“Jew S.A. “For Profit” Gulag (aka FEMA Camp/Prison)” & “Conspiracy Denial Syndrome and Controlled Opposition” (by Troonatnoor)

I. Welcome to your ‘Jew’.S.A ‘for profit’ gulag (a.k.a FEMA camp / prison)

troonatnoor (47)

in fema • 2 years ago

After the Jewish (falsely named ‘Russian’) Revolution, the ‘Jew’.S.S.R Soviet commissars began their reign of terror. Anyone they felt was a current, or posed a future threat to their power was systematically eliminated by firing squad, or rounded up and placed in ‘gulags’. Labor camps. Slave labor camps. Totally innocent victims were rounded up from all the Soviet occupied (falsely named ‘liberated’) territories including Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, and occupied Germany (falsely named ‘East’ Germany).

U.S police have been training in Israel for over a decade now. Training in Israel? For what? What sort of police training couldn’t be done on U.S soil? Perhaps training in which the Police break every rule in the book? Training which violates the U.S constitution? Training which would be totally inappropriate in ‘The land of the free’. But training which is totally appropriate for the Israeli occupied territories of Palestine? Training appropriate to a police state in which children are targeted, bombed, shot, and imprisoned and held without trial indefinitely? Watch my markus rehbach Youtube channel videos for the brutal facts.

In 1984 (reality, not the novel which has proven totally accurate) the first ‘Jewish’ Zionist owned private, ‘for profit’ prison was officially opened.

Here I want to explain something few people comprehend sufficiently for its impact to hit them fully. Originally the U.S colonies granted limited charters to business people to set up and operate a business. The charter was granted only after serious consideration of the costs and benefits of such a business to the people of the colony. Unless the operation of the business was not viewed as a net benefit to the people of the colonies, it was not granted. And then the granted charter was very specific. Limited to a specific type of business activity, location, and duration.

Today you hear people say ‘The only objective of a business is to make a profit for its shareholders’. They repeat this over and over as their mantra. Their dogma. But this was NEVER the intended objective set out by those insightful and foresightful persons who wrote the U.S constitution and its amendments. In fact it is exactly the OPPOSITE from what they intended.

How did this come about? Quite recently corporations were granted the same legal rights as ‘persons’. Like you and I. As if they were people, with inalienable rights to pursue profit for its own sake. The idea of applying for a ‘charter’, and having to ‘justify your existence’ to a group of people with the public good in mind, was swept away.

So we went from object-oriented corporations being temporary organisations set up to pursue a specific, limited purpose, such as the building of a railway from a port to a town, or the building of a steel plant to provide that railway with steel, to corporations with all the same legal ‘rights’ as any other ‘person’, with the only one object in mind, to pursue profits for their owners. Whether or not the products and services which would generate these ‘greatest profits’ was in the interests of the public or not.

This calls to mind one of the original ‘interactions’ between Islam and ‘Jews’. Mohammed and his people were under siege by their enemies. The ‘Jews’ pursued the ‘profit’ motive, and sold goods to the besiegers. And possibly information on Mohammed’s defences. This is a clear example of the distinction between the intentions of the U.S Colony leaders, as expressed in their limited charters, and the later ‘profit motive’ corporations as ‘persons’ we have today.

Mohammed wasn’t interested in the clever arguments of the ‘Jewish’ lawyers. He wasn’t going to be corrupted by them into ‘seeing things their way’. He took decisive action to prevent a repeat of such behaviors in his area of influence. Heads literally ‘rolled’.

Mohammed denied ‘Jewish’ Banksters the right to operate within his sphere of influence. He banned usury, the ‘creation’ of money from nothing, and then lending of it for ‘interest’. Mohammed stated explicitly, in his last public gathering, that all men are equal, no matter the color of their skin or ethnicity. This riled the ‘Jews’, with their doctrine of ‘Jewish’ racial supremacy, and exceptionalism, at least as much as the banning of their ‘black magic’ a.k.a ‘money lending’ ‘business. So ever since this the Zionist ‘Jews’ have been hell bent on the
destruction of Islam. The ‘Jews’ managed to connive their ways into the ‘Christian’ world, to regain their ability to practise ‘finance’ and ‘law’, and to literally come to occupy enough of the most powerful positions in government and business, media, law, education, and ‘finance’, to gain effective control of every ‘Christian’ nation they ‘occupied’. This power is today being directed at Islam, to fulfill the Zionist ambitions began during the Biblical genocide, rape, and enslavement of the Palestinians, and the entirety of Islam.
Just like the Zionists did with Germany, from the Franco-Prussian war onwards.

