Tomaz Zrinsky TI Statement (5/14/22)

Since I was young they always harassed me in an apartment block and didn’t allow me to live and sleep in peace. Then they started attacking me with directed energy weapons, specifically with an ultrasonic array. Most likely they always been criminally organized and had such devices, which is why they probably always acted so vile.

Ultrasonic weapons are inaudible, invisible and often can’t be felt, but they can cause:

1. Pressure
2. Temperature
3. Audible sound
4. Tickling
5. Tingling

All of this I have described scientifically in detail, even mathematically calculated in the attached document. The document also contains links to evidence.

They aimed into my heart and head and with that they added pressure on my heart and brain. With that they tried to prevent normal blood flow in my organs. Occasionally they also attacked my eyes and because of that I had blurred vision, as a result of pressure and heat of ultrasound. Before they directed energy into my heart or head, i could feel the movement of the directed energies on my body as they moved them around me, until they placed them in my heart or head. Not that this was a necessary procedure for them, but they have sadistically done this to make me know. They also harassed me with a dog, a German Shepherd, who they deliberately encouraged to bark and woke up the dog in the middle of the night and encouraged the dog to scratch at the metal plate they placed under the dog above my bedroom. When they aimed directed energy weapon at my body, I could also feel the heat. They wanted to raise the temperature in my body and together with pressure give me at least a stroke. Human blood vessels function naturally and normally when the Earth’s pressure is natural, because then they can most efficiently carry nutrients and oxygen in the blood. They prevented my blood vessels to function normally and destroyed my cells. During these attacks, due to added heat and pressure, I was also very uncomfortable and had a difficult time to sleep, so I had to always rest for a long time in bed. To be able to wake me up and prevent me to sleep they also created audible sounds in my ears from ultrasonic directed energy weapons.

I wrote to police many times and also talked to them on the phone, but they only told me to come to the police station. After a long time, I at least got an official paper from them. When I went to the police station, they didn’t take action against the criminals. The police officer told me that it is not possible for criminals to exist who use radiation to attack people and that directed energy weapons do not exist. During at least 20 minutes he told me in many different ways that I was crazy and that I was imagining things. He also compared his phone emitting radiation to radiation attacks when criminals attacked my organs. Such behavior does not take away my trust and respect for our police, but police officer should at least know about the ultrasonic crowd control devices used by police and military in EU countries. Police in the EU have LRAD devices and many other directed energy weapons, some better known than others. Although the devices are built on old technology, they work and are used.

With similar devices created for police and the army, they can temporarily disable people’s eyes and hearing at the same time, also cause pain in the brain, as described in patents: and

Hearing and vision will only be temporarily disabled if the attacker follows the rules for the recommended amount of energy and attack time when aiming at victims. Even by following these guidelines, if the attacker is disrupting people’s sleep, attacking people’s mental state or people with poor health, then it will be detrimental to the victims. Police and the military often call such devices non-lethal, although each of these devices becomes deadly very quickly by either combining more directed energies, adding more watts or by targeting a person for a longer time than recommended. Directed energy weapons are made based on several patents, have more settings and more power than described in the patents, because patents describe a specific prototype device. Criminals are not interested in safety recommendations when using the same devices or making similar devices. Even before the invention of high-frequency computer chips and the creation of large amounts of concentrated energy on a small area, many ultrasonic devices were made for the purpose of targeting humans. More than 50 years ago, ultrasonic devices were already known in detail to be powerful enough to destroy buildings and kill people in seconds, as e.g. described in the patent: As early as in 1967, devices were invented to direct sound into victims in order to make them deaf, as described in the patent:

The same year, the police already had devices to direct sound into people’s brains to control the crowds, as described in the patent: They have been producing directional energy weapons for a long time and some even look very similar to conventional guns, as described in patents: and

Ultrasound is most often used to create audible sound in people’s ears, so that the sound is heard only on the area where the energy is directed at, and where the energy of the ultrasound is changed into sound, as described in hundreds of patents and in my document. As such, it is very easy to create a sound only on the surface of the inside of single ear of some person. Ultrasound can easily be converted into sound when there is a change in ultrasound. The attacker most often makes this change with another added ultrasonic directed energy or when the ultrasound energy comes in contact with a substance such as e.g. a particular atomic structure of air or brain tissue of a particular human. Electric radiation can also be changed in the same way. All of this is of course easy to adjust with microchips or computer, often called modulation or physically called interference. With devices, it is also possible to send electrical radiation into people’s brains so that people can hear sounds, even without hearing organs, as described in the patents: and

Naturally, humans also convert sound into electricity for brains. All of this has been known since World War II, when radar operators were exposed to electric radiation and started to hear strange sounds in their brains: Such knowledge they used for construction of directed-energy weapons by inserting audible sounds and senses into people’s brains, to then send them to psychiatric hospitals, to mentally disable them, force them to commit suicide, change their feelings towards certain people, persuading people to buy something and in general brainwashing people. The question is whether it would be possible in a similar way to remotely read people’s minds. Such technologies have also been developed: Emotions in the human brain work on the basis of certain frequencies and can be triggered by radiation:

