FBI STALKERS-IN-CHIEFs, James Comey & Robert Mueller Caught Funneling Billions in FBI Contracts to Lockheed Martin

ETK Introduction: While I’m sure all this is true, it actually amounts to a bit of a “limited hangout.” The fact is that the Global Gestapo: Government Gangstalking “Program” has been ongoing since the 1950s and 1960s. While Comey and Mueller certainly deserve to be prosecuted and punished for their crimes, the list of those involved in these crimes against humanity is vast- and it stretches back many decades as well.

I. Comey & Mueller Caught Funneling Billions in FBI Contracts to Lockheed Martin

Come and Mueller Caught Funnelling Billions in FBI Contracts to Lockheed Martin

Former FBI Directors sent federal contracts ‘flowing’ to Comey’s new tech giant employer

By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 22nd August 2018 @ 5.00pm © press

A scheme between Comey and Mueller to funnel lucrative government contracts has been exposed

A pair of leading Government Accountability Institute researchers has revealed that two former FBI Directors, James Comey and Robert Mueller, took advantage of their government contacts and security clearance to enrich themselves. Seamus Bruner of the GAI, and author of “Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption,” has exposed the real reason Comey is paid upwards of $6 million a year by his new employer Lockheed Martin. Together with GAI President Peter Schweizer, Bruner has discovered a trail of lucrative FBI contracts that were funneled from then-director Mueller to Comey’s new firm. Federal contracts worth $100 million plus, with one contract worth $1 billion, were snatched from competitors such as IBM, in favor of Comey’s tech giant employers, according to the two Government Accountability Institute officials. © press

The FBI contracts reveal a scheme between Comey and Mueller to enrich themselves

Bruner and Schweizer lifted the lid on the scheme during Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.Bruner and Schweizer investigated what they described as a “revolving door” of “cronyism” within the federal government’s national security and intelligence apparatuses. Have your say – ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓

The pair focusing on the monetization of security clearances that are held by former administration officials, such as John Brennan and James Clapper. Bruner noted the growth of Comey’s net worth between 2003 and 2009 after Comey left the Department of Justice to join Lockheed Martin as senior vice president and lead counsel. “It doesn’t really make much sense why [Lockheed Martin] would pay [James Comey] upwards of six million dollars in a single year,” assessed Bruner.

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“But one reason — aside from his security clearance — is that his buddy Robert Mueller is running the FBI. “They begin passing 100-million-dollar-plus contracts to Lockheed Martin.” Bruner continued, “One of these contracts was actually worth a billion dollars, and it was protested formally by the other bidder: IBM. … “The contracts flowed from Robert Mueller’s FBI to James Comey’s private sector employer, Lockheed Martin, and James Comey made many millions over a short period of time.” Bruner described Comey as “one of the prime examples of this kind of cashing in on government contacts.”

“We followed the money and realized that James Comey made well over ten million dollars from when he left the public sector in 2005 and by the time he returned to serve as FBI director [in 2009],” said Bruner. “He even made over six million dollars in a single year at the top government contracting corporation, Lockheed Martin; they get over $50 billion a year in government contracts.” © press

Comey and Mueller are both accused of being loyal to Obama

Bruner affirmed CNN’s Paris Dennard’s analysis of security clearance commodification among ex-government officials. Bruner said, “[Paris Dennard] was absolutely right, and everybody knows that top-level intelligence folks leave the public sector and go cash in on their knowledge, experience, [and] security clearances. “That’s one of the main reasons Brennan is crying so loudly–because he can’t work at a lot of these contractors without a security clearance.” Schweizer also explained the value of security clearances held by former government officials: “In the exchange [between Paris Dennard and Phil Mudd], Mr. Mudd is being wholly disingenuous–because what he essentially said was, ‘I, personally, don’t have contracts.’ “He may or may not. “He may be entirely honest about that, but he knows darn well that his colleagues are neck-deep in these kinds of consulting arrangements.” Schweizer added, “Consulting firms … all have large amounts of projects in management positions and subcontracting that they engage in, and if you want any of those … you have to have a security clearance.” © press