Up until now the demonisation of Germany, Germans, and Nazi’s, especially Hitler, were the Zionist priorities. Two World Wars later, the Zionists have total control of Germany, France, Britain, and North America. They now have their sights on Islam. Islam is first to be
demonised by ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks committed by CIA and MOSSAD, such as ‘911’, and the more recent ‘faked’ chemical attacks in Syria. We all remember the ‘fake’ WOMADs of Iraq. Some of us know about the U.S.S Liberty attack, an earlier precursor false flag collaboration between the U.S President of the time (Johnson), and the Zionist Israeli leaders. For the last 200 years Germany has been the victim of a vicious, malicious, sustained, universal propaganda attack. Today it is Islam that is the target. 911 was blamed on Islam, just like WWI and
WWII was blamed on Germans, Prussianism, and Nazism. A ‘holocaust’ fiction was invented to seal the final nail in the coffin of German pride and nationalism, and to justify all the war crimes the Allies had employed in WWI and WWII to defeat Germany. Germany was given sole responsibility and guilt for WWI and WWII. They have accepted this absurd ‘ruling’ of the Zionist controlled ‘Jew-diciary’. The ‘Nurenburg show trials’. The faked ‘evidence’ and ‘testimonies’ and constant stream of Zionist Hollywood propaganda films and television series, books, print media articles, and ‘official’ histories of WWI and WWII.

Today it is Islam that is coming in for the same treatment. Even peaceful Iran. One of the very few nations that has been peaceful for the last century. Having merely repelled attacks from Iraq, using U.S and E.C (sic, EU) manufactured chemical weapons. There are few nations with as peaceful and internationally respectable a record as Iran. And yet the largest terrorist nation in the world, the one that has broken every international convention and law since it became a nation, has the gall to propagandise against Iran, defining it as some sort of ‘threat’ to U.S and world security. To make the most grotesque and absurd of lies about this peaceful, law-abiding nation. And the world allows these lies. Like it allows ‘The Holocaust’ lies. Why? Because it is Zionist ‘Jews’ who control public opinion. Who control the media. The ‘Jew-diciary’. Who can literally print money to buy off anyone whose ‘vote’ they need. Anyone who has the influence they require is either bought off, or blackmailed to comply with the wishes of the Zionist ‘Jews’.

Syria and Iran have always been on the Zionist occupied neo-con ‘hit list’, as the last two of the ‘7 nations in 5 years plan’. So expect more ‘false flags’ and a ramping up of demonisation and propaganda. Just like the recent lies vomited by Trump in his official ‘justification’ of his war crimes against Syria. His murder of Syrians in the name of ‘national defence of the U.S’.

But back to you, at home in the U.S. And to our ‘for the profit of the Zionist ‘Jews’ prison system. Labor camps. Slave labor camps. Exactly as the ‘Jews’ describe in their Torah and Talmudic texts. Exactly as they proudly document in their own history of genocide, rape, and enslavement of the peoples of Palestine / Canaan, as explicitly recorded in the Torah / Old Testament for you to go and read right now.

The corporations who own and control the ‘for profit’ element of the U.S prison system are the same mass media corporations owned by the Zionist ‘Jews’, and used as part of their full spectrum propaganda war against anyone who dare resist the ‘chosen peoples’ ambitions to rule the world, and enslave all non-‘Jews’. You can verify this for yourself.

So today the Zionist ‘Jews’ complete the final stages of their occupation. They now have the same system of forced labor camps and ‘gulags’ they had in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R.

Solzhenitzyn bewailed that a few men could have prevented what happened in Russia, under the ‘Jews’, if only they have simply resisted. The men that came for them in the early hours of the morning, to take them to the camps could have been resisted by simple means. And yet no-one did. Everyone went along with them. No-one suspected the massive proportions the reign of terror would finally take. And so the ‘totalitarian tiptoe’, as David Icke expresses it so well, could move forward, baby step at a time, one prisoner at a time, one victim at a time, until the oppressors had total control. And the people were left wondering how they could have let such a small group of relatively powerless men assume total control of every aspect of the lives of the hundreds of millions of people in what became the ‘Jew.S.S.R’.

Today you can be picked up from your home, place of work, or off the street, and taken away to one of these secret ‘for profit’ labor camps. They already exist and are fully operational. Many of the largest and well known corporations in the U.S, such as Microsoft and Dell, have taken advantage of slave labor. Just like I.G Farben in Nazi Germany. Thanks to the ‘Patriot’ act, the most un-patriotic act of all time, anyone can be arrested with no warrant, no trial, and no actual charges, and taken to such a labor camp. Basically a concentration camp for
anyone who resists or opposes the new Zionist occupation of North America.

