Karen M. Stewart and Adriana M. Art Interview on Gangstalking (“How is This “Surveillance”?, K.M. Stewart)

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Episode 44 (Free America) Adrina and Karen

Rumble — The US government has, for many years, whittled away our Constitutionally protected rights. With an ever-expanding and militarized police force, illegal spying, and sanctioned murder of American citizens, the unelected bureaucrats, aka “the Deep State” have terrorized the public for nearly two decades. Now we learn that their activities are even darker and more nefarious than previously imagined.

We are joined by Adrina Mekertichian and Karen Stewart, both of whom share an awful kinship; they are targeted individuals who are being gang-stalked by black-ops government agents and paid members of the general public. Karen, who is a former NSA intelligence analyst gives an inside look into the agency and shares a horror story filled with directed energy weapons and communications interference. Adrina shares her stories of being stalked, burned with microwave energy, and having her home destroyed by arson. You’ll hear this and much more in this bombshell episode.


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The US Fusion Centers, which are torturing and murdering innocent US civilians by Direct Energy Weapons and other weapons, and which were identified by our famous US Patriots and Intel Agents as the Gestapo in the USA and as an Organized Satanic Crime Syndicate are asking now DHS to increase their budgets and growth!

Please read Ms. Karen Stewart’s letter to authorities, in which Karen is asking to explain about illegal “surveillance” of our citizens: so-called an INVESTIGATION in regard to crimes THEY may be committing. Karen is asking Fusion Centers to explain about their non-law enforcement civilians, whom Fusion Centers are using against US civilians, why their non-law enforcement civilians are breaking any law and wielding covert weapons of war against innocent unarmed, non-combatants, with supposed impunity to victimize/torture/kill the “target,” while getting paid under-the-table gift cards of laundered tax money when no criminal infraction by their victim can be identified!

Please, read carefully the “Surveillance” activity (?), the criminal activity of Fusion Centers, which Ms. Karen listed in her letter!

Read, Brothers and Sisters, because tomorrow you child, sister, mother, father or you can become a victim of these domestic terrorists/dangerous criminals of Fusion Centers! All that is necessary is for someone to offer them money to torture and murder you!

They are domestic terrorists and criminals! I am Nina Sidorova, President of the Northern California Tenant Association CAN PROVE this fact in any courts! I ALREADY proved this fact at the US Courts 9 (NINE!) times! The Fusion Centers falsified and filed against me 10 (TEN!) fraudulent lawsuits, and I exposed them in the courts. Since 2019, I attended five times (last time on March 18, 2021) a scheduled court hearing of the tenth fraudulent lawsuit that was filed against me. However, the domestic terrorists of the Fusion Centers did not show up in the court, and the court hearing was rescheduled for a November 2021!

Americans! I suggest those of you who would not believe our US Hero, Karen Stewart or me to read a testimony of a gangster/insider about violent crime syndicate led by Fusion Centers! Read Friends how their syndicate is organized and how much they receive from torturing and murdering each type of their victims. Read it to know what kinds of individuals and departments they have in their crime syndicate, and how they are connected to the corrupted judges, district attorneys, lawyers, and the notorious “Doctors of Death”!


The Modus Operandi Syndicate: A Professional Gang Of Hitmen On Contract To The Security & Intelligence Agencies


Please, save and keep Karen Stewart’s Letter in your files!

With my Blessings to all of you,

Ms. Nina Sidorova


How Is This “Surveillance”?

How Is This “Surveillance”?

TOPICS:ConstitutionCorruptionFusion CentersHuman RightsKaren StewartPrivacySurveillance

JUNE 6, 2021

Op-Ed by Karen Stewart

FBI Fusion Centers claim they are “surveilling potential threats” to U.S. Homeland Security, so they need ever-increasing budgets and growth – but no accountability.

Fusion Centers throw people onto the watchlist with no due process, no evidence or fact verification, no witness validation, only vague accusations equaling a wink and a nod from people who have power and influence but who also have an agenda. Every new person on the list is more money for the Fusion Centers and their business partners and civilian operatives (mercenaries). The main Fusion Center is then tasked with fabricating a false dossier to make it appear that there may be a reason for concern. (This why people accused secretly cannot be told or allowed to challenge the Fusion Center lies.) This fairy tale called a “Suspicious Activity Report” (SAR) is tailored to pass muster with the lax FISA Court, which then rubber-stamps the surveillance warrant request with less than a critical requirement for credibility. Civilian mercenaries are then engaged in 24/7 “surveillance” that involves active overt and covert harassment, which can vary from amazingly petty to criminally vicious or even dangerously psychopathic.

