Institutions/Programs Behind ¨Gang Stalking:¨ CIA, ¨Counterinsurgency-Lists,¨ Phoenix Program, Department of Homeland Security, the Phony War on Terrorism, and the National Security Enterprise

Institutions/Programs Behind ¨Gang Stalking:¨ CIA, ¨Counterinsurgency-Lists,¨ the Phoenix Program, Department of Homeland Security, the Phony War on Terrorism, and the National Security Enterprise (excerpts from Thomas, Prouty, and Valentine)

Compiled by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Dept. of Geography, CSUS, July, 2017

Epigraph Quotes:

The CIA and DoD groups that program minds for these illegal clandestine operations often call themselves Satanists…. …. the CIA and DoD are testing maximum pain and torture to death weapons on random people all around the globe.

Winning the hearts and mind strategy uses a scalable enslavement strategy…. Brains can be programmed while they are sleeping.

The use of mind hacking the greatest people of influence in a culture can accelerate the desired change of the whole. The process of finding the people of greatest influence in an organization is called ¨influence mapping.¨

…..In order to increase S.A.T.A.N.´s (Silent Assassination Through Adaptive Networks) kill capacity using behavior modification techniques; England and the United States use human subjects chosen from every social group around the world to converge on the best kill ratio statistics.

The number of successful kills through mind hacking cannot be estimated due to the extremely large collateral damage numbers.

Dr. Robert Duncan, ¨Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed, Volume Two,¨ 2010

Over the course of its 70-year reign of terror, the CIA has overthrown countless governments, started innumerable wars, costing millions of innocent lives, and otherwise subverted and sabotaged friends and foes alike. Despite all this murder and mayhem, it has only lost around 100 officers.

Once you enter the CIA, the rest of us, even school kids, are either lab rats or cannon fodder, as far as the CIA is concerned.

Valentine, D., The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World (2017)

The Following Is Excerpted From:

Prouty, L. F., 1998, Second Edition, The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allie in Control of the United States and the World¨

Thomas, M., 2011, Third Edition, Monarch: The New Phoenix Program, 266 pp.

Valentine, D., 2017, ¨The CIA as Organized Crime:¨ How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World¨

I. The CIA´s Phoenix Program (From Thomas, 2011)

The Phoenix program, assassinating suspected VC (Viet Cong) sympathizers in a systematic manner, worked well and is the blueprint for the current black operation (aka gang stalking) targeting thousands of loyal Americans using state of the art microwave and radio frequency radiation weapons. The motivation to suppress domestic dissidents and to assassinate loyal American opposition stems from the perception of dissent against the (Vietnam) war as treason. This philosophy is stated very clearly in the “Mind War” (1980) paper written by Michael Aquino.

The Department of Defense has a huge stake in futuristic technology that kills by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, leaving little or no trace. The indiscriminate killing of the Phoenix program continues on American soil. The terms “soft kill,” “slow kill,” and “silent kill” refer to the new way of killing the enemy in conflicts short of war and in small wars of the future. The counterinsurgency doctrine has now been applied to the home front so that the perceived betrayal of the military in Vietnam will not be repeated.

The generation of CIA and military intelligence led by Theodore Shackley, Richard Helms, William Casey, John Singlaub, Richard Secord, John B. Alexander, Michael Aquino, Paul Vallely and others have built the perfect beast, using selective assassination that leaves no trace. The ability to cull the human herd with “silent kill” technology allows a few personalities to remake the entire society in their own image.

Extremely low frequency (ELF) technology slowly drives the target crazy with silent sound, similar to the CIA MKULTRA psychiatrist, Dr. Ewen Cameron’s, “psychic driving” technique, used to break down the target’s personality. The new buzzwords at the Pentagon are “synthetic telepathy” and “psychotronics.” Another means of attack on targets is the Smirnoff patent, that uses subliminal suggestion to manipulate human behavior. This patent was purchased by the remote viewing company, Psi Tech Corporation.

Military intelligence officers involved in developing these “non-lethal weapons” also control Psi Tech. Emotional manipulation is accomplished using Dr. Michael Persinger’s work to remotely project emotional states that the brain entrains or locks onto and emulates. One can broadcast rage or fear at an individual target to manipulate and control them. As if these methods were not enough to torture and murder people, add to this nightmarish toolbox, active gang stalking. CIA-created cults and other cause-oriented groups are used by actively harassing them in public in neutralization techniques described in counterintelligence operations manuals that are aimed at enemy agents.

In the race to develop a new weapon it has always been necessary to test it on human beings. Perfecting the latest weapons designed to kill slowly and silently as well as perfecting the process of controlling the human mind are no different. Once the weaponry has been perfected on these few thousand people, the same techniques will be applied en mass to the general population and then to humanity as a whole.

– MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program (Marshall Thomas)- youtube, notes, and book link

II. The CIA (Secret Team) and Counterinsurgency-List Nations (From Prouty, 1998):

…. The Secret Team (CIA) is the functional element of the dominant power. It is the point of the spear and is neither military nor police. It is covert: and the best (or worst) of both. It gets the job done whether it has political authorization or not. In this capacity, it acts independently. It is lawless. It operates everywhere with the best of all supporting facilities from special weaponry and advanced communications, with the assurance that its members will never be prosecuted. It is subservient to the Power Elite and protected by them. The Power Elite or High Cabal need not be Royalty in these days. They are their equals or better.

Note with care, it is labeled a ¨Team.¨ This is because as with any highly professional team it has its managers, its front office and its owners. These are the ¨Power Elite¨ to whom it is beholden. They are always anonymous, and their network is ancient and world-wide.

