¨Gang Stalking¨ = CIA-DoD-U.S. Government ¨Counterinsurgency¨ Espionage Operation: Notes From Prouty´s ¨The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World¨ (1973)

Compiled by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor, Department of Geography, California State University

I. Abstract

In this post, I transcribe segments of L. Fletcher Prouty´s book, ¨The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World¨ that seem to bear directly upon the issue of ¨gang stalking.¨ Information in this post suggests a startling and yet surprisingly simple and obvious conclusion:

¨Gang stalking¨ is a clandestine CIA operation. It is the modern version of innumerable ¨counterinsurgency¨ and ¨peacetime¨ special operations that the CIA and DoD have conducted worldwide for over half a century! The fact that this ¨pacification¨ program is now being applied to the American and world public suggests that the U.S. Government and its ¨handlers¨ (the CIA ¨Secret Team¨ and the ¨High Cabal¨ which it serves) are waging covert, low-intensity war against the people of America and the world. Wake up, y´all?

II. ETK Introduction and Conclusions

We Americans are some of the most naïve, ignorant, and duped people on the face of the earth, due in large part to the propaganda and disinformation we have been fed as ¨news¨ for generations. Most Americans today, including members of the health, mental health, and law enforcement professions, deny the reported experiences of ¨Targeted Individuals¨ (TIs), that relatively small percentage (0.1 to 1%?) of the populace whose lives are deliberately ruined in a massive covert, counterinsurgency war-espionage operation that involves most sectors of society. And yet in reading Fletcher Prouty´s ¨The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the United State and the World,¨ we learn that American intelligence and military forces have been engaged in just these kinds of clandestine -¨counterinsurgency¨ war operations since the 1960s! We learn that under CIA direction, the U.S. Government has deployed and is deploying these ¨peacetime operations¨ in innumerable ¨counterinsurgency list¨ countries throughout the world, including America! Today, ¨counterinsurgency list¨ nations include nearly all the nations of the world. Likewise, real and potential TIs, those individuals and groups secretly placed on various ¨terrorist watch lists¨ and systematically targeted and assaulted in clandestine ¨counterinsurgency¨ (aka ¨counterterror¨) operations may include anyone on the face of the earth.

In ¨The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World¨ (2017), Valentine explains how this dynamic works. Through ¨influence mapping¨ techniques, the CIA identifies intellectuals, teachers, artists, social workers, and other members of a civilian population capable of mobilizing public opinion in ways that might threaten the effectiveness of CIA covert operations designed to destabilize and ¨divide and conquer¨ those societies. These individuals are labeled as ¨insurgents¨ or ¨potential threats¨ and placed on ¨enemies lists¨ which are then passed on to the military, local police, and other sectors of society (the ¨interagency¨). The military and/or ¨interagency¨ then attacks these ¨insurgents¨, ¨subversives,¨ ¨potential terrorist threats,¨ ¨non-combatants,¨ etc., in ¨counterinsurgency operations¨ utilizing special forces, military ¨death squads,¨ and/or other clandestine operatives.

If this sounds like an accurate description of the global operations we commonly refer to as ¨gang stalking,¨ that´s because it is. Indeed, current gang stalking operations, which I am here dubbing GOG´S OP, for ¨Global Organized Gang Stalking: Operation Phoenix,¨ are virtually identical to the ¨counterinsurgency¨ operations that the CIA has been conducting against domestic populations throughout the world for six or seven decades! Indeed, research compiled on this website, and in various books (Thomas, 2011; Rich, 2011; Valentine, 2017, 1990; Prouty, 1972) suggests that gang stalking operations today constitute a ¨globalized¨ version of the CIA´s Phoenix Program, which was originally deployed against Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War in the 1960´s and 1970´s. Today, under GOG´S OP, the American population is now being ¨pacified¨ in much the same manner as the civilian Vietnamese population was ¨pacified¨ during the Vietnam War. The primary difference between these earlier programs and GOG´S OP is that the modern program involves the widespread application of electronic/psychotronic weapons. The implications of this are sobering: If indeed the American and the world populations are being ¨pacified¨ under a global Phoenix Program, the U.S. Government and/or those who control it, are waging covert war against its own citizenry and all the world´s citizens.

Thus today, we find ourselves in a situation wherein even as the majority of the population denies that these kinds of operations exist and are prone to assert that the TIs who complain about their targeting are insane, these same kinds of operations have actually been ongoing throughout the world for well over half a century! Can we imagine a more insane scenario?! For those with eyes that can see, our present situation is much like watching the 23rd re-run of a Grade B King Kong movie….. ¨King Kong, version 23.¨

Thus, today, even as the majority of the population studiously maintains the ostrich posture, victims of this system, the ¨targeted individuals¨ (TIs), are increasingly enmeshed in a maze of lies (aka ¨cover stories¨), spies, and hostile ¨set-ups.¨ Each of these ¨set-ups,¨ it turns out, is a clandestine operation! And the perpetrators may include the neighbors, friends, and even family of the TIs. Meanwhile, the TIs are never informed that they are the designated enemy and target of one of the largest military-civilian-intelligence operations in history. They are not informed that the CIA, DoD, and their private affiliates have applied similar civilian-military counterinsurgency (clandestine) operations against ¨subversive insurgents¨ in innumerable nations, including America, over the past seven decades as a means of destabilizing, ¨pacifying,¨ colonizing, and conquering those nations. They do, however, usually understand that their lives are being deliberately destroyed by others and that elected authorities and local police offer them little or no help whatsoever.