Why haven’t you heard of this before? The same Zionist ‘Jews’ who own the labor camps also own the mass media. And the policiticians. And the ‘Jew’-diciary.

Ask yourself why the most prosperous land in the world, with only 2% of the world’s population, has over 25% of the world’s prison population.

Are these people in prison for violent crimes? No. Most of the prisoners in the U.S prison system, including the ‘for profit’ sector of it, the ‘labor camps’, have been arrested for ‘victimless crimes’ such as possession of marijuana, minor shoplifting, or inabilbity to pay arbitrary fines imposed on them by non-elected administrative bodies, such as simple parking fines.

Already leaders of true ‘patriot’ groups, true ‘constitutionalists’, true ‘libertarians’ are being rounded up and imprisoned in the Zionists own private prisons. The U.S tax-payer is unwittingly subsidising these Zionist KZ’s, these new ‘Jewish’ Gulags. The U.S citizen is paying to have the people who are fighting, by peaceful and legal means, to protect THEIR rights and freedoms, locked up, indefinitely, and forced to do slave labor for their Zionist ‘Jewish’ masters.

Remember that things started on a small scale in Russia. Under the ‘Jewish’ ‘Communist’ Commissars. The ‘Jewish’ run secret police. The ‘Jewish’ run gulag system. The people didn’t fight back when they had the chance. And then soon an ‘iron curtain’ had fallen on them. The full impact of their Zionist ‘Jewish’ occupation was then felt. But by then it was too late.

It is still not too late to act. Using peaceful and legal means.

Anyone who seeks to manipulate you or your organisation to take up violent means is either dangerously ignorant and stupid, or working for the Zionist ‘Jews’. As FBI and CIA and MOSSAD agents. The ‘Jews’ WANT nothing more than for you to choose violent means. They can then use any
violence as an excuse to impose further restrictions, step by step, incrementally, in baby-steps, until, like the poor frog in the boiling pot (James Corbett [Jimmy C]’s analogy), you suddenly realise that you are living under effective martial law, in a military-police, Fascist state. Just like the ‘Jew’.S.S.R. Just like Palestine today. This is the ‘totalitarian tiptoe’ David Icke has been warning us about for decades, geniuses like Solzhenitsyn sadly bewail not having resisted when it was still possible to resist.

It is a propaganda war. We must win the info war. Wake people up. They cannot round up the entire population if it resists. They can only do it bit by bit. Hoping to scare the masses into submission by rounding up only the bravest and most obvious resistors.

In the past entire Zionist ‘Jewish’ populations have been ‘kicked out of’ nations and states. The people woke up in time. Today Germany is totally under the control of the occupational Zionist ‘Jewish’ forces. Like France. But there is a tiny chance that the U.S citizen, with his and her personal weapons, and history of resistance to tyranny, might succeed where the rest of the world has failed. But the window of opportunity is closing quickly. Soon it will be shut down. Fixed. Locked down.

At that point any real resistance will face an enormous cost in lives and property. It will be a choice between civil war, true French Revolution style revolt, and potentially endless slavery and servitude to the Zionist ‘Jew’ masters. The ‘occupational’ forces of the self-declared ‘chosen people’.

FEMA camps are the new Gulag. They exist. They are operating. Often in total secret, as part of the private ‘for profit’ Zionist ‘Jew’ owned and operated ‘prisons’. Sometimes out in the open. Just like in the ‘Jew’. S.S.R, their scale of operations is relatively small. The current facilities are ‘model’ operations which are testing and blueprinting their systems, until they are ready to be ‘rolled out’ on a massive scale. Just like in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R.

Please wake up. My books have been banned by Amazon, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Apple(?) and Barnes and Noble(?). So please email me for ‘free’ copies of my ‘Welcome to the New World Order’ series. Or search the web for links to where you can download them directly. Email me