…. The CIA´s most important ¨Cover Story¨ is that of an intelligence¨ agency. Of course, the CIA does make use of ¨intelligence¨ and its assumed role of ¨intelligence gathering,¨ but that is largely a front for its primary interest, ¨Fun and Games¨….. as the ¨Old Boys¨ or ¨Jedburghs¨ of the WWII period Office of Strategic Services (OSS) called it.

The CIA is the center of a vast, and amorphous mechanism that specializes in Covert Operations…. Or as Allen Dulles always called it, ¨Peacetime Operations.¨ In this sense, the CIA is the willing tool of a higher level High Cabal, that may include representatives and highly skilled agents of the CIA and other instrumentalities of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and almost always, foreign participation.
The CIA uses its intelligence role as a cover mechanism for its operational activities. Furthermore it uses its own secret intelligence as an initiator for its own secret operations.

The CIA maintains hundreds of U.S. military units for its own purposes. Many of these units become involved in this type of operation. After these cover units have been in existence for several years, the military has a hard time keeping track of them….. The CIA also maintains countless paramilitary and pseudo-business organizations that weave in and out of legitimacy and do business much as their civilian counterparts would.
(General Maxwell Taylor) had turned his back on the conventional military doctrine and had become a leader of the military force of response, of reaction and of undercover activity- all summed up in the newly coined word ¨counterinsurgency.¨ Taylor´s tenure (during the Vietnam War) would mark the end of the old soldier and the beginning of the Special Forces, the peacetime operator, the response-motivated counterinsurgency warrior who has been so abundantly uncovered in the conflict of the past ten years in Vietnam (1962-1972).

The best evidence of how unrestrained the ST (Secret Team/CIA) became lies in the record of the great proliferation of the concept of counterinsurgency (CI). Almost as soon as the Kennedy Administration got under way- certainly as it entered its second year- the CIA, the White House, and certain elements of the DOD added one country after another to the counterinsurgency list. To the believer in the blind anti-Communist doctrine, it sounded almost pre-ordained that he should search for and then route out all ¨Communist-inspired subversive insurgency¨ wherever it was found. In rapid succession, one country after another was added to the long list of counterinsurgency countries, and a new special group was formed, the Special Group CI (Counterinsurgency), which was simply a front within the U.S. Government, to make it possible for the ST to operate in almost any country. The old restraints of a traditional awareness of the meaning of national sovereignty and of the absolute importance of this inviolable principle fell away as if they were of no merit in the zeal of the CI-breed to wipe out so-called Communist-inspired subversive insurgency wherever they thought they saw it.
This flimsy disguise for clandestine operations brought together men who had little experience in the type of operation being developed and even less idea of the political situation in the countries involved. It was a shattering experience to attend some of these meetings and to hear men, some high in the councils of government, not even able to locate some of these countries and to pronounce their names.

… Once a country is included on the ¨counterinsurgency¨ list, or any other such category, a move is made to develop a CIA eschelon, usually within the structure of whatever U.S. military organization exists there at the time.

(Air Force General) Vandenberg, recalling his Intelligence experience, and thinking about the new area of unconventional warfare of the heated up Cold War, wrote to General Thomas D. White that the Air Force should have a full-sized Psychological Warfare Air Command….. By the late forties the Air Force had established by General Psychological Warfare Air Command visualized by General Vandenberg.

…. After 1955 the CIA had reached the point in its development at which it was prepared to take on major global operational missions on its own using – not just requesting support of- the vast resources of the DOD for its own ends…. By 1955 the CIA had progressed from its assigned role as the ¨quiet intelligence arm of the President¨ to become the major operational center of power within the military and foreign policy infrastructure of the Government of the United States.

By the end of the decade of the fifties…. The CIA began to see ¨problems¨ in the territories of our friends. By that time the CIA had spread itself all over Africa, Europe (that part that is in the Free World sector), Latin America, and Asia (again the part is Free World).

… What had begun as a plan to contain Russia and Communism with strong military force became not a barrier against Russia itself, but a creeping encroachment upon the sovereignty and territory of our own friends. Whether they wanted them or not, we have kept military forces on the soil of our friends for more than thirty years, and there is no end in sight. But even more important we have developed in more than forty countries strong clandestine and para-military forces far more dangerous to the internal welfare of those countries than encroachment of Communism, which is supposed to be the reason for the existence of such action. And these forces exist. The ¨Communism¨ they are there to guard against is for the most part no more than an interpretation of intent.

…. As this nation turned to a broad though quiet and generally covert campaign of worldwide anti-communism, it pressed its military forces, economic forces, and its intelligence arm upon this group of more than forty countries. At the same time, it turned from the real Communist states such as Poland, Hungary, and others on the periphery, not to mention the heartlands of Russia and China. Thus the struggle took place in remote areas of the rim-land along the traces of the Iron Curtain. The struggle was hidden from the view of most Americans and from those countries where there was no activity at that time; but not from those countries that were active, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, or Iran- and certainly these actions were not hidden from the awareness of the Soviet Union.

Thus, in those crucial ten years (1962-72), the clandestine activities of the CIA were redirected from those originally aimed at the Soviet Union and its neighboring states to the many nations of our friends, in which we saw the ¨rampant,¨ dangerous forces of ¨subversive insurgency.¨ And today they have been even further directed, along with other powerful arms of secret power, to seek the sources of subversive insurgency within this country itself. (CIA Operation MHCHAOS and the FBI´s COINTELPRO, for example)….. Throughout this complex series of operations, the Agency went out of its way to keep this information from the Congress and from the people of the United States.