The sheer number of innocent civilians in America and worldwide whose lives have been or are now being destroyed and/or terminated via these ¨Peacetime Operations¨ may be impossible to calculate… but based on the impact of similar CIA operations, it is probably many millions. (John Stockwell, the highest CIA officer to ever go public, estimated that secret wars of the CIA subsequent to World War II had killed over 6 million people in Third World nations.)

I have coined several terms in hopes of finding more accurate descriptors than ¨organized gang stalking.¨ These include: 1) GOG´S OP (Global Organized Gang Stalking Operation Phoenix), 2) GOG´S NeW GESTAPO (Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro Warfare Group´s Electronic Slavery, Torture, and PsyOp Operations), and 3) USS MSCUM (United States-Sponsored Mercenary Stalking Cells Undercover Murder).

In order to shed new light on this covert and yet ubiquitous crime, we here explore the world of clandestine operations and ¨counterinsurgency war doctrine.¨ Our tour guide is Fletcher Prouty, former colonel in the United States Air Force, who, as liaison officer, coordinated operations between the military and the CIA from 1955 and 1963. Thus, Prouty is one of the world´s experts on clandestine operations and, perhaps, the ultimate insider. Prouty´s 1973 book, ¨The Secret Team; The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World,¨ sheds much light on the criminal,
clandestine operations of the CIA, in general, and on the workings and impacts of its ¨counterinsurgency doctrine,¨ in particular.

Whether or not Prouty intended to, he has spelled out many of the features of the global covert espionage operation commonly referred to as ¨organized gang stalking.¨ In the early 1960s, the CIA pioneered the development of civilian-military operations; the training of local police forces, and the coordination of ¨interagency¨ operations that involve the military, diplomatic, and other sectors of society. The top-secret CIA MKULTRA programs that began in the early 1950s led to the development and refinement of numerous chemical, biological and electronic means of mind control, PsyOp, and torture. All of these are features in the global organized stalking operations today.

Prouty notes that the depredations of the Secret Team (ST) are only possible because the U.S. Government, in violation of international law, has long denied the sovereignty of the nations they attack and subvert. Similarly, global gang stalking operations (GOG´S OP, Global Organized Gang Stalking Operation Phoenix) are made possible by the U.S. Government´s denial of the Constitutional rights of American citizens. In this manner, the entire system is profoundly criminal, Unconstitutional, and immoral. But so many people and institutions are involved in this criminal system, that the blame is safely diffused amongst countless ¨perpetrators.¨ Nonetheless, deployment of these domestic ¨counterinsurgency operations¨ may presage the further destabilization, colonization, and even destruction of the United States.

Many earlier posts on this and my 911nwo.com websites describe the activities of the CIA. Victor Marchetti´s book refers to the CIA as a ¨Cult of Intelligence;¨ Walter Bowart´s book, ¨Operation Mind Control,¨ refers to the CIA as the controlling ¨cryptocracy¨ (¨rule by secrecy¨). We know from this research also that the CIA´s forerunner, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was trained by British Intelligence and that the massive Nazi-Gehlen spy Organization was grafted into the fledgling CIA organism shortly after the end of World War II. Based on the investigative research of the Church Senate Committee hearings in the mid-1970s, we also know that since its inception in 1947, the CIA has covertly run tens of thousands of illegal covert operations in the United States and abroad.

Thus, the realization that ¨gang stalking¨ is basically a CIA-coordinated, covert operation should not come as a complete surprise.
Prouty neglects to mention many of the most nefarious CIA operations, including MKULTRA (mind control) and MHCHAOS (spying on American citizens) and others of which we are now aware. However, his book spells out the destructive consequences of covert CIA operations in America and throughout the world. Again, this information and these insights come from the ¨horse´s mouth¨ so to speak. Prouty was actually present at the inception of these operations and he personally watched these events unfold and shape and infect the American body politic and world events.

Today, it is incontrovertible that ¨anti-terrorism¨ and the ¨Global War on Terror¨ have replaced ¨anti-Communism¨ as the universal justification for nearly all overt and covert wars and special operations throughout the world. The words ¨counterinsurgency,¨ ¨anti-Communist,¨ ¨counterterrorism¨ are basically synonymous. All are false labels that mask the reality of clandestine operations carried out by the CIA and U.S. Special Forces. Likewise, there is no difference between terrorism and counterterrorism. Thus, when the U.S. Government claims it is conducting a ¨War on Terrorism,¨ it is actually carrying out terrorism as form of warfare against its foreign and domestic enemies. (¨Terrorism¨ is defined as the use of violence to obtain a political objective. It is more or less synonymous with ¨low-intensity conflict.¨) In this manner, we have long been deceived by deliberate Orwellian obfuscations of language.

