Know Your Enemy: Spycraft 101 (from Various Sources)

Introductory Quotes:

1) “Intelligence operations have turned out to be a domestic war.”

-Maria Serna, Crusade For Justice (From CounterSpy Volume 3, Issue 1, 1976) (Declassified “CounterSpy” Magazine (1973-1984) Issues Expose U.S. Government-CIA-FBI Criminal/Terrorist Operations Worldwide)

2) “Abolish the CIA and Covert Action: The Organizing Committee demands the CIA and covert action be abolished not only because we recognize that the CIA serves only the multinational corporate empire, which is thoroughly antidemocratic and unAmerican, but also because the CIA ls a criminal organization and covert actions are criminal actions.”

-(From CounterSpy Volume 2, Issue 4, 1976) ((Declassified “CounterSpy” Magazine (1973-1984) Issues Expose U.S. Government-CIA-FBI Criminal/Terrorist Operations Worldwide)

3) “It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize the American people to hate, so we will let the establishment spend any amount of money on arms….”

-John Stockwell, Ex-CIA Station Chief and highest CIA employee to “go public” (EX-CIA Whistleblower, John Stockwell: “US Fascist Shadow Government, CIA Secret Wars and Drug Running, Gulf War I and NWO, JFK Assassination, etc. (1986, 1989, 1991)

4) “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.”

–President John F. Kennedy, shortly before his assassination (by the CIA and others) on Nov. 22, 1963

5) “Should the practice of Spydom become universal, farewell to all domestic confidence and happiness.”

-London Times, Christmas 1859

6) “Personal violence is for the amateur in dominance, structural violence is the tool of the professional. The amateur who wants to dominate uses guns, the professional uses social structure.”

– Johan Galtung

ETK (Webmaster) Introduction: “Targeted Individuals” have been secretly classed as “enemies of the state” and involuntarily enrolled in a confusing world of lies, spies, set-ups, street theater, covert operations, and slow-kill psychological operations and torture via “nonlethal” (directed energy) weapons. Indeed, such “targeting” involves the use of deadly spy tactics previously deployed against foreign enemies. Therefore, it behooves us to try to understand a little about how spies operate. In this post, I share insights from various sources which offer insights into the modus operandi of spies, government agents, spooks, “useful idiots,” vigilantes, surveillance role players, trackers, spotters, and other low-lifes who follow the instructions they get on their cell phone apps, etc. As demonstrated in the movies, “Enemy of the State” and the Borne Identity series, these agents/spies operate within chain-of-command structures and often work ferociously to track, disrupt, discredit, defame, defeat, degrade, destabilize, and destroy their “targets.” (See: Gang Stalking Terms and Objectives Made Easy: I. “D,” “I,” and “A” Words; II. Types of People in the New War (GISTAPO-666))

Spying has been described as the “second oldest profession.” In my opinion, the “oldest profession,” prostitution, as degraded and degrading as it may be, is the more honorable. For a spy’s entire professional (and often personal) life is based on deception, fraud, malice, lies, and yes, even murder. There are many other terms for spies, including “government agent,” spook, intelligence or counterintelligence officer, “agent of influence,” “counter-terrorism expert,” “change agent,” ‘surveillance role player,” “crisis actor,” etc., etc.

Forget the glamorous image of the James Bond movies and their like, here is the reality: Spies who target innocent civilians in their own nations are guilty of treason and are traitors. Thus, I suggest we consider re-instituting capital punishment for those who violate the God-given and constitutionally-guaranteed liberties of American citizens. For those who fret about overpopulation, this could help their cause, especially given that the Department of Homeland Security announced in a 2003 Boston Globe article that they hoped to recruit 100 million citizen-spies in America!