Then-director of the FBI Mueller was funneling contracts to his former colleague Comey

Governmental domains of national security and intelligence are vulnerable to “cronyism,” said Schweizer:“ [They are] not immune to the exact same forces of cronyism and self-enrichment that we see anywhere else in government. “It’s like the executive at Health and Human Services who does favors for the pharmaceutical industry and then goes and works for big pharma. “The same thing happens in this space.” Schweizer continued, “What makes [a top-level security clearance] so valuable for a guy like Brennan is he can be read into all of it, and he has access to all of it. Mark my words … if he was not doing contracting right now, he would be looking to do contracting.

“That’s no longer available to him [because] he has had his security clearance lost [and] cannot have access to any of that material now.” Schweizer expanded, “John Brennan can now not get a call from, let’s say, a senior FBI official who wants to ask him a question on counterterrorism. “They cannot now call and have a conversation involving anything that includes classified material. “It’s going to be a big change in John Brennan’s life, and it also affects him commercially because … he cannot get consulting arrangements with these big intelligence contractors.”Schweizer went on, “‘Compromised’ follows the money and rips the veil off of the sorts of things that go on at the highest levels of the FBI and the intelligence community.” Bruner speculated about motivations for news media and political recalcitrance towards removal of security clearances from former government officials: “In theory, they retain their security clearances so they can advise some think tank on matters of nationals security, but I don’t think that’s the reason John Brennan and James Clapper and others are throwing temper tantrums, especially Phil Mudd. … It’s the lure of large dollars.” © press

Trump says Comey and Mueller are part of the ‘witch hunt’ against him

Pollak asked about conflicts of interest arising from the employment of former top-level intelligence officials at cable news media outlets.Schweizer replied, “It does create a really murky [and] conflicted arrangement that is never really discussed or disclosed while they’re on these cable news programs.”Bruner considered Brennan and Clapper’s leveraging of security clearances to obtain positions with CNN and MSNBC:“This Clapper-CNN relationship is really new territory, where you have the former director of national intelligence sharing information about a dossier which has now been debunked using this kind of politicized piece of opposition research and then sharing it with a news network. “Who knows what amount of it was classified at the time? “This is beyond your run-of-the-mill cronyism; this is really into uncharted territory and really alarming.”Schweizer framed Comey’s “veneer” of selfless “public service” as “ridiculous.”“The American people are very thankful to people that are out on the battlefield fighting terrorist organizations or rank and file FBI who are tracking down terror cells in the United States,” said Schweizer.“There are people that make a lot of sacrifices that never cash in the way that Jim Comey has, but Jim Comey wants to be treated as the rank and file FBI agent who just diligently did his job and performed a public service.” © press Comey’s new employer Lockheed Martin pays him upwards of $6 million a year Schweizer continued, “The research that Seamus has done in this book shows that that’s just simply not the case.”It’s a revolving door, and they ought to be seen and recognized as such. “The veneer of, ‘I’ve always done things that are just in the national interest’ is ridiculous. “What you find in this national security and intelligence space is the same thing you find elsewhere in government, which is, a lot of times, individuals, when they’re in government, they create opportunities for their own services within the private sector so when they leave and go into the private sector, they’re set up very well. “It seems pretty clear that some of that has happened with Comey-Mueller.”Schweizer offered recommendations for curbing corrupt exploitation of security clearances by ex-government employees.“You’re not entitled to this,” stated Schweizer.“We appreciate their service to the country, but a guy who has been in the U.S. Marine Corps for 20 years [gets] a retirement pension, but they don’t get some special access to government information whenever they want and for as long as they want because of public service. “I think the notion of need-to-know is clear.”Schweizer concluded, “If you are not involved in some important government oversight program, some review board, some internal classified think tank effort [like] war-gaming — if you’re not doing something like that — you don’t have an entitled right to have access to this information. “You just don’t. “The number of people with top-secret security clearances in the United States is astronomically high. “It’s way too high. “It numbers into the millions.”