In like manner, it appears incontrovertible, at least to this author, that that the program we refer to as ¨gang stalking¨ is actually one of the largest and most comprehensive of these ¨counterinsurgency¨ (read: clandestine terror) operations. These operations now target individuals and groups anywhere and everywhere on the planet. They comprise a significant part of the ¨New World War¨ described by Rich (2011) in which nations, corporations, individuals, and other groups now have the capability to utilize this covert system to target individuals and groups anywhere. Thus, we, the people, are the new enemy in this new ¨4th Generation¨/¨Irregular¨ type of warfare.

Insights from Prouty´s book may offer some hope for TIs. Prouty notes that the Cold War was a ¨war of attrition.¨ So too, apparently, are the global gang stalking operations (GOG´S OP or Global Organized Gang Stalking: Operation Phoenix) and the phony ¨War on Terrorism.¨ The CIA and its ¨interagency¨ allies certainly appear to hold all the cards at present and would therefore be expected to ¨outlast¨ all the TIs they are now targeting. However, as Prouty notes, the amoral, ruthless, and senseless CIA ¨matrix¨ is reactive; it responds to pressure. This insensate ¨machine¨ can be activated and re-directed by a multiplicity of factors.

What pressures can we bring to bear that might halt these activities? Class action lawsuits against perpetrators, government agencies, covert operators, corporations, and university research teams conducting mind control monitoring of TIs? FOIA discovery and publication of official documents that reveal the criminal culpability of government agencies and private corporations? Public education and public exposure of the systems´ crimes? Millions of letters of protest sent to the President, Congress, the CIA/FBI/NSA/DHS and affiliated private corporations? A march on Washington, state capitals, the Pentagon, CIA headquarters in Langley, VA, and state and local DHS fusion centers? A series of books and skillfully produced documentaries and movies that expose the gang stalking system? Thousands of privately sponsored websites that document these unconstitutional activities? All of the above are necessary.

However, the present preoccupation of many TIs to voice complaints about their symptoms probably is not terribly helpful. Rather, these complaints may simply feed the perception (intended) that the TIs are delusional.

Skillfull application of pressure may be the key here. TIs, in particular, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making these kinds of efforts. It certainly appears that we have been covertly designated as ¨enemy non-combatants¨ by perhaps the most monstrous system and most cowardly individuals on the planet. Regretfully but realistically, let us accept the adversarial role that has been thrust upon us and use it skillfully to our own advantage.

An insight from Valentine (2017) may also be useful here. According to Valentine, every CIA covert action must meet two requirements: 1) There must be plausible deniability, and 2) All actions must result in acquisition of new information/intelligence. In my experience, I have noticed that, in like manner, all of the set-ups (aka ¨psy-acts¨ and ¨psy-attacks¨) I have witnessed and experienced also meet these two requirements. Regarding ¨plausible deniability;¨ when confronted, ¨perps¨ always have a ¨cover story¨ which they can use when needed. Regarding the requirement of obtaining new information, the perps and their handlers are continuously watching and monitoring every action and reaction of TIs in order to refine their protocols to make them more effective. The fact that these criteria always appear to be met in ¨gang stalking¨ operations is another indication that gang stalking itself is basically a CIA covert operation. Each of the ¨psy-attack¨ set-ups can be regarded as a mini-clandestine operation. This insight in itself may help provide strategies for defensive and offensive countermeasures by creative and tactically-minded TIs!

Significantly, Prouty also notes that under the aegis of Secret Team (CIA) operations, the U.S. Government has lost nearly every confrontation since World War II! Perhaps this is the CIA´s Achilles heel. Americans must surely be sick and tired of losing every contrived war and being played for fools. Perhaps if we expose the CIA as the Frankenstein´s monster that it is; expose the ¨High Cabal¨ they serve as the Judeo-Masonic-Satanists and ¨Zionazis¨ that they are, and expose the horrendous consequences of their criminal syndicalist operations, the American people may shut down these operations. Indeed, if and when Americans understand that the so-called ¨peacetime operations¨/¨War on Terror¨/¨low intensity conflict¨/GOG´S OP being waged in America and throughout the world are merely the continuance of innumerable ¨counterinsurgency¨ (clandestine) wars waged against Third World nations over the past seven decades by the CIA, the American people may finally dismantle the criminal syndicate that perpetrates and benefits from these activities. Then their deadly, clandestine, ¨fun and games¨ operations against innocent civilians in America and throughout the world would cease.