I. Spycraft 101: Lesson 1: Control of Society Through Deception, Propaganda, Brainwashing, Psychological Warfare, Mind Control, Torture, and Creation of Mind Control Slaves, Assassins, and Patsies: From Mind Control: History and Applications by the Webmaster, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, 2012

A) Brainwashing and Brain Changing: “In 1953, (CIA Director Allen) Dulles, speaking before a national meeting of Princeton alumni, distinguished two fronts in the then-current “battle for men’s minds”: a “first front” of mass indoctrination through censorship and propaganda, and a “second front” of individual “brainwashing” and “brain changing.” Before an audience of fellow Ivy Leaguers, Dulles skipped the usual pieties about democracy. The same year, Dulles approved the CIA’s notorious MKULTRA project, and exempted it from normal CIA financial controls.”

Alex Constantine, Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. 1995

B) Disinformation: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false.”

William Casey, CIA Director, first staff meeting, 1981

C) Control of Media: “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

William Colby, CIA Director

D) Create Surrogate/Mind Controlled Agents To Do Your Bidding: “The principal secret of secret intelligence is how to get someone to do your bidding….. From its beginning in 1947, the CIA… has spent millions of dollars (actually now probably billions – ETK) on a major program of research to find drugs or other esoteric methods to bring ordinary people, willing and unwilling alike, under complete control- to act, to talk, to reveal the most precious secrets, even to forget on command.”

John Marks, “In Search of the Manchurian Candidate, the CIA and Mind Control” (1976)

E) Psychological Warfare Against Civilians:
“Cryptocracy” is a compound of “crypto”, meaning “secret,” and “cracy,” meaning “rule, government, governing body.” The “cryptocracy” then is the secret government whose identity and whereabouts have slowly and reluctantly been hinted at by the Congress through its investigations into Watergate, the CIA, and the rest of the intelligence community…..

The cryptocracy invades the privacy of citizens and corporations. It meddles, often violently, in the internal politics of foreign countries, and has hired, trained, and equipped mind-controlled assassins for the murder of heads of state (including JFK, RFK, MLK Jr. etc.- author’s addition)…. The story within the story, I discovered, is an astonishing one of a psychological war waged by the U.S. cryptocracy against the American people.”

Walter Bowart, Operation Mind Control: The CIA’s Plot Against America (1978)

F) Through Torture and Use of Electromagnetic Frequencies, Create Mind-Controlled Slaves and A “Psycho-Civilized (Mind Controlled) Society”:
“The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

Dr. Jose Delgado in front of Congress, 1974

“Through “Over two million Americans have been programmed by trauma-based mind control since 1947, and the CIA admitted its Mind Control publicly in 1970, and yet the existence of the mind-control is still secret to the general public.”

Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Appendix I: The Programmers

II. Lesson 2: Basic Insights from “The Good Shepherd” film (broadly based on the life of CIA Director, Allen Dulles) on Disinformation, Playback, Creation of “Unreal Worlds,” Applying Pressure, Double Agents, Spies Go to Hell:

A) Disinformation: Older American spy to younger American spy: “You are going to have to learn, and as quickly and thoroughly as possible, the English system of intelligence, the black arts, particularly counterintelligence – the uses of information, disinformation, and how their use is ultimately… power.”

(“They (The Brits) have agreed to open up their operations to us – they can’t win the war without us – but they don’t really want us here… Intelligence is their mother’s milk, and they don’t like sharing the royal tit with people that don’t have titles. They can’t win the war (WWII) without us, but they don’t really want us here.”)

B.) “Playback:” Older British Spy to Younger American Spy: “Use your tradecraft well, particularly in the use of black propaganda and the ingredient known as “playback”…. Understanding how effectively your own disinformation is actually working on the enemy.”

C.) Create “unreal world” for the Enemy:
It’s vital to penetrate the enemy’s intelligence services. Push them into an unreal world, as it were.

D.) Apply Constant Pressure. Older British Spy: “We know you’ve been passing information to the German high command. Don’t give anyone time to think. Pass this on to your German friends.”

E.) Double Agents; You can’t trust anyone: Younger American Spy: “How do we know he won’t be working for two masters?”

