How “They” Are “Reinventing The World” Through Satanic Science And Sorcery:” Dr. Eric Karlstrom on ACH Show (4/16/21)

How “They” Are “Reinventing The World Through Satanic Science And Sorcery:” Dr. Eric Karlstrom on ACH Show (April 16, 2021)

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 16 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “How They Are Reinventing The World Through Satanic Science And Sorcery.”

We discussed: the worsening situation between America, Russia, and China; the push to take the “vaccine”-“Frankenshot;” the “Frankenshot” as global genetic mutation experiment so elites can isolate the “Lazarus Gene” and genetic sequences to permit them to live forever as gods (per Genesis 3:4-5); how the BEAST system, laid out and promoted by numerous elite writers (including Bertrand Russell, Jonas Salk, H.G. Wells, Arthur Koestler, Fritjof Capra, etc.) over the past 100+ years, uses the medical system to extend Satan’s hive mind to all humanity through “the New Technocratic Covenant” involving cyborg transformation enslavement through Smart Dust, AI, implants, satellites, supercomputers, big data, 5G, 6G, IoT, etc.); how the destruction and re-invention of God’s creation IS “the chosenites’” plan to escape the damnation of hell (per Matthew 23:33); the revelations of Pfizer VP and head scientist, Dr. Mike Yeadon re: the dire threat of the “vaccine” to humanity; the SPARS Pandemic document as script and war plan for rolling out SARS-COV 2, the mRNA-nanotech “Frankenshot,” and Covid passport between 2020 and 2023 that will track, trace, monitor, transform, and enslave us; how one third of vaccine recipients are having neurological problems, the “go-direct” (satellite-supercomputer-implants) plan to hook up digital currency to our bodies; the difficulties some people face in accepting what is really going on in the world; how the point of targeting individuals through psychological and electronic (psychotronic) warfare is to get them to kill themselves; why our leaders don’t regard us as humans; and many other topics.

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