…. The third group was made up of hard-core CIA and ST elite activists who were increasingly prepared to and able to wage clandestine counterinsurgency anywhere in the world with forces of any size, at any time, and in response to intelligence inputs of all kinds and characteristics.

…. One of the greatest non-elective, non-ruling power forces of all time is this anti-Communist fanatic group, which rips through to the very heart and soul of the nation, playing upon fear and ignorance for its own selfish and in many cases, ignorant, fear crazed interests. More harm has been done from 1947 through 1972 to the United States and the world by this rabid and ruthless element than the Kremlin could have hoped to have accomplished itself by any other means short of nuclear war.

… Even as far back as the mid-fifties the U.S. Army doctrine, had a strong overtone of CIA assistance and was preaching ¨pacification.¨ Pacification, as it is carried on in South Vietnam, can be shown to date back to the Fort Gordon course, where it was that ¨the operational doctrine for the takeover of zones evacuated by the (rebels) was known as Pacification.¨

… (By 1959), the CIA knew that it was ready, equipped, and in a position to (mount clandestine operations) in any ¨counterinsurgency-list¨ country…)

…. Many have thought that the ¨subversive insurgency¨ doctrine was an outgrowth of the Kennedy era. It came to the surface during Kennedy´s Administration; but Kennedy and his young, inexperienced staff inherited the whole idea of subversive insurgency and the role of counterinsurgency from this inside dissident group that had begun to surface toward the end of Eisenhower´s term.
III. CIA, The Phoenix Program, and DHS (From Valentine, D., 2017)

The CIA is criminal conspiracy on behalf of wealthy capitalists…. I refer to the CIA as the organized crime branch of the US government…. The national security interests of the United States… means its corporate, as well as political interests.

…. The most important fiction of all is the need for security to preserve our national security. From time to time that is true, but far more often officials use secrecy to conceal their corruption and crimes.

The CIA´s Phoenix program changed how America fights its wars and how the public views this new type of political and psychological warfare, in which civilian casualties are an explicit objective.

The CIA created Phoenix in Saigon in 1967 to ¨neutralize¨ the leaders and supporters of the Communist-led insurgency in South Vietnam. Referred to by the CIA as the Viet Cong Infrastructure (VCI), the targets were civilians who were working at regular jobs while secretly engaged in administrative and support functions for the armed guerillas. These people were patriot resisting foreign aggression and seeking to take back their country, but they were considered spies and terrorists. American officials wrote laws that allowed US military forces to detain, torture, and kill them by every means possible, including B-52 raids, battalion-sized ¨cordon and search¨ operations, and death squads. The men

…. In time, the mere mention of Phoenix, the omnipotent bird of prey with a blacklist in one claw and a snake in the other, was enough to terrorize not only targeted members of the VCI, but the entire civilian population.
Phoenix evolved from a ¨rifle-shot¨ approach to neutralize enemy leaders into a program of systematic repression for the political control of the South Vietnamese people. It sought to accomplish this through a highly bureaucratized system of disposing of people who could not be ideologically assimilated.

The CIA found a legal basis for the program in ¨emergency decrees¨ and ¨administrative detention¨ laws that enabled American ¨advisors¨ to detain torture, and kill ¨national security offenders¨ (as the VCI were legally referred to) without due process. The program was implemented over the objections of Government of Vietnam (GVN) officials who understood that it undermined their national sovereignty.

Within the extra-legal judicial system, with its Stalinist security committees, a member of the VCI was anyone who didn´t actively support the government. To be neutral or advocate for peace was viewed as supporting terrorism. Proof wasn´t required, just the word of an anonymous informer.

…. As a result, CIA officer Lucien Conein described Phoenix as ¨the greatest blackmail scheme ever invented: If you don’t do what I want, you´re VC.¨
Modeled by its creator, Nelson Brickham, on Ford Motor Company´s ¨command post¨ structure, Phoenix concentrated power in a chief executive officer and an operating committee at the top of the Embassy´s organizational chart. The chief executive position- the Deputy for Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development- oversaw the Phoenix Directorate in Saigon. The Directorate was headed by a CIA officer supported by a statistical reporting unit, which assigned a quota of 1800 neutralizations a month to the Phoenix ¨coordinators¨ who ran the program in the field.

But Phoenix was a CIA program and deniability was one of its main objectives so the CIA left gaping holes in its safety net in order to facilitate the systematic corruption that ensured the program´s true but unstated objective of terrifying the entire civilian population into submission.

…. Adding to the terror of being falsely accused, detained, tortured, and even killed, was the fact that the CIA rewarded security officials who extorted the people.

(Today in America), the ruling class within the National Security Establishment knows that its enemies, foreign and domestic, must be suppressed ideologically as well as militarily. Thus they have embraced the Phoenix concept of employing implicit and explicit terror to control, organize, and pacify societies.

Phoenix fulfilled its destiny in the wake of 9/11 and became the template for policing the empire and fighting its eternal War on Terror. So successful were Phoenix operations in overthrowing (Iraq´s) Ba´athist Party regime in Iraq that David Kilcullen, one of the US government´s top terrorism advisors in 2004, called for a ¨global¨ Phoenix program.

The threat of a global Phoenix program is that it will become fully activated in the United States. If the CIA and military are successful at politically and psychologically neutralizing suspected terrorists, what is to stop them applying the full systematic extent of Phoenix-style operations to include political dissidents, immigrants, and despised minorities in America just as they did in Vietnam?

