Synopsis of Global Organized Stalking (and 5G!; Smart City) System by TI, Bryan Tew (9/11/2019)

Webmaster (ETK) Comment: The below email message I received on Sept. 11, 2019 seems to be an excellent, concise and exact summary of the global gang stalking system! Thanks Bryan.


5G Technologies are also used for purposes designed around ‘ORGANIZED STALKING’! It’s known by the acronym ‘SSS’! You probably already know this but I thought I would mention it to see if you wished to discuss it with regard to 5G as well:

Using ‘SMART-CITY’ Technology an automated active and adaptive system of Real-Time EXASCALE (Artificial Life: Remote Neural Networks with a Will, Intellect & Emotion of their own) SUPERCOMPUTERs are Coordinatiing, Analyzing, Predicting, Influencing, Enabling & Directing the Paradigm of Organized Stalking Against Targeted Individuals in real time, allowing CIA/DIA Hive Mind Teams, hiding behind and using law enforcement agencies and other government agencies – foreign and domestic (outsourcing)- to do their dirty work, utilize local police departments and their Army of Informants turned into Provocateurs (Organized Stalkers) against the victims to predict & detect – real time in advance – the Choice Reference Patterns of the Targeted Individual as those Choices (Memories) are forming in real time, enabling the Fusion Center Community-Based-Agents (CBA), called SWARMERS, etc., to take proactive measures to stay ahead of or counter in real time the Targeted Individual — and potentially prevent the Mind Control Victim from defeating the RNM System technology.

By marrying the concepts of Crime Analytics and Predictive Policing, Artificially Alive Exa-scale Supercomputers – via a separate INTRANET connection – are using a strategy called INTER-CONNECTION – via the INTERNET/INTRANET – to exchange REAL TIME data and information between community based agents, police, community policing groups and their Army of Informants turned into Provocateurs (Organized Stalkers) as to the location and activities of the victim, achievable in real time because of the Picket, Surveillance, Leap Frogging, etc., using Smart Phone Technologies and other pedestrian forms of real time communication (social media, etc.).

So the RNM System does actually most of the initial communication with the Organized Stalkers with the Community-Based-Agents, Swarmers and other higher ups engaging the Organized Stalkers in two and three way HUMINT (government informants turned into provocateurs) via this Automated, Active and Adaptive System only when the victim moves into their area of operation. Then the Organized Stalkers pick up the target and seek to engage, harass, distract, attack, injure, etc., the targeted individual. So, the Organized Stalkers are not dedicated to the targeted individual, per se, but to all targeted individuals who move through their area of operation where they live, work and play, allowing for greater degrees of Indirection and Plausible Deniability.

The RNM System targeting Mind Control victims with Remote Neural Monitoring/Remote Neural Manipulation is able to piggyback off of these EXA-SCALE – Artificially Alive – Systems at the speed of light, in real time, to target, surveil, injure, threaten, harass, distract and torture the victim into submission to the System’s influences, constantly targeting the victim’s communications, financial transactions, career, health and well being, transportation, etc., and other daily activities, with constant chaos, trauma and disruption to create a PSYCHOTRONIC CONCENTRATION CAMP the Mind Control victim cannot break out of and escape from, much less even fully recognize, especially when the police and other government perpetrators pull ‘BAIT & SWITCH’ tactics with the Organized Stalkers to set up and entrap the victim, as they have done to me and others.

The Targeted Individual’s daily activities and other information is more effectively triaged, analyzed for actionable insights, and subsequently disseminated to the appropriate agencies and individuals (Community-Based-Agents, Swarmers…Organized Stalkers, etc.) in a useful time frame with these Smart City Technologies (SSS).

This allows the Community-Based-Agents, police officers, analysts, etc., to detect the CHOICE REFERENCE PATTERNS of the mind control victim as they are forming, enabling the community-based-agents, swarmers…organized stalkers, etc., to take proactive measures to stay ahead of evaluate any new incident patterns of the victim which develop throughout the city as the Targeted Individual tries to Function and Survive. This allows the Fusion Centers to forecast the favorite ‘hot spots’ of the Targeted Individual to proactively allocate resources and deploy personnel (Organized Stalking) to those areas in advance resulting in improved force effectiveness to NEUTRALIZE the Activist Dissident and Whistle Blower in real time.

For example, digital video around the world is growing, both in the private sector and the public sector. You get cities like San Diego, Denver, and New York, for example, which are very highly populated with cameras for monitoring everything from, say, public transportation to general activity. The RNM System taps into and uses analytics on these digital video systems for real-time operations and can generate alerts based on certain events concerning the victim … but also for use as a forensic tool against the victim (e.g.: Stalking, Gas Lighting, etc.). The RNM System then uses those video analytics to look back and reconstruct what has happened with the Targeted Individual and see if there are conclusions to be drawn, by way of Artificial Intelligence Models using automation and activation in those processes.

SMART-CITY technologies are utilizing a SMART SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM (‘SSS’) System which allows the RNM System to piggyback off law enforcement agencies and other government agencies and organizations and use digital video monitoring systems against the mind control victim, and that offering enables the end-users (Hive Mind Teams, Surveillance Teams, etc.) to ‘view, monitor and digitally record’ the daily activity of the Targeted Individual through telemetry and other methods while archiving it all over an IP network allowing real-time access to critical information regarding the activities of the victim as the target moves around the city or neighborhood.

Smart Surveillance Systems (SSS) provides the RNM System with the unique capability to carry out intelligent data analysis of video sequences either in real time or from recordings. Based on open standard middleware. This SSS platform allows for the monitoring and analysis of real-world events via multiple sensors, including video cameras, radars, chemical and biological sensors, or audio/ visual inputs and is well suited to integrate technologies from multiple vendors even in a clandestine and top secret operation (CIA/DIA TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROL technologies).

Smart Surveillance Systems provides distinct advantages for CIA/DIA, local police, community based agents, organized stalkers including:

• Real-time alarm signals to preempt any spontaneous incidents by identifying the behaviors of Targeted Individuals, etc.

• Forensic capabilities enhanced by utilizing unique indexing and attribute-based search of video events to reclassify target.

There are many weaknesses to this system. With so many variables involved it is easy to see why the Americans, who absolutely depend on such smart city technologies for their very existence, are so nervous about Huawei and other foreign sponsors, especially from China and Russia.


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  1. I need help went threw gangstalking program now the RNM also lot of sexually still they seen to show me to someone then with them for a while what is going on this is killing me thow name is Stephen Hall live in Melbourne Florida

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