With such ways, they aroused people’s emotions, took away their emotions, and inserted inappropriate emotions so they could rape them and tear families apart. People also became sexual dysfunctional when they were targeted by radiation aimed at the genitals and other organs, because ultrasonic pressure prevents normal blood flow and oxygen, so genitals won’t function correctly. When people contracted viral and other diseases, criminals most likely killed people by disturbing their sleep in various ways and then with ultrasound pressure and heat prevented victims oxygen and nutrients to the heart and lungs. There is a patent where it is written how to make pressure on the heart with ultrasound so as to disturb the natural heartbeat:

With an ultrasound directed energy weapon, it’s very easy to disturb the gastrointestinal tract, give people diarrhea or stomach acid problems in mere seconds as a result of wrong pressure. When there is a problem with stomach acid, there can also be problems with teeth. In medicine they use directed ultrasound energy to kill cancer cells, because wrong pressure deprives cells of oxygen, causing coagulation necrosis in the cells and therefore cells die:

Victims that were targeted in the brain and heart first of all lost energy, since they had to renew cells and waste energy. All their cells like heart muscle and neurons couldn’t recover fast enough and victims also lost such cells forever. As a result of such attacks, people had strokes, dementia, myocarditis and various types of fibrosis. The victim being targeted into the brain can also cause epileptic seizures and this is another example of same, lack of oxygen supply:

Criminals are employed in organizations where their job is to place directed energies in people’s organs, especially under the pretext of other or existing diseases, and then devices of criminals automatically monitor and adjust settings to destroy people most covertly. At least one sociopath manually monitors the progress of electronic attacks on victims that are dangerous to their organizations. There was clearly enough money for criminal organizations and their inventions for control, torture and murder with radiation. In the world a lot of prevention has been accomplished for various possible problems, even when it did not help and even was harmful, but there was not much money spent for radiation detection, even less for protection and prevention of radiation. There has been a lot of talk about the good to come in the future. It would be good to do more for the good in the present, especially with devices to detect and protect against directed energy weapons. Criminals have created a myriad of organizations and inventions in order to eliminate all competition and to control everything, even human bodies. They wanted to satisfy their sociopathic perversions by breaking all the rules whenever and wherever possible, while preventing other people the right to decision-making, anywhere, anytime and anytime. Others they judged, abused, labeled, and probably offered eternal help without real solutions. Criminals used directed energy weapons to fire accurately at people through buildings with no evidence of holes in the wall and no evidence of holes in people. They prevented people sleep, caused and aggravated their illnesses, disabled them mentally and played with the lives of people with poor health.

Based on the knowledge of various patents and other documents, it is possible to determine how directional ultrasonic weapons work. In the recent past, such devices have been made from a series of piezoelectric thin film transducers. These are very small chips and like chips in a cell phone or telecommunication cells, act as receivers or transmitters of radiation. In industry, they combine the directed energies of individual chips with constructive and destructive interference, different modulation modes (e.g. AM). They use the same technology for ultrasound. First, they generate energy by adding electricity to transducers in such a way that atoms emit a certain amount of energy particles and certain frequencies of particles. Directed energy travels long distances when very high and different frequencies are combined, complementing each other with disturbance as they travel through different atoms of different substances. Then the energy travels between the atoms and can be further increased and directed by correctly calculating the energy of the atoms in which it travels, adding more electricity and directing it correctly.

Nowadays, this works on the basis of ultrasound super lenses made of metamaterials. Before the invention of the superlens, this was done with parabolic horns, waveguides, parabolic plates, and so on. After all, the directed energy of superlens can still be further adjusted, increased and directed through these devices as well. With calculations in chips, the energy of ultrasound is automatically most successfully combined constructively, destructively, and by impedance matching based on the material in which the ultrasound travels. Devices automatically track people when the perpetrator targets the victim, because a certain amount of radiation energy travels back from the atoms of the material (Time of flight) and of course, ultrasound travels different in different substances, where more directed energies in the beam allow more accurate tracking on long distances. Radiation travels much faster than an airplane, making it for victims impossible to escape such attacks, and the perpetrator can re-target the victim at any time. Up to three directed energies are typically used, but directed energy weapons typically have hundreds of the combined energies in the array. The perpetrator can also calculate the phase shifts, amplitude difference and frequency shifts between the directed energies from the victim if they don’t have enough precision, as described in a huge number of patents. When a certain energy travels back to the device, then the criminals can also draw people, since in medicine profession they similarly draw organs inside people. The criminal only has to aim at people’s clothes, through people’s clothes or into people’s organs and then can leave the device to track the victim. Different techniques have same technological name for electric radiation and ultrasonic radiation: combining several simultaneously directed energies (Beamforming), directing several simultaneous directed energies (Beam steering), phase array etc.

