Is Gang Stalking-Mind Control America’s “Most Important Policy?” Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Jeff Rense Show (3/6/2018)

Karlstrom-Rense 3-6-2018 Interview (Hour 2)

Karlstrom-Rense 3-6-2018 Interview (Hour 3)

My Informal Notes for Jeff Rense interview: March 5, 2018 (from my website:

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSUS

Briefly introduce my background and 5 websites:,,,,

Gang stalking/”counter-intelligence stalking-mind control” aka GOG’S NeW GESSTTAPO (Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups Electronic Surveillance, Slavery, Tracking, Torture, and PsyOps Operations)

From Dr. Rauni Kilde, “Bright Light on Black Shadows:”

“The elite have plans to get rid of 2/3 of the world’s population with electromagnetic warfare, chemical warfare, and psychological warfare…. Mind control, MK, is listed as a “non-lethal weapon” by the military… (But In 2002), the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) in Geneva, Switzerland, designated mind control as a weapon of mass destruction along with nuclear bombs… This technology links the brains of people via implanted microchips to satellites controlled by ground-based super-computers….

…All the US military branches are involved in the development of the technology, in cooperation with civil institutions like the Department of Health, in what is known as the NEURAL NETWORK ASSOCIATION. At their 1991 conference, it was revealed that they submitted and endorsed over 1000 projects in brain-computer technology at 350 medical centers, universities, etc. This is the most important policy of the United States…. with this invisible and silent weapon, they can control people and populations, biological and electronic systems, via space satellites.”

To examine this program to determine if Dr. Kilde may be correct that “this is the most important policy of the United States,” we must look at “counter-intelligence stalking” as the covert, unconstitutional, extra-legal means of:


“cognitive infiltration,”
“social engineering,”
“perception management”
“information warfare”

In reality:

-“psychological warfare,”
-“psycho-terrorism/political terrorism”
-“unconventional and Fourth Generation warfare” based on the Revolution in Military Affairs associated with use of electromagnetic (directed energy) weapons,
-“net-centric warfare”
-“civil-military operations,”
-COPS (community-oriented policing), “community policing”, (“COPS state-sanctioned organized gang-stalking and domestic torture program”)
-“asset stripping,” “policing for profit,” and murder by “the “Syndicate”/aka “Organization”/international mafia
-FBI’s COINTELPRO version 2,
-CIA’s Phoenix Program and CIA/MI6/NATO’s Stay Behind Armies, Operation Gladio
-E. German Stasi’s “Zerzetzung,”
-US military ISR- “isolate and remove,”
-“surveillance, tracking, torture via electromagnetic (neuro) weapons”
organized life-torture program
mind control (aka “neuro-electromagnetic cybernetics and communication”) and mood control
“murder” and potentially genocide

“People who are victims of gangstalking are people who pose a threat to the goals of the dark principalities.” Rahul Mahandra.

It is a silent and secret way of eliminating dissent (and dissenters)— BTW: without dissent you don’ t have democracy. “The technology” can be used for selective slow-kill murder of individuals, and/or mass genocide.

US Department of Justice crime statistics from a 2006 survey indicated that an estimated 445,220 COPS gangstalking victims reported three or more perpetrators (the only ones reported), and this number is growing exponentially on a daily basis.

In addition to being morally reprehensible, the COPS gang stalking program, just like the original version of the FBI’s COINTELPRO operations, is very, very illegal. It violates criminal laws in all fifty states against stalking, as well as grossly violates the US Constitution’s prohibitions against warrantless searches and extra-judicial punishment.
What is extra-judicial punishment? It is punishment without trial, without a charge and without even the acknowledgement that a life-long punishment is inflicted.

From my website:

“9/11 has been proven to be a multi-trillion dollar staged, false-flag, state-sponsored, synthetic terrorism event. Hence, the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ and the ‘Terrorism Watch Lists’ are nothing more than massive frauds being used to advance the National Security Establishment/Enterprise-global police state. It’s a colossal make-work project and scam!!!”

So this program can also function as part of the ongoing cover-up of government/deep state crimes.

Background quotes:

“There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot. JFK November 11, 1963, 7 days before he was publically assassinated

“Cursed is anyone who attacks a neighbor in secret.’ And all the people will reply, ‘Amen.’” Deuteronomy 27:24

“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”

The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time; the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them. -Thomas Jefferson

I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest? Pretty Good Stuff, Brudder!” –

Colonel George Hunter White, FBN/OSS/CIA

Gang Stalkers Specialize in Killing Without Touching. They create stress in their victims who die of a heart attack or suicide or by poison, gas or microwaves or killed in an accident. The aim of the stalkers is for the target to be destroyed; killed, made homeless & destitute, declared insane or committed to prison or murdered by doctors.

Like hundreds of millions of people we have been Targeted for Terrorism, Asset Stripping and Murder by Australian and New Zealand Criminal satanic Stalking Gang.

Criminal satanic Gang Stalkers Terrorized Us Out of Australia AND with Indonesian criminals continued the terrorism In Jakarta WITH Ethnic Cleansing, 24/7 Satanic Gang stalking, Terrorism and the Spreading of Gossip & Lies.

Organized criminals have interfered with AND CORRUPTED businesses and government operations in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Britain

Military Grade Surveillance Technology & sophisticated PsyOps are being employed. Thus the local criminals who are Gang Stalking us must have foreign Intel assistance.

The real fight is for civil rights.

My research indicates that behind this system…. Are Judeo-Masonic-Satanic-mafia and associated secret societies that control governments, militaries, etc. The major source of this Freemasonic Satanism is the system of black magic of the Jewish Kabbalah.

“We (Jews) control the America, and the Americans know it.” Arial Sharon, Israeli prime Minister

Let’s consider Dr. Kilde’s comment that “organized gang/counter-intelligence stalking” is the most important policy of the U.S.

Using information presented on 429 posts on my website. Here are 22 representative posts:

I. From “Operation Garden Plot” To The Phoenix Program and CHAOS To “REX 84” To 9/11 To DHS To U.S. NORTHCOM: The Multiple-Decade DoD-CIA-DHS Plan For Perpetual War Against Dissidents (aka ”Counter-Terrorism” and “Gangstalking”), Totalitarian Military Dictatorship, and Martial Law

II. The Surreptitious Reincarnation of COINTELPRO with the COPS Gang-Stalking Program
By Rahul Manchanda, Esq. – August 21, 2016

III. THUGOCRACY: U.S. FED-POLICE VIGILANTES PERSECUTE CITIZEN TARGETS (gang stalking explained in series of articles by Geeldon*)

IV. Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack Your Mind (Preston James, PhD. 11/1/16)

V. Gang Stalking Program System Described by Anonymous Source

VI. United States of Tyranny: DOD, Obama, Congress Legalize False-Flag “Propaganda,” Gang Stalking, and Treason (based on article in State of the Nation by Anonymous Patriots)

VII. “Cognitive Infiltration” of “Conspiracy Theorists” = “Gang Stalking” = “Information Warfare” Against Citizens

VIII. Manual For Organized Gang Stalking Operations…. FBI’s COINTELPRO, Operation Gladio, NATO Stay Behind Armies, and Ongoing Global U.S. Military “Unconventional”/”Civil-Military”/” Psy-War”/”Information War” Operations

IX. Organized Gang Stalking IS a CIA Torture and MK (Mind Control) Program!?

X. Institutions/Programs Behind ¨Gang Stalking:¨ CIA, ¨Counterinsurgency-Lists,¨ Phoenix Program, Department of Homeland Security, the Phony War on Terrorism, and the National Security Enterprise

XI. C4ISR Systems Used in U.S. Military Stalking/Electronic Tracking and Torture/Mind Control Operations Are Made by Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing!

XII. Leidos-Lockheed Martin Want Ad For “Law Enforcement Advisor” To Work With DHS & FBI Fusion Centers (to Stalk Civilians!!!???)

XIII. The University and the Security State: DHS Joins Pentagon and CIA On Campus (by Michael Gasser, 2015)

XIV. Kay Griggs Interviews: The U.S. Military Is a Mind Control Operation Run by Sexual Deviants (Homo & bi-sexuals, pedophiles)

XV. Startling Number of Americans Are On the Terrorism Watch List/Look Who’s On the Terrorism Watch List!

XVI. The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You A Terrorist

XVII. The ‘Highlands Group/Forum’/SAIC/NSA/Google: Inside The Pentagon’s Secret Network Behind Mass Surveillance, Endless War, and Skynet

XVIII. Gang Stalking is Torture Funded Through Entitlements and Government Jobs

XIX. Gang Stalking is the Freemasonic Secret (Silent, Slow) Dagger AND Scientology’s “Fair Game” Policy!?

XX. How perp stalkers operate, according to a perp

XXI. “The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.)

XXII. International Gang Stalking – Asset Stripping Operations (aka “Policing For Profit”)

More pertinent quotes:

From Dr. Robert Duncan, ¨Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed, Volume Two,¨ 2010:

The use of mind hacking the greatest people of influence in a culture can accelerate the desired change of the whole. The process of finding the people of greatest influence in an organization is called ¨influence mapping.¨

The CIA and DoD groups that program minds for these illegal clandestine operations often call themselves Satanists…. …. the CIA and DoD are testing maximum pain and torture to death weapons on random people all around the globe.

‘Winning the hearts and minds strategy’ uses a scalable enslavement strategy…. Brains can be programmed while they are sleeping.

…..In order to increase S.A.T.A.N.´s (Silent Assassination Through Adaptive Networks) kill capacity using behavior modification techniques; England and the United States use human subjects chosen from every social group around the world to converge on the best kill ratio statistics.

The number of successful kills through mind hacking cannot be estimated due to the extremely large collateral damage numbers.

From Valentine, D., The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World (2017):

Over the course of its 70-year reign of terror, the CIA has overthrown countless governments, started innumerable wars, costing millions of innocent lives, and otherwise subverted and sabotaged friends and foes alike. Despite all this murder and mayhem, it has only lost around 100 officers.

Once you enter the CIA, the rest of us, even school kids, are either lab rats or cannon fodder, as far as the CIA is concerned.

Essential Background Reading, etc.:

Prouty, L. F., 1998, Second Edition, The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allie in Control of the United States and the World¨
Thomas, M., 2011, Third Edition, Monarch: The New Phoenix Program, 266 pp.
Valentine, D., 2017, ¨The CIA as Organized Crime:¨ How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World¨
Youtubes featuring ex-CIA John Stockwell and Col. L.F. Prouty

(From:) I. Organized Gang Stalking IS a CIA Torture and MK (Mind Control) Program!?

ETK Introduction: Having spent the last several years investigating the phenomenon of organized stalking, it has now dawned on me that the “gang stalking”-electronic torture-mind control system now being deployed globally is a composite program that combines various coercive torture techniques outlined in the CIA’s KUBARK (Torture) Manual with many PsyOp techniques and electronic technologies developed in the CIA’s top-secret CIA MKULTRA (and other) mind control experiments and operations. One descriptive CIA-military term for “gang stalking,” apparently, is ISR (“isolate and remove”).

From Gang Stalking of America: Documentary Film…. 2017

From Chapter 10 in the book, “Bad Experiments;” Why Gang Stalking Works:

“Gang stalking and related psychological attacks are designed to surround, isolate, and eventually destroy its victim. … the gang stalkers’ routines may develop slow over a period of months or years. The gang stalkers’ intent is to completely surround the victim, cutting him off from friends, family, and other support systems. Eventually the victim’s 24-hour daily routine is monitored and manipulated by gang stalkers and other covert operatives. The psychological attack eventually overwhelms the emotions of the victim. He becomes mentally unbalanced. His emotional reserves are depleted and he is isolated from any support systems that can bolster him. … he will eventually react to these relentless psychological attacks in a way that results in incarceration, homelessness, suicide, or death.