When the Phoenix first arrived in America in the form of Homeland Security, it was advertised as ¨protecting the people from terrorism,¨ just as it was in Vietnam.

The process began immediately after 9/11 with the repressive Patriot Act and a series of Presidential executive orders that have since legalized the administrative detention and murder of American citizens said to be involved in terrorism.

Since then, the government has steadily sought to expand its powers to target Americans. In an editorial correction to an article written in 2010 by Dana Priest, the Washington Post said; ¨The military´s Joint Special Operations Command maintains a target list that includes several Americans. In …recent weeks, the U.S. officials have said that the government is prepared to kill U.S. citizens who are believed to be involved in terrorist activities that threat Americans.¨

The list of targeted individuals is growing too, and the intent to kill them is there. As part of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, the military (no mention is ever made of the CIA) was given the right to administratively detain and assassinate US citizens without due process. Right now the authorization is ostensibly limited to extraordinary circumstances. In 1913, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that President Obama ¨has authority to use drone strikes to kill Americans on US soil.¨

The bureaucratic groundwork is being laid as well. Just as Phoenix ¨Intelligence Operations and Coordination Centers¨ were established in every province and district in South Vietnam, the Department of Homeland Security has now established fusion centers, and the FBI has established Joint Terrorism Task Forces, to coordinate representatives from every police, security, military, and civic organization in every state and major city.

…. Now that the corrupt and corrupting Phoenix institutional structure is firmly in place in America, it is only a matter of time until we enter the next Phoenix phase of explicit terror here at home.

The CIA recruits secret police forces as assets in every country where it operates, including occupied Iraq.

….. At the same time the CIA was forming special police units to identify, capture, interrogate and kill secret Communist cadres and their sympathizers in GVN-controlled villages, it was also developing paramilitary ¨counterterror¨ teams to locate, capture, and kill cadres in rural areas. To this end, the CIA in 1964 formed experimental counterterror teams in seven districts surrounding Saigon. The CIA provided money and supplies, while U military intelligence and Special Forces provided training and advisors. Lists of defectors criminals and other potential recruits came from Special Police files.

… This was the one-two punch of the counterinsurgency through the PICs (Provincial Interrogation Centers), the CIA learned the identity and structure of the VCI in each province; and through the CTs, it eliminated VCI cadres and destroyed their organization.

The Special Police (at the Provincial Interrogation Centers) employed the old French methods…. including rape, gang rape, rape using eels, snakes or hard objects, and rape followed by murder, ¨the Bell Telephone Hour¨ rendered by attaching wires to the genitals or other sensitive parts of the body; waterboarding, ¨the airplane,¨ in which a prisoner´s arms were tied behind the back and the rope looped over a hook on the ceiling suspending the prisoner in midair while he or she was beaten; beatings with rubber hoses and whips, and the use of police dogs to maul prisoners.

… The CIA´s interrogation methods remain unchanged, though the organization is now more perfectly able to punish people by driving them insane. (ETK: GITMO, Abu Graib, and gang stalking, in addition to the MKULTRA-based KUBARK Torture Manual that has been used for decades.)

¨Phoenix,¨ (Ed) Murphy said, ¨was a bounty hunting program, an attempt to eliminate the opposition, by which I mean the opposition to us, the Americans, getting what we wanted, which was to control the Vietnamese through our clients- the Diems, the Kys, the Thieus.

…. (Ed Murphy said ¨Phoenix¨) ¨was used in Vietnam, it was used in the US, and it still is used in the United States.¨

….. A graduate of Yale University Lieutenant Sid Towle was assigned to the 116th MIG in Washington DC in June 1969. As chief of a counterintelligence team he reviewed cases. (He) also conducted ¨offensive counterintelligence operations¨ that consisted of disrupting antiwar demonstrations by building bonfires and inciting people to riot so the Capital Police could be called in to bash heads and arrest demonstrators. (This was the CIA/DoD´s Operation MHCHAOS).

In Vietnam via the Phoenix program, and now in Iraq and Afghanistan through the new and improved version, the CIA sends its hit teams after a long list of targeted individuals. Targets included tax assessors and collectors, people operating business fronts for purchasing, storing, or distributing food and supplies to the resistance, public health officials who distribute medicine; security and judicial officials who target American collaborators and agents; anyone proselytizing to the general population; officials involved in transportation, communication and postal services; political indoctrination cadres; military recruiters; guerilla leaders and their forces; and anyone who funds and staffs front organizations.

As in Vietnam, all these categories of people- and their sympathizers and supporters – find their names on computerized, Phoenix-style death lists in
Afghanistan and Iraq. As counterinsurgency guru, David Galula noted, most of these people have honorable intentions and ¨do not participate directly, as a rule, in direct terrorism or guerilla action and, technically, have no blood on their hands.¨

….. America´s militant leaders used 9/11 to recruit and motivate a new generation of special operations forces, whose mission is to invade private homes at midnight on snatch and snuff missions. Nowhere, in any Establishment media outlet, is it ever mentioned that our political and military leaders wanted to seize Afghanistan and use it to establish a colony in a strategic location near Russia and China.

From the Phoenix Program to Department of Homeland Security…

The Department of Homeland Security was based on the Phoenix program model Nelson Brickham developed in Vietnam…. When the National Security Establishment wanted to centralize the War on Terror here in the United States, through the DHS, they copied how Phoenix had coordinated multiple agencies in order to streamline and bureaucratize the war against the Viet Cong Infrastructure (VCI).