Ultrasound is directed like a laser (Laser beam). In a similar way, telecommunication companies direct the energy from antennas like an invisible laser by closely monitoring a chip in a user’s phone from cell towers and thus easily distinguishing between other users and other airborne radiation, as energy is directed precisely to a specific user. The radiation in the chip is then converted into data. Instead of aiming into phones, criminals aim into people’s organs, so that their devices constantly track human organs, cause them diseases or aggravate diseases. When a cell tower consumes and emits hundreds of watts for an entire hour, then not a single kilowatt hour of energy has been consumed, but hundreds of watts of radiation is enough to kill a human in one second if the energy was to be directed at a human instead of thousands of phones and other services. In an ordinary apartment, more than 500 kilowatt hours per month can be spent.

Criminals do not consume much energy when they use directed energy weapons to constantly aim few milliwatts into their victims, to cause various diseases in victims and can also easily kill them. Milliwatts are commonly used in lasers and 1 milliwatt is enough for an ordinary laser to be forbidden for general populations: When few milliwatts of energy are directed at the victim, it is already possible to cause harm to a person. There is no control over when someone directs any kind of radiation at anyone, although some devices are prohibited.

Nowadays, all chips for antennas and ultrasonic devices radiate in the same way as directional laser energy, also because directional energy is more economical, since the radiation is collected only at some point in the atoms where it is used. Criminals can direct any amount of watts of radiation into people at any time and use any frequency of electric and ultrasonic radiation. One high frequency from one less than an inch large chip has enough energy to penetrate all atoms, so it can easily penetrate all the walls of buildings and of course also through clothing and skin. Nowadays, the chips are even smaller and use even higher frequencies, that is, chips work with more energy on smaller surface of an electrical device or radiated from the device. Criminals have built much more powerful directed energy weapons from parts similar to banned lasers, combining thousands of such directed energy chips into a combined directed energy weapon to track and attack humans. The criminal only needs to add electricity and have the device turned on long enough to create a directed energy line from the device to the victim between the atoms and so can control and attack people anywhere. Powerful devices are also small enough to be hidden in the smallest openings, pipes or insulation of buildings.

It’s a fact, that devices used for attacks based on ultrasonic radiation exist, as there are also patents and many other records, that describe how such devices are made. People are also being attacked by electric radiation, as there are many more such devices, because the technology is much more popular than ultrasound technology and has been used much more in industry. There are no radiation sensors in buildings and public spaces, so people don’t know when someone is monitoring and attacking them with radiation. Criminals won’t attack everyone in such a way that the victim will know. I come from a poverty background and they were probably convinced that I didn’t understand anything, that I wouldn’t write about it, so to bury me without evidence, that’s why they showed themselves with harassment and such radiation I could feel. In fact, criminals have abused every technology, just as they have always abused all technology in human history when there was no understanding, no protection and it was allowed. They also targeted my behind, gastrointestinal tract, genitals and made fun of me, while I was in the bathroom.

Also on the walls of the apartment block and elsewhere, they wrote about me, how they would like to have something with me. Later, however, they started targeting me in the heart and head because I knew too much. With unnatural radiation, which does not travel by the rules of the human body, but by the rules of the criminal with the radiation device, it is possible to make any disease, because human beings are composed of energy flow between atoms in the human body, radiation. The criminals tracked people, studied them so to then give them new diseases and their existing diseases worse. Then they were able to hide behind popular excuses for the onset of illnesses in victims, such as: unhealthy living, sudden worsening of illness, stress, mental illness, and old-age illness as something common. People are taught to make fun of people who talk about radiation attacks and to justify the onset of illness with light excuses. There was a lot of naive and unscientific talk about many possible causes for diseases. However, there was no talk about radiation, which has been completely uncontrolled for 200 years. Radiation from devices can easily cause any disease, because the radiation from human devices can affect individual human atoms for any length of time and in different ways. There won’t be less abuse with more advanced and more easily applicable radiation technology if there are no radiation detection and protection devices everywhere.

I beg of you, if you can somehow help me, to have some organization to remove these anti-human and anti-democratic criminals and their directed energy weapons from my body and my life. It would be beneficial for humanity to work on radiation detection devices, since it makes criminals extremely happy when e.g. a person works on land in the middle of summer, then gets tired, then gets targeted by a directed energy weapon in the heart or head, to be buried under the pretext of natural death. Protection against the misuse of technology needs to be made. Criminals have and will continue to try abuse people of all ages, control everything and decide when someone will get sick and die.

If you can’t help me, I would ask you to at least pass on the message and document to other people, so that someone can help me, and that other people will understand the danger, so something can be done to protect people. After all, even criminals will not be safe from such attacks, as malice against the people has no restrains. There will always be another excuse and another criminal who will have different ideas about who the victims shall be and even the same perpetrators can change their minds. The question is just what kind of living environment is being built for all of us, either with protection or without protection against radiation attacks.

Greetings and thank you for your understanding.