This gang stalking methodology falls under a system of psychological operations being developed and tested on American citizens by covert quasi-law enforcement agencies.”

The basic process described above has been taught by the CIA since the 1950s.

“The purpose of all coercive techniques is to introduce psychological regression in the subject by bringing a superior outside force to bear on his will to resist. Regression is basically a loss of autonomy, a reversion to an earlier behavioral level. As the subject regresses his learned personality traits fall away in reverse chronological order. He begins to lose the capacity to carry out the highest creative activities, to deal with complex situations, to cope with stressful interpersonal relationships, or to cope with repeated frustrations.”

CIA Human Resource Exploitation Manual

2) The CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix

The CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix consists of four principle parts that often overlap with applications:

1. Causing Self-Inflicted Harm
2. Sensory Disorientation
3. Attacking Individual Fears
4. Attacking Cultural Identity.

(From) II. THUGOCRACY: U.S. FED-POLICE VIGILANTES PERSECUTE CITIZEN TARGETS (gang stalking explained in series of articles by Geeldon*)

From PSYCHOTRONICS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE: Top Secret Government Harassment Programs Against Citizens!!

Thugocracy: U.S. Fed-Police Vigilantes Persecute Citizen Targets


From #2: The New Torture/Murder Surveillance of America

“Microwave Surveillance is Mind Control. Microwave mind control hides government corruption as it destroys the target victims. Target victims are citizens who are a liability to the crime families and syndicates who run and control the United States.”


“The “psychological operations” conducted against targeted persons pale in terms of sheer bestiality when compared to the “final solution” engineered into the fusion center Gestapo plan: silent high-tech torture, impairment, induction of fatigue, stroke, aneurysms, heart attack or other injury and disease — a slow-kill homicide — by means of covert electromagnetic attack.

The covert irradiation of unknowing citizens is facilitated by a U.S. government microwave radio frequency “directed energy” weapon system installed on cell tower masts nationwide — and capable of the precision-targeting of unique individuals — or entire populations. The existence of these weapons of mass or personal destruction in every neighborhood and along every highway in America was first revealed a year ago by this journalist, who himself continues to be a victim of these heinous attacks.”


“We have (been led) out of the industrial society to enslavement in the Information Society” and “there are frightening developments concerning the use of data surveillance, known as biomedical telemetry, mind control, optical electronic surveillance and brain-computer interaction. The properties of this technology enable the monitoring of mental functions, thought, deed and associated cerebral neurophysiological changes as well as the manipulation of behavior, values and personality from limitless geographical distance.”

From #15: Organized Stalking Described

“Organized Stalking is a crime that’s not accepted or addressed by law enforcement. It is a framework of social control. This is used by government to control some targeted individuals without doing anything that’s illegal in the control framework. It includes combination of bogus covert investigation and systemic harassment that involves intelligence agencies, law enforcement, businesses and communities. Organized stalking is a set of techniques used to destroy unwanted persons both mentally and physically without doing anything illegal in the process. The people involved in organized stalking know about law enforcement. The actions in organized stalking are designed considering the loopholes within the law to achieve the goal of destroying the person.

Oftentimes organized stalking is initiated after an informant or Covert Human Intelligence Source flags the targeted individual. Other times profile information of the targeted individual places them on government black lists and community notification lists.

The crimes committed through Organized stalking on an individual are covertly done, hence little in evidence is left behind of the crime, and the target is left with little in the way of recourses to defend himself or herself. The systemic harassment is illegal and the bogus covert investigation provides means to keep the target under surveillance 24/7.

Isolation, through disrupting socio-familial ties in an intense slander campaign, is usually achieved once the actual stalking begins. A pervasive slandering campaign takes place, painting the target as an unstable individual, child molester, a person with hidden dark secrets, or a person prone to psychopathic behavior. All the perceptions of the targeted individual’s life are turned negative. The Organized stalking is done in such a way that all aspects of the targeted individual’s life remain negative permanently and is never given time for cure.

The criminals planning a Organized stalking endeavor study the target long before the stalking begins. Psychological profiling is done, and this is to assist in the overall campaign that includes intense psychological harassments and demoralizations. Tactics used go well beyond fear, demoralization and psychological harassment.

The tactics used have been the protocol in campaigns against common people implemented by the KGB in Soviet Russia, Nazis of Nazi Germany, and the KKK in the early to middle of last century in America. The accumulation of all the tactics and events in this dangerously hurtful organized crime against an innocent human being can led to trauma and will emotionally bankrupt the targeted individual, and may lead to death, as suicide is often induced through the assaults.

The perpetrators of organized stalking are serious criminals who do great damage, and the acts done are very serious crimes by any measure. Organized stalking is a highly criminal campaign, one directed at a target individual, and one that aims to destroy an innocent persons life through covert harassments, malicious slander and carefully crafted and executed psychological assaults.

Organized stalking deprives the targeted individual of their basic constitutional rights and destroys their freedom, setting a stage for the destruction of a person, socially, mental and physical, through a ceaseless assault that pervades all areas of a persons life. What drives such campaigns may be revenge for whistleblowing, or for highly critical individuals, as outspoken people have become targets. Other reasons why a person may become a target individual for stalking: ex-spouse revenge, criminal hate campaigns, politics, or racism.

Organized stalking may be part of a larger phenomena that may have loose threads that extend into a number of differing entities, such as intelligence agencies, military, and large corporations, though it is certain that organized crime is one of Organized stalking’s primary sources, or origins.

The goals of Organized stalking are many. To cause the target to appear unstable mentally is one, and this is achieved through a carefully detailed assault using advanced psychological harassment techniques, and a variety of other tactics that are the usual protocol for Organized stalking, such as street theater, mobbing, and pervasive petty disrespecting.”

Targets experience the following:

1. A total invasion of privacy
2. Pervasive and horrific slander
3. Isolation through alienation that is caused by the slander
4. Destruction of, or alienation from all things that the target holds dear.

A discrediting campaign is initiated long before the target is actually stalked. They, the criminal perpetrators, twist and fabricate reality through such a campaign, displaying lies that paint the target as a child molester, a person with hidden dark secrets, a highly unstable individual who may be a threat to society, a prostitute, or a longtime drug user, etc. The slandering or discrediting campaign sets the stage for the target to become alienated in just about every social-familial- work environment, once the actual stalking begins.

This slandering campaign is instrumental in eliminating all resource and avenue of defense for the target, before the actual stalking begins. This stage is one that sees people close to the target, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers recruited by the perpetrator criminals, who will pose as law enforcement officials, private investigators, or groups of concerned citizens.

The Organized stalking is aimed at achieving one or all of the follow:

1. Induced suicide
2. Financial devastation
3. Homelessness
4. Institutionalization in psyche wards.

Once actual stalking begins:

The target will endure a vast array of tactics: gaslighting, street theater, drugging, gassing, scent harassment, mobbing, subtle but frequent destruction of property, killing of pets.

Psychological profiling will be done so as to initiate an intense psychological harassment assault. Staged happenings and planned or directed conversations will take place around the target in public or places of work, and serves not only to undermine the targets psychology, but also may be used to cause the target to thinking that he or she is under investigation for horrific crimes.

Stalkers will have studied the target to such a level that they know and can predict the persons behavior. Again, often the target will think that they are being investigated for crimes that would be absurd for the target to have actually committed. Not knowing what actually is happening, the target is isolated and lives through a never ending living nightmare.

Once the target finds out that they are a target individual for Organized stalking, or multi stalking, they may have some relief, but from what I have read, the stalking simply changes dimensions a bit, and continues.

Identifying the exact people who initiated Organized stalking campaigns is difficult, or near impossible, and this makes it very difficult for people researching this phenomena to discover, in certainty, the roots and genealogy of the crime. Investigation of a Organized stalking crime would require a great deal of resources, and intensity similar to murder investigations.

What are the motivations for the targeted individual organized stalking system?

1. Organized stalking system is used by the government as a virtual jail for the targeted individual. The O.S. system isolates targeted individual from the community and creates barriers for the targeted individual within the community.
2. The targeted individual’s actions are severely limited to survival. He/she loses confidence in the community and cannot do anything dramatic or revolutionary to impact his/her environment or the community.
3. The targeted individual thinks about the problem of O.S., other pressing life issues are ignored or planned the least.
4. The O.S. system destroys the ego and identity of the targeted individual and stops him/her from pursuing successful life or influential life that cannot be controlled.
5. If the targeted individual complains about O.S. system, he/she will be misdiagnosed with mental illness as the O.S. techniques used mimic the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. The intelligence agencies have perfected this technique of using the mental health system to destroy targeted individuals after 50 years of research. Thus the intelligence agencies achieve perfect deniability in their crimes.”


2. The New Torture/Murder Surveillance of America
3. The Scientific Foundation of No-Touch Torture
4. Interview with a CIA Non-Consensual Human Behavioral Modification Project
5. NSA & “Artificial Thought” Control (IBM Blue Beam)
7. Synthetic Telepathy, Spies, and Near Death Experiences(2011)
8) On the Need for Neuro-technology in the National Intelligence and Defense Agenda: Scope and Trajectory
(Chris Forsythe, James Giordano)
9) Hearing Voices: Audio Implants by Intelligence Agencies
11) Mental Illness or Social Sickness?
13. US Citizen Corps Harassing Other Citizens/Immigrants (11/2010)
15) Pre-crime Technology in Minneapolis Homes (Human Experimentation and Human Subject Protections)
16) Guide To Dealing With Police Harassment

Oct 15, Posted by (Geeldon)

• Multi-agency fusion center- directed, police-protected community “policing” thugs stalk, terrorize, home-invade their targets — including the journalist who has exposed the electromagnetic microwave radio frequency cellular “torture towers” being used to silently assault, torture, impair and harm extra-judicially “targeted individuals.”
• Rule of law breaks down in Bucks County, PA, home of mid-Atlantic states’ MAGLOCLEN-RISS Intelligence Center and no law enforcement agency — local, state or federal — will come to the aid of the unjustly targeted.

III. Gang Stalking Program System Described by Anonymous Source

Below is a random comment from an anonymous source, which I found several years ago in the comment section of an older blog written by Lynnae Williams, a young, promising DIA and CIA employee.

After getting out of the hospital and then leaving the CIA, Lynnae began getting stalked by groups of men who looked like former college and NFL football players, whom Lynnae believed were F.B.I. agents. (And I think she was right, as I saw many photos of them around her, all over the place, in her older blog.)

This comment describes the theoretical underpinnings of our harassment protocol(s) and how FBI’s InfraGard, DHS’s Citizen Corps, and local neighborhood watches could be mobilized with Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces also helping to coordinate intelligence agencies, branches of the military, joint terrorism task forces (JTTFs), state and local law enforcement, private security/defense contractors, local private investigators, and private companies— with all of these ‘entities’ getting marching orders ultimately originating from the approximately 80 State Data Fusion Centers:

“For folks who are interested in this subject, the strategy is actually kind of cool. (ETK comment: There is nothing “cool” about this evil program.)

Any successful implementation relies on three key factors:

1) One linchpin, excuse the pun, is an old form of Japanese torture — death by a thousand cuts.
2) The second key component is plausible deniability.
3) The third is an effect that is known by many names in the psychological literature — grounding, stimulus /response, anchoring, where the idea is to associate an otherwise innocuous auditory or visual stimulus with stress. [NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming]

Stress triggers a release of a hormone called cortisol, which is associated with the ‘fight or flight’ reaction. It is an evolutionary mechanism that kicks in as a sort of last resort. Studies on rats and mice indicate that chronic stress, however, is detrimental to higher level cognitive function. The response bypasses the neocortex, and the release of cortisol enhances the creation of memories of short term emotional events, raises blood pressure, and has some interesting anti-inflammatory effects.

noun (plural neocortices | -ˈkôrtiˌsēz | ): a part of the cerebral cortex concerned with sight and hearing in mammals, regarded as the most recently evolved part of the cortex.