And please please please keep your guns. Loaded. But do not let anyone trick you into thinking violent resistance, at this stage, can be effective. It is only a last ditch method. When all else has failed. When you have to decide between slavery and the high chance of death as a freedom fighter. But until that moment, do not trust the intelligence or good will (intentions) of anyone who seeks to have you commit acts of violence in the name of resistance. They are most likely agents of the FBI, CIA, or MOSSAD. They are trying to find an excuse to lock
you up in their forced labor camps. So do not even TALK about employing violence. You will know when the time for violence is upon you. As Ecclesiastes reminds us, there is a time to fight, but that time is not now. For once any real fighting begins, it will not end until all liberty loving, peace loving, freedom loving people have been disarmed, killed, or imprisoned, or the Zionist ‘Jewish’ Occupation has been kicked out. Possibly this time the people of the world will have no more patience with the ‘Jews’, and will not take the risk of them repeating history ever again. I really hope it does not ever have to come to that. But anyone who understands history, and today’s wars and crises, would surely ‘understand’ if the survivors of what is coming, calculate, without malice or prejudice, decide it necessary to go to that extreme.
The plans of the Zionist ‘Jews’ have never been secret. They proudly document their early unprovoked genocidal wars of aggression, their mass enslavement of peaceful peoples, as sex slaves, and workers, in their most ‘holy’ and ‘sacred’ texts. They carried out 911, and all the Middle Eastern wars since. This is proven fact. They ‘collectively’ have the blood of hundreds of millions of innocent people on their hands. If they persist in defining themselves collectively as ‘Jews’, and thus glamorizing and praising their own past as a ‘people’, as a ‘chosen people’, with a destiny to enslave all of humanity, and insisting on their existence as a ‘race’, and this race’s ‘racial supremacy’ and ‘destiny’, then the only solution is to root out this poison, this disease, at its source. To ban ‘Judaism’. And if the racial supremacist ideology and exceptionalism that defines the origin story and very basis of ‘Judaism’ proves impossible to extinguish and control, then the carrier of that virus, that plague, will need to be prevented from contaminating the general population. If that proves impossible, then the very carrier of that contagion will need to be destroyed, to ensure the freedom and liberty of all the people’s on this planet who chose freedom and liberty for all. Justice for all. Truth. Peace. And prosperity for all. Who reject all forms of racism. All forms of exceptionalism.


II. Conspiracy denial syndrome and controlled opposition

troonatnoor (47)

in chomsky • 2 years ago

Noam Chomsky was a camp counselor at the Zionist camp ‘MOSSAD’. The official motto of MOSSAD is ‘By deception we will wage war’. You can’t make that stuff up. Doesn’t bother me at all that he is ‘Jewish’. I love tonnes of self-defined ‘Jews’. I mean, what other ‘intellectuals’ are ever promoted in academia, get publishing deals, and are sponsored to do world tours by their CIA handlers? What non-Jewish people get university tenure at such a young age, and have their ‘rubbish’ published and taken seriously, well before they write anything worth reading? And then are guaranteed massive marketing exposure, public relations resources, and guaranteed ‘spots’ on prime time television. Of course ‘Jews’ own and control the mass media and publishing. So I’m hardly likely to ever hear from David Irving, and if I do, he’s going to be so demonised and undermined credibility-wise and character assassinated that I’m hardly going to ‘fall in love with’ David Irving. Am I? If David Irving said the things Chomsky gets to say, he’d be demonised and ridiculed and ‘dismissed’. He gets tortured in jail for years for speaking his mind. And we, the public, still are never actually told ‘what’ it was he ‘argued’. Just that he is some rabid insane hate monger we need to be protected from. So it is obvious I am bound to ‘fall in love with’ ‘Jewish’ intellectuals, as they are the only ‘intellectuals’ that I will ever get to read, listen to, and see. The only ‘intellectuals’ that are raised up and published. And so we are going to tend to raise them up on pedestals, as being ‘unique’ and ‘special’. As ‘special’ as these ‘chosen people’ feel among themselves. They have a sense of entitlement to ‘judge’ everyone else. To rule over everyone else. Actually to enslave everyone else. As ‘Gods’ chosen people. Of course stop for a moment to consider who WROTE the bible, and granted themselves this status!

Now any idealistic intellectual in love with the quest for truth and justice will tend to quickly develop a ‘yes-set’ upon stumbling into a typical Chomsky lecture, as he freely attacks the U.S.A as the worlds number one terrorist state and war criminal, and speaks out against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and its war crimes against the Palestinians. He appears as a true hero. In fact 90% of what he says is truth.

So how heartbroken we are to find our idols are made of wood and stone. The whole subject of ‘controlled opposition’ is a cautionary tale for true ‘skeptics’ about literally ‘idolising’ people like Chomsky, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, and all the other ‘heroic’ figures of the supposed ‘Alternative Media’. They are all false prophets. Operation Mockingbird ‘controlled opposition’.