Phoenix proved an incredibly successful model for pacification in South Vietnam. It was the silver lining in the Vietnam War. Politically the war was a disaster, but bureaucratically the Phoenix program succeeded. It became the model for CIA operations in Central America- the Salvador Option.
The Phoenix program established Intelligence Operations and Coordinating Centers in the provinces and districts (PIOCCS and DIOCCS) of South Vietnam. Similarly, DHS has created ¨fusion centers¨ in every stae and major city across the country. The fusion centers coordinate all the agencies in an area exactly like the IOCCs did in Vietnam; systematized and computerized, they coordinate contributing intelligence analysts and operating units. It´s the same highly bureaucratized system for dispensing with anything and anyone who can´t be assimilated.

…. David Kilkullen was a counterinsurgency advisor to the Bush and Obama administrations and in 2004 he called for a global Phoenix operation.

…. The purpose of the Phoenix program was to ¨neutralize¨ the civilian members of the underground revolutionary government in South Vietnam.

…. In 1969, the CIA ostensibly turned the Phoenix program over to the U.S. military, at which point soldiers first began to pursue a political order of battle and conduct systematic counter-subversive operations against foreign civilians.

… Following its ignoble defeat in Vietnam, America was driven by a reactionary impulse to reassert its global dominance. The justifications used to rationalize Phoenix were institutionalized as policy, as became evident after 9/11 and the initiation of the War on Terror. Since then the CIA and US military have been conducting joint Phoenix-style operations worldwide without any compunction, most prominently in Afghanistan and Iraq.

…. The CIA´s control of international drug trafficking is America´s darkest secret…. The pressures the CIA imposes on the media amount to political warfare directed against the American public. It´s no different than how the CIA mounts counter-subversion operations overseas.

Tracy: there is almost a complete blackout of Jade Helm in the mainstream media.

Valentine: Yes. Jade Helm was a military training exercise in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Utah. Military and local officials set up Phoenix-style coordination centers, as a way of giving Special Operations and ¨Civil Affairs¨ personnel experience working with para-military police forces in what was called a realistic ¨war experience¨ in domestic counterinsurgency operations.

…. On July 15, 1971, the Times reported: ¨Previously classified information read into the record of a House Government Operations subcommitttee today disclosed that 26,843 non-military Vietcong insurgents and sympathizers were neutralized in 14 months through Operation Phoenix.¨
Homeland Security: The Phoenix Comes Home To Roost

…. America has been in an ideological state of siege since 9/11, when the Twin Towers came crashing down and all the moral and psychological prohibitions on the Ultra conservatives were lifted forever.

… To protect (Bush´s) mission into neo-colonialism in the Middle East, But on 8 October 2001 signed into the law the Office of Homeland Security to detect, prevent, and recover from terrorist attacks, and/or ¨weapons of mass destruction¨ attacks on American soil. The Homeland Security juggernaut was born.

Less than three weeks later, again with overwhelming Congressional support, Bush signed the Patriot Act, vastly expanding the government´s domestic intelligence gathering and law enforcement powers, while rolling back individual rights and protections from government intrusions.

The Bush regime´s rational for neo-colonialism was set in stone in September 2002 with the promulgation of The National Security Strategy of the United States. Through this manifesto, the National Security Establishment effectively conferred upon itself the divine right to launch murderous, preemptive attacks on any Muslim nation with valuable natural resources. Russia and China were long range strategic targets.

….. As an exercise in neo-colonialism disguised as ¨protecting the American people¨ the eternal War on Terror constantly recreates the urgent need for its existence, and by destroying the lives and livelihoods of millions of innocent people, it automatically fuels more terrorism- though within the United States itself terror attacks are few and far between, and most of what passes for terrorism derives from FBI incitement and entrapment. Of 508 defendants prosecuted in federal terrorism related cases in the decade after 9/11, 243 were involved with an FBI informant, while 158 were the targets of sting operations. This is to say nothing of what many people regard as false flag operations.

Moreover, neo-colonialism constantly fuels political dissent within the United States. There are, after all, enlightened Americans who recoil in horror at their government´s aggression. But increased dissent is what the National Security Establishment wants. You can call it a vicious cycle or a self-fulfilling prophecy, but dissent provides the ruling elite with the pretext it needs to impose the repressive measures required to maintain and expand its political dominance. It´s a ¨win-win¨ for the capitalists, in so far as a police state delivers a wide range of economic benefits to those who invest in its requirements.

…. The psychological warfare campaign blossomed on 9/11; the warmongers saturated the airwaves and editorial columns with propaganda calling anti-war protestors ¨un-American¨ and equating them with terrorist sympathizers. The propaganda never stopped. As it was during the Vietnam War, peace protestors and civil rights activists have become enemies of the state and, hence, targets of the Homeland Security infrastructure.

….. Bush signed the Homeland Security Act on 25 November 2002, creating the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to coordinate the anti-terror elements of dozens of federal agencies. The Act created the policy-making Homeland Security Council with four standing members: the president as chairman, along with the vice president, secretary of defense and attorney general. The Homeland Security Council is the National Security Council applied domestically.

The Homeland Security Council can be understood as grander version of the Phoenix Committee in Vietnam, which consisted of deputy for CORDS (William Colby) as chairman, plus the CIA´s station chief, MACV´s assistant chiefs of staff for intelligence and operations, and the CIA chief of Revolutionary Development.

The homeland security apparatus further evolved in May 2003 when, as part of the White House coordinating mechanism, Bush created the Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC) under future DCI, John O. Brennan. Based at CIA headquarters, the TTIC was staffed by counterterrorism experts from the CIA, FBI, DOD, and DHS. It responded directly to the White House political staff, beyond public and congressional scrutiny.