Long term exposure to cortisol damages nerve cells in the hippocampus, the elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain, thought to be the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system. resulting in impaired learning and memory retrieval of already stored information. The cumulative effect is to try to effect a psychological condition that is often referred to as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

The short term goal is to try to make the subject paranoid both to discredit her in the eyes of the public and more importantly undermine personal sense of center.

As with enhanced interrogation, the tactics all rely on bombarding the subject with stimuli that he or she can’t process, and at the same time, to limit normal stimuli and modes of activity.

Of course, knowing that stress can effect long term damage is not enough. From an implementation perspective, in a relatively open democratic society with laws against most obvious types of harassment, it is much more difficult to pull this off than in, say Soviet Russia. This is where the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ strategy comes into play. The goal is to expose the subject to a constant barrage of small nuisances that individually are perfectly legal and bearable, but over longer periods of times amount to psychological intimidation.

Each of these smaller nuisances can be as something trivial as tailgating the subject, shouting at the subject for no apparent reason — and other various forms of street theater.
The “beauty” of this is:

1. Most of these nuisances can be easily executed in a manner suitable to plausible deniability.
2. If the subject actually tries to relate what is happening to her on an ongoing basis — she will be deemed paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic, etc.

The logistics for such an information operation appear prohibitively expensive at first blush. One would think it is pretty expensive to hire a group of goons who keep stalking the subject for a prolonged period of time. In practice, it is actually not that difficult.
For one, the strategy is to rely on an army of useful idiots – each of whom is told a suitably nasty story about the subject – and is told to keep their eyes open. Second — as with supply chain management, the implementation can be outsourced and automatized through some pretty simple software solutions. Again, one balks at the logistics of tracking the subject. In practice, the subject has helped the information operator solve that problem by carrying a cellphone in her pocket.

The overall implementation will then look as follows: Using a variety of means — gain access to cellphone/tower communication for the subject. Write a simple app that keeps track of a few dozen do-gooders who are either paid for this or provide their services for free, and the location of a subject. Every time that the subject comes within a radius of a mile or two of the operator, the server sends a message to the ‘good Samaritan’ with a picture of the subject and a choice of customized/personalized strategies for annoying the subject. Upon successful completion, the good Samaritan is able to submit feedback through his cellphone app back to the headquarters (hq). Each couple of days/weeks, a specialist back in hq sifts through the feedback and comes up with new personalized handling approaches which are put into the system.

By virtue of crowd-sourcing, a bit of disinformation, and off-the-shelf cellphone tracking solutions you have yourself a pretty effective ‘cocoa puff,’ or ‘psychic bunny’ (an industry/IC term, actually) management solution that rivals the old school KGB, and that for a few hundred bucks tops maintenance per week.

Other aspects crucial to the AI link:

* “Mapping”: Using sensors and drones, they are able to literally watch our every move, gait and mood. Everybody uses computers at public libraries without covering their cameras. I have used the slip they give you to cover it and after a week that I have come back I have noticed it. Most probably people don’t even notice and/or care to remove it.

* “Journaling”: They ongoingly keep streams of the many technological crumbs of bread you leave behind as you conduct your life without even being aware of them (including all you say and to whom, in relation to what, …), your DNA, your bio-psychological profile, what you have been eating lately (therefore what you have been sh!tting and peeing), all you have ever texted and said on the phone, your cell phone gives your position with centimetric precision, …)

* “Über surveillance”: Even if, say, they aren’t able to easily track you because you keep your phone most of the time in a Faraday cage, they can still track you using the many street cameras (all cameras even inside of private businesses are linked to those “agencies”/fusion centers) and if you live in a rural area they will use satellites and drones you can’t possibly see.

* “Patterns correlation”: They say “the truth is in the details”. I would say “the truth of the truths is in the correlation of those details”, this last aspect is the most crucial one when it comes to “predicting” behavior, which is ultimately where the “results” are demonstrated …

Our brains/minds are the last bastion of freedom. They are also able to disassociate stress if you allow for them to do so. That is why they need to relentlessly give us sh!t. If they don’t or we are able to somehow take breaks, we start getting immune to their cr@p.

I keep saying that we have ways to prove we are not “paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic, etc. “. Tomo has been recording her back and forths with her perpetrators. We can and should get smart about it:

1) Technology is cheap for them and for us
2) There are current laws that could be put to good use (even the exposure and embarrassment will be too much for them to deal with)

> (“For one, the strategy is to rely on an army of useful idiots – each of whom is told a suitably nasty story about the subject – and is told to keep their eyes open.”)

You walk into a bookstore or a filthy bodega and they get an automatic alert telling them to
watch out for that ‘niggah’ with a history of shop lifting incidents, you are simply walking on the streets and Neighborhood Watch are told to watch out for that ‘guy with a history of pedophilia’ (I have even noticed the peculiar face they put when the alert shows up on their cell phone and how they look around for your face/you in the way you are dressed at that very moment) … but I am curious as to what do they say when you for example, walk into a hospital or an University campus … Oh! Easy! you are a ‘drug smuggler,’ a ‘rapist’ …

You can still buy a cell phone not registered to any service and use it to monitor gang stalkers.

I have heard either those or very similar terms before. I think “cocoa puff” refers to dusting LSD on individuals which they can do from a distance and about “psychic bunny” I am less sure, but I think it means when they get you to the point that they own your psychological stability. You become quite neurotic about your surrounding reality, afraid, erratic.

From: IV. Ramola D: “By the way, another major piece of info we should all read–found on Targeted Justice’s website, an ACLU report on how TIs are possibly being watchlisted on special lists as “non-investigative subjects” with a code for “Silent Hit”–

We should also all probably demand ACLU do more–but of course I think the problem there is they are funded by the AIPAC (American-Israel Public Action Committee) crowd.”

ACLU Report: Trapped in a Black Box: Growing Terrorism Watchlisting in Everyday Policing


The ACLU’s FOIA litigation revealed for the first time the wide spread and growing use of “silent hits,” a mechanism through which the FBI can keep tabs on individuals suspected of terrorism without notifying either those individuals or the local law enforcement officers who encounter them:

Silent hit entries allow the FBI and other executive departments and agencies to track watchlisted individuals while withholding this information from state and local law enforcement officials who encounter the individuals. Whenever local law enforcement encounters an individual with a silent hit entry, the FBI (and sometimes other designated agencies) will be automatically notified, but the local law enforcement officer will not.

The use of silent hits has grown over time, and more agencies have gained the ability to “nominate” individuals for silent hits as well as receive notifications of encounters.

Because of their highly secret nature, silent hit nominations are subject to less procedural protection, and it is extremely difficult for individuals wrongly placed on the list to seek redress

From: V. C4ISR Systems Used in U.S. Military Stalking/Electronic Tracking and Torture/Mind Control Operations Are Made by Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing!

Posted onFebruary 19, 2018AuthorEric Karlstrom2 CommentsEdit

ETK Introduction: A picture is worth a thousand words! (See below photos, drawings, captions and article from “defense-contractors,” Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman websites to view the kinds of equipment utilized in organized stalking-electronic torture of civilians).

For the past five years I have been aware that I have been “targeted” by a covert, high-tech, and extremely well-coordinated military program that I informally call GOG’S NeW GESSTTAPO (“Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups’ Electronic Surveillance, Slavery, Tracking, Torture, and PsyOps Operations”). This system deploys extremely advanced technologies against me and millions of others in a global program of covert “counter-intelligence” stalking, electronic surveillance, tracking, harassment, torture, and various kinds of mind control, mind mapping, and weapons-testing operations.

Now, based on my research and personal experiences, I conclude that the organization coordinating and controlling GOG’S NeW GESSTTAPO must be the US military-intelligence; indeed, the same organization which carried out and is still covering up Operation 9/11. (“GOG’S NeW GESSTTAPO is part of the cover-up!) My research, compiled and presented on this and my websites, proves that Operation 9/11 was carried by the U.S. Military/intelligence-led “interagency” in collusion with Israeli intelligence (Mossad) and Jewish American “sayanim” (secret agents of Israel). An enormous amount of evidence supports this conclusion.

Most civilian targets have no idea how their tracking and torture is accomplished. I am now convinced that the photos, drawings, and captions included in this post illustrate the basic system. The key, critical component of surveillance, stalking, tracking, and electronic torture aspects of the program appears to be the C4 ISR system which is utilized by all branches of the U.S. military.

C4 ISR stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers; Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. These systems that are mobile, virtual “war rooms” used in the US Military’s Fourth Generation Warfare (aka Unconventional/Asymmetrical Warfare, Information Operations, Military Operations Other Than War, Low-Intensity Conflict, Psychological Warfare, Civil-Military Operations, Political Warfare) Special Operations directed against individuals and groups around the world. ‘ISR’ is also military slang for the program used to “Isolate and Remove” (adversaries).

The C41SR system is described in Mark M. Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control” as follows:

“C4ISR– Command, Control, Communications, Computer Center that utilizes Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Multiple interacting components of C4ISRs include battlespace monitoring, awareness, understanding, sense making, command intent, battlespace management, synchronization, and information systems. C4ISR centers can be mobile or stationary, or virtual, or strictly computer-based. Each military service has its own tactical mobile C4ISR system; The Navy and Marines use ForceNet, the Air Force uses Command Control Constellation (C2 Constellation), the Army uses LandWarNet and WIN-T. Each type of C4ISR system is connected to the satellite-based GIG (global information grid).”

The C4ISR system instructs and coordinates actions of human “nodes” (aka “perpetrators”) interacting with the TI in real time.

Visual Graphics (below) from the websites of two large defense contractors, Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman, illustrate how the system works. These websites are: Lockheed Martin’s C4-ISR Systems and Northrup Grumman’s C4ISR Systems.
Technological Aspects of Organized Stalking-Electronic Surveillance, Tracking, Torture, and PsyOps system (from the above two websites):

“Command and Control of the Battlespace: Operators gain decision advantage from command and control systems that allow for parallel – not sequential – planning and decision-making abilities. These systems enhance situational awareness and keep ahead of adversaries in accelerated operational environments.”

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance: Across air, land, sea and space, thousands of sensors onboard manned and unmanned military platforms are collecting huge amounts of data. These ISR systems task, collect, process, analyze, fuse and disseminate the most mission-critical information.

NEXTGEN COMMUNICATIONS: Information dominance requires secure, resilient and adaptable networks and communications. By leveraging sophisticated satellite, wireless and tactical radio technology, we ensure that forces are able to share and receive information securely.

Integrated (C4)ISR Systems

Electronic Warfare

Airborne electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare and Spectrum Dominance: Awareness and surveillance. Protection and denial. These are the keys to dominating the electromagnetic spectrum. Our work in photonics, advanced computing and machine learning are delivering advanced technologies that help impede and outpace electromagnetic threats.

Big Data in Deep Space

Integrated ISR Systems

I-phone (“Universal Communications Platform”)

Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF)

For a description of how the C4ISR system operates, also see: (Beastiary of Terms of the New War (Against Civilians))
Since 2002, The US Army’s Defense Media Group has published “C4ISR Journal, The Journal of Net-Centric Warfare.”
(C4 ISR Journal)

Other defense contractors, such as Boeing (Boeing Focuses on C4ISR) are also involved in making the equipment that the US Military-Intelligence-led “interagency” utilizes in GOG’S NeW GESSTTAPO. Wikileaks states that Lockheed Martin’s subsidiary, the Leidos Corporation in Vienna, Virginia has a government contract to support these operations – which makes them potentially liable in lawsuits:
Lockheed Martin IS&GS becomes Leidos

Finally, contains the following entry from 4 January, 2018:

“We have learned that the Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado is the organization that operates the satellites that are targeting individuals all over the world. If you are a Targeted Individual, anywhere in the world, the person that “pushes the button” to hit you with microwaves, sits at a computer desk located at Peterson Air Force Base or Schriever Air Force Base. These two Air Force Bases comprise the largest satellite operations center in the world, with more than 175 satellites under their control. If your family members are being hit with subliminal messages and turned against you – this is the organization that has their GPS coordinates and keeps track of them. General John W. Raymond is the Commander.