Dear authorities,

Please explain how the following activity is legal “surveillance” which implies, watching someone to see IF their behavior WARRANTS AN ACTUAL LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION in regard to crimes THEY may be committing. And in addition, how such “surveillance” can be renewed and continued for years or even decades WITH NO EVIDENCE AT ALL of wrongdoing by a “target” intrusively , harassed, and even provoked, 24/7?

Also please explain how random, non-law enforcement civilians can break any law and wield covert weapons of war against innocent unarmed, non-combatants, with supposed impunity to victimize/torture/kill the “target,” while getting paid under-the-table gift cards of laundered tax money when no criminal infraction by their victim can be identified?

“Surveillance” activity (?):

Assigning rotating teams of civilians to overtly stalk and hinder “target” 24/7 in everything he/she tries to do in every day life. (Rather alerts them to the “surveillance”, does it not?)
Surrounding and blocking in a “target” with multiple drivers to intimidate, interfere with free travel, arrange car accidents to injure or at least cause the “target” financial damage, devaluation of his property, and an increase in his insurance bill. Also the need for body work is used to incorporate GPS devices into the body of the car… forever. As well as sabotage /damage the car in other ways.
Constant vandalism of car, paint scratches, slit tires, slit upholstery, broken headlights, broken windows, rewiring car to give off dirty electricity to harm the “target’s” health, demanding keys from the dealership to constantly access the interior of the car for mischief or worse, stealing good tires to replace with dangerously decayed, tampering with brakes, loosening wheels, etc. (Causing financial and health damage and endangerment is “surveillance?). Placing damaging or dangerous substances in the gas tank, etc.
Fusion Center/mercenaries spreading rumors among family, friends, neighbors, employers, PTA, church groups, service groups, social groups, local retailers, medical community, local law enforcement, blue collar workers, etc. that the target is a prostitute, pedophile, has aberrant sexual appetites, is a wife-beater, drug-dealer, dangerously mentally ill, cross-dresser, convicted felon, i.e. someone they “just know” is a horrible person or criminal but somehow just can’t seem to find a minimum of evidence.
Constant harassment, injury, torture, theft, murder of pets to run up financial debt and inflict emotional devastation to the “target”. (Example, a California woman reported the leg cut off her Grey Parrot necessitating her having to get him put down; another found his dog “hanged”). Pets are accessed in their homes as well as in their yards. (Part of constant break-ins where locks are clearly no problem for the Fusion Center operatives.) Dead animals are also put on the “target’s” property to intimidate. Can be a wild animal or someone else’s murdered pet.
Home intrusions vary from the above pet harm, to theft of not only valuables but to theft or destruction of very personal and irreplaceable items, such as family photos, awards, gifts, urns, paperwork, necessary documents, to wanton vandalism or theft of home decorations or furniture, slashing of clothing, theft of clothing or home items – sometimes returned but often not, random rearrangement of home items merely to show “someone was here” – especially concerning to pet owners who often find their pets have been terrorized at least while the “target” was away.
“Targets” with storage units also report constant pilfering of items from locked units as well. As I said, no lock keeps out these roaches as the FBI/Fusion Centers employ expert locksmiths. When a “target” replaces a door lock, locksmiths are told by Fusion Centers to make the Fusion Center a third key, especially if it is a supposed pick-proof lock. They are alerted to this activity by intercepting phone calls and emails.
Constant hacking into computers, tablets, smart phones, erasure of emails, erasure of contact information, erasure of photographic or video proof of harassment (proof nullification), or personal photos, theft of, damage to, and the destruction of such electronics, hacking into bank accounts for embezzlement purposes, wreaking havoc with important records that are changed or disappear, service denial by blocking/jamming signals, to hinder/cripple “target’s” ability to make appointments, speak to officials, call friends, call family or even block their ability to call 911.
Phone calls are intercepted and used to cancel appointments or to send operatives to the person or company whose services are engaged, to infiltrate the service to the detriment of the “target” (such as rewiring a new refrigerator or washer to give off dirty electricity). Lawyers are even forbidden to take cases, or are encouraged to take the money and sabotage the efforts undertaken for the “target” effectively leaving them without representation or legal recourse. Judges have also reportedly been instructed to defy legal precedent and rule against “targets” who are clearly the victims of others. Police have been ordered to purposely deny the “target” the ability to file a report, or are told to say the victim is the perpetrator and the perpetrator is the victim and are given lists of “targets” to whom the police are not allowed to give equal protection under the law. Medical personnel have been caught substituting other people’s test results, such as an X-ray, for the “target’s” to mislead them into thinking there is damage when there is none or vice versa to keep them from getting appropriate care. Doctors have been pressured to write up physical injury by normal means or especially Directed Energy Weapons (such as obvious 2nd/3rd degree whole body burns received overnight in the “target’s” home) as “delusional” to cover up felony assaults by Fusion Center operatives and further damage the “target’s” credibility.
Fusion Center operatives have indeed driven “targets” to joblessness, homelessness, and even delight in sabotaging efforts by “targets” who may be relegated to living in their cars, to even get food delivery jobs by “speaking with” employers to blackball them. The number of people ruined and forced to starve, die of untreated disease or injury, wrongfully committed, wrongfully incarcerated is inestimable at this point. Now add to the mix the number of mental facilities and prisons that DHS-related entities have investment interests in, and you will ask yourself if DHS FBI Fusion Centers are not just shanghaiing innocent people into servitude and bondage for profit on as many levels as possible. Is this not the Federal government, cannibalizing its own, eating its young? No charges are ever pressed against these “targets” because there is no evidence of crime on their part. The exception is, if an act of self-defense is perjured by paid false witnesses and/or coopted cops into an unprovoked assault (no doubt called a “predictive pre-crime win”).
Friends or family offering the “target” refuge have often met with improbable disaster or even sudden death. Family members and even friends are injured by 24/7 Directed Energy attacks as well. The Fusion Centers simply do not care about collateral damage.
Note, these crimes and more are done 24/7 to “suspects” supposedly under “surveillance”. Surveillance is technically done COVERTLY to see IF ANY EVIDENCE EXISTS to satisfy legal criteria to open a REAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. But this perversion of “surveillance” is done as a ruse to war on an innocent person by hundreds of mercenaries assigned to each “target” who have been given sophisticated weapons of war to use on innocent, unarmed, non-combatants. This is brazen criminal harassment and criminal provocation, to try to punish people without proof of any crime nor give them any ability to PROVE themselves innocent in the apparent total disregard of a legal system founded on proving a person guilty BEFORE they are punished. AND to provoke people into acting out in self-defense against the protected class of criminals viciously ganging up on them 24/7 and causing immeasurable emotional stress and daily trauma as well as ever increasing financial damage and ruin. Weaponry is also strongest throughout the night to disrupt sleep and more quickly hasten the “target’s” health destruction and death.

