Is “Gangstalking”/Domestic Terrorism of Innocent Civilians Being Conducted By Psychopaths/Devils Playing Computer Video Games? Testimony Of Whistleblower, Bryan Kofron (youtube, excerpt highlights, and related youtubes)

Webmaster Introduction: All “Targeted Individuals” struggle to understand the extremely cruel, complex, hi-tech “program” that is destroying their lives. The following short youtube video, a compilation from various interviews skillfully augmented with graphics and music, presents a very concise and very dire portrait of this global gangtalking-electronic torture program which I refer to as G5, “Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide GESTAPO.”

The incredibly destructive effects of “the technology”/”the program” seem to be accurately described herein by whistleblower, Bryan Kofron. Some of his claims could be exaggerated, however. In that case, this video could be regarded as a “worst case scenario.” Nonetheless, this dire warning should not be ignored.

Nonetheless, TIs and others should carefully consider the information and ramifications of the information that Kofron reports here so they can continue to develop and adopt defensive and counter-offensive measures for themselves and for our society.

Bryon Kofron (not his real name) is a somewhat controversial whistleblower. After bursting into the “TI” community as an insider/whistleblower and making several videos, he quickly disappeared from view. While it is possible he was “offed” or perhaps “went dark” due to a lawsuit he filed, it is also conceivable that his testimony here is a “psychological operation” designed to make TIs feel even more helpless and hopeless.

Some members of the “TI community” believe Kofron discredited himself because he reportedly was overheard laughing hysterically while in the process of self-producing audio recordings on this subject. Thus, they believe his testimony cannot be trusted. Since this “discrediting” incident was reported by only one person, however, I am of the opinion that much, if not all, of what he says should be taken seriously.

I can also imagine a third possible explanation for Kofron’s cackling while he was putting out this explosive and seemingly complete information. And that is this: Apparently, under the “laws” of satanism, is is incumbent upon satanists to inform their victims of what they are doing to them. This itself constitutes a form of mind control abuse. If Kofron was “on assignment” to spill the beans on the operation, but was an enthusiastic participant in it, this could account for Kofron’s hysterical and mocking laughter while he made some of his informational recordings.

I am inclined to believe Kofron’s testimony is sincere and invaluable. The real test, of course, is to discern the degree to which Kofron’s observations and insights parallel the bizarre realities targeted individuals are now witnessing and experiencing.

To me, among the most interesting revelations in this video is the following:

Kofron: “Having been an insider and actually having been a part of this program and having seen it operate on a day-to-day basis, I am aware that there are now entire cities in America that are nothing more than a massive social engineering experiment.

The people behind this program have turned this technology into a video game. And that is exactly how they approach it. They approach it as though they are playing a cross between Sid Meier’s Civilization on their computer and Sims, where they are controlling all of civilization and also controlling people on the individual level.”

To me, this scenario seems plausible. Hence, I include on this post two videos that describe Sid Meier’s Civilization as well as the Sims game. Might these videos provide clues as to the true identity of the perpetrators of the “program.”


Excerpts from above youtube:

Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense Minister:

“This disturbing message is for the several million Americans and for anyone else who cares deeply about their country and the planet earth.

The U.S. is in grave danger. Strangely, the peril is not from foreign enemies. But from enemies within. The United States and much of the rest of the world, is ultimately controlled by an unelected, unaccountable cabal. Its apex is the banking and financial cartel. Followed by the oil cartel. The CEOs of the largest and most powerful transnational corporations. Major intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA, and a major slice of the US military.

Their collective power and influence is incalculable. And it is their plan for the US and the rest of us that is so alarming.”

Bryan Kofron, former employee of SIS (Security Industries Specialists, Inc.), Whistleblower, and Targeted Individual:

“All it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing. And that is exactly what is happening today, as people who are crying out to family members and friends to local law enforcement and are being met with silence or even worse, ridicule. They are being accused of being crazy. They are being accused of being paranoid and schizophrenic.

And as I will detail, mental health organizations are complicit in this, rendering false diagnoses to completely cover up what is in fact a social engineering program and a covert research and development program for some of the most sophisticated and advanced technology that the world has ever seen.

Automated supercomputer software programming will manipulate the emotions and the thoughts and the behavior of everybody in the States of America.

It’s horrifying. And it is a crime against humanity.

Having been an insider and actually having been a part of this program and having seen it operate on a day-to-day basis, I am aware that there are now entire cities in America that are nothing more than a massive social engineering experiment.

What these people have done is turned this technology into a video game. And that is exactly how they approach it. They approach it as though they are playing a cross between Sid Meier’s Civilization on their computer and Sims, where they are controlling all of civilization and also controlling people on the individual level.

The overall effect of this technology is one that can control the mood, the attitudes, the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, and thus, the motivations, and then, the actions of the target all day, every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It is a highly sophisticated technology. It is one that produces literal and total and complete mind control over the targeted individual. And it is in the hands right now of people that are using it for nefarious purposes. Extremely evil and destructive purposes against individuals like myself. I’m now a target of this technology because I have decided to speak out about it.

This social engineering program experiments on the homeless population and the general population of Seattle utilizing what most people know as voice-to-skull technology. However, this technology is infinitely more advanced than most people know. It can be used to completely control the thoughts and emotions of the target and thus it can be used to control the target’s actions.

This program is illegal, unconstitutional, and absolutely terrifying. Because this technology could potentially be being used against tens to hundreds of millions of Americans every day. It can literally stop your own thoughts from happening and replace them with other thoughts by sending thoughts to your head. And it’s so sophisticated that you cannot tell where these thoughts are coming from. There’s no way to discern that they are coming from somewhere other than your own mind. So you can imagine how bad this would be for people that don’t even realize this technology exists and they are having these thoughts which they think are spontaneous.

And that’s exactly what it can be used for. It can be used to sway people in terms of their opinion. To make them go along with a certain agenda. It can be used to turn groups of people or individuals against each other.

But when you consider that use of it and the fact that it is used for emotion, and thought, and behavior modification, that we could potentially be looking at many, many millions of Americans across the country that are under the influence of this technology today right now.

Many of the homeless test subjects of this program start out as highly educated successful people. Their lives are systematically destroyed by this program using voice-to-skull technology, organized stalking, career sabotage, and an intense character assassination effort which isolates them from society, leaves them unemployed, and turns family and friends against them.

This a highly illegal program. It is being abused by people who have no regard for the welfare of those who are being experimented upon. They are evil in a way that I cannot understand and I do not want to understand. They are using this to manipulate society on every level for their own benefit and gain with an attitude of complete immaturity and for lack of a better word, complete evil. They are looking at this as a massive game and a massive joke that they are playing on the target and the American people.

This is horrifying and it is a crime against humanity. This is something that needs to be dealt with by the Supreme Court of the US and at the local and state level. It needs to be tackled by lawyers and civil rights advocates immediately.

The entire population of the United States could conceivably be controlled by this one day. This is something that effects serious long-term psychological and psychical damage on the target. They are being bombarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by radio frequency signals, microwave signals that literally cook their body, every single day and very single night. And, as a result they are they are aging at an accelerated rate. Their lives are being brought to a premature end by this technology. This technology radiates the teeth right out of people’s mouths. This technology deteriorates the muscles, joints, and bones of the individual, to the point that if hey have been under the influence of this technology for many years, it will leave them completely crippled.

And there are places you can go and you can see the long term effects that this technology has on people. In the homeless shelters of Seattle, Washington.

Speak out, go to your local law enforcement, spread the word of this far and wide.”

II. Civilization VI

Webmaster’s comment: The following youtubes on Civilization and The Sims video games, suggest that these games encourage and perhaps even help develop megalomania and psychopathy.

Based on the narration and graphics in the above youtube, Civilization VI, to me, sounds much like Jewish World Conquest/Jewish World Empire/Jewish Utopia/Tikkun Olam (Hebrew for “re-inventing” or “fixing” the world). The opening words sound a like a revised version of the first words of the Old Testament…. “In the beginning, the earth was without form and void….”

Throughout, the narrator refers to the need for “our people” to conquer and subdue all others in order to advance their New Age. He also speaks about the need for a great leader to come and unit all the tribes.

Always implicit and explicit in the narration, is “us” (our people) vs. “our enemy.” Always, “our people” must need to expand and prosper at the expense of all others.

A cartoon version of President Theodore Roosevelt welcomes “our people” to the United States and this offers “our people” great new opportunities and abundant resources that we need.

And the enemy must be utterly crushed economically and militarily to make sure they can never again compete with “our people.”

To the victor belongs the spoils…. The “New Age” is ours!

Presumably, the game of Civilization enlists young video gamers to help devise ways to advance the cause of “our people” against our enemy…. which is everyone else.

The worldview expressed here identical to the Jewish worldview.

And I am more and more persuaded that the TI who told me that “Jews are behind the whole (targeting) thing,” is correct.

The narrator seems to represent an alien race of parasites that advances its goals by infiltrating other nations, killing them off, and stealing their resources. This seems to describe the Jews as well.

Recall that when Theodore Hertzl, father of modern Zionism was asked at the First International Zionist World Congress over a century ago:

“Q. “Is Israel a nation?”

A. “If by nation you mean a group of people who are united against a common enemy, then Israel is a nation.”

The common enemy, evidently, is all non-Jews on planet earth!

“In the beginning, the earth was without form and void….

Now it required but one more ingredient: a great leader to unite the quarreling tribes. To build a legacy that would stand the test of time. A civilization.

So it falls upon you to fulfill our people’s true destiny. Under your leadership we shall surely prosper. From the seeds of this small settlement shall you grow our empire. Our people await your command.

With these builders we will forge our civilization, piece by piece, across the land.

We are now ready to expand our reach beyond our borders. The lands before us are filled with untold resources and dangers….

To truly thrive, we must become one people. It is the dawning of a new age. For the first time our civilization spreads beyond our cities allowing for the creation of new districts…. Each with its own focus and distinct advantages.

Religious districts strengthen the faith of our people. We push our civilization to new heights.

For there will always be those who wish to destroy all we have accomplished. Barbarian forces continually prey upon our lands. Thankfully, we are now prepared.

Our warriors are well trained. To ensure the safety of our borders, we must defeat the enemy at its source. Victory, our people are secure.

And upon these once untamed grounds our civilization grows. A New Age is upon us and we find us just one part of a larger world. We are no longer alone.

A cartoon version of President Teddy Roosevelt states:

“Welcome to the United States of America. If you conduct yourself well you can consider us friends.

This New World presents us with new possibilities. Our neighbors have access to resources we desperately need. A trade agreement here benefits both our people. As our relationships and resources grow so too must our own leadership.

We may now enact new policies to further steer the growth of our civilization. Beyond military and economic growth there are also the cultural needs of our people to consider. As culture advances, new opportunities present themselves to us.

The theatre and arts district allows our people to express themselves as never before. The results are breathtaking. Truly we have achieved a golden age of peace and cooperation.

But as with all things, this golden age cannot last. The industrial age brings great advancements but also great need for resources. Cooperation becomes competition. We find our world shrinks. Now more than ever, we must make the most of what land and resources we do have.

This industrial district is key to maximizing our production capabilities.

While we are fortunate, other civilizations are not. They view our prosperity with jealous eyes.

Our enemy knows us well. They have hit us close to heart, destroying valuable resources.

Still, we are not without our own forces.

The days of spear and arrow are long since behind us. It is time we show this invader our true might. (Tank blows up tank, planes blow up planes.) Well done. But this enemy cannot be left to lick its wounds and fight again. Our onslaughts must be absolute.

To the victor goes the spoils… Our civilization heals and grows more powerful.

As our people advance we realize that our future may hold more possibilities than combat. We discover our true potential and achieve greatness.

In this great age, our people surpass expectation and finally we move forward to the next chapter of our destiny.”

III. The Sims 3 Is a Perfectly Balanced game with NO EXPLOITS – Excluding Mind Control Only Challenge


Narrator in British accent:

“We can now hopefully exploit the entire world.”

6 months ago

Sims can perfectly be used by the British Army to collect tea and colonize everything.

Webmaster Comment: In “The Great Red Dragon” (1890), Rev. Woolfolk uses the terms “London Money Power” and “Jew Money Power” interchangeably.

Whereas Civilization and Civilization Revolution series seems to have a distinctively “jewish” personality, The Sims seems distinctively British……. But then I have repeatedly noted that the Synagogue of Satan, aka “Judeo-Masonic-satanists,” include a number of elements, but the master cults are Judaism and Masonry, and Masonry is a Judaic cult which, like Judaism, is based on the Jewish Kabbalah, the black magic system of satanism which jews picked up in during their “Babylonian captivity.”

Historically speaking, Freemasonry, traces its lineage back to Nimrod in the Old Testament and he was a “mighty hunter of men” (gang stalking?). Although it is global in its reach, Freemasonry is largely associated with England and Britain..

IV. MIND CONTROLLING SIMS! ~ The Sims 4 | Part 16

Webmaster’s Comment: In the life simulations of this and the following youtube videos, apparently mind control and murder are great fun for the game players. Perhaps these video games have helped create a (millennial) generation of insane psychopaths who wish to play God?

V. Ways To Die: In The Sims 4 (All Sims 4 Deaths)

VI. The Sims 4 – MURDER MOD! – The Sims 4 Funny Moments #29

“I want to introduce new people that I can bang and kill.”

VII. The Sims 4 – MILEY CYRUS MURDERED – The Sims 4 Funny Moments #30

VIII. ALL NEW DEATHS! – The Sims Hunger Games

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