More details in the TECHNICAL section.

These are the senior officers over the bases:

1. General David. L. Goldfein, Air Force Chief of Staff
2. Dr. Heather A. Wilson, Secretary of the Air Force
3. General John W. Raymond
4. Major General Stephen N. Whiting
5. Major General Robert J. Skinner
6. Mr. Scott M. Anderson
7. Colonel Todd R. Moore
8. Colonel Eric S. Dorminey
9. Colonel John L. Doucet III
10. Colonel Jennifer L. Grant
11. Colonel Jacob E. Middleton
12. Colonel Devin R. Pepper”
Our tax dollars at work!!!

From: VI. Leidos-Lockheed Martin Want Ad For “Law Enforcement Advisor” To Work With DHS & FBI Fusion Centers (to Stalk Civilians!!!???)

“This gang stalking methodology falls under a system of psychological operations being developed and tested on American citizens by covert quasi-law enforcement agencies.”

(From Chapter 10, “Bad Experiments: Why Gang Stalking Works.)”

I. Organized Stalking Terrorist Operations: “Smoking gun” found in Leidos Want Ad for “Law Enforcement Advisor”

ETK Introduction: Bear in mind that 9/11 has been proven to be a multi-trillion dollar staged, false-flag, state-sponsored, synthetic terrorism event. Hence, the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ and the ‘Terrorism Watch Lists’ are nothing more than massive frauds being used to advance the National Security Establishment/Enterprise-global police state. It’s a colossal make-work project and scam!!!

The “Defense and Intelligence Group of Leidos” (the Lockheed Martin subsidy that builds C4ISR systems for the US military; and “covert quasi-law enforcement agency?!”) posts the following job announcement. (Lockheed Martin Manufactures C4ISR Systems for US Military

In all probability, this “Law Enforcement Advisor” employee is tasked to help DHS Fusion Centers and FBI target innocent American citizens in gang stalking operations (“GOG’S NeW GESSTTAPO: Global Organized Gang Stalking Groups’ Neuro-Warfare Electronic Surveillance, Slavery, Tracking, Torture, and PsyOps Operations”).

Note that Leidos’ client is the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). The add reads:

“The Defense and Intelligence Group of Leidos is currently seeking a Senior Law Enforcement Advisor to support our ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) customer. This position will serve as law enforcement advisor to advance the Information Sharing Environment (ISE) by supporting intelligence and information sharing and safeguarding integration and coordination efforts.

This position does require a TS/SCI with Polygraph in order to be considered. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide subject matter expertise on state and local (S&L) law enforcement issues to advance the mission of the ODNI among federal, state, local, and tribal (FSLT) governments through interaction and collaboration with appropriate mission partners.

Plan, develop, and implement information sharing strategies with S&L partners consistent with the mission and vision of the ODNI and appropriate national strategies, plans, and orders. Advise the Government and support the advancement of key information sharing projects to ensure interagency coordination and compliance with policy, legislation, and appropriate authorities. Provide subject matter expertise regarding fusion center activities with extensive knowledge of relevant laws, policies, and regulations (e.g. 28 Code of Federal Regulations Part 23, Criminal Intelligence System, operating procedures, etc.). Coordinate and liaise, as appropriate, with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other partner agencies and associated professional organizations on issues impacting the National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding Priority Objectives. Coordinate development, implementation, and evaluation of the ISE with FSLT and private sector partners, as appropriate.


BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience (4 years of work experience related to the technical requirement against which the individual is slated to perform); and Five (5) years of work experience related to the technical requirement against which the individual is slated to perform.

If 4 years of equivalent experience are used instead of a Bachelor’s degree, then a total of nine (9) years of work experience related to the technical requirement against which the individual is slated to perform are required. Extensive knowledge of S&L Jaw enforcement issues with at least ten (10) years of experience within a law enforcement agency; Expert knowledge and first-hand experience working closely with various national law enforcement associations/organizations, such as IACP, NFCA, ASCIA, HIDTA, RISS, etc.; Advanced understanding of strategy and policy development, training, and project management related to information and intelligence sharing at the FSL level; Expert knowledge of fusion center operations, applicable policies, and procedures to advance the national fusion center initiatives; Excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to express complex and at times controversial ideas, explanations, and concepts in a manner appropriate for the audience (one-on-one, small groups and large audiences); Advanced ability to balance competing work requirements to ensure that priorities and deadlines are met; Excellent problem solving skills and ability to identify complex problems, develop a range of options, and offer preferred courses of action; and Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, including a superior ability to work effectively, both independently and in a team or collaborative environment, and sustain professional networks both internal and external to the ODNI. Leidos


Leidos is a global science and technology solutions leader working to solve the worlds toughest challenges in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, civil, and health markets. The companys 33,000 employees support vital missions for government and commercial customers.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Leidos reported pro forma annual revenues of approximately $10 billion for the fiscal year ended January 1, 2016 after giving effect to the recently completed combination of Leidos with Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Solutions business (IS&GS). For more information, visit The companys diverse employees support vital missions for government and commercial customers. Qualified women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans are encouraged to apply.

Leidos will consider qualified applicants with criminal histories for employment in accordance with relevant Laws. Leidos is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Law Enforcement Advisor- Leidos

From: VII. Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate (How perp stalkers operate, according to a perp)

The Journal of History  Spring 2011   TABLE OF CONTENTS

From: How perp stalkers operate, from a perp
Author Unknown

“…I was eventually offered a place in the syndicate. The syndicate was presented to me as a kind of fraternity, a masonic-like mutual profit organization with strong police-like overtones. I was told that I was helping to build a better society. However, I have never been given any of the advancement opportunities I was promised. The “advancement system” of the syndicate is a slippery slope. They make you give up your security privileges, so eventually all of your communications are watched (which is why I composed this email offline where they cannot see me, and sent it via an internet cafe), and you have to attend meeting after meeting of mind-numbing pledges and chants.

The premise is that if you sign contracts giving up personal liberties for the group, and you are genuinely innocent, then you will be promoted. I have only been promoted once, to the rank of manager, and I don’t feel as if it is a rewarding experience.

Worse, you are never allowed to leave because they think you will give away secrets. Leaving is only permissible with a special contract that permits the syndicate to destroy your credibility (usually they make sure that the most attention any secrets that you reveal get is from crackpot UFO magazines, or diagnose you with schizophrenia).

There are other problems. If you have children, you have to send them to education in syndicate-owned schools. If you have a wife, you have to report on her, allow her to be spied upon, and be prepared to target her if they decide to turn her into a TI (Targeted Individual). The official “compensation” policy is that you will get to keep the children if she lodges a divorce. However, you won’t get to keep most of her material goods. They only want her to lose in the divorce proceedings so she gets nothing, not so the husband gets anything, so the syndicate takes it back as a tithe.

I suppose I should introduce the syndicate in a little more detail. I’m still not sure precisely what it is trying to do. To everyday citizens, it presents itself as a group trying to monitor terrorists (or any other kind of flavour-of-the-month undesirables like gays/communists/witches) and drive them out.

To other people, it is a rotary club/chamber of commerce type operation. To others still, the most twisted conspiratorial minds, it is an organization that pulls the strings behind everything. To the puritan, it is a cleansing force.

To the deviant, it is a gang of other deviants where everything is permissible.

It is the syndicate to everyone, though. I don’t know the extent of what it owns.

— I do, however, know a great deal about the targeting process. When we get targets, we divide them into four categories: mercenary, practice, planning, and enemy. Mercenary targets are bought by outside parties. We advertise under a range of guises, from ads by “individuals” claiming to be able to kidnap people, to practical jokers. Some groups, like big corporations and some governments (the government of Xxxxxx pays us to keep some people busy, so do the Xxxxxxs when they have too many people protesting whaling) know fully well what sort of services we do, so we don’t really hide them.

We get a lot of money from them, but we can still muster up a fair bit if worse comes to worst. I’m not sure so much about the NWO theory. Maybe the Xxxxxxx count, but you’d be surprised at how much money we can get from crime. I don’t mean that we go out robbing people, but we can outsource money from biker gangs/skinheads/drug dealers pretty easily.

Our syndicate gets a lot of support from people in rough areas like Xxxxxx and Xxxx’s Xxxx. Because there are areas with a lot of people in genuine need, who would leap at the thought of fighting back at the criminals, we can always find allies to pressure the criminal portions of society. Of course, they are only pressuring them into giving us money, but it is a pretty cozy arrangement.

The second type of target is the practice target. We use them to train mobs. The targets do not actually change, because we do not want TOO many people fighting back at us. But we do rotate trainees between practice targets. This stops the person seeing the same people every time there is a street show.

Then there are planning targets. These are selected by the syndicate for some reason or other but are not paid for by mercenaries. You can usually tell the difference between planning and practice targets because they send people with experience after them. They are still chosen by the same people, though. The practice ones are, of course, chosen for their timidity. I do not know how the planning ones are chosen.

Enemy targets are people that decide they have had enough and turn against us. Since they protest and try to foil our plans (which, considering that our jobs are already nervy, is a real pain in the arse), we try to really give them hell.

The best way, of course, is through the psychs. My supervisor used to say that the Soviets had it right with Sluggishly Progressing Schizophrenia.

Some people up-top are proposing that we just kill them and have them declared Natural Causes or Accidental by the coroner. It is not likely to happen, though.

Anyway, I should introduce the main branches of the syndicate. Each branch recruits its own (everybody is a member of one of the branches) instead of people just joining a common pool. This keeps the work separate and stops people from finding stuff out that they should not.

My branch is the Scripting, Observation, and Execution Bureau (or “The Theatre” as it is popularly known). By execution, I mean the execution of orders, not the other kind. We do the work that the majority of people with any knowledge of gang stalking will be familiar with: pestering and scripting minor incidents.

The Theatre is actually divided into two sub-branches: Scripting Orchestration Officers (or “playwrights” as they call themselves) and Field Officers (or “thespians” as we call ourselves).

We have the most variety in our recruits. Popular sources are the police, the fire department, the zoo, and technicians of any kind. But we recruit from all places. Most members are neighborhood watch types (not official Neighborhood Watch, but “concerned people”). Ironically, we make sure that we do a lot of good, just to get some credibility.

Then there is the Bureau of Authority (“The Moneybags”). They don’t actually control the syndicate, but they have all the right jobs and connections. So, a judge might have control over the judicial process, but he will answer to a superior in the syndicate. Psychiatrists belong here too.

The Moneybags are so-called because they raise a lot of the money. It would be suspicious if big corporations funded groups like this, but they can invest money into front-groups. And the majority of the syndicate’s work is done through completely legitimate fronts. We can tap phone lines and access people’s records from behind government agencies. Usually, these are the guys that go after Enemy Targets. Normally, harassment is organized under several “action policies.” If a target is not an enemy, a standard policy is enforced. Low level organizers (the aforementioned “playwrights”) play around with the target for a while and rotate crews.

When a target is an “enemy,” the policy does not immediately change, but orders filter down from high-level organizers (usually the Supreme Council) which direct ‘Thespians’ to provoke the target or a similar action, and Moneybags to crack down on them once they get in the way of the system. This is called Mincing, because the thespians lure the “meat” (by making it complain or fight back) into the “mincer.”