And all the above thoroughly unprofessional, terroristic behavior BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT is IN ADDITION TO, aiming Directed Energy Weapons such as Microwave weapons, at the “target” often 24/7 to PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THEIR HEALTH as well as TORTURE AND KILL THEM EVEN BEFORE ANY WRONGDOING HAS EVEN BEEN ESTABLISHED AT ALL.

Again I ask you, HOW IS THIS “SURVEILLANCE”?!?!?




I have gleaned this information not only from my personal experience as a wrongly “targeted individual” by the DHS FBI FUSION CENTERS for the last several years after my (NSA) employer had me targeted for legitimately reporting wrongdoing on the part of management indicating espionage, but also from about 3,000 others targeted for no good reason, through my social media accounts, who found me from previous articles and interviews. And this is but the tip of the iceberg as to what OUR tax dollars are being misused for. Miscreants and thugs are becoming a thriving middle class paid astonishingly well, even more than many studied professionals, to eradicate decent human beings from our society “in the name of Homeland Security”. At some point, you will indeed face becoming one or the other – prey or predator – if people do not wake up and demand the Fraud DHS FBI FUSION CENTERS be DEFUNDED IMMEDIATELY, THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED, AUDITED and this seditionist, criminal/domestic terrorist death cult be brought to justice and then eradicated from our country with stringent reformation and laws that stop this type of Police State coup attempt forever.

We were the beta test. You are next.

Karen M. Stewart
Intelligence Analyst, ret.
National Security Agency

Interview of Karen M. Stewart and Adriana M. Art: Episode 44: Adrina and Karen
Published May 23, 2021

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