As consolation, we can note that similar repressive, authoritarian governments such as the Soviet Union and the Communist East Germany eventually collapsed under the weight of their own evil and corruption. This fate may also overtake the United States under CIA/Judeo-Masonic-Satanist/Zionazi/British Israel rule. In the interim, my advice to TIs is this: Never give up and never give in to this Satanic system.
Prouty concludes: ¨The ST (Secret Team) must be exposed, bared, and silenced. Then a new and better way of life must be created.¨
I agree. If our nation and citizenry are to be preserved and safeguarded, the criminal CIA-Unelected ¨High Cabal¨-¨Shadow Government¨ system (syndicate) must be dismantled and destroyed. President Kennedy came to this conclusion as well. But before he could ¨break the CIA into a thousand pieces,¨ as he intended, members of the CIA Secret Team coordinated the coup d´etat in which he was assassinated. The assassination of Kennedy, Operation 9/11, the phony ¨War on Terrorism,¨ the innumerable post-World War II ¨Secret Wars of the CIA,¨ the many current wars in the Middle East that benefit ¨Greater Israel,¨ and global gang stalking operations (¨GOG´S OP):¨ These and a host of other CIA crimes against humanity cry out for justice and retribution. If Americans would just turn off their TVs and put down their i-phones long enough to read Prouty´s ¨The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World¨(1973) and Valentine´s ¨The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World¨….. this criminal system might be defeated!!

III. From the 1972 Preface to ¨The Secret Team¨ by Fletcher Prouty

….. I am interested in setting forth and explaining what ¨secrecy¨ and the ¨cult of containment¨ really mean and what they have done to our way of life and to our country. Furthermore, I want to correct any disinformation that may have been given by those who have tried to write on these subjects in other related histories.

I have lived this type of work; I know what happened and how it happened. I have known countless men who participated in one way or another in these unusual events of Twentieth Century history. Many of these men have been and still are members of the Secret Team. It also explains why much of it has been pure propaganda and close to nationwide ¨brainwashing¨ of the American public.

… The man who has not lived in the secrecy and intelligence environment – really lived in it and fully experienced it- cannot write accurately about it. There is no substitute for the day to day living of a life in whiche he tells his best friends and acquaintances, his family and his everyday contacts one story while he lives another. The man who must depend upon research and investigation inevitably falls victim to the many pitfalls of the secret world and of the ¨cover story¨ world with its lies and counter-lies.

… To look at this matter in another way, the man who has lived and experienced this unnatural existence becomes even more a victim of its unreality. He becomes enmeshed beyond all control upon the horns of a cruel dilemma. On the one hand, his whole working life has been dedicated to the cause of secrecy and to its protection by means of cover stories (lies). In this pursuit he has given of himself time after time to pledges, briefings, oaths, and deep personal conviction regarding the significance of that work. Even if he would talk and write, his life has been so interwoven into the fabric of the real and the unreal, the actual and the cover story, that he would be least likely to present the absolutely correct data.

On the one hand, as a professional he would have been subjected to such cellularization and compartmentalization each time he became involved in any real ¨deep¨ operation that he would not have known the whole story anyhow. This compartmentalization is very real. I have worked on projects with many CIA men so unaware of the entire operation that they had no realization and awareness of the roles of other CIA men working on the same project.

…. There is another category of writer and self-proclaimed authority on the subjects of secrecy, intelligence, and containment. This man is the suave, professional parasite who gains a reputation as a real reporter by disseminating the scraps and ¨Golden Apples¨ thrown to him by the great men who use him. This writer seldom knows and rarely cares that many of the scraps from which he draws his material have been planted, and that they are controlled leaks, and that he is being used, and glorified as he is being used, by the inside secret intelligence community.

Lastly, there is the writer from outside this country who has gained his inside information from sources in another country. These sources are not doubt reliable; they know exactly what has taken place – as in Guatemala during the Bay of Pigs era—and they can speak with some freedom. In other cases, the best of these sources have been from behind the Iron Curtain.

In every case, the chance for complete information is very small, and the hope that in time researchers, students, and historians will be able to ferret out truth from untruth, real from unreal, and story from cover story is at best a very slim one. Certainly, history teaches us that one truth will add to and enhance another; but let us not forget that one lie added to another lie will demolish everything.

Consider the past half century. How many major events – really major events – have there been that simply do not ring true? How many times has the entire world been shaken by alarms of major significance, only to find that the events either did not happen at all, or if they did, that they had happened in a manner quite unlike the original story? The war in Vietnam is undoubtedly the best example of this. Why is it that after more than thirty years of clandestine and overt involvement in Indochina, no one had been able to make a logical case for what we had been doing there and to explain adequately why we had become involved; and what our real and valid objectives in that part of the world were?

The mystery behind all of this lies in the area we know as ¨Clandestine activity,¨ ¨intelligence operations,¨ ¨secrecy,¨ and ¨cover stories,¨ used on a national and international scale. It is the object of this book to bring reality and understanding into this vast unknown area.

IV. From the Preface: The Secret Team II (1997) by L. Fletcher Prouty

(ETK note: In the 1973 version of ¨The Secret Team,¨ Prouty notes that towards the close of World War II the political and military elite of the United States had already decided to covertly dedicate themselves to ushering in a ¨One World¨ government. Since realization of this goal would involve the overthrow of the U.S. government, of course, the idea then, as now, was treasonous).