The Bureau also protects members of the syndicate. Normally, in a court case/psych examination or similar situation where a syndicate member is at the mercy of a moneybag, a special order arrives from above telling the moneybag to take it easy on the guy and let him off scott free. The order is always printed in blue, on fancy cherry-blossom paper, but in a very official border/font.

“Cherrying” is the name for this secret process. The Bureau of Authority has a very organized system of lawyers, judges, medical officers, etc. Whenever you are committing a crime for the good of the syndicate, you must always report your location. Then they send Cousin Nancy (this is an affectionate term for the police in the employment of the syndicate that they send to arrest you instead of non-syndicate cops, so you can go straight through the appropriate channels without anything suspicious being seen) to tail you and “arrest” you the moment somebody calls 911.

They all follow a minimalist strategy though. For example, the mayor of Xxxxx isn’t a member of the syndicate. But several of his advisors and aides are. This way we can get laws passed in a discreet manner, and if a high-profile figure is targeted, our hold on an organization does not loosen. We try to arrange elections of mayors that are not too headstrong. Though the government is mainly used as a minor nuisance, we prefer the courts for most activities.

The Bureau of Technology (Field), BoT(F) is the group in charge of the electrical equipment. They work alongside us thespians and “gaffer” the targets by giving them the usual fatigue/headaches/medical problems. They can also destroy equipment, screw up televisions, the works. I think they are particularly sadistic.

Different crews use different Techs, but they are all unpleasant. The incapacitators come in a lot of different forms. There are ones that come as a light bulb that slowly gives people eye-strain and makes them tired. You can fit some in computer/TV monitors and the glare irritates people.

I have heard they are even building fridge magnets with electronic devices in them. That is not the extent of the BoT(F)’s machinery.

They manufacture pills that can cause deformities in the womb, as well as miscarriage and give them to women in their food. They can fake HIV/AIDS so the test shows up positive the first time, but subsequent tests show that it was a false positive. This faux-HIV can be put in the target’s food. They usually give the target a few health scares, but they do not like to physically hurt anyone.

One Field Tech I knew had a penchant for giving people Syphillis. They could treat it easily enough with penicillin (and the syndicate always made sure that it would be diagnosed on time), but it showed up on the targets’ permanent records for medical treatment. They also conduct extensive testing without the target’s knowledge.

One TI (targeted individual) we were monitoring was found to have a malignant tumor in his head (not our doing). He wasn’t experiencing any of the symptoms, so we gave him some through the incapacitators and had a few of his friends warn him about cancer. He had a test done, and just for fun, we had the doctor tell him how dangerous it could be and how he could die soon. We gave him a six month waiting period and told him that by then the tumor could progress so far that it could never be removed. That’s a lie, of course. Our BoT(F) had it out in a jiffy by sending one of their brain surgeons to do the job, but it is the fear that counts.

The Bureau of Technology (Communications) monitors the target’s phone calls, emails, and absolutely everything else. They tend to recruit from the national archives, census takers office, records office, credit card companies, medicare, insurance, etc. They are the logistics branch. As I said, most of the syndicate’s work is done from within legitimate areas.

What the BoT(C) does (very often) is send a “receptionist applicant” over to a credit card company or government agency pretending she knows nothing about hacking computers or accessing records. We pull a few strings and she is in. She then steals information while nobody is looking. A few old-timers like to have 100 per cent control over the “records farm” but most prefer the minimalist approach.

This is the bureau that gives out information and orders to everybody else, and also acts as a communications post for the whole syndicate.

The Supreme Council delivers orders through them. Outside orders are also taken in through the BoT(C), which advertises as a mercenary group through certain channels.

The Bureau of Alliances, or “trading partners” handles our allies. As far as I know, the syndicate is Xxxxxxan only. The only other gang stalking group in this country is a West Xxxxxxxxan organization called the confederacy. Very often they try to move into the xxxxx xxxxx so we have to hold them back, diplomatically or otherwise. However, we have contracts with Xxxxxxan groups whereby we handle their targets when they move into Xxxxxx. The same with the Xxxxan groups and the confederacy. The other groups pay for their targets to be “handled” while they travel here. We make millions of dollars this way.

Finally, the Supreme Council controls the entire operation. I have no idea who they are, except that they have a fancy name instead of being a Bureau. They do not recruit their own men. They promote from the other departments.

Most of them seem to be wealthy individuals with inheritances that manage to maintain their fortunes from investments. Not one is a CEO, Judge, or Politician. They are all just old money family types that live in the Xxxxxx Xxxxx and seem unusually lucky with their money (no doubt through insider trading).

Editor’s note: We all know, or should know, who the inside traders are from them being exposed in terms of 9/11 insider trading.

Despite this, they have a lot of spiffy technology. They have a kind of reverse incapacitator that improves their health and increases their performance. Most of them look incredibly young for their age. We don’t see them much, though. Often, an audience with one of them is a kind of reward for good service.

There are also ranks in our syndicate. The lowest members are pawns. They are not technically members, because there is no permanent service contract and they do not know they are working for us. They take orders from us but are not expected to attend meetings. We call our pawns “concerned citizens,” the Authority bureau has “office boys” or “secretaries,” the BoT(F) has “lab rats” (who very often are paid volunteers for experiments, or people who do not know what they are testing); the BoT(C) has “spelunkers;” the BoA has “travel agents.”

Unfortunately, we are not obligated to give protection to any of these people. So, we can give a vet an order to put down a dog, without telling him that it is not consented to by the owner, and he will do the job and get sued without us giving him legal protection. A lot of our street theater is done by people that do not even know they are part of a syndicate.

They think they are a grass roots movement and do not know that there are other people harassing the target.

The BoT(C) recruits people that think they are joining l33t hacker groups on the internet, or people that think that they are just following orders from the archives. The BoT(F) does 80 per cent of its research at legitimate agencies like Xxxxxx’s XXXXX and its drug companies. The task of pawns is to think that what they are doing is either normal and routine, or criminal in an individual isolated manner.

Recruits, however, are aware of a conspiracy. However, they still remain at a misinformed level. We simultaneously maintain teams of “religious” actors and “punk” actors. A person might join us thinking he is going to clean up the community. Another person might join us thinking he is going to cause trouble and anarchy. And they can go about their merry ways.

We even deliver information to them in different ways. To the religious ones, it is wrapped up in prophecy and revelation. To the punks, it is given a communist candy coating. However, they are all aware that the group is large.

They are also aware of a mutual benefit aspect to the operation. Only greedy un-idealistic people get beyond the recruit rank.

All the Bureaus wrap themselves up in different colours. The Moneybags pretend to be a secret club for the elite (and many of them are indeed quite powerful and wealthy, second only to the Supreme Council). The BoT(F) claims to be a “humane” research agency, or a means by which scientists can resist corporate greed, though it still attracts deviants. The BoT(C) is conspiratorially minded, and pretends to be a group searching for the ‘secrets of the illuminati’ or the illuminati themselves. The BoA claims to be a contract agency, traveler’s club, or accounting firm.

Recruits perform tasks that they know are illegal, or immoral, but they still generally believe that they are doing it for a reason.

Managers like me come above the recruits and do some actual organization, whether leading a crew to a street theater match or planning an attack. Generally, managers know everything about the syndicate except what its goal is. Most are greedy enough to accept that it is not a morally motivated group. We also engage in communication with other Bureaus to co-ordinate our activities.

Different terms are used for different MOs.

The Theater has “Playwrights” and “Leading Roles.” The moneybags have “Success Stories.” The BoT(F) has “Research Directors.” The BoT(C) has “Information Awareness Officers.” The BoA has “Arrangers.”

Finally, a rare few are promoted to the Supreme Council.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS (both coloquial and official):

Contract: A TI or Target. This is the official term. Used as “Enemy Contract” or “Planning Contract.” Enemy contract is often referred to as “hostile contract.”

CHERRYING: Getting out of a legal tangle through the syndicate’s intervention.

NIPPLE-KISSER: a ‘deviant’ recruit, recruited because of a desire for sadism.

HOLY POLY: a ‘religious’ puritan recruit.

THE EFFECT: the fact that greedy and sadistic recruits are selected for managing jobs more readily than anybody with integrity.

FBG (fertile breeding ground): a crew of nipple-kissers, based on the idea that they are a fertile breeding ground for future managers.

MINCING: Luring a target into the legal system.

DEFACING: making faces at a contract, or otherwise intimidating them.

XXXXXX XXXXX SYNDROME: having a target so socially unpredictable and badly-off that you cannot really think of many ways to make their life much worse.

RAINBOW SHOCK: the fact that you have to act nice to the rest of the public immediately after you have stopped defacing a contract.

BREAK-A-LEG JOB: a particuarly hostile attack against a contract, or a plan which involves approaching the target and talking to them.

SAKURAKAI: a crew that is particularly overt in its stalking and gets caught too often. In other words, it has to be cherried all the time.

CREW: A unit of recruits and pawns under a single MO. In other words, a group of gang stalkers.

ZAPPERATING: using electronic devices to affect the health of a target.

XXXXXXX XXXXX: rhyming slang for big mistake, roughly means “we should not have used this method.”

UNCHAINED, UNCOVERED: authorities that are not pawns or recruits.

COVERED: A member of the public that is under the control of the syndicate (as a pawn).

PUBLIC FACE: A recruit or manager’s official life outside of the syndicate.

PRIVATE LIFE: a syndicate member’s activities with the syndicate.

INCAPACITATOR: a device that affects the sleeping patterns/stress/fatigue/headaches of a contract.

VOODOO: the means of acting hostile to a target (pointing, staring, etc).

LOMOSEXUAL: a syndicate member with a knack for photography. (“There’s a lomo in every crew!”)

NYUNKIA: (Not Your Usual Nipple-Kissing Incapacitator Asshole), the “yu” is pronounced as the “oo” in ‘moon.’ refers to a particularly sadistic or deviant BoT(F) member.

BONER: another word for an enemy target.

YELLOW MEAT: criminals, as opposed to “concerned citizens.” refers to criminals recruited into the syndicate.

XXXXXXXX (verb): to Xxxxxx somebody is to run them over or chase them with a car.

GIGOLO-BOP: to make sexual advances to an unattractive target, term mainly used by “nipple kisser” deviants.

CANCELLING: causing a miscarriage.

CRASH TEST DUMMY: a practice target.

HANG-JOB: the experience of having a target that one has enjoyed tormenting suddenly commit suicide. Term used mainly by nipple kissers/nyunkias.

COUSIN NANCY: a police unit sent to tail a crew and arrest them before an unchained police unit can do it.

XXXXXX NECKTIE: a death threat made with no intention of it being carried out.

GENERAL LEEING: randomly chasing after a target and threatening to rape them before immediately running away.

XXXX’S LAW: a police department that is thoroughly under the syndicate’s control.




DEJA VOOOO: doing the same skit over and over again.

I hope this glossary is of help. If you have any questions, please reply.


From: VIII. International Gang Stalking – Asset Stripping Operations (aka “Policing For Profit”)

From: Limasila: Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism, and Gang Stalking in Jakarta

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism & Gang Stalking in Jakarta—IF WE DIE IT’S MURDER NOT SUICIDE ETC.—Criminal/ASIO Mass Surveillance in Indonesia

Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism & Gang Stalking in Jakarta


Criminal/ASIO Mass Surveillance in Indonesia
Heaters Under Our Living Room Floor
Why Is Saying “New Zealand Organized Crime” Delusional?
Murder & Silencing Crime & Stalking Terrorism of Witnesses/Whistle-blowers/Victims
Australian/NZ/Indonesia Mafia Probably Assisted By Australian Government
Australian Supported Mafia Interference in Indonesian Government Departments.
ANZ Body Count
Freemasons Corrupting Australia
Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism & Gang Stalking in Jakarta

Like hundreds of millions of people we have been Targeted for Terrorism, Asset Stripping and Murder by Australian and New Zealand Criminal satanic Stalking Gang.