…. The TTIC was renamed the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and placed under the newly created position of director of National Intelligence (DNI). Operating like a global Phoenix Directorate with a computerized blacklist of suspects, the TC has access to all military and law enforcement databases, foreign as well as domestic, which it skims for High Value targets. High Value targets are captured and incarcerated, and if possible recruited as penetration agents at home and abroad. Failing that, they are placed on Obama´s ¨kill list¨ and ¨neutralized¨ by the all-seeing predator drone or some CIA/Special Forces hit team paced with psycho killers.

Instruments like the NCTC facilitate the merging of foreign and domestic counterterror operations. The NCTC collets, stores, and analyzes data on US citizens from every available surveillance data base as a ¨pre-crime¨ pacification effort. The CIA manages the NCTC Operation Center, and if a suspected threat emerges , it is able to direct every homeland component, the same way it used Phoenix to coordinate every cooperating agency in Vietnam. The network extends from the White House into America´s tiniest villages, and includes everyone from Congresspersons and corporate executives, to cops shooting black teenagers or chasing homeless veterans off the streets.

Parallel Mechanisms

Within the federal bureaucracy, the Department of Justice (DOJ), CIA and military have their own separate chains of command, jealously guarded ¨parallel mechanisms¨ that exist apart from their ¨coordinated¨ homeland security functions.

With 800 military bases around the world, its own legal system, and a budget that devours the highest percentage of federal taxpayer dollars, the military is the elephant in the room.

The military´s Northcom component is the backbone of the homeland security apparatus, alternatively intimidating, assisting, and spying on its civilian counterparts.

The National Security Agency (NSA) is the apparat´s eyes and ears. Instituted by Bush after 9/11, the NSA´s Terrorist Surveillance Program was ruled unconstitutional in 2006, but the lawsuit was dismissed on appeal and a similar program PRISM now exists in its place. As revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, PRISM collects communications from major US internet companies. PRISM collects communications from major US internet companies.

The DOJ operates its back-channel through the FBI´s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). Based in over 100 cities and at 56 FBI field offices, these Phoenix-style coordination centers focus on ¨upper tier¨ targets that cross state lines. The FBI defines the task forces on its website as ¨small cells of highly trained, locally based, passionately committed investigators, analysts, linguists, SWAT experts, and other specialists from dozens of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies.¨

The FBI has had ¨internal security¨ as its mandate since its inception, and in 1996 it launched its InfraGard program in Cleveland. InfraGard is a ¨non-profit¨ organization serving as a public-private partnership between business people, college presidents, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other civil guardians funnel tips to the FBI to prevent hostile acts against America´s ¨cultural infrastructure.¨ It operates in secret and has over 50,000 members.

Since 2003, the DHS- under FBI supervision- has shared responsibility for InfraGard assets.

It is important to note that the FBI has no jurisdiction over the CIA, which, like the military, exists above and beyond the laws the rest of us must obey. But while the military is the elephant trampling on everyone, the CIA is the serpent in the garden.

The CIA´s backchannel is the Counterterrorism Center (CTC) network. Formed in 1986, it is a direct descendant of Operation Chaos. The CTC operates globally through Phoenix-Style Counterterrorist Intelligence Centers, in collaboration with the suborned military, police, and intelligence services of infected nations. The unilateral CTC network has its own communications system and is used to bypass the DOJ, State Department and Pentagon, as well as the regular CIA bureaucracy. It has its own paramilitary Special Operations Unit that functions like a global PRU team.

Concepts and Programs

Phoenix is the conceptual model for the DHS. Both are based on the principle that governments can manage societies through implicit and explicit terror. The strategic goal is to widen the gap between the elites and the mass of the citizenry, while expunging anyone who cannot be ideologically assimilated.

Phoenix, like DHS, was an organization that evolved. At the top was the Phoenix Committee. Under the Committee was a Directorate in Saigon, managed by a senior CIA officer with a staff of CIA, military, and State Department personnel. The Directorate coordinated intelligence gathering agencies and anti-terror operations in Vietnam´s provinces and districts.

The DHS executive management team operates like the Phoenix Directorate, overseeing jerry-rigged labyrinth of overlapping offices and directorates most Congresspersons can´t unravel.

Briefly, the DHS has a deputy undersecretary for intelligence and analysis. This deputy reports to the DHS Secretary and manages the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), which consists of about 1000 analysts, many from contributing agencies. I&A coordinates intelligence with appropriate officials in state, local, tribal, and territorial governments. More importantly, it runs vast agent networks like InfraGard with the private sector through that is called, without irony, the Homeland Security Enterprise.

Complementing the Office of Intelligence is an Office of Operations Coordination and Planning which oversees the DHS National Operations Center (NOC). The NOC collects and fuses information from the same federal, state, territorial, tribal, local, social media, and private sector agencies as I&A.
DHS has an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the culmination of decades of devolution, originally manifested as Civil Defense (famous for building bomb shelters and teaching grade school kids how to duck under their chairs in case the Russians nuked America) and lateras the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Absorbed within the DHS in 2003, FEMA and its predecessor foutfits created ¨continuity of government¨ plans for press censorship and internment of suspected radicals in times of national crisis.

The DHS has over 250,000 employees, including detect4ives it deploys within its own departments, every agency it coordinates, and every branch of the military…. Several DHS investigation units maintain paramilitary Special Response Teams, which are very likely trained and managed by CIA paramilitary officers.