¨Like it or not, we now live in the age of ¨One World.¨ This is the age of global companies, of global communications and transport, of global food supply and finance and… just around the corner…. Global accommodation of political systems.

… It is time to face the fact that true national sovereignty no longer exists. We live in a world of big business, big lawyers, big bankers, even bigger money-men and big politicians. It is the world of ¨The Secret Team¨ and its masters…. The Secret Team (ST) is the functional element of the dominant power. It is the point of the spear and is neither military nor police. It is covert: and the best (or worst) of both. It gets the job done whether it has political authorization and direction, or not. In this capacity, it acts independently. It is lawless. It operates everywhere with the best of all supporting facilities from special weaponry and advanced communications, with the assurance that its members will never be prosecuted. It is subservient to the Power Elite and protected by them. The Power Elite or High Cabal need not be Royalty in these days. They are their equals or better.

… The CIA´s most important ¨Cover Story¨ is that of an ¨intelligence¨ agency. Of course, the CIA does make use of ¨intelligence¨ and its assumed role of ¨intelligence gathering,¨ but that is largely a front for its primary interest, ¨Fun and Games¨….. as the ¨Old Boys¨ or ¨Jedburghs¨ of the WWII period Office of Strategic Services (OSS) called it.

…. The CIA is at the center of a vast, and amorphous mechanism that specializes in Covert Operations…. Or as Allen Dulles always called, ¨Peacetime Operations.¨ In this sense, the CIA is the willing tool of a higher level High Cabal, that may include representatives and highly skilled agents of the CIA and other instrumentalities of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and, almost always, foreign participation.

It must be made clear that at the heart of Covert Operations is the denial by the ¨operator,¨ i.e., the U.S. Government, of the existence of national sovereignty. The covert operator can, and does, make the world his playground… including the U.S.A.

Today, in the mid-1990s, the most important events of this century are taking place with the ending of the ¨Cold War¨ era and the beginning of the new age of ¨One World¨ under the control of business and their lawyers, rather than under the threat of military power and ideological differences. This scenario for change has been brought about by a series of Secret Team (ST) operations skillfully orchestrated while the contrived hostilities of the Cold War were at their zenith.

The Cold War was the most expensive war in history. R. Buckminster Fuller wrote in ¨Grunch of Giants:¨
¨We can properly call World War I the million dollar war and World War II the billion dollar war and World War III (Cold War) the trillion dollar war.¨
The power structure that kept the Cold War at that level of cost and intensity had been spearheaded by the Secret Team and its multinational covert operations, to wit:

¨This is the fundamental game of the Secret Team. They have this power because they control secrecy and secret intelligence and because they have the ability to take advantage of the most modern communications system in the world, of global transportation systems, of quantities of weapons of all kinds, and when needed, the full support of a world-wide U.S. military supporting base structure. They can use the finest intelligence system in the world, and most importantly, they have been able to operate under the canopy of an assumed, ever-present enemy called ¨Communism.¨ It will be interesting to see what ¨enemy¨ develops in the years ahead. It appears that ¨UFOs and Aliens¨ are being primed to fulfill that role for the future.

(ETK note: Obviously, ¨terrorism¨ is the ever-present enemy today.) To top all of this, there is the fact that the CIA, itself, has assumed the right to generate and direct secret operations.¨

V. From ¨The Secret Team¨ by L. Fletcher Prouty

¨Five Presidents (ETK note: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon) have been responsible for and have learned to live with the CIA. Five Presidents at one time or another, under varying conditions and events, have all suffered from this relationship. … President Nixon has come as close as any of them to putting into words the soul-rending, brutal reality of the impact of the power and of the burden that this covert force places upon the mantle of government, when he said: ¨You can´t have a driving dream when you are in the midst of a nightmare.¨ Like a terrible, haunting, terrorizing nightmare, the sinister machine pervades every aspect of the government today- and affects all of us, our way of life, and the welfare of the entire world.

…. A parade of Secretaries of State have seen their power and influence dwindle and be eclipsed almost to extinction by the CIA. Even the Secretary of Defense, who in 1947 was charged with the responsibility for direction of the unified military force of this country, has witnessed the diversion of those forces from their traditional peace time role and their subjugation to the requirements of the special operations activities of the CIA.

… It is not just one finite team of individuals. It is a matrix that changes with the gestation of each new operation. It is a sinister device of opportunity and contrivance. What does exist is the mechanism. What exists is the automatic system, much like a nervous system or an electrical system. (Or) like an a giant electronic data processing machine… which has its own power to grow, to reproduce, and to become more insidiously effective and efficient as it operates.

It is a great intra-governmental infrastructure that is fed by inputs from all sources. It can be driven by the faceless, lobbying pressure of a helicopter manufacturer, or of a giant Cam Ranh Bay general contractor. It can be accelerated by the many small pushes of hundreds of thousands of career military personnel- uniformed and civilian – who see higher rank and higher retirement pay as a goal worth seeking. It can be suddenly activated by almost any ¨counterinsurgency¨ area or similar ¨hot button¨ initiator.