Criminal satanic Gang Stalkers Terrorized Us Out of Australia AND with Indonesian criminals continued the terrorism In Jakarta WITH Ethnic Cleansing, 24/7 Satanic Gang stalking, Terrorism and the Spreading of Gossip & Lies.

Recently HUNDREDS OF New Zealand CRIMINALS HAVE BEEN DEPORTED FROM AUSTRALIA BUT Criminal doctors in Melbourne DECLARED US delusional for saying “New Zealand ORGANIZED CRIME” .

THIS lie about us being delusional has been spread world wide by criminals via the satanic gang stalking social media gossip sewer.


Local Public Social/Religious organizations have been hijacked to provide a willing army of Manchurian low level gullible obedient yoked imbecilic mules to stalk us.

devout fanatic CHRISTIANS, CATHOLICS & MUSLIMS are obeying criminal Satanists who Mock, disrespect & Hate Christ
SEE Disrespect & Hatred FOR CHRIST by some of our original SATANIC gang stalkers BELOW.

Organized criminals have interfered with AND CORRUPTED businesses and government operations in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Britain

Gang Stalkers Specialize in Killing Without Touching. They create stress in their victims who die of a heart attack or suicide or by poison, gas or microwaves or killed in an accident.
The aim is of the stalkers is for the target to be destroyed; killed, made homeless & destitute, declared insane or committed to prison or murdered by doctors,


How is saying “NZ Organized Crime” Delusional Especially as Australia has Deported NZ Criminals

why were WE only grilled about our assets.

the attempts by Victorian Govt. Employees to make us homeless
the attempts by Victorian Govt. Employees to asset strip us

the employment of Indonesian, Australian & Singaporean Mental “health” people to Stalk/MONITOR us in Jakarta
Heather Holst CEO homeground services with other terrorists crowding me in Endeavour HILLS – Satanic Gang Stalkers – Former Fake Patient in Maroondah Mental Hospital – Heather Holst (CEO Homeground Services) With Terrorists Crowding Target @ Endeavour Hills Mall

Mental “Health” /homeground services etc. assistance to satanic gang stalkers
how our records are on the internet for criminals world wide to see while we are denied information
abuse of our human rights

How many people are Euthanized/ Silenced/ suicided/Die from stress without touching

Victorian Govt. Employees forcing us to take dangerous mind destroying drugs


Anti-Drug Unit of C.I.A. Sent Ton of Cocaine to U.S. in 1990 –

There are major criminals who have high connections behind the global mass SATANIC gang stalking JUST AS THERE IS WITH OTHER CRIMES SUCH AS THE DRUG TRADE.

We blocked some the microwaves and through the wall detectors (on our rear wall) – but that still leaves – odours that can be piped in intially at the rear of our house. Now under where we sleep.

We like hundreds of thousands of Independent Thinkers, Political Prisoners, Witnesses to Crime, Whistle Blowers & Veterans returning from wars – are being targeted to be asset stripped & silenced by CRIMINAL LYING Mental “Health” employees & SATANIC Gang Stalkers.

Military Grade Surveillance Technology & sophisticated PsyOps are being employed. Thus the local criminals who are Gang Stalking us must have foreign Intel assistance.


Why are these Satanic New Zealand Criminals special? How do they qualify for protection from the Australian Government which is normally afforded to major criminals who import thousands of tonnes of drugs from Afghanistan whilst bypassing NSA Mass Surveillance?

How can New Zealand Criminals put a person into the International Criminal Satanic Gang Stalking System and have the Australian and British Governments to help LOCAL Criminal Satanic Gang Stalkers to TERRORIZE, ROB & SILENCE US?
Attempted Murder, Silencing Crime/Stalking Terrorism Whistle-blower/Victims of Crime

We are witnesses of a stalking crime in Melbourne and related to a bank employee who we suspect was silenced by a drug dealing & money laundering cult.

Just after Richard’s death on the Winter Solstice 23 June 2010 several times members of Richard’s cult tried to invite me to join them for a coffee or drink, My gut feeling was suspicious so I avoided these invitations. The recent spiking of Marni’s coffee here in Jakarta and her final moments have many parallels to Richard’s final moments on Oak Park station and what my final moments would have been if I had joined the cult for coffee.

The Indonesian Police are to be congratulated on the seriousness with which they are taking the spiking of Marni’s coffee – the Victorian Coroner in contrast just protects Criminals. The Indonesian Media have covered coffee spiking extensively In Contrast to the Australian Media.

Hundreds of Victoria mental health patients die prematurely each year – The Age Newspaper
Criminal Mass Surveillance Of Indonesia By Australian/ NZ /Indonesian Criminals

24/7 there are thugs/snitches sitting on the corners of streets blogging/smsing all the time who is leaving and who is arriving.

It is no mystery how the HOUSE BREAKERS instantly which houses are EMPTY. There are many House Break-ins around my house. The local neighbourhood watch Ormas has been hijacked by criminals who in our case are aiming for ETHNIC CLEANSING.

There is a link between the criminal mass surveillance system and gang stalkers victim tracking and other crimes such as house break-ins

Back in the 1980s we remember Jakarta was safer – our relatives together with us would go to Sukabumi for a couple of days knowing that the neighbours would keep an eye on the EMPTY house. Now Pademangan is becoming a criminally infested ethnic/cultural ghetto.

to North Jakarta Immigration and were told that the computer system had not been clicked in MT Hariyono – THE GLITCH

Australian/NZ/Indonesia Mafia Probably Assisted By Australian Government
Several times I have reported Stalking incidents within the Australian Embassy with NO FEEDBACK.

Clearly there are people within the embassy who know about our gang stalking.
upon arrival in Jakarta I reported to the British embassy as well. the direction of my conversation with the official indicates that while Victorian health will not share information with me or answer my questions they will violate privacy laws and share their information about us with the MAFIA, British embassy and others in the satanic gang stalking network.

Later in Singapore the mafia/Australian Govt. interfered with my reporting to the Singapore police incidents at my hotel.

The lack of response FROM Australia and the access to Military Grade Surveillance Technology and knowledge of sophisticated PsyOps leads me to suspect that Australian Intel Services are providing the local gang stalkers with help.

As Snowden has reminded us there is NO PRIVACY.

Indonesian Criminals have mass surveillance of everyone. Where ever we go there is a brat/snitch reporting our location plus reminding us of their ever watching criminal Ormas/social stalking media gossip sewer.

This Criminal Satanic Mass Gang Stalking and Surveillance of Indonesians is probably being used by Intel services from outside Indonesia to watch everyone in Indonesia

The real fight is for civil rights – Opinion –

Edward Snowden “Everyone’s Watched” – Yet There’s A Drug Deluge & Gang Stalkers Are Free To TERRORIZE, ROB & MURDER

‘Orwell’s 1984 a fairytale compared to reality’ – Snowden delivers Xmas message-91N_KhL9670

ORGANIZED CRIMINAL Interference in Indonesia Govt., Australian Police & Businesses World Wide

Last year 8 February 2015 my wife applied for a residence visa for myself. The official serving her claimed the stamp in the passport was sufficient and the KITAS card was not issued. This year while applying for another one year residence visa we discovered that according to immigration department computer the KITAS was issued so who has it? We are forced to declare the previous KITAS card lost request and pay a fine for a duplicate.

Many people are being Gang Stalked

In Pademangan alone there is a whole network of snitches & speakers etc So we are not the only people here being Gang Stalked. As I walk around about one in twenty houses has the stalking network of speakers.

We have already approached the church & local community leader but sadly the local prep/ activist has sold this as an Ethnic Cleansing operation.

Gang Stalking

In Parents, Parents’ Coaching – What Is Gang Stalking?

“Gang Stalking:” Organized and Electronic Targeting the “Domestic Victims”.
ANZ Body Count – Spiked Coffee Death – Drugs & Money Laundering Cult

2) Gang stalking, character defamation, targeting the elderly, asset forfeiture
peacepink: character defamation, asset stripping, targeting the elderly

Posted by Clair McCleary on March 13, 2014 at 4:00am

Is there a connection between these 4 things? Perhaps I should add a fifth – criminal police/ authorities.
targets are not criminal. My theory is gang stalking is a huge criminal con game. The Targets are BAIT to recruit the real targets – ordinary working people with families and assets. The Recruits are recruited on the basis of lies into a cult where they will be subject to manipulation, mind control, indoctrination, with the object of fleecing them of all their assets – slowly, over time. The target bait is just a distraction to keep their focus off what is happening.

Why target the elderly? It’s an old con tricksters mantra – where there’s old there’s gold. The target bait also are stripped of their assets. They could be the targets of identity theft – a clever move which strips them of their assets and criminalises them in one move. And the defamation of character is for a purpose – it means their assets can be seized under asset forfeiture laws on no other basis than they have a “criminal lifestyle”. No crime need ever be proved. And old people , who have spent a lifetime getting some resources together, trusting of authority and always vulnerable to swindlers – soft and lucrative targets.

Comment by Lyn on March 13, 2014 at 9:43pm

Yes Clair, these are all part of the system of control and agenda of the electronic mind control technology harassment of the gov’t or organisations under its program, regardless of who and what they are. Even other targeted individuals or other victims could also be recruited to target and harass other real victims, and not only recruits neighbours, journalist, or people working for gov’t as employees and get paid to act as agents or spies to target real victims.

Comment by Clair McCleary on March 13, 2014 at 11:26pm

Exactly. Divide and rule again. We are so busy fighting and blaming/scapegoating each other we have lost sight of the real troublemakers.

Comment by Sipho on March 16, 2014 at 5:37am

As for me its a challenge people who are involved in SouthAfrica I am even shy to name them given the rife of corruption in Police,they few Police officers whom I know at my nearest police station(Douglasdale Police Station in Fourways,Johannesburg)who do or act in a strange manner so even if I think of reporting my Perps nothing will be done Like now I want my ears to be checked I know I won’t get help.

elizabeth king left a comment for Sue

“hello sue Sorry for the long delay in reply but ive been hit pretty hard and on the fews hours ive been ok I could not face anything to do with TI ….Yes i get the nightmares too IN one i was cooking one of my small dogs in the microwave then i…”

2 hours ago

“This is what Toronto police, Canadian torturers, Ontario Government are extremely Hacking. “After UN contacted me…” ”

mind control for dummies By: Santbir Singh Sekhontheory A superheterodyne receiver, often shortened to superhet, is a type of radio receiver that uses frequency mixing to convert a received signal to a fixed intermediate frequency (IF) which can be more conveniently processed than the original carrier frequency. The Superheterodyne Receiver. We have discussed that superheterodyning is simply reducing the incoming signal is frequency by mixing. In a radio application we are reducing the AM or FM…
Greg Garza shared their discussion on Facebook

U.S. Government (EMR/V2K) Human Rights Violations – Technological Coercive Arm of the State

From: IX. Gang Stalking is Torture Funded Through Entitlements and Government Jobs

From: Sumo Sacerdote
FEBRUARY 25, 2017

Government Sponsored Harassment Program: Life-long Official Torture Must Be Stopped Now

Following are excerpts from a well hidden article published on the disinformation site called Veteran’s News Now. I’m leaving out the disinformation, and publishing the part that I know to be fact, having had to deal with it for a life time. Government spies using false identities married my father, married me and want to marry my daughter.

These ‘gangs’ of spies are taught harassment techniques such as “gas-lighting” within the U.S. military. I’ve learned this from people who’ve gone through the training and who have confessed of its existence. Government jobs are the rewards given to those who participate. Welfare entitlements are also used as forms of payment so that the financial burden of this army of tormentors is placed on the shoulders of those of us who are employed, and most Americans are now in the minimum wage service economy. Pretty much everyone else has already been dispossessed of their assets. The psychopaths who control this army don’t have to spend a dime of their own money for the program, which even has an official name: COPS. It’s made out to look good, of course. It’s not. Perhaps there are others out there who recognize the patterns described in this article and will join me in speaking out.

