2 Replies to “7 Signs of An MKULTRA Gangstalking Cult (youtube)”

  1. I’ve been gangstalked. Anti abortion groups etc. I don’t know how other than I was Mormon and have a Pernicious ambient narcissistic Ambient abuse by proxy ex that is a shit disturber connected to a family of power and wealth.

  2. Yes Bay City texas abusing using this like crazy. Thry been doing this for years. And they are doing it to me furiously. For real. It is fucking sad. A bunch of idiots harrassing the fuck out of you illegally. Which is a felony. They just haven’t been indicated. All of them participating are organized criminals. Obviously they don’t knkw it. Or maybe they do..they just don’t give a damn. However it happens
    And it is happening to children. That’s the sad part. They are hiding me hostageegally then telling g people fuckshit about me illegally. Which is not what is so. And it is a hippa violation if it were true. Matagorda regional and trs combined. So well see whats next. What goes around comes around. Ha

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