This great machine has been constructed by such able men as ¨Wild Bill¨ Donovan, Clark Clifford, Walter Beedle Smith, Allen Dulles, Maxwell Taylor, McGeorge Bundy, and many others, who have guided and molded it into the runaway giant it is today. It is big business, big government, big money, big pressure, and headless – all operating in self-centered, utterly self-serving security and secrecy. As C.P. Snow has said, ¨The euphoria of secrecy goes to the head.¨ And as Allen Dulles has said, perhaps in a slightly different context, this is really the craft of intelligence.

For all its fabrication and apparent unreality, especially in this open society, the ST machine does have a central soul or brain… or perhaps… holy spirit. It is the evidence of a form of new religion. It has its secrets. It has its divine and unquestioned rights and obligations. It has self-righteous power over life and death. It does not believe in anything. It does not value anything. It is utterly ruthless. Its greatest motivating force and drive is entirely undefined, because it moves by pressure. It reacts. It is therefore blind, meaningless, senseless. It will do anything in the name of anti-Communism. Yet in its greatest anti-Communist war it sees no inconsistency in the killing of one of its most anti-Communist
creations – Ngo Dinh Diem…

As Kennedy saw, as Johnson may have seen, as Nixon´s ¨nightmare¨ may suggest, there is but one way to control this massive ST structure. It must be uncovered. It must be made known. It must be exposed to the light. And then it must be told No. To be effective, this means that Congress must cut its money off, not only at the central source, but at all the hidden nerve centers.

Before it is too late, we Americans must realize that this great cancer exists. We must expose it for pro-American reasons; not as a work of anti-Communism. We have been subjected to so many anti-American and pro-Communist notions all in the name of anti-Communism, that words and facts almost elude us. We must look at all actions – political, social, governmental, and international – in terms of their being pro-American. There is such a world of difference between a truly pro-American positive action and an anti-Communist passive, or reactive, operation.

It is not pro-American to pay barbaric tribute before the shrine of anti-Communism in Southeast Asia by sacrificing fifty-five thousand young men there. (ETK note: Prouty here, like most Americans of that era, seems to place little or no importance on the 2 to 3 million Southeast Asians were killed in this war of aggression.) Neither is it pro-American to pay tribute in the amount of hundreds of billions of dollars before false altars of savagery there. There may be some argument, some slight argument, about such central effort being anti-Communist. We have been so brainwashed about the meaning of anti-Communism for twenty-five years that we may have forgotten what it really means…. The fact is that what had been going on in Indochina is not pro-American, and that is what matters the most.

Thus the ST (Secret Team) must be exposed, bared, and silenced. Then a new and better way of life must be created. We must end the philosophy of Defense. The alternative is not simply Offense, either. The real alternative is the requirement for a sensible strategic concept to meet American needs, not to counter imagined and suspected Communist threats. We must end the policy of ¨Re-action¨ in favor of planned action and positive diplomacy. We must end the exploitation of secret intelligence by clandestine operations.

The first twenty five years of the CIA have given solid evidence of how important the ideas of those legislators in 1947 were. The CIA should be, must be, the ¨quiet intelligence arm of the President.¨ Not this nightmare. The CIA should be limited to the function of intelligence- and not a bit more.

A. British Fingerprints; Early Moves to Subvert the U.S. Constitution

In a very prescient paragraph, (Harry Howe) Ransom (author of ¨Central Intelligence and National Security¨) shows how important this grasp for power by an inner secret team was becoming as far back as 1952. Even as the NSC (National Security Committee) was getting started, a struggle for control of that body was under way; and the control was to be elected by gradually making that advisory committee into an operating power center. Ransom´s comment is worth repeating here:

¨Early in the NSC´s life, according to President Truman, ¨one or two of the its members tried to change it into an operating super-cabinet on the British model.¨ Truman identifies the members as his first two Secretaries of Defense, James Forrestal and Louis Johnson, who would sometimes, Truman recounts, put pressures on NSC´s executive secretary to use NSC authority to see that various governmental agencies were following NSC policy. The executive secretary declined to do this, on the ground that his was an advisory staff rather than an executing ¨line ¨function. Truman fought to keep the subordinate nature of NSC clear to all, emphasizing that Congress had in fact changed the title of NSC ¨Director¨ to ¨Executive Secretary.¨ Forrestal had, Truman notes, advocated using the British cabinet system as a model for the operation of postwar American government. To change this system, wrote Truman, ¨we would have to change the Constitution, and I think we have been doing very well under our Constitution.¨

B. Counterinsurgency Doctrine and Special Forces Doctrine = Today´s Counterterrorism Doctrine

… (When he signed the National Security Act of 1947), President Truman planned for the CIA to be the ¨quiet intelligence arm of the President.¨ He and those of his Administration never intended that it become an autonomous operational agency in the clandestine field.
(President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert Kennedy (Attorney General) ¨did not realize that… General Maxwell Taylor… had turned his back on the conventional military doctrine and had become a leader of the new military force of response, of reaction and of undercover activity- all summed up in the newly coined word ¨counterinsurgency.¨ … Taylor´s tenure (during the Vietnam War era) would mark the end of the day of the old soldier and the beginning of the Special Forces, the peacetime operator, the response-motivated counterinsurgency warrior who has been so abundantly uncovered in the conflict of the past ten years in Vietnam.

… One of the better definitions of counterinsurgency as practiced in the Kennedy era was written by a general who worked for the Secretary of Defense:

¨The technique of using, in appropriate combination, all elements of National Power in support of a friendly government which is danger of being overthrown by an active Communist campaign designed to organize, mobilize, and direct discontented elements of a local population against the government.¨ (ETK note: Here we can substitute the world ¨terrorist¨ for Communist to get an idea of how this being applied today. Now, as then, the targets are defined as ¨discontented¨ or ¨subversive¨ members of the local population.)

Although counterinsurgency (today, read: counterterrorism) has been generally regarded a military activity, careful analysis will reveal that it is really more a civilian-controlled action in the paramilitary area of operations…. In other words, the actions of this Government, which were called counterinsurgency, were not very different from the actions that were attributed to the Communists and called subversive insurgency. As a matter of fact, they seemed to be identical. (ETK note: Indeed, terrorism and counterterrorism are the same thing.)

… Note the same material written by the spokesman for the Office of the Secretary of Defense: ¨A successful counterinsurgency strategy requires, therefore, the integration of all U.S. Government activities in the country concerned, under the central leadership of the Ambassador or (if the local situation had deteriorated to the point where U.S. Armed Forces are actively involved) the military area commander. In the final analysis, the defeat of a Communist-led insurgency hinges largely on the effectiveness of the Country Team. This depends in great measure upon the willing cooperation of the government departments and agencies in Washington.¨

….. The best evidence of how unrestrained the ST became lies in the record of the great proliferation of the concept of counterinsurgency (CI). Almost as soon as the Kennedy Administration got under way (1961)- certainly as it entered its second year- the CIA, the White House, and certain elements of the DOD added one country after the other to the counterinsurgency list. To the believer in the blind anti-Communist doctrine, it sounded almost preordained that he should search for and then route out all ¨Communist-inspired subversive insurgents¨ wherever it was found. In rapid succession, one country after another was added to the long list of counterinsurgency countries, and a new special group was formed, the Special Group CI (Counterinsurgency), which was simply a front within the U.S. Government to make it possible for the ST to operate in almost any country. The old restraints of a traditional awareness of the meaning of national sovereignty and of the absolute importance of this inviolable principle fell away as if they were of no merit in the zeal of CI-breed to wipe out so-called Communist-inspired subversive insurgency wherever they thought they saw it.

This flimsy disguise for clandestine operations brought together men who had little experience in the type of operation being developed and even less idea of the political situation in the countries involved. It was a shattering experience to attend some of these meetings and to hear men, some high in the councils of government, not even able to locate some of these countries and to pronounce their names.

…. The Army, Navy, and Air Force all had developed many units of Special Forces, Special Air Warfare squadrons and SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) teams, and these were sent into any country that would accept them. These teams were heavily sprinkled with CIA agents, and most of their direction in the field was the operational responsibility of the CIA.

… this is another part of the pattern that was changing this country´s entire traditional idea of military action. We have a new doctrine at the Special Forces school, we have worldwide MAP (Military Assistance Program) training in the political-social-economic spheres, we have the new creed dramatically spelled out by the President´s Committee Report and then, to tie this all together, we have the definition of counterinsurgency. We find the official version of counterinsurgency is not to be confused with the more or less public idea of counterinsurgency, which assumes that it is a form of anti-guerilla fighting against Communist-inspired rebels. The official doctrine of counterinsurgency states clearly that it is carried out ¨under the central leadership of the ambassador.¨ This means that counterinsurgency is intended to be civilian directed, even though it appears to be a military program, and that the senior man is to be the ambassador. He is placed in charge, not actually to be the country-team commander in chief, but to make it possible for him to delegate his authority to the CIA station chief rather than to some senior military officer.

This has shaped the total efforts of the United States in Vietnam for the past decade or more. (ETK note: Presumably, this same dynamic is being used in GOG´S OP (global organized gang stalking Operation Phoenix). Why?

(Why would both the generals who wrote these definitions re-define war) ¨both in terms of civilian direction of the military operations of U.S. Forces? The answer is simple, although it has lain buried under the long years of the horrible disaster in Vietnam…. They saw that it was time for the ST to make its big move and for it to sweep out beyond the DOD and the CIA to form a massive paramilitary international power under para-civilian leadership and a monstrous cloak of secrecy.