It works like this. The CIA find a niche, a potential habitat for a genuine ‘alternative media personality’, then fill the niche with one of their own people. Sometimes the niche is very broad, like the one Alex Jones fills. He is big enough to fill out an entire niche. He was put in place very early on, to make it hard for any competition to find a ‘footing’. It is hard to compete with his professional set-up. Even though he began relatively low scale, it was still at a scale that few other people could afford. And he was quickly ‘picked up’ by the CIA from his ‘home studio days’ and provided with all the resources he required to ‘make it big’.

At the same time, to appeal to other demographic elements, the CIA also set up ‘The Young Turks’, as a more ‘slick’ operation, pretty much on the level of a typical commercial ‘conventional corporate media’ operation. People being paid well, with all the professional studio people to support them, all the latest gear, and most importantly marketing and promotional people to ensure they reached ‘their’ market, and made it really hard for any truly ‘independent’ alternative personalities like Jimmy C (James Corbett) or Kenneth O’keefe to gain a foothold, grab your attention, or compete in the ‘alternative media’ eco-system.

In other cases the niche Sometimes So there are ‘controlled opposition’ personalities within movements that other groups set up, and populated. To discredit the movements. To misdirect people already in the movement. Such as the 911 truther movement.

It is a form of ‘bait and switch’. Offer ‘truth’, but then at the last minute admit you’ve ‘sold out’ of the truth (literally), and offer an alternative product (lies).

The CIA formulated the ‘controlled opposition’ formally as ‘offer 90% truth, so audiences will then swallow the 10% lies’. It is these ‘lies’ which the controlled opposition media personality has been resourced and built up to ‘sell’. Like any con-man or card shark, they know that you’ve got to ‘lose’ first, to ‘reel in the suckers’, before you can ‘pull the fast one’, the ‘shakedown’. Like the pro pool hussler who will let their ‘make’ win a few games, win a few dollars, before upping the ante. Increasing the stakes. Then making the ‘kill’. Leaving the victim feeling like a fool. Not realising they’d been ‘played’ from the start.

So the CIA ‘feed’ their ‘controlled opposition’ with enough ‘valuable’ information to gain the trust and rapport of their audiences. A yes-set. You feel good watching Alex Jones or Noam Chomsky as these ‘good guys’ ‘reveal’ ‘secrets’ from their ‘sources’ and ‘research’. You ‘fall in love’ with them.

You are ‘generous’ with their ‘apparent failings’ as they strangely appear to ‘dismiss’ ideas you’d expected them to get behind. Like a lover’s tiff. You forgive and forget. You want to keep the warm safe feeling of the ‘yes set’. It is a very ‘agreeable’ feeling. Call it ‘agreeableness’. It’s rapport. It’s how ‘mirroring and leading’ works. How salespeople ‘overcome objections’. First agree with you. Mirror your emotions and body language, even your ‘representation system’. They adopt your mannerisms, your accent, your voice tone, even the speed of your breathing, not just how fast you speak. And then they start ‘leading’. And we tend to follow. It is human nature. It is NLP 101. How to influence people. How to ‘bring them around to your way of thinking’. To buy your product. Whether that product is a gadget or an idea.

You try not to notice as they ‘dodge’ questions, appearing to ‘avoid’ them completely. You make excuses for them. You don’t want to see your idols fallen. You don’t want to see the truth when it dawns on you. That you’d constructed an idol from wood. You’ve idealised them. Your Noam Chomsky, crusader for the underdog, has really been playing you. Gaining your trust. Building up ‘capital’ with you, that he can then go on to spend where it will hurt you most. Letting you have small ‘wins’, so you will lower your defences, and be defenceless when the attack comes. When the stakes are highest. When it really counts. He is going to ‘make you pay’.

The CIA know that sooner or later someone will start speaking the truth about Israel and Palestine, and all the U.S war crimes. So why not get your own guy in there first, to fill up that particular niche. Give your controlled asset all the ‘scoops’ he needs to make a huge impression with the public he is there to ‘entrance’ and ‘trick’. Give up some less valuable information, so that you can later use the trust this gets him, to protect much more valuable information.

Give him some ‘inside information’ about something harmless, so that later his ‘word is gold’ among his followers, and he can lead them astray, where it counts. Like 911. Like ‘man-made global climate change crisis’. Like JFK. Like ‘The Fed’. Like ‘The Holocaust’. Like ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘Miami nightclub shooting’, ‘San Bernadino Shooting’, ‘Nice’, Oklahoma city bombing, or ‘Operation Sinaide (U.S.S Liberty).

At the very moment your asset’s listeners and viewers need to be able to count on them most. At the most crucial moments. On the most crucial subjects and topics. THAT is when you spend all that capital you have painstakingly ‘earned’ over the years of little ‘leaks’.

Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have ‘revealed’ very little, considering the ‘hype’ they have attached to them, and the ‘credibility’ they have earned.

What you need to focus on is the 10% of things they do NOT speak about. The things they ‘dismiss out of hand’ as ‘tin foil hat conspiracy’ stuff. As ‘unworthy’ of YOUR consideration. The things they ‘mumble and stumble’ about, while never actually addressing.

I’ve provided a number of videos on my markus rehbach Youtube channel. And more indepth exposes in my books. I got up at 3.30 a.m because I couldn’t sleep, thinking about the new video I am editing showing some more typical ‘controlled opposition’ moves on the part of Noam Chomsky, which Jimmy C (James Corbett) brought to my attention. These repeat some of the ‘tells’ I have described in my own books and videos, while revealing new ones.

I am sitting here naked, shivering, in need of coffee, half asleep. But even half asleep I am more awake than 90% of the sheeple out there. But first to get dressed, and make some coffee. Then back to editing the material I got care of Jimmy C (James Corbett of The Corbett Report and Boiling Frogs Post and with Sibel Edmonds … no internet sorry, can’t remember the name ???)

So, dressed, got some coffee. If you saw how I lived, just to be able to be truly ‘independent’ you would probably think it was all faked props. Who’d live so cheaply and endure such poverty just to be free to research and publish the truth? To be dismissed, ignored, and mocked? Hey, I never said anyone had free will. Some of us are just fools. Keep in mind that after having spent days writing and editing, I will have to walk 10km through bitter cold to get to the library to use their internet to upload this. Yes I hear little violins playing just for me. But then hear the screams of all the victims of the ‘Jew’.S.A as the drones ‘strike’, as the embargoed food is taken from their mouths. Oh what a fucking shithole of a world we have let our ‘leaders’ create for us all. So I still feel privileged to be able to chose to make this sacrifice, while others have no choice but to suffer.

So back to my fallen heros. Yes I admit I fell in love with Noam Chomsky ‘at first reading’. And the infatuation never ceased. I considered him my ideal role model of an intellectual. It wasn’t until the last few years, when I researched 911, then ‘The Holocaust’, then man-made global climate change, and continued down the rabbit hole, that I began noticing that ‘10%’ of lies mixed in with the 90% truth. I saw the emperor was naked where it counted. Sure, they had a great jacket, boots, hats and all that. But they weren’t wearing any pants.

Noam Chomsky is a total Zionist Schill. Just watch as he ‘side-steps’ the question ‘Wouldn’t it be better if the government, the people, owned the Federal Reserve and operated it as a central bank themselves, without paying all the ‘middle men’?, by insisting that we need central banks, and that ‘The Fed’ is doing a great job and that ‘the U.S debt’ is not in any way a significant problem. Then watch him dismiss the JFK tin foil hat conspiracy, along with the 911 conspiracy theorists, without at all addressing any of the obvious problems with the ‘official’ stories. He simply insists you continue trusting him. He is ‘spending’ all the ‘capital’ he earned over the years by denouncing U.S and Israeli military agression, and simply expects you to ‘fall for it’. To turn a deaf ear as he mumbles and stumbles around the issues. Of course he is an academic, so he makes it sound a bit more credible, but he is simply doing exactly what Alex Jones and his Dis-info Whores do when a listener calls in and asks ‘Don’t Jews control hollywood, and the mass media?’ Or when someone raises the question of ‘thermite explosives’ proven to have been used during 911. Or the Israeli’s arrested after ‘documenting’ the WTC attacks, driving vans with pictures of planes flying into the WTC on them, or parking vans full of high explosives on bridges. Watch Chomsky dismiss, out of hand, as ‘silly’ and ‘unworthy of being dignified with responses’, the huge mass of factual evidence and exposed lies, in relation to JFK and 911.

Chomsky simply dismisses as laughable that anyone could consider him a ‘leftist gate keeper’. As if the idea is ludicrous. Not at all worthy of being dignified with any response at all. Nobody seems to realise he is not answering the question at all. Chomsky, as an eloquent academic, simply offers a slightly more verbose form of ‘dismissing out of hand’ the ‘10%’ of facts he is there to trick you into ‘overlooking’. Please watch the video I edited from James Corbett’s presentation and see if you notice the following.