…. Last but not least, the DHS has fusion centers (76) which operate in every state and major city, just like Phoenix intelligence and operations coordinating centers were set up in Vietnam. Every law enforcement entity in a state sends a representative to the local fusion center, which tries to anticipate threats through analysis of shared intelligence. State and local police provide space and resources (including snitches) for the majority of the fusion centers. There is even a fusion center in Mexico City.

The ACLU compared fusion centers with the corporate TIPS program because of the involvement of private Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLO). A TLO is a citizen trained to detect and report suspicious activities. TLOs function like the People´s Intelligence Organization cadres, paying close attention to what customers, passers-by and neighbors say, and then reporting ¨suspicious utterances¨ (or when bored or nervous, inventing them) for entry into the proper database.

By 2014, California had more than 14,000 TLOs. Some are cops, others are wannabe cops, paramedics, utility workers, railroad employees, etc.
Fusion center employees occupy themselves by playing video war games and fantasizing about being armor-clad super heroes. When bored, they target political activists and despised minorities. The Missouri fusion center targeted supporters of Ron Paul, pro-life activists, and so-called conspiracy theorists. Anti-war activists and Islamic lobby groups were targeted in Texas….. the Maryland state police put anti-death penalty and anti-war activists in the FBI´s database.

Along with the FBI´s task forces, fusion centers serve as cover for domestic CIA operations. This is nothing new, as the CIA has always placed officers inside state police forces and the Special Services (aka ¨Red Squads¨) units of police forces in major cities.

Homeland Security as Implicit Terror

Ultimately, the DHS is about protecting the haves from the have-nots, just like Phoenix coordinators were protecting large land owners from VCI revolutionaries fighting for agrarian reform.

The billions of dollars ($41 billion/year) pouring from your pay checks into the DHS ¨internal security¨ boondoggle are smothering America in corruption too.

Given that your chance of being killed by a terrorist is less than dying from a bee sting, this joint business venture has achieved nothing in terms of saving lives. Instead, fusion centers and their DHS managers function as political police enforcing ¨the ultra-conservative, free-wheeling capitalist ideology that drives corporate America.

The key stakeholders in the Enterprise are the owners of the private businesses that comprise the critical infrastructure of the National Security Establishment: anything related to war and law enforcement. Their intellectual partners occupy vastly overpaid management positions in elite law firms, hospitals, universities, nongovernmental organizations, and nonprofit groups looking to advance their careers while eliminating the competition.

What CIA officer Lucian Conein said to me about Phoenix applies to Homeland Security: it´s a great blackmail scheme for the central government. ¨If you don´t do what I want, you´re VC.¨

This is what Homeland Security has become; a protection racket. At the strategic political level it consists of bankers and corporate lobbyists paying elected officials to create tax loop-holes for the rich, blanket domestic surveillance that compels working people to live in terror of being fired if they make suspicious utterances, and corrupt officials rewarding their arms industry contributors by laundering taxpayer dollars into the war machine.

Remember, the CIA believed that the U.S. could win the Vietnam War through military force. But the Communists represented the interests of the people and for this reason, the people sided with them. In response, operators like Bruce Lawlor, Rob Simmons, and Frank Scotton recruited spies to map out the VCI´s organization, and then targeted its ¨upper tier¨ leaders for neutralization. In the process of going after the enemy´s political leadership, they terrorized the leadership´s friends and families and supporters as well- the ¨lower tier¨ they sought to pacify through psychological warfare.

The same pattern is unfolding in America. Homeland Security cadres, through the DHS and the various parallel mechanisms, are identifying and targeting the National Security Establishment´s ¨political and administrative¨ opponents in America for neutralization. For upper tier dissidents it means being the target of ¨compromise and discreditation¨ campaigns launched by the Ultras, often through deniable assets like the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and other Swift Boat-style organizations.

Since the creation of the Homeland Security protection racket, over eight trillion taxpayer dollars has been moved from social programs into ¨internal security¨ programs, that have provided the National Security Establishment with over 250,000 cadres to pacify the flag-waving American public. For the average American this means eternal debt and subservience , as their tax dollars are given to their ¨protectors.¨ The psychological warfare aspect of the pacification program is handled by network news and Hollywood, which erase historical memory and with it, any moral imperative on the part of average Americans to pretend they don´t live in segregated communities; all that matters is dominance over some Other, and anyone can dominate anyone by becoming a spy for homeland security.

The message is clear to the friends and families of the targeted and arrested people: you are free, up to the point you actually express your freedoms.
The purpose of such psyops is to make you believe that authorities know everything about you and will use that information to destroy you. To that end they have established in America the four programs that imbued the all-seeing Phoenix with omnipotence; surveillance and informant networks that identify suspects; interrogation centers that torture them; counterterror teams that kidnap and kill them; and administrative detention laws that make it all possible.

The domestic version of the CIA´s Hamlet Information Program in Vietnam began when Bush´s attorney general, John Ashcroft, laid the groundwork for the Terrorism Information Program (TIP).

The counterterror teams created in Vietnam have been perfected and expanded; military veterans populate DHS and police SWAT teams. Many of these vets can´t wait to relive their heroic experiences rousing Muslim families in their homes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The (Phoenix) PIC program is the model for the network of black sites, detention centers prisons and jails America builds in every nation it occupies. At the Guantanamo facility in Cuba, the CIA has perfected torture and now punishes suspects by slowly driving them crazy.

Same thing here. The DHS operates detention centers for illegal immigrants, but not their employers. Empty detention centers on military reservations await the sort of national crisis the CIA routinely provokes overseas to justify military intervention- at which point thousands of citizen suspects on dozens of blacklists shall be rounded up and interred.

