Colorado Gangstalking Boss: Kevin R. Klein; San Luis Valley Region Field Manager: David Osborn (and more details)

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Message from RL of (Dec. 31, 2019)

I would like to organize an effort to locate these people and tell their wives what they do.

Colorado is now our largest list of known gangstalkers.


Response from Colorado TI Hether (December 31, 2019):

I would bet you quite a bit of money that the wives already know what their husbands do.

We have sufficient proof that the gang stalking is (at least in part) is being conducted by contractors who hire ‘surveillance role players.’ They have begun to use other titles for the positions, as they know we are aware of this now. I have documented ads being placed all over the country hiring hundreds of these positions. Our estimates are now at least 10K and possibly 20K are across the country.

The ‘role playing’ is not an innocent 1-time training support role (e.g. someone pretending to be an activist during an exercise to help police train how to handle demonstrations). These positions require secret clearances. They are hiring ex-military and intelligence community people. The training (per the recruitment ads) typically occurs at FBI, Quantico, or military bases/sites.

The organizational structure of this network includes supervisors and coordinators, who supervise/coordinate 300-400 or so of these ‘role players’ (per the ads). The higher level coordinator and supervisor positions are often FT with benefits. I have even seen recruitment ads for specialized positions, like doctors, teachers, scientists, etc.

This is clearly creating a stasi-style domestic spying network. You can go on to LinkedIn and even find these contractor companies, and the people working for them (typically small security/intel companies) using these titles openly as a career field. They often work for more than 1 company doing this (like any contractor might put themselves out there for several contract jobs since often PT work).

I think they use the titles on their online ‘resumes’ so other companies and the network understands what they have done and it indicates their complicity. I suppose it is possible they believe they are ‘training’ people for the intel community (maybe at first as that is what the ads claim), but surely after doing a few jobs they realize this is not really ‘training’ intel people but spying on innocent citizens at best and harassing innocent people in many cases.

What we need are people with clearances willing to take these jobs and then whistle blow on the system and what is going on openly in hearings and to the media. We need a ‘mass exodus’ of people involved that come forwards. The issue is that this is their livelihood – putting food on the table for them !!

Perhaps since obviously the main reward is financial we could find a way to offer them something in exchange for coming forward (either via non-profit fundraising or perhaps we could enact laws city or statewide that would offer some type of compensation/reward). If enough of them come forward there is safety in numbers for them. We just need another job for them to do that is not so detrimental in nature !!

These are military people who likely have PTSD and other trauma/emotional things going on. We need to find a useful way to incorporate them back into society (just not in this manner obviously !!)

In the meantime, we need to spy on them right back. Follow them home, take pictures of their houses, get their license plate numbers, record their addresses, run background checks, follow them to work (do nothing illegal and always have a reason for being wherever found or for taking photos – pretty sunset, looking to purchase house nearby, etc…)

We also need to pass better laws that make it very clear that this cannot be done, even in the name of ‘homeland security’ and that there will be a severe penalty (even jail time) for those who participate – down to the very bottom level – not just against the higher levels, and up to the higher intel level within the federal agencies and military. By acting against a peaceful population, these acts should be considered treason and a felony.

We should file injunctions against the companies conducting such work (‘restraining orders’ so to speak, but for an entire city, town, or state) – until we can get better federal protections in place.

Current laws make it very hard to go after someone unless there is physical harm (e.g. domestic abuse, beating someone up). Since these people are just doing stupid things primarily, and causing psychological distress, it is hard to get a judge to grant a restraining order. Plus the people doing it are switched out regularly (if each supervisor has 300-400 or so people, they can keep them coming and move them from target to target each day). Eventually, though, even 300 people would begin to show up again and again at an event targeting different people.

We should create a database of whose these people are, where they are located, etc. Track and spy on them as much as they do to us. A ‘counter’ spy network of sorts. Anyone living across from them can put up cameras towards their homes to see when they come and go and what they do.

I personally have found it easy enough to ignore these people, who in my case primarily just ‘watch’ from a nearby house and don’t interfere in my activities (do weird things in windows with lights on and put cameras towards my homes). My concern has been the electronic weapons which cause physical harm, but I do understand the stalking creates much distress for others and as this is all tied together we must go after the entire system as a whole.

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  1. Hello, I’m a TI living in New York City and would like to know other tis living here, in New York as well. I have been a TI for many, many, but I haven’t meet an other targeted citizen yet.

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