..1 ‘The Fed:’supporter of Federal reserve ‘printing money’ … supported Bernanke…stated ‘debt/deficit is NOT a serious problem, even aslong term problem it is so remote as to be irrelevant, it’s not a deep structural problem…deficit declining, growth would eliminate it quickly i.e bring unused capacity into play…just a temporary, short-term problem…pushing for devalution of dollar and increased govt. spending …as self-professed ‘anarcho-syndacalist’…fed is sensible solution?…no better alternatives for such an ‘alternative’ intellectual?…Chomsky on JFK:extraordinarily implausible that high level govt. conspiracy existed…claimed he had never looked into / not interested in / nothing to say about ….evidence is so overwhelming, no questions of interpretation…elaborate theories re: policy changes due to his death don’t withstand rational inquiry…irrational to consider conspiracy theories…claims no reason to doubt official story…prima facie case…??? very suspicious lack of interest / dismissal of ‘theories’…claims mere hype that JFK planning to withdraw U.S from Vietnam…would effect no change to any U.S policies … rejects notion outright that official story anything but obvious fact…Operation Northwoods clearly stated planned to commit false flags as pretext for invasion Cuba…why would such a huge intellectual NEVER have heard about this, decades later, and still have zero skepticism / doubts …fired head of CIA, threatened to eliminate CIA, sacrificed life to stop direction of Jt. Chiefs of staff taking U.S, and of course dismantling ‘The Fed’ i.e executive order 11111111… 3. 911: whatever the hell that is re: nanothermite…I don’t know what that means, if it means anything re: base of 911…official reports ‘experts’ Vs internet readers…small scattering of one or two architects, scientists … obvious questions…why would they blame Saudi’s? why wouldn’t they blame Iraqi’s? that would make it an open and shut case…blaming closest ally? why? … are they lunatics?…diverts energy and effort from actually stopping war in Iraq…ridicules as ‘so brave’ for criticizing Bush online … ridicules people who define HIM as ‘left gate keepers’ (reference to people pretending to be critical but really gate keepers trying to stop the real criticism) … ridicules people who blame own problems on illegal immigrants… extremely unlikely, secrets hard to keep, would have leaked out, and firing squads brought out, who’d take such a chance on that? completely unpredictable what would happen e.g plane could have missed…uncontrollable …any hint of a plan would have leaked and destroyed the conspirators … belief that it could have been done has such low credibility…no reason to take seriously…elaborate conspiracy theories…diverting people from serious issues…extremely unlikely, and even if true then who cares? extremely insignificant ???…what would it matter (contradicting self i.e if it was true, and they got caught, would mean end of their lives, and republican party…so either was significant or wasn’t…which is it?)… MHR choice of Saudi’s as hijackers very interesting…can expect that after Iran and Syria and Iraq, U.S will suddenly ‘discover’ that Saudi’s ‘did it’, and use as excuse to attack Saudi’s (after rich have been evacuated and given special status in Paris etc)…911 allowed and unending ‘war on terror’ which is blank cheque compared to mere ‘war on Iraq’ i.e really war on Islam…demonisation of Islam…

What Chomsky, Alex Jones, et al are all doing is building up a rapport with you. A yes-set. Trust. As a form of ‘Capital’. They establish themselves as ‘authorities’ and ‘trustworthy’ and ‘independent’, so that you will let them get away with ‘crimes against logic, reason, and the evidence of your own senses’ when they are ‘activated’ by their puppet masters to misdirect, misinform, and deflect your attention away from the most critical questions and matters.

I explain why JFK, 911, and man-made global climate change (crisis) are such key elements of the New World Order operation, the operations of the Banksters, and the Zionists, in my books and videos. You really have to understand the importance of these issues. This is why the controlled opposition from Julian Assange to Alex Jones exist. Why the CIA is willing to invest so much on building trust, gaining your confidence. Like any ‘confidence trickster’ it is about investing and losing in the short term, to ensure a final ‘huge’ return on that investment.

Only when you understand what really happened, and why it was so important, will you appreciate why the CIA are willing to sacrifice some truth. Why they’ll let their controlled opposition speak the 90% relatively harmless truths. Only then will you understand what a great ‘investment’ that 90% is. The ‘yield’s of that investment are astronomical. They provided the ‘justification’ for the total theft of all YOUR rights and liberties, and almost all of your money and valuable assets. Oh, if you still think you have money and assets, then think again. You only have them as long as your new masters want you to imagine you still have them. Overnight all the numbers in front of the zeros in your bank account can be ‘dissappeared’. Just like any ‘human rights’ you imagine you have. Hey, just because they haven’t used all their new powers yet, doesn’t mean they won’t, in a flash. Just because they haven’t stolen ALL your money, all your pension, doesn’t mean they are planning on doing so. Just because you haven’t been locked up yet, doesn’t mean you can’t expect a knock on the door tomorrow at 2 a.m. They have all the power to do all these things at this very moment. And when they decide to use those powers, it will be too late for you to do anything to stop them.

If you are such a fool as to let Chomsky simply ‘laugh off’ and ‘dismiss out of hand’ the MOST important facts and ‘secrets’, then you are going to be screwed by him and his CIA backers / supporters / masters.

I noticed the ‘tells’ of ‘dismissing without at all dis-proving’ first in relation to ‘The Holocaust’. But I was led to an investigation of ‘The Holocaust’ by the revelations my originally indifferent ‘investigations’ into 911 brought. Hey, I came to this party very late. But my learning curve was steep. And once I realised there WAS a rabbit hole, I dove in. I’ve been working hard for over 3 years now. Full time. Trying to get to the end of the rabbit hole, and sharing everything I’ve learned with anyone who’ll read or listen or watch, as I go.

I do my best to make it possible for you ‘part-timers’ and ‘casuals’ to be able to get up to speed as fast as possible. So you can join me in the resistance and defiance of the minority that have enslaved us. And have much uglier plans for us than most of us could imagine. Only someone who had lived in Palestine, or survived the ‘Jew’.S.S.R could have an inkling of what is coming.

Remember, truth is kryptonite to the Zionist ‘Jews’. For the truth will set you free.

It still can. But time is running out. Soon the ‘truth’ will count for nothing. Storm-troopers don’t have time for ‘arguments’ or ‘facts’. Their job is to force you to submit. And if you won’t shut up and submit quietly, they will have zero patience with you. It isn’t in their job description. They probably envy everything you have, and feel entitled to ‘cut down the tall poppies’, just like the good old Marxists in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R. They will beat you into silence and submission, and then separate you from your family and friends, taking you to forced labor camps for re-education. And if you still insist on ‘arguing the facts’ they will march you out to the guillotines (if they consider your organs worth harvesting), or simply shoot you in the head.

Oh yes folks, all that fake Hollywood Nazi stuff you’ve seen in those Hollywood demonisation propaganda films about Nazi Germany will be made reality for you and your loved ones.

Hate me if you like. Kill the messenger. Demonise me for making you uncomfortable. For pulling down your idols of wood and stone. For pulling the veil from your eyes. For revealing that your ‘shepherd’ is only ‘concerned’ about your ‘welfare’ as an ‘owner’ is concerned about their ‘property’. Just concerned that you will survive and make it to the slaughterhouse, so they can make their money on you.

I have so much to share with you. So many options of better futures for you and your loved ones. I am bursting with information to share. Please make a little effort. I promise you it will be worth it.

The alternatives are so horrific. Just read the Old Testament for starters. Just remember that YOU are the Canaanites. And for those ‘Jews’ among you, remember that you are being used as much as us ‘Goys’, and in the final moment, you will be sacrificed by your Zionist ‘Jewish’ masters. 6 million of the Jews in Israel are soon to be ‘offered as a burned sacrifice of a sweet savor unto the Lord’ a.k.a the ‘Jew’ World Order. The ‘Jew’topia of the 144,000. Each of whome will have 2800 ‘Goy’ servants, pets, and sex slaves. You can do the math. The ‘excess’ billions will simply be ‘eliminated’.

One Reply to ““Jew S.A. “For Profit” Gulag (aka FEMA Camp/Prison)” & “Conspiracy Denial Syndrome and Controlled Opposition” (by Troonatnoor)”

  1. It’s difficult to know what is going to happen when you were not the one to plan the actions. Nonetheless, I appreciate the thoughts of Troonatnor.

    Here is something more recent, which looks to be a re-working of the initial CIA program rolled out nationwide in under Obama. The nice new words are so helpful in digesting what it is they are doing to us.
    It’s called “Authoritarian Political Warfare” or “Comprehensive Coercion”
    https://csbaonline.org/research/publications/countering-comprehensive-coercion-competitive-strategies-against-authoritar (see video at bottom of page, at 24:30)

    Interestingly, Dr. Alfred McCoy, U of Wisconsin-Madison Professor in East Asian Studies, says about the new “No Touch Torture”, that WORDS OF DEFINITION are critical in identifying hidden torture scars that leave no trace on the outside, and often no paper trail either. It’s all covered up or destroyed. How fascinating that WORDS OF DEFINITION are the key to both the Authoritarian Political Warfare and No Touch Torture.
    (WORDS OF DEFINITION at the 17:20 mark)

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