For a glimpse into the future look at Israel, which has had leading role in teaching Americans ¨how to do it.¨ There, administrative detention makes it OK to round up civilians, detain and torture them indefinitely, destroy their homes with bulldozers, cast them to the four winds, and steal everything they own simply because they are Palestinians.
The Patriot, Homeland Security, and Domestic Security Acts set in place the elements of administrative detention.

…. The Business Party´s strategic goal is the political control of people at home and abroad. And the subsequent acquisition of their property, wealth, and resources- through the centralization of power in multinational corporations and giant financial institutions exempt from anyone´s laws, as well as through psychological operations.

…. And with advances in technology and 40 years to learn from mistakes, political neutraliztions are easier than ever. Consider the anthrax letters mailed to Democratic Senators after 9/11, now recognized as an inside job. It took only a few ¨black propaganda¨ terror operations to silence the political opposition´s leadership and its resistance to the Patriot Act.

Information management- including official secrecy and false accusations- is the key to pacifying the people through implicit terror. While making the internal security apparatus appear legal, moral, and popular. This is being done against American citizens through the most ambitious psywar campaign ever waged on planet Earth.

…. If what´s past is prologue, in the forthcoming national emergency, the paranoia that currently infects the Muslim American community will spread nationwide until no one is sure who is a spy for the Thought Police. Midnight arrests and disappearances into detention centers will be commonplace, as the definition of a terrorist surrogate expands to include people deemed dangerous to the Public Order.

…. No specific charge is required: A DHS spy will accuse his neighbor, the one whose dog poops on his lawn, of disturbing the public order; off the unlucky fellow goes into the local Gitmo.

In this way, indefinite detention, torture, and summary execution, all carried out without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court, are perfectly legal in the criminal Homeland Security state, because they result from ¨administrative procedures.¨

This is Phoenix, and this is what the National Security Establishment has in store for America.

The War on Terror as the Greatest Covert Op Ever

The War on Terror is the greatest covert operation ever.

The FBI defines terrorism as ¨the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.¨

In the wake of 9/11, America´s reactionary Ultra clique claimed ownership of the national security apparatus, which it used to impose its ideology on the American people. Anyone who did not adopt their doctrine was considered an enemy of the state. ¨This is time for the old motto, ¨kill them all, let God sort ´em out,¨ purported terrorism expert (Jewish neocon) Michael Ledeen asserted. ¨The entire political world will understand it and applaud it. And it will give us a chance to prevail.¨

This is where the symbolic meaning of words prevails. By the ¨political world¨ Ledeen meant those who really understand the deep underside of how the whole war process works: the owners of the burgeoning terrorism business, the secret rulers and capitalist looters who´ve been manipulating American political and social movements since its inception….. The rhetoric of the Ultras paved the way for the reorganization of American society to fight an eternal one-size-fits-all War on Terror, which in turn was used to justify disastrous, neo-colonial wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. And it was all a Big Lie designed to enrich a few protected individuals (most of whom are Judeo-Masonic Satanists).

…. The state´s terrorism- the needless destruction of Iraq, Libya, and Syria, and before them Vietnam and dozens of other nations – is based upon the premise that its National Security Establishment is above politics. But that´s just a cover story for the greatest covert operation ever.
Based on the Phoenix program model developed in Vietnam and perfected in Latin America, the Department of Homeland Security (which is totally dependent on the War on Terror) coordinates the lower tier members of the National Security Establishment for he purpose of suppressing dissent in America. It does so through implicit violence.

… Endlessly proving one has embraced doctrine on various issues (Israel, Islam, terrorism, Black Lives, Mexican immigrants, etc.) is the drawbridge an individual like Hillary Clinton must cross to enter the self-regulating National Security Establishment. The capacity to recite doctrine and engage in massive war crimes is what enables a person to rise to a position of authority within the ruling Cult of Death.

The CIA conducts false flag operations all over the world to enhance public fear of terrorists, even as they arm and train them in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere to overthrow elected governments. Having been implemented covertly over decades, the War on Terror defines the contours of America´s legally criminal social structure, which, in the name of protecting the people from terrorism, steals from the poor and gives to the rich.

Underlying the ¨structural violence¨ of state-sponsored terrorism is an ever-expanding National Security Establishment comprised of nearly a million cadres, all of whom profit from the structural violence they maintain. At the lower tier, cops and soldiers get to be heroes. The oligarchs get to laugh. In the middle, at Homeland Security, they get jobs.

Emanating from the super-secret CIA, which informs every other government bureaucracy, this criminal enterprise corrupts every social and political movement in America, forming consumers of myths and commodities into a moat of true believers that surrounds the Establishment elite that oppresses them. It´s a perfect system, stabilized by manufactured crises du jour, and ineluctably heading in a predictable direction.

… False rumors will proliferate and ruin the reputation of anyone who refuses to comply.

…. You are the victim of a massive criminal enterprise, and the key to its success is its ability to keep its crimes and corruption secret. The secret rulers have made it illegal to blow the whistle on what they are up to. There is no freedom of speech or public right to know…. Criticizing Israel, like criticizing America, is not in the script.


In 1996 the FBI launched its InfraGard program
September 2002 with the promulgation of The National Security Strategy of the United States
….. Bush signed the Homeland Security Act on 25 November 2002, creating the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to coordinate the anti-terror elements of dozens of federal agencies.
in May 2003 when, as part of the White House coordinating mechanism, Bush created the Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC)