4 FBI Leaders of Gangstalking (From Targetedjustice.com)

4 FBI Leaders of Gangstalking (From Targetedjustice.com)

They hide behind the bogus “National Security” claim

From Targeted Justice, Inc., Jun 6, 2022

1) Larissa Lynn Knapp [email protected]
Executive Director of FBI National Security Branch

2) Timothy Richard Langan, 51 [email protected]
Assistant Director, Counterterrorism Division (“counterterrorism” is the code word for gangstalking)

Timothy Langan was named assistant director of the Counterterrorism Division at FBI Headquarters in July 2021.

Mr Langan is responsible for all gangstalking efforts in the United States. He works closely with the DHS Intelligence & Analysis Branch, which provides the funding for his criminal activities.

3) Alan Edward Kohler, Jr. [email protected]
Assistant Director, Counterintelligence Division
Alan E. Kohler, Jr. was named assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division in April 2020.

One of Alan’s greatest achievements has been promoting the RussiaGate Hoax against President Trump.

Note: If you are a Targeted Individual, all of your personal information is held on computers at the:

FBI Terrorist Screening Center
801 Follin Lane SE
Vienna, Virginia

4) Charles H. Kable, IV [email protected]
Director, Terrorist Screening Center

Charles H. Kable, IV was named director of the Terrorist Screening Center in March 2017. His father also worked for the FBI.

Who provides the money for gangstalking? The short answer is – most of the money comes from the CIA’s black budget. It passes through several departments before it arrives at the FBI.

DHS Intelligence & Analysis
FBI – Fusion Centers – JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force)

Are we allowed to criticize government personnel?
Yes – see the Supreme Court Case, Baumgartner v. United States, 1944.

“American citizenship is the right to criticize public men and measures — and that means not only informed and responsible criticism, but the freedom to speak foolishly and without moderation.”

FBI email addresses available at Hunter.io – this is public information.

The FBI is the greatest domestic terror threat in America today.



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