Chuck Baldwin: Scofield Bible and Dispensationalism/Christian Zionism as False Religion

Chuck Baldwin: Who Ran For President For the Constitutional Party:

From my national column this week (published Thursday, January 4):

I grew up in dispensationalism; I went to dispensationalist Bible colleges; and I taught dispensationalism for over thirty years. My very first Bible as an adult was a Scofield Reference Bible (which I still have). Some of the most well-known fundamentalist preachers of the twentieth century have their signatures in that Bible—men such as W.A. Criswell, B.R. Lakin, Tom Malone, John R. Rice, Monroe Parker, J. Vernon McGee, J. Harold Smith, Jack Hyles, Jerry Falwell, and others. My theological schooling was entirely rooted in dispensationalism.

However, after MUCH prayer and personal study, I am now convinced that dispensationalism is a huge Biblical heresy; that the modern Zionist State of Israel is NOT the fulfillment of ANY Biblical prophecy and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant; and that, instead, Zionism is perhaps Satan’s greatest tool to destroy America’s Christian culture and whatever vestiges remain of our constitutional system of government and the liberties enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

Dispensationalists repeatedly say that Genesis 12:3 refers to the modern Zionist State of Israel. They say that America will ONLY be “blessed” if we “bless” the Zionist State of Israel. But tell me: What has happened to America since 1948, when we began “blessing” this Zionist State of Israel by giving it trillions of dollars of foreign aid and sending America’s military troops to fight innumerable wars, suffer countless casualties, and inflict untold death and destruction on its behalf—not to mention revolving much of the U.S. political, religious, entertainment, and media institutions around it?

Has our education system been “blessed” since 1948? The public education system is awash in Zionism. What about our economic system? It’s mostly controlled by Zionists. Do we have a “blessed” economic system today? What about our political system? It’s heavily influenced by Zionists. Has it been “blessed” since 1948? What about our national news media? All of the major television news networks are owned by Zionists. Have they been a “blessing” to us since 1948? What about Hollywood and our entertainment systems? These institutions are largely controlled by Zionists. Have they been a “blessing” to America since 1948? What about America’s families? Are our families (of all races) more “blessed” today than they were in 1948? What about peace in our country—domestically and internationally? We are fighting wars all over the world, and our major cities have become war zones and battlefields in their own right. Is America “blessed” with more peace and tranquility after 70 years of “blessing” the Zionist State of Israel?

I am absolutely convinced that the acceptance of dispensationalism with the resultant worship and adulation for the Zionist State of Israel by such a large portion of America’s Christian community (Christian Zionists dominate America’s mega-churches, Christian colleges and Bible schools, Christian television and radio broadcasts, and gospel literature) has brought God’s judgment—NOT God’s blessing—on America.

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  1. …we must keep speaking these simple truths and realities.. our nation, our lives depends on it..

    Yes, since 1948 our nation has been void of any class of blessings.. the needless pharmaceutical deaths of literally millions of Americans since, mostly women and children, today well over 700,000 senseless Pharma murders a year would be a primary indicator.. IT’S VITAL we fully understand now, who is behind this, it didn’t fall out of the sky, their MOTIVE and the sole MEANS that allows the propagation of this mass deception …


    ..Just don’t call those behind this, those you mentioned as “CONTROL AND OWN EVERYTHING” ,’Jews’

    ……that is exactly what they want you to do.. and if you do you will be doing their bidding ..serving them.. working for them .. not a good thing to work for this small group of human excrement Globalist “central (FED) bankers” …

    And yes by birth they (this small group of Globalist ponzi scheme “central (FED) bankers” are Ashkenazi non-Semitic Jews… Christ in the book of Revelation calls them “those who say they are Jews but are not”…

    … A vast majority of all Semitic and Ashkenazi Jews have ZERO to do with these pieces of human excrement Ponzi scheme central bankers and their criminal state corruptly called Israel.. And ironically this (small group of globalist “central (FED) bankers” actually HATE with a passion all practising Jews.. In their false criminal bank state, criminally called “Israel” they are discriminated against in many ways more than Arab Palestinians.. .

    We must not forget that they mass executed thousands of them in their AshkeNAZI WWII concentration camps, and have similar plans for them as their ‘scapegoats’ on a global scale with their false criminal state corruptly called Israel

    And TODAY it’s not an accident that they use Ashkenazi fellow false jews to head up all their Globalist corporations and financial institutions.. they place them to head up all their media corporations and major sports leagues ..of course all banks, and financial institutions… IT’S BY DESIGN…

    They did the exact same to start their WWII in their Germany .. setting up their puppet Ashkenazi Jews as heads of all major post Weimar Republic corporations, banks and financial institutions… and as heads of all publications and media, to eventually imply that it was these Jews and their total control, blaming all past oppression of the German people, and their failure in their WWI on them, ‘those Jews!’ .. today they are setting them up on a global scale as scapegoats with their false bank state “Israel” to start their next WW ..

    …let’s get focused on the actual simple solution here, and it’s vital we are never played by them ..those (small group of foreign “central (FED) banking” Globalist) that say they are Jews but are not..

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