What penalty is appropriate for criminals who destroy lives slowly by pretending to be a friend or by marrying their victims, and charging the tax payer for this service?

By Rahul Manchanda, Esq. on August 21, 2016

In Bill Clinton’s COPS Gang-Stalking Program, civilian spies are recruited from every segment of society, and everyone in the “targets” life is made a part of this ongoing, continuous, and systematic form of control and harassment, with such actions that are specifically designed to control the target and to “keep them in line,” like a Pavlovian Dog. These actions are also designed to mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, and psychologically destroy the target over years, to make them appear to be crazy, leave them with no form of support whatsoever, and ultimately to drive the target to suicide.

In 1975 Senator Frank Church convened a joint senatorial/congressional inquiry into the egregious human rights and civil liberties violations of the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”), National Security Agency (“NSA”), as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) against people both foreign and domestic. Such blatant transgressions included the “neutralization” and “elimination” of political dissidents, “enemies of the state,” real or imagined threats to National Security, and anyone else on the proverbial shit list of the Military Industrial Complex (“MIC”).

The terms ‘enemy of the State’ refers to traditional enemies of the Masonic Mob, historically speaking these Mob enemies are Catholic. The Catholic “Mafia” is simply the Roman Catholic Church and the families that have supported it for centuries. They are law and order people.

The Mob invents enemies by remembering ancient defeats that people today have long since forgotten. These forgotten defeats go back to Julius Ceasar’s defeat of the Pirates and Slavers that had taken over the Provinces. When he won the Gallic Wars, he established Roman Catholic rule there, which was called Christendom in the old days. Why? Because Julius Ceasar was the legitimate anointed heir of the kThe DeMolay society remembers these defeats, and I can guess this simply by understanding what the name DeMolay referrs to. He was the infiltrator of the old Christian army which we call the Knights Templar. He was there to make sure that the Knights Templars burned at the stake, but instead his targeted victims escaped and he was burned at the stake instead. Then there are other wars, but we’ll delve into that later.

The “Church Committee” a U.S. Senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church (D-ID) in 1975, was a Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities. A precursor to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the committee investigated intelligence gathering for illegality by the aforementioned agencies after certain activities had been revealed by the Watergate affair. Of course, intelligence agencies protect each other.

To discredit one spy agency is to discredit all of them. The number of jobs, sub-contractors, perks and freebies is beyond measure at this point. There were spy families before, now there are entire spy populations who live internationally, have several identities in several countries who live very, very good lives and get immunity from just about any prosecution. They get their pick of government jobs, all of them are easy, and they get the fast lane when applying for free government benefits.

The December 22, 1974 New York Times article by Seymour Hersh detailed operations engaged in by the CIA over the years that had been dubbed the “family jewels”. The article pretends that all these covert action programs of assassination were attempts against foreign leaders to subvert foreign governments. In actuality, the only thing foreign to this fraudulent government are Catholics, the assassinations were against Catholics, the subversion was against American Catholics.

The fact of such programs were reported for the first time: (7) efforts by intelligence agencies to collect information on the political activities of US citizens; and (8) countless other examples, both overseas and domestically. (See original article for references)

The end result of the Church Committee Hearings was the outright banning on CIA assassinations as well as the FBI/DOJ COINTELPRO gang-stalking programs.

This means that anyone and everyone who is employed or who volunteers to torment the life any other individual is guilty of a federal offense and should certainly stand trial. Those found guilty should be punished in such a way that the punishment will deter future perpetrators of these multi-generational crimes.

In 1975 and 1976, the Church Committee published fourteen reports on various U.S. intelligence agencies’ formation, operations, and the alleged abuses of law and of power that they had committed, with recommendations for reform, some of which were later put in place.

Under recommendations and pressure by this committee, President Gerald Ford issued Executive Order 11905 (ultimately replaced in 1981 by President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333) to ban U.S. sanctioned assassinations of foreign leaders. It did not mention domestic leaders.

Does it ban assassinations of American future leaders in the 20-23 age range? Is this permitted? Certainly it amounts to treason.

The Church Committee’s reports supposedly constitute the most extensive review of intelligence activities ever made available to the public. Much of the contents were classified, but over 50,000 pages were declassified under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992.

Thanks to the concept of ‘redactions’, these declassified documents still protect the assassins and the names of the victims, by giving the Mob Government the right to black out anything they choose to. Those of us who are targeted and who’ve lost family members are left completely defenseless, unable to identify these assassins and fraudsters who continue to invade our personal lives with impunity.

The Church Committee learned that beginning in the 1950s, the CIA and FBI intercepted, opened, and photographed more than 215,000 pieces of mail by the time the program was shut down. Certainly this is a lie. The spying of mail started much earlier in Europe. The Church report found that the CIA was zealous about keeping the US Postal Service from learning that mail was being opened by government agents. CIA agents moved mail to a private room to open the mail or in some cases opened envelopes at night after stuffing them in briefcases or coat pockets to deceive postal officials. This is still going on of course, and it didn’t begin in the 1950’s. I’ve found evidence of it throughout the South during the Civil War.

On May 9, 1975, the Church Committee called CIA director William Colby. That same day Ford’s top advisers (Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Philip W. Buchen, and John Marsh) drafted a method to protect their beloved assassins and torturers, many of whom have been rewarded with the highest public offices throughout the world.

No one in government expressed concern for the victims or for the survival of our nation.

The Ford administration, particularly Rumsfeld, was “concerned” about the effort by members of the Church Committee in the Senate and the Pike Committee in the House to curtail the power of U.S. intelligence agencies. It seemed that Rumsfeld et al was comfortable giving the power to arbitrarily destroy anyone as “enemies of the state” by anyone working in the IC and MIC.

COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic “political dissidents.”

FBI records show that COINTELPRO resources targeted groups and individuals that the FBI deemed subversive, including anti-Vietnam War organizers, activists of the Civil Rights Movement or Black Power movement (e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Panther Party), feminist organizations, anti-colonial movements (such as Puerto Rican independence groups like the Young Lords), and a variety of organizations that were part of the broader New Left.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover issued directives on COINTELPRO, ordering FBI agents to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, neutralize or otherwise eliminate” the activities of these movements and especially their leaders who were regular people like anyone posting their investigations on Youtube, for example. Under Hoover, the agent in charge of COINTELPRO was William C. Sullivan.

Their tactics against the very people whose tax contributions pay their salary included anonymous phone calls, IRS audits, and the creation of documents that would divide their target’s families.

One way of dividing a family is by confiscating their house. My personal and present experience with this is that a number of these agents cooperate to steal proof of tax payment and also to steal the notifications sent out by the Sheriff’s office about tax liens and tax sales on the property. When one prays and places oneself under God’s protection, it’s possible to overcome these tactics. In my case, pure coincidence allowed me to discover that my own proof of payment of property taxes had been stolen and that my house had already been given to a company in Minnesota, Lima Investments to be exact, for the grand total of about $200.00. Having a government places us all in great danger, and it’s just time to get rid of it. All of it.

These government tactics are used against us, our relatives, our friends: anyone who isn’t in The Club, a club that appears to be called, the DeMolay Society, with their cake books. The ones I’ve met don’t read much.

The Final Report of the Select Frank Church Committee blasted with hot air the behavior of the intelligence community in its domestic operations (including COINTELPRO) in no uncertain terms:

“The Committee finds that the domestic activities of the intelligence community at times violated specific statutory prohibitions and infringed the constitutional rights of American citizens. The legal questions involved in intelligence programs were often not considered. On other occasions, they were intentionally disregarded in the belief that because the programs served the “national security” the law did not apply. While intelligence officers on occasion failed to disclose to their superiors programs which were illegal or of questionable legality, the Committee finds that the most serious breaches of duty were those of senior officials, who were responsible for controlling intelligence activities and generally failed to assure compliance with the law. Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all of the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that – the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association, on the theory that preventing the growth of dangerous groups and the propagation of dangerous ideas would protect the national security and deter violence.”

According to attorney Brian Glick in his book War at Home, the FBI used four main methods during COINTELPRO:

(1) Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on selected targets. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters of the target through lies and false accusations. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuinely good people as agents, accusing their victims of doing what the FBI itself was doing;

(2) Psychological warfare: The FBI and police used myriad “dirty tricks” to undermine people who they opposed. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials and others to cause trouble for activists. They used bad-jacketing to create suspicion about targets, sometimes with lethal consequences; They sent people to marry into and befriend the families of their perceived enemies, also usually with lethal consequences.

(3) Harassment via the legal system: The FBI and police abused the legal system to harass regular people and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, “investigative” interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters;

(4) Illegal force: The FBI conspired with local police departments to threaten dissidents; to conduct illegal break-ins in order to search dissident homes; and to commit vandalism, assaults, beatings and assassinations. The object was to frighten or eliminate dissidents and disrupt their movements.

The FBI specifically developed tactics intended to heighten tension and hostility between various factions in their targeted groups and individuals, and this resulted in numerous deaths.

While COINTELPRO was officially terminated in April 1971, evidence is that reforms did not succeed in ending COINTELPRO tactics, which now includes harassment on social media, obstruction of commerce through social media censorship, search engine censorship, hacking into independent websites and denial of emergency welfare benefits.


“Community-Oriented Policing,” (“COPS”) is a strategy of policing that focuses on police “building ties and working closely with members of the communities.” It originated in 1994 when then Senator Joseph Biden wrote and then President Bill Clinton enacted the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (“VCCLEA”) establishing the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (“COPS”) within the US Department of Justice.

Community policing is supposedly a policy that requires police to engage in a “proactive approach” to address public safety concerns, and is a cornerstone of the Clinton Administration, gaining its funding from the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.

Common implementations of community-policing include:

(1) relying on community-based crime prevention by utilizing “civilian education,” neighborhood watch, and a variety of other techniques, as opposed to relying solely on police patrols;
(2) restructuring the patrol from an emergency response based system to emphasizing proactive techniques such as foot patrol;
(3) increased officer accountability to civilians they are “supposed to serve;” and
(4) decentralizing police authority, allowing more discretion amongst lower-ranking officers, and more initiative expected from them.

In other words, federal and state sanctioned and approved PUNISHMENT FOR NO CRIME COMMITTED.

Gang Stalking has many similarities to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community or in the home after infiltrating social groups, where the target is followed around and placed under surveillance by groups of organized civilian spies/snitches 24/7, 365 days a year.

When a target moves or changes jobs, the harassment continues. There is no mercy with the GOVERNMENT. If the target complains, the look of triumph is seen ON THEIR FACES, for there is no one to complain to but other spies, double agents and enemies in the pay of the government. Some of us are absolutely surrounded and live that way our entire lives, unless the mercy of God intervenes.

Targeted Individuals are harassed for months or years before they realize that they are being targeted by an organized Life-Torture Program.

Many innocent people are targeted for these harassment programs. Their friends, family, and the community at large, through massive prescription drugging, brainwashing and media control, are used to monitor, prosecute, and harass them. In the former Jewish controlled USSR these programs accused innocent people of being an “enemy of the state,” or “mentally unfit,” and many were institutionalized or murdered using this form of governmental systematic control.

In Bill Clinton’s COPS Gang-Stalking Program, civilian spies are recruited from every segment of society, and everyone in the “targets” life is made a part of this ongoing, continuous, and systematic form of control and harassment, with such actions that are specifically designed to control the target and to “keep them in line,” like a Pavlovian Dog.

Despite the fact that these actions are designed to mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, and psychologically destroy the target over years, to make them appear to be crazy, and leave them with no form of support, whatsoever, in actual practice something very different happens.

