barbara Honegger, author of ‘October Surprise,’ worked as policy analyst in the Reagan-Bush I administration and between 2000 and 2011, worked as senior military affairs journalist at the Naval Post-Graduate School. She has published “Pentagon Attack” papers and has been a pioneer in investigating the war games of 9/11 as well as the Anthrax attacks.

“Behind the Smoke Curtain: Or Everything You Think You Probably Know about the Pentagon Attack on 9/11 is Wrong”

One year before 9/11, on Sept. 11, 2000, the ‘neocon’ Project for a New American Century (PNAC), called in their manifesto, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” for a “New Pearl Harbor,” p. 51:

“The process of transformation, even it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a New Pearl Harbor.”

Also, in September 2000, according to movie producer Aaron Russeau, Nicholas Rockefeller, of the Rockefeller family that built the World Trade Center Towers, made him an offer. Rockefeller told him: “There’s going to be an Event, and out of that Event we’re going to invade Afghanistan, so we can run pipelines through the Caspian Sea, so we can invade Iraq and take the oil and establish bases in the Middle East, and to make the Middle East part of the New World Order.”

If he “joined them,” Russeau told him, he “would be spared the police state measures that would be imposed on the rest of the American public (after the Event) happened.”

PNAC prepared the grounds for 9/11 so it would be seen as a surprise attack, which it wasn’t. In months leading up to 9/11, neocon, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld gave out hundreds of copies of 1962 book on Pearl Harbor, which pushed the false surprise-attack and intelligence-failure line on the Pearl Harbor attack.

The movie hit theatres in late May, 2001, using real Navy ships.

Only an attack on an iconic national military facility, however, could give the ‘neocons’ their “New Pearl Harbor.” Only the Pentagon attack made the 9/11 attack into the “New Pearl Harbor,” that the authors of the PNAC manifesto wanted and needed to role out their global domination agenda. I.e., they needed more than the “attacks” on the World Trade Center in New York City, which would have been seen only as a much larger version of Oklahoma City bombing and of WTC 1993 attack.

They needed this New Pearl Harbor to claim justification for:

1) Endless preemptive wars, that we are still in.

2) The formation of the first US mainland combatant command, NorthCom (Northern Command). The Bush-Cheney administration had stated they wanted the entire world, including the United States, to now be considered part of the global battlefield. In order to make the U.S. itself part of the global battlefield they had to create NorthCom.

3) On Sept. 11, 2001, there was an agreement with Canada, that the US President and the Canadian Prime Minister would have joint authority over NORAD response. 9/11 was also used as pretext to bypass this joint authority over NORAD’s response. And NorthCom now had decision making powers. This explains why the response of fighter jets on 9/11 was so late (1.5 hours).

4) The domestic surveillance state that we are still within.

5) President George W. Bush to continually evoke Article 2 of the Constitution, the so-called “Commander-in-Chief” powers, which he and members of his administration did repeatedly, to justify violation of our Bill of Rights, of US federal law, of international law, and even Nuremberg principles.

Bush even said that it was the Pentagon attack that made it war in his mind and a “New Pearl Harbor.” He (supposedly) wrote in his diary on Sept. 11: “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today.” He repeated this in his memoir, his book, and in his speeches.

So get their ‘Global Domination and Surveillance State Agenda’ met, the Pentagon attack had to succeed. Thus, they had to control the entire operation. In order to control it, they had to execute it. Only pre-placed explosives at the WTC and the Pentagon could have caused the buildings to come down the way they did and thus, enable the mass PsyOp of 9/11. (ETK note: I tend to agree with Dr. Judy Wood, that use of directed energy weapons probably provides the best explanation for the physical evidence of the WTC attacks.)

Thus, the real story at the Pentagon is the same as the WTC: Plane impacts were mere cover cause. The real story at both the WTC and the Pentagon is pre-placed inside-the-building explosives with a plane approach and destruction as the cover cause.

Also, to get their New Pearl Harbor, PNAC neocon signatories had to steal the 2000 election, which they did by stealing it in Florida, where George W. Bush’s brother, Jeb, was governor, a PNAC signatories and participants.

Bush V. Gore was argued by none other than Ted Olson, whose wife’s non-existent, alleged cell phone calls were the only source for the Pentagon story that there were hijackers on Flight 77. Without this piece, the entire official story of the Pentagon attack falls apart. The official position of the FBI, the Pentagon, and American Airlines today is that Olson’s wife never made that phone call (per David Ray Griffin’s book, “The New Pearl Harbor”).

Bush II planned on being a war president even before he became president. He said so.

Once the election was stolen for Bush II, PNAC signatories and participants became the U.S. government. PNAC signatories and participants took over top positions in the new Bush administration and they uniquely had the motive, means, and access to effect their New Pearl Harbor; in the attacks of 9/11 and then to role out their “Global Governance and Domestic Surveillance State Agenda”!!!!.

Once in power, however, only the Pentagon attack guaranteed that Bush and the PNAC signatories and members could roll out their global domination and domestic surveillance state agenda.