Older British Spy: “Precisely? We don’t.”

Younger American Spy: “How do I know if I can even trust you?”

Older British Spy: “You won’t. I mean, I hope you’re lucky enough you’ll meet someone you trust. I’ve got to say…. I haven’t.”

F.) Spies go to hell. Older British Spy to Younger American Spy: “Get out while you still can. While you still have a soul.”

III. Lesson 3: Deeper insights from “The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World” by Douglas Valentine (2017)

A. CIA as Organized Crime: “The CIA is a criminal conspiracy on behalf of wealthy capitalists… it is the organized crime branch of the US government…. it is a criminal organization that is corrupting governments and societies around the world. It’s murdering civilians who haven’t done anything wrong. The military does the same thing in a more violent way. Cops too…. Essential to this arrangement is the CIA’s accommodation with organized crime… the accommodation between organized crime and law enforcement is the glue that holds the system together…. For twenty years the CIA has been working with the criminal underworlds in every nation, doing exactly what the old narcotic agents did— creating crimes and covering them up.”

B. Control of Drug Trafficking: “The CIA’s control of drug trafficking is America’s darkest secret…. Al McCoy wrote about this back in 1972. The CIA was protecting the major drug dealers in the Golden Triangle, just like they’ve been protecting the major drug dealers in Afghanistan for the past fifteen years. They were funneling herin and opium to their warlords in South Vietnam as a payoff for advancing the US policies that were detrimental to their own country. The CIA bought their services by allowing them to deal narcotics, and a lot of that dope made its way back to the homeland (US) through enterprising soldiers and various criminal organizations. It was a criminal conspiracy of the highest order.”

B. Control of Information/media: “The pressures the CIA imposes on the media amount to political warfare directed against the American public. It’s no different than how the CIA mounts “counter-subversion” operations overseas…. Control of information has become the key to the oligarchy’s success…. Censorship of opposing narratives (ETK- like the truth) is one of the main mechanisms for controlling information.”

C. Secret Armies: “By the 1960s, the CIA also had a secret army in Laos under Vang Pao, the leader of the Hmong tribe, who supported themselves by growing opium, with considerable CIA assistance.”

D. Plausible deniability and “intelligence potential:” “The CIA doesn’t do anything unless it meets two criteria. The first is “intelligence potential”… which means it has some use to the CIA. Maybe it (the clandestine (covert), illegal operation) tells them how to overthrow a government , or how to blackmail an official, or where the report is hidden, or how to get an agent across a border. The second criterion is that it can be denied.”

E. Falsification of history:
“Their most egregious crime is the systematic falsification of history. What starts out as an agent padding reports beomces, when all those reports are assembled, the myth of the cop or soldier or CIA agent as hero.”

F. the National Security Lie: “The most important fiction of all is the need for secrecy to preserve our national security. From time to time that is true but far more often officials use secrecy to conceal their corruption and crimes.”

G. Unlimited funding available: One Vietnamese reporter stated: “The CIA spends money like water.”

H. Murder/torture of Civilians; The Phoenix Program and It’s Numerous Spinoff Programs (including the CIA-DHS GISTAPO-666).

IV. Lessons 4: From The Phoenix Program (the CIA’s civilian murder/torture/terror “political warfare” program run by the U.S. military against the Vietnamese domestic population that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Vietnamese civilians):

A.) Phoenix as Successful Computerized-Bureaucratic Genocide of Civilians Who Cannot Be “Ideologically Assimilated:”

“The July 15,1971 Times disclosed that: 26,843 non-military Vietcong insurgents and sympathizers (ETK- aka civilians) were neutralized (ETK – aka murdered) in 14 months through Operations Phoenix….