I’ve observed that these malicious operatives end up becoming mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, and psychologically destroyed themselves over the years, while their targets, such as myself, manage to adapt their lives in very creative ways. Those who end up appearing to be crazy, and with no form of support, whatsoever, are the ones doing the torturing.

For the state, this appears to be a way to keep their targets in line, control them, or ultimately destroy them. Instead, we’ll be seeing the state itself destroyed along with every pirate and Jew who depends on it for cash and status even while they work to destroy the very source of that cash and status, the productive tax payers whose dependence on their pirate system diminishes as a result of the harassment.

This systematic form of control is funded at every level of government, every agency is involved in it. All of them.

Targets can be chosen for many reasons, but mainly they are targeted for their legitimate, historically Catholic bloodline that has shunned inbreeding. This bloodline makes for an intelligent and capable individual who will tend to differ with the Masonic Mob in terms of political views and ideas of right and wrong. People who don’t cooperate with the rape and pillage of our nation will find themselves labelled as:

(1) whistle-blowers;
(2) political dissident;
(3) one who asserts rights at work;
(4) one who has personally displeased a member of the DeMolay Society;
(5) one who is too outspoken;
(6) one who is an investigator ;
(7) a signer of a petition;
(8) a writer of letters;
(9) one who is reported as “suspicious” by a civilian spy/snitch; or
(10) one who is a religious/ethnic/racial minority, which means being Catholic, which to the Pirate State makes us an enemy.

The goal of the COPS state-sanctioned organized gang-stalking and domestic torture program is to isolate the target from all forms of support, so that the target can be set up in the future for arrest, institutionalized, or forced suicide. Other goals of this harassment are to destroy the targets reputation and credibility, and to make the target look “crazy” or unstable.

The process often involves sensitizing the target to every day negative and even horrific “stimuli” as a form of control, which is used to control targets when they “get out of line.” Targets of this relentless and merciless harassment become vulnerable and destitute, and often become homeless, jobless, have a breakdown, are driven to suicide, similar to targets of the banned COINTELPRO. The government eliminates perceived “enemies of the state” in this manner.

Every time the target moves, the same defamation, lies, libel, and slander will be spread, and the systematic harassment will continue. Online defamation, libel, and slander on the internet has made this continuation of COPS gang-stalking a great deal easier.

People from all segments of society can be recruited to be the “eyes and ears” of the state, such as laborers, drug dealers, drug users, street people, prostitutes, punks, church groups, youth groups, your best friend, your lawyer, local policeman, doctor, emergency services, a neighbor, family, social workers, politicians, judges, dentists, vet, supermarket cashier, postman, religious leader, care worker, landlord, anyone.

Most of these recruited civilian spies/snitches do not understand or even care that the end consequence of this harassment protocol is to eventually destroy the targeted person, and function as “useful idiots” of the state sanctioned COPS gang-stalking program.

It has been reported that people and family members participate in this COPS gang stalking because it:

(1) gives them a sense of power;
(2) is a way to make friends;
(3) is something social and fun;
(4) breaks down race/gender/age/social barriers;
(5) is forced or blackmailed upon them by the State or police to take part;
(6) is told to them that they are part of “homeland or national security” to help keep an eye on “dangerous” or “emotionally disturbed” individuals where they are “heroic spies for the state;”
(7) is used on local thugs or informants who are already being used for other activities where their energies are diverted into these COPS gangstalking community spy programs;
(8) is either a choice of spying for the State or police, or else go to jail;
(9) involves outright lies and slander about the target to get them to go along with ruining the targets life;
(10) includes average citizens recruited by the state the same way citizens were recruited in the former East Germany and other countries.

Some techniques used against targets in this organized COPS Gang-stalking program include:

(1) classic conditioning where a target is sensitized to everyday stimuli over a period of months and years to harass them in public to let them know they are constantly being harassed and monitored;
(2) 24/7 Surveillance following the target everywhere they go, learning about the target and where they shop, work, play, who their friends and family are, getting close to the target, moving into the community or apartment where they live, across the street, monitoring the targets phone, house, and computer activity; I’ve known them to marry family members. Watch the Cable Guy movie for an illustration of how they operate.
(3) isolating the target via defamation, libel, and slander campaigns, (eg, people in the target’s community are told that the target is a thief, into drugs, a prostitute, pedophile, crazy, in trouble for something, needs to be watched, false files will even be produced on the target, shown to neighbors, family, store keepers);
(4) constant or intermittent noise and mimicking campaigns disrupting the targets life and sleep with loud power tools, construction, stereos, doors slamming, etc;
(5) talking in public about private things in the target’s life;
(6) mimicking actions of the target and basically letting the target know that they are in the target’s life;
(7) daily interferences, not too overt to the untrained eye, but psychologically degrading and damaging to the target over time;
(8) everyday life breaks and street theater such as flat tires, sleep deprivation, drugging food, putting dirt on targets property;
(9) mass strangers doing things in public to annoy targets such as getting called/text messages to be at a specific time and place to perform a specific action;
(10) blocking targets path, getting ahead of them in line, cutting or boxing them in on the road, saying or doing things to elicit a response from the target;
(11) “baiting” tactics where a surveillance operation can selectively capture evidence of a targeted person responding to harassment, and then that evidence could then be used to justify the initiation of more formal scrutiny by a government agency.

The COPS Gang-Stalking Program, as all other state sanctioned/approved gang-stalking programs, have always been funded by the Government. They are the only ones with enough money, coordination, and power to keep such a system in place. These coordinated efforts then join hands with others for this systemic form of control and harassment.

Such operations have nothing to do with the target’s criminality – they are led and perpetrated by federal agents and intelligence/security contractors, often with the support of state and local law enforcement personnel. Unofficial operations of this type are often private investigators and vigilantes – including many former agents and police officers, sometimes on behalf of corporate clients and others with connections to the public and private elements of America’s security industry.

The goal of such operations is “disruption” of the life of an individual deemed to be an enemy (or potential enemy) of clients or members of the security state. Arguably, the most accurate term for this form of harassment would be “counterintelligence stalking.” I would call it simply “Torture”.

Agents of communist East Germany’s Stasi (state police) referred to this process as Zersetzung (German for “decomposition” or “corrosion” – a reference to the severe psychological, social, and financial effects upon the victim). Victims have described the process as “no-touch torture” – a phrase which also captures the nature of the crime: cowardly, unethical (and often illegal), but difficult to prove legally, because it generates minimal forensic evidence.

Tactics include online and personal slander, libel, defamation, blacklisting, “mobbing” (intense, organized harassment in public), “black bag jobs” (residential break-ins), abusive phone calls, computer hacking, framing, threats, blackmail, vandalism, “street theater” (staged physical and verbal interactions with the minions of the people who orchestrate the stalking), harassment by noises, and other forms of bullying.

Such stalking is sanctioned (and in some cases, orchestrated) by federal agencies; however such stalking is also sometimes used unofficially for personal and corporate vendettas by current and former corrupt employees of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, private investigators, and their clients.

Since counterintelligence stalking goes far beyond surveillance – into the realm of psychological terrorism, as it is essentially a form of extrajudicial punishment. As such, the harassment is illegal – even when done by the government. It clearly violates the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unwarranted searches, and the Sixth Amendment which guarantees the right to a trial. Such operations also violate similar fundamental rights defined by state constitutions. Stalking is also specifically prohibited by the criminal codes of every state in America.

As was stated above, organized stalking methods were used extensively by communist East Germany’s Stasi (state police) as a means of maintaining political control over its citizens. Although this is supposedly illegal in the US, the same covert tactics are quietly used by America’s local and federal law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, to suppress political and domestic dissent, silence whistle-blowers, and get revenge against persons who have angered someone with connections to the public and private agencies involved.
Although Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency (“NSA”) in 2013 and 2014 generated a great deal of public discussion about mass surveillance, US domestic counterintelligence activities such as the COPS Program receive relatively little attention.

The FBI’s COINTELPRO operation is still happening, involving even more advanced surveillance technology – and this program is none other than Joseph Biden and Bill Clinton’s COPS Program.

US Department of Justice crime statistics from a 2006 survey indicated that an estimated 445,220 COPS gangstalking victims reported three or more perpetrators (the only ones reported), and this number is growing exponentially on a daily basis.
In addition to being morally reprehensible, the COPS gang stalking program, just like the original version of the FBI’s COINTELPRO operations, is very, very illegal. It violates criminal laws in all fifty states against stalking, as well as grossly violates the US Constitution’s prohibitions against warrantless searches and extra-judicial punishment.
What is extra-judicial punishment? It is punishment without trial, without a charge and without even the acknowledgement that a life-long punishment is inflicted. So if the victims were not allowed a trial, should the perpetrators be allowed that luxury?

From: X. Gang Stalking is the Freemasonic Secret (Silent, Slow) Dagger AND Scientology’s “Fair Game” Policy!?

James Harken

Published on May 25, 2017

Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to control every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Gang Stalking takes place outside in the community. It’s called Gang Stalking, because the target is followed around and placed under surveillance by groups of organized Civilian Spies/Snitches 24/7.

The reasons why it is employed?

You found the wrong forum on the internet and saw something you should not have seen; you worked for a company and found out some sensitive information; you got on the wrong side of someone who is a member of the vast satanic or luciferian cabal; etc.

The destruction of a person feeds them. It also fits in with their overall agenda. People who are victims of gangstalking are people who pose a threat to the goals of the dark principalities.

The goal of Gang Stalking

The expressed goal of Gang Stalking is to silence a victim, drive a victim insane and possibly to the point of suicide, or destroy the victim’s reputation and believability as the person will likely be viewed as mentally ill should they complain or report the abuse. Gang Stalking is also used to gather information on individuals as well as force individuals to move or leave an area.

Motivations for the abuse

Motivations for Gang Stalking vary. Revenge for a real or imagined offense. (People in these organizations are quite petty, mirroring their preternatural handlers); false accusations of a “horrible crime” of which the victim has gotten away with (Used to discredit the victim and destroy his/her reputation); silencing a corporate “whistle-blower”; defecting from a cult; a perceived enemy of a group or organization; “knowing too much” are all examples of possible motivations.

Who are the stalkers?

The stalkers, for the most part, appear to be everyday citizens. They wear business suits, push their children in strollers, and shop at the local grocery store. They are encouraged to fit in with the community. Other stalkers are “street thugs” who have been hired to harass and intimidate.

A gang stalking group is a well-run organization comprised of members who are unidentified as gangstalkers to the outside world. Until a group of gangstalkers turn their face towards someone selected to be one of their targets, members of society do not realize there is such an invisible group.

The practitioners of gang stalking are people who, for the most part, go about their business of daily life appearing like everyone else, except for their activities involved with Gang stalking. Gangstalking activities take priority over everything else in the lives of gangstalkers. Gangstalking is actually a lifestyle for those who participate in it.

Why people participate in Gang Stalking

-Some stalkers are told lies, either positive or negative in nature, in order to gain their participation
-Some stalkers are paid or receive other benefits
-Stalkers belonging to an organization may simply be following orders.
-Some stalkers may use their participation in order to repay a past favor.
-Peer Pressure/ Need to Fit In
-Former stalkers have stated they participated out of fear of becoming
the next target should they go against the group.
-Entertainment Value/Thrill of Participation in an Illegal activity.
-Nearly all willing stalkers have a cult/satanic or luciferian group affiliation
-Some are controlled like puppets (flipping the switch)

Who, or what is behind Gang Stalking?

Societies/Fraternities/Orders, Religious Cults and Destructive “New Age” Groups, Corporations, Government Organizations, Military, Concerned” Community Groups/Vigilante Groups, Criminal Organizations, etc.

Ultimately, the source of it all are the malevolent/demonic principalities. They are the true heads of state and corporations in this world.