Deep State/Shadow Government/Corporate Mind Control-Human Experimentation-Gangstalking Operations

I) Stop Mass Surveillance, Mind Control and Human Experimentation


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God father of the Mass surveillance, Mind Control and Human Experimentation:

KEVIN SHIPP, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government: Lockheed Martin in (is, sic) the top center for all surveillance and illegal work on behalf of the government that operating under the facility of the underground military complexes #

Lockheed Martin established Gang stalking network through the home business franchise and illegal targeting in the USA and abroad- Ex NSA Employee Whistleblower Exposed BY pineconeutopia # . Peter Lewis Mazzone, Private EyeInternational Investigations . karenmstewart56 page#

Bell Canada is the most active partner for Mind control & experimentation in Canada. More falsely leveled mental patient the more experimentation victim without question! Power behind gang stalking;# Bell Canada is directly involved in facilitating technological/ radio frequency around the victims residence/home by installing the cellular antenna, wireless and other devices. In my home it discovered one of the cellular antenna that installed in the roof.

My understanding about human experiments/ abductions by the Aliens and/or Military-Aliens combine that Aliens mostly those are not as we think from the other galaxy and/or Star rather than under the ice of the Antarctica/ in the name of Hollow earth. I also believe experimentation/ abductions that most of them are Demons through the Grey Aliens that have no soul and they are biological robot BY the Demons/ man made (military industrial complex). The Mk ultra/ Mind control and human experimentation is the program of the Demons/Reptilian that to eat the Humans. The Government implementing this program as the part of agreement of the Demons/ Reptilian. So, behind this program the Illuminati/ Global Cabal/ Corporations implementing the Demons agendas that ensure the food sources for the Demons/ Reptilians.

As per my experience and I believe based on evidences that most of the local Community agencies, Housing and home business franchise that included the health Care clinic, those are directly connected to with the torture center of Lockheed Martin. I discovered in my case, the handler for the torture against me is associated with one of that kind of business named ‘Jannat’, the Director of the Baraka Super Market, 60 Danforth Rd, Scarborough, ON M1L 3W4. They are also agent of the Police. Then who are the authority to investigate them?

Most of the mind control victims has been falsely diagnosed with the mental patient as the many Doctors in this society are along with this shadow and/or secret society. Where 99% victim does not aware about their victimization: presented by the consciousnessofone; .

This is an open secret that most of the victims are under the Police investigation and the community agencies, perpetrators; perhaps working/ stalking the victims, surveillance and coordinating with regard to the experiment as part of the police investigation. It does not a matter the whole or a part of the police involved with this corruption, but it is obvious that the experimentation is going on under the Government secret mind control experimentation program. Most of the mass shooting/ murder consequences of experimentation that involved with the Alien experimentation (Demons).

So the government (is) clearly liable for this (these) kinds of incidents. I saw most of the staff of the judiciary totally linked up with the secret society and I believe many highly official of the judiciary trapped by the deep state. The police and other government officials always cover up the truth. Most of the media knows about the truth but they (are) silent because the Illuminati are the owners/sources of finance for the most of the media.

More importantly, (I) noticed that the targeted individual and of his/her family member being under multi-generational experiment program. The only way to escape from this horrific torture (is) if it would be opposed and by the court proceedings. If any targeted individuals/ experimentation victim compromise with this corruption and/or join with this corruption, perhaps, he/she acknowledges/ give permission to multi-generational experimentation. In that case, he/she would only be an audience nothing can say against it.

Human experiment agendas (are) going on (in) Canadian School, College, Universities, Prisons, Hospital,home everywhere that mostly mechanized systemic racism#

Gang stalking, electronic & microwave harassment, mind control & human experiment; victims falsified sanctions “Regulatory offence” under the secret court of the City municipal board based on the records racially profiled#

The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha, civilizations that thousands of years ahead of us By Dr Joshua Stone . If they are human then why they are hidden from the surface world? Why we are unable to use their technology? Who covered up all those things?;#

Reptilian/ Dark forces are living inner world and caves all around the world. Their activities become extremist because of (the) public’s ignorance and it’s destroying human civilization. “Reptilians live below the earth and eat children’s” BYThePleasure Light;#

Corey Goode 2017 – 22 , Inner earth. Alien Genetic Experiments, Secret Space Programs & Break Away Civilizations #

Reptilian Underground Bases That Hardly Anyone Knows About BY Zohar StarGate TV:#

Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin Implicated in Covert Microwave Weaponry Assaults on “Targeted Individuals” by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/Posted June 30, 2016 # .Defense contractor Lockheed Martin implicated in covert microwave weaponry assaults on TI’s BY TsunamixTV #

Lockheed Martin also has operational command and control over a U.S. government microwave radio frequency weapon system, MIND CONTROL: MK ULTRA / MONARCH – Part Five: BRICE TAYLOR’S TESTIMONY#

From my experience and I saw most of the general people hesitate and/or (are) afraid to talk and/or support for the mind control and experimentation victim. But they even do not know there is extreme agendas ahead: About 80% of the population has been implanted already through chemtrail spraying. They (are) spraying these chemicals on us, but they are emitting tiny nanobot technology through the aerosols BY MK ULTRA / MONARCH – Part Five: BRICE TAYLOR’S TESTIMONY#

The astonishing matters is that the Corporations developing weapons and sharing the technologies from the Extraterrestrials is the exchanging (of) humans as their food. Over 7% of the population directly under the human experimentation and most of them doesn’t aware about where their pains connected to and hundred of thousands of people/kids missing, suicide and/or murders. Most of the mass shootings/ murders (are) connected with these experimentation victims.

Many Whistle-blower/ professional engaged in the social media in connection with the UFO/Aliens disclosure and technologies that retrieve and/or exchanged. I personally believe most of the information already disclosed, but difficult find out from the disinformation. I’m also confused some discloses of the prominent Whistle-blower/ professional such as Corey Goode and Dr. Steven M. Greer. Corey Goode tells about the story of inner world people ‘Anshar’ . His impression about these guy’s of forth density, good people. I don’t think they are all good. They may be demons/ reptilian or hybrid and most of them they are evil. On the other hand, Dr. Steven M. Greer tells all aliens are good like human. They arranges lots of mediation ceremony to see these beings. These being showed up but I believe all are they ‘Demons’.

As some our Military are working with those corporation on the basis of the private partnership. But I believe the technology and/or advancement that developed all are within the custody and control of the Corporations.

On the other hand the global cabal Ritual Abuses, Human sacrifice through the mind control and human experimentation, deprivations; electronic & microwave harassment’s brain washed, kidnapping; murder; attempted murder; and psychological and emotional damage.” # . Mind control MK ultra the use of ceremonial magic for perverse reasons BY universe inside you# ,BY Collective Evolution# .

Our government knows all about the(se) matters very well. Moreover, the Government knowingly facilitates to victimize the people, sponsoring the agencies who are actively working against victimization’s. Law-enforcement agencies are supporting the shadow and actively cooperating and participating with this corruption. But I totally failed to understand, how the government benefited with the supporting and/or part of this corruption. Because the government is for the people. Of course, the government is not the part of global cabal.

Government took the Oath over the protect the Constitution that provisions designed to afford protection of the rights of the people. It is very clear based on the various Supreme Court judgments that no law/ statute has power to infringed the individual constitutional rights.

The goal of the Judiciary to ensure that justice is rendered according to the law and every law must not conflict with the competing rights, all the facts and the constitutional values. In the various mass shooting cases, innocents (are) being punished. Sometimes no one (is) punished where (the) shooter died and/or (is) declared insane. Knowing the truth, many government organizations covered up these horrific mind control & human experimentation and tortures. The government agencies know who, when, where, What’s is going to happen. In Canada, the government has the full capacity to stop these horrific human torture programs.

I believe, it is not very hard to see who (is) behind it. At least who supported locally and engaged in the tortures. If anyone truly has victimization, the local community agency, the neighbors, housing, utility providers, especially the local government (the City), the Police might have engaged. Victims should know that there are many relating cases have victories in Canada. It is very difficult to get the lawyers to help. But if any victim in Canada wants to challenge it, I personally believe it is not impossible if they do their own research. There are some leading judgments (which) can help you to understand the facts and questions.

For example; the cases from the Supreme Court of Canada: Hunter et al. v. Southam Inc., [1984] 2 S.C.R. 145; Hunt v. Carey Canada Inc., [1990] 2 S.C.R. 959; Hill v. Church of Scientology of Toronto, [1995] 2 S.C.R. 1130 and recent case from Ontario Superior Court of Justice: Barker v Barker, 2017 ONSC 3397 (CanLII). Moreover, anyone can find out the case references for the fact and questions by searching at;