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II. Army of FBI Whistleblowers is Preparing to Testify Against Mueller Group is ready to blow the whistle about his allegedly illegal activities By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 20th August 2018 @ 5.23pm © press A group of FBI officials is ready to blow the whistle on Mueller An “army” of FBI officials says they are preparing to blow the whistle on Robert Mueller and expose his alleged illegal activities, according to reports.Special Counsel Mueller’s record as FBI director is about to be shattered as a coalition of whistleblowers, who previously served under him, is willing to testify about his criminal activity.House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Goodlatte is currently preparing to interrogate Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, husband of Fusion GPS operative Nellie Ohr.Meanwhile, Rep. Jim Jordan of the House Oversight Committee is digging into the complex “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” plot that targeted President Donald Trump.Members of Congress are growing increasingly more aware of the massive holes Mueller’s case as his own alleged lawbreaking becomes more apparent. © press FBI officials are preparing to expose Obama-loyal Mueller According to Big League Politics, these whistleblowers are prepared to testify under oath that Mueller committed perjury and other crimes in his effort to conceal massive off-the-books citizen surveillance programs rolled out in succession by the Bush and Obama administrations.Have your say – ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓A former FBI special agent accuses Mueller of lying to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding the scope of his surveillance programs.Another NSA and CIA whistleblower accuses Mueller of overseeing a secretive program that surveilled President Donald Trump while Trump was a private citizen — an accusation that is already being heard in court.Another whistleblower claims that former FBI agents would testify with documentation that Mueller stifled their investigations into certain terrorist networks.TRENDING: Witnesses Back Trump Refute Crazy Pelosi Temper Tantrum ClaimsThese accusations could form the basis of a congressional investigation or could be used by insiders close to the president as leverage in the Russia collusion case dominating Washington discourse.Former Mueller employee Chuck Marler told Big League Politics in an exclusive statement that Mueller lied to the Senate, informing the Intelligence Committee that his surveillance programs were smaller and less wide-ranging than they really were.Mueller’s lies blocked Senate oversight of his work and allowed him to expand surveillance programs that concerned officials in his own Bureau.FBI agents who complained were punished and threatened with arrest. Here is Chuck Marler’s statement to Big League Politics, presented in its entirety:“I used to work for the Special Surveillance Group (SSG) at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Robert Mueller was my Director.”I have been wrestling with his disregard for my safety and his dishonesty with my and other coworkers’ concerns.”That is why in 2008 I decided to quit the Bureau early and start my own business and get away from the corruption of certain members of the FBI management.”I saw firsthand how dishonest some of them could be. Since Mueller has taken over as Special Counsel, I’ve been concerned about him continuing that behavior which leads me to the following.”Mueller and certain members of FBI Management deceived the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 2005 and they intimidated and bullied the U.S. Office of Personnel Management from 2005 through 2008.”Mueller and individuals in FBI Management were continually notified by members of the SSG that their surveillance activities were growing way beyond the scope of their operational plan before Congress and that their safety was at stake.”After 9/11, the program had expanded at a rapid pace.”The members of the SSG were happy to take on the vastly growing surveillance throughout the country but they wanted better protection, better compensation and more clear duties defined through Congress.”Mueller and FBI Management continually ignored their cries for help.”In the Summer of 2005, two FBI employees in the SSG Program wrote a letter and mailed it to every member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).”The two FBI employees were notified by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s office of receipt of the letter.”Those same two FBI employees and two additional employees wrote another letter and mailed it to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).”That opening letter to the OPM was very generic because their work is considered Secret due to their undercover status conducting Counter Terrorism and Counter Intelligence work.”The OPM letter only listed their names, job title, office and generic nature