By the way, the Bush v. Gore case was decided by Supreme Court completely unconstitutionally because the Constitution makes explicitly clear that in the case of a contested Presidential election that the House of Representatives makes the decision, not the Supreme Court.

In addition, only the Pentagon attack enabled the “We are at War” banner which appeared above the head of General Zahner on TV images immediately after 9/11 attacks. NSA General Zahner, head of their Signals Intelligence Directorate, was in charge of the NSA unit that surveilled calls to and from “Al Qaeda’s” global communications center in Yemen for a minimum of a year and a half before 9/11. They knew exactly what was coming down.

The “New Pearl Harbor” and “war” memes were pushed by the mainstream media even as the attacks were in progress, when the WTC center towers were smoking and before either had come down. For example, the BBC began to play clips of the Pearl Harbor incident as the TV coverage of the WTC attacks was unfolding. On NBC news’ Today’s show, Tom Brokaw stated: “There’s been a Declaration of War on the U.S by terrorists…. This is the most serious attack on the U.S. since Pearl Harbor.”

Thus, 9/11 was clearly designed using the original Pearl Harbor attacks as its template. The new Pearl Harbor insider script required that the attacks appeared to be surprise attacks by kama kazi pilots. This time planes were used on buildings instead of ships. Both attacks were in the morning. There needed to be a critical mass of innocent deaths.

NSA advisor Condoleeza Rice and Bush II both said that they “couldn’t imagine” planes being used in such an attack. Well, Rice is a historian so she must know that planes were used in the Pearl Harbor attack.

Rice and Phillip Zelikow, who became executive director of 9/11 coverup “inquiry,” were members of Bush Sr.’s “A” team when he was President. They served together on Bush Sr. National Security Council and had co-authored a book together and Zelikow became her top aid plenipotentiary at the State Dept., when she moved to the State Dept. In his own bio, Zelikow states he is an expert at creating “public myths” (you can read that as “lies”) and maintaining “public presumptions” about those lies (i.e., “cover-ups”).

Zelikow was effectively the sole author of the 9/11 Commission Report. He wrote its detailed outline before the so-called investigation even began. And Zelikow authored the “Bush Doctrine” for unilateral pre-emptive war under Condoleeza Rice at the State Dept.

I also interviewed Richard Clark, who was the so-called “Counter-Terrorism Czar” in the Bush Jr./Cheney White House when I was at the Naval Post-Graduate School. And he told me in an article that I published on a DOD website that: “the White House approved all major exercise scenarios in advance.” Now the White House can only mean the National Security Council and/or Vice President Cheney. And the National Security Council was headed by Condoleeza Rice and the “Counter-Terrorism Czar” was Mr. Clark himself.

So what does that mean?

I was the original researcher who uncovered the reality of and the importance of as the modus operandi for the planning, execution, and cover-up of the real inside perpetrator attack of 9/11 that at the center of that were military exercises that were taking place on the morning of 9/11 itself that were hi-jack scenarios. So what we are saying here is that Richard Clark himself told me personally that he and Condoleeza Rice knew of and pre-approved the hi-jack scenario exercises before and on 9/11.

To “succeed,” the real, inside job, 9/11 Psy-Op required a critical mass of innocent deaths.

Believe it or not, after the World Trade Center attack in 1993 that killed 5 people and injured about a thousand, federal agents were heard to say by reporter, Steven Emerson, that “there had not been enough deaths” this time. After the 1993 WTC attacks, also, the WTC towers’ roof doors were ordered locked by official New York City policy, so that on 9/11, the innocent victims above the impact zones were trapped, terrorized, and killed. They had no way to escape except to jump. And even the New York Times published that 105 victims had gotten right up to the door, where in 1993 they were able to go onto the roof, but on 9/11 they were blocked.

Also, after the impacts and before the Towers fell, dozens of military and civilian helicopters self-dispatched, wonderful people from the military started flying towards New York City intending to rescue survivors from the Towers, to risk their lives and their helicopters. They were ordered to go to a nearby military base so that they could not respond.

On 9/11, two World Trade Center tower attacks, 15 minutes apart, of course, ensured the maximum Psy-Op, insured this maximum live audience for the second WTC hit and Towers’ collapse.

After the 9/11 attacks, Paul Wolfowitz, who was a top signatory and participant in the Project for the New American Century manifesto, published exactly a year before 9/11, and was Deputy Secretary of Defense on 9/11 immediately under Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, he had this to say about critical mass of deaths in the 9/11 attacks. He predicted before the final numbers were, that the 9/11 attacks would result in a greater number of American deaths would be greater than in any single day in US history since the civil war and that Americans would now be willing to sacrifice their lives in great numbers for the cause of defeating terrorism, the so-called “Global War on Terrorism.”

The official story of the Pentagon attack is, of course, a lie…..

(ETK: I invite the reader to watch the rest of the video presentation for themselves to learn the details that disprove the official story of 9/11 attacks at the Pentagon.)