Phoenix was originally named ICEX-SIDE, for Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation- Screening, Tnterrogation and Detention of the Enemy.” But the name was quickly changed for symbolic purposes. In time the mere mention of Phoeni, the omnipotent bird of prey with a blacklist in one claw and a snake in the other, was enough to terrorize not only targeted members of the VCI, but the entire civilian population. Phoenix evolved from a “rifle-shot” approach to neutralize enemy leaders into a program of systematic repression for the political control of the South Vietnamese people It sought to accomplish this through a highly bureaucratized system of disposing of (killing) people who could not be ideologically assimilated.”

B.) surveillance, running agent nets, setting up propriety companies, and posing as a civilian (creating false or cover names and identities).

“(Future-Congressman Rob Simmons) entered the junior officer trainee program, which involved paramilitary training- handling weapons and making bombs- and intelligence training – surveillance, spy craft, running agent nets, setting up proprietary companies, etc…. Similar programs have proliferated since 9/11.

“Simmons returned to Vietnam in November 1970 as a CIA officer posing as a civilian employee of the Defense Department within MACV’s Pacification Security Coordination Group.

C.) How to collect information, maintain a cover story, make a contact, and secretly report to a case officer:

“The CIA funds, equips, and manages the special police forces it has created worldwide….. Next the (CIA-trained) Special Police drafted a Preliminary Plan to train the recruit in “tradecraft-” How to collect information, what matters to focus on, how to maintain a cover story, and how to make a contact with and secretly report to a case officer. If the CIA advisor approved the plan, he also provided the necessary equipment, tape-recorders, safe-houses, and items like antibiotics to purchase the target’s cooperation.

D.) “Turn” the enemy into informants and create informant networks. The PIC (Provincial Interrogation (i.e., torture) Center) chief’s job was to help “turn” captured VCI (civilians classified as “Vietcong Infrastructure”) into agents and maintain informant networks in the hamlets and villages.

E.) Torturing “detainees” (aka “re-teaching with sophisticated techniques”): “These techniques included rape, rape using eels, snakes or hard objects, and rape followed by murder; “the Bell Telephone Hour” rendered by attaching wires to the genitals of other sensitive parts of the body; waterboarding; “the airplane,” in which a prisoner’s arms were tied behind the back and the rope looped over a hook on the ceiling suspending the prisoner in midair while he or she was beaten; beatings with rubber hoses and whips; and the use of police dogs to maul prisoners.

F.) “counterintelligence efforts:” “McChristian arrived in Saigon in July 1965 as the military’s intelligence chief. He recognized the threat posed by the VCI and, in order to destroy it, proposed “a large countrywide counterintelligence effort involved in counter sabotage, counter subversion, and counterespionage activities.”

V. Lesson 5: Post-Vietnam War Applications of the Phoenix Program:

A. Corrupting Societies: “Corrupting the leadership of a country in order to keep it in your pocket is integral to maintaining an empire. It is a well-established colonial policy. The main facets of Phoenix- controlling the “upper tier-people in a foreign government by corrupting them, and terrorizing the lower tier into submission- came together in the mid-70’s in Central America and exploded with Iran-Contra in the 1980s.”

“Corruption is the best way of destabilizing a country. If a nation’s top officials are corrupt and don’t represent the people, then it’s not the people’s government. America has made sure this happens in Mexico. After World War Two, the CIA started to effect this policy. Several presidents of Mexico have been agents of the CIA, working not to advance policies that help average people, but to effect American policy.”

B. Gun and Drug Smuggling: The US has an unstated policy of smuggling guns to militant factions in Mexico’s northern states that are continuously fighting against the central government. It’s one of the ways of keeping the central government weak, so that Mexico can never develop into a strong economic or political adversary. The US effects the same secret policy in every nation south of Mexico, too. Hillary Clinton staged a coup in Honduras in 2009.

C. Why Phoenix Is Still Useful:
The CIA uses Phoenix techniques because these techniques are deniable, affordable, and effective. Neither country can afford to have the US military bombing Mexican villages, so the oligarchs unite and do the job in this dirty underhanded way.

D. The Phoenix Program as the Basis of the Department of Homeland Security:

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