of their complaint.”The letter to the SSCI was more informative due to SSCI’s level of classification regarding U.S. Intelligence.”The two employees involved in the SSCI letter were informed by staff at Senator Hutchison’s Office of Mueller’s response to the letter.”The two employees knew the response was not truthful.”OPM opened a routine complaint/inquiry based on the letter that they received from the four FBI employees.”The OPM officer that had the misfortune to be assigned the job, sent an initiation letter to FBI Headquarters to gain security clearance to begin her assessment.”She was immediately threatened with arrest by FBI agents.”Subsequently and because of the letter, the four FBI employees were threatened with arrest, imprisonment, raids of their residences and loss of their job.”Although better security and more defined operational duties eventually were hammered out, it was no thanks to Mueller. “The four employees and their squad supervisor were overtly and covertly punished, then and to this day.”The information I have relayed to you is important but in the current climate of intimidation of whistleblowers and continued dishonest activity of some in the FBI, I have been reluctant to relay in this much detail.”The reason (beyond disgust with Mueller and Comey) that I inform you now is because I know you have contacts with Judicial Watch.”Judicial Watch may benefit from a FOIA request regarding communications Mueller and FBI Management had with Senator Hutchinson’s Office and the OPM from 2005 thru 2008.”I know the OPM Officer, the FBI employees and their supervisor because obviously, I was one of the four employees. “I do not suspect the gathering of evidence to Mueller’s dishonesty regarding this matter will be easy to obtain because of the cloud of secrecy it entails but I pray Mueller will answer for his actions.”Chuck Marler’s statement ends © press FBI whistleblowers claim to have evidence of Mueller’s crimes CIA and NSA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, a computer specialist, claims that he worked on a massive nationwide phone-surveillance spying program during the Bush administration under the direction of John Brennan and James Clapper, who both became Obama administration officials.Montgomery says that Mueller, as director of the FBI under Bush, oversaw the phone-spying program.“This is very, very, very powerful technology, and it was created under Robert Mueller’s watch. The last person I would think that should be investigating Donald Trump is Robert Mueller, who was collecting information on Donald Trump ten years ago … Mueller has a huge conflict of interest, a huge conflict of interest,” Montgomery said in an interview.“I provided to the FBI seventeen businesses of Donald Trump, including the Trump Tower, the Trump leasing programs, all of these different programs, and including Trump himself and the various family members that had been wiretapped under these programs,” said Montgomery.“There has been a wiretap on Trump for years.”“I started by going to Maricopa County and showing that Sheriff Arpaio himself was wiretapped under the Obama administration,” said Montgomery.“I was a CIA contractor both under John Brennan and under James Clapper and these individuals were running domestic surveillance programs in the United States collecting information on Americans. This isn’t political. They were collecting information on Republicans and Democrats. But they collected everything they could find. Bank accounts, phone numbers, chats, emails, and they collected a massive amount of it under the Obama administration,” Montgomery added.Montgomery, the whistleblower, has sued James Comey for allegedly covering up information on the program, which Montgomery said was being operated on FBI computers.As Big League Politics reported: real estate mogul Timothy Blixseth claims that he saw records from Montgomery proving that Obama CIA director John Brennan oversaw repeated spying on the phone calls of President Donald Trump and millions of other private American citizens.Former FBI contractor Sibel Edmonds, another whistleblower, told Infowars that Mueller put the muzzle on FBI agents’ investigations into certain terrorist networks. “Imagine my shock when I saw that Robert Mueller was appointed as the special counsel in this case, the same Robert Mueller, who in my case, put gag orders together with attorney general Ashcroft,” Edmonds told Alex Jones.“There were FBI agents, not only in the Washington field office, but also in the Chicago and Patterson field offices, who were blowing the whistle on Mueller internally, saying he’s squashing our investigations [into terror networks],” Edmonds said.“I know of several veteran, highly decorated FBI agents, if subpoenaed, would testify that how Robert Mueller, due to what he was doing as the director of the FBI, can not preside as the special counsel in this case,” Edmonds said.“It’s a slam dunk case, it’s documented.”

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