Gradually and with security-concealed movement, the Agency advanced towards its goals, and the glacier-like progress was reinforced by the assurance that in its relationship with the DOD the CIA would never lack logistical support. During the latter part of the fifties, the Agency began to set up storage facilities of its won in many foreign countries. Most of this equipment was labeled for war-plan-directed utilization and was otherwise concealed as ¨military¨ property. By 1955 the Agency was ready to try for the big game, and by 1955 knew that it had the equipment to move out. Although the directives had not been changed in that respect, no one noticed the movement of the glacier as it slid along toward Dulles-inspired goals. And by 1955 the Agency was more than the CIA – by that year the quiet intelligence arm of the President had been diverted into a vast operational organization and its direction had passed from the limited control by the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) to the ST.

…. after 1955 the CIA had reached the point in its development at which it was prepared to take on major global operational missions on its own using – not just requesting support of the vast resources of the DOD for its own ends. This was a major turning point in the process that had begun with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 and that had been moved forward by such other events as the Dulles report of 1949. By 1955 the CIA had progressed from its assigned role as the ¨quiet intelligence arm of the President¨ to become the major operational center of power within the military and foreign policy infrastructure of the Government of the United States.

… What had begun as a simple central intelligence organization charged with the responsibility of coordinating all elements of the national intelligence community had become the center of a power system. This system, through secret and covert channels within the Federal Government´s structure- and beyond that into industry and the academic world, and the world of the media and publishing houses- had developed a tremendous unseen infrastructure consisting primarily of the vast resources of the national military establishment all over the world. The central intelligence idea that had been born in the realization of the failures of World War II and in the postwar ¨one world¨ era became the precocious fledgling of the ¨Communist threat¨ protagonists. Then the Central Intelligence Agency, which was more or less the caboose of the National Security Act of 1947, began gradually to work itself around to becoming the hand at the throttle on the greatest peacetime military power ever maintained by any great nation…. A military force that had been emasculated and reduced to one of response, ever on the defensive, and therefore ready for manipulation and control by an action groups such as the ST.

…. The United States and the world were not going to have peace; they were going to enter a generation or perhaps even more of numbing cold war in which the inputs of random secret intelligence would provide evidence of subversion throughout all the countries of the free world and the United States would react by attacking subversive insurgency wherever it was discovered.

…. It was the CIA, with help from a few other agencies, that put together the Inter-American Police Academy during the early Kennedy years, which played such an important part in emphasizing national police power in the nations of Latin America. The CIA brought in police instructors from all over the United States and from the military for this school. The success of this school, operating covertly from an Army base in the Canal of Panama, led to other schools in the United States (ETK: such as the School of Americas in Fort Benning, GA- now renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) that have carried on this type of work for police forces in this country. Part of the impetus behind the great buildup in the strength of police force all over the country dates back to this CIA police academy work and to the other schools it spawned.

… Anyone who doubts that this nation building and police activity has not become real and very effective right here in the United States need only visit the area around Fort Bragg to find one of these early paramilitary CIA-oriented specialists, General Tolson, sending his American soldiers out into the countryside with nation-building programs for the citizens of the United States. If such tactics continue, it is possible that an enlargement of such a program could lead to a pacification program of areas of the United States, such as the CIA and the U.S. Army have carried out in Indochina.

(ETK note: Prouty is here referring to the transference of the Phoenix Program from Vietnam to America. This has indeed occurred and is occurring. Those who are aware of this ¨pacification¨ program generally refer it as ¨gang stalking.¨)

By the end of 1962 this nation had gone so far down the line following the Agency, the new Special Forces doctrine, the MAP, and the new U.S. philosophy as outlined in the President´s Committee report, that it was saying openly it was well on its way to carrying out as top national policy a major clandestine operation so big in fact that the entire government would be involved. Obviously, it could not be really clandestine in the sense that it would be kept secret from our enemies; on the contrary, it was a new kind of ¨clandestine,¨ so it would be kept secret from all Americans.
When such men stated that war would be waged under civilian leadership, and then named the ambassador as the commanding and senior officer, they simply were carrying out their usual cover-story double-talk. Any such counterinsurgency would be initiated and directed by the CIA. Of course, the generals involved would be real generals; but they would be working inside of and for the CIA- or in some cases not exactly inside of the CIA, but certainly under its direction.

(ETK note: In a previous post, I referred to a 1959 article in ¨Foreign Affairs¨ by Samuel P. Huntington entitled ¨Civilian Military Operations.¨ ¨Foreign Affairs¨ is the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations; and the CFR is the American branch of the RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs), which does the bidding of the Rothschild dynasty. It is astonishing now, in hindsight, to notice how quickly London´s orders to re-organize America´s military forces were actually implemented and to observe, in hindsight, how much secrecy attended these sweeping changes.)
As late as the end of 1963, every U.S. Army combat soldier in Vietnam… was under the operational control and direction of the CIA….. There never was a real honest to God military objective of this war…. Of course, the counterinsurgency supporters have said, ¨That´s the nature of this type of warfare. You can´t beat insurgents this way.¨ That´s nonsense.

….. Whether they wanted them or not, we have developed military forces on the soil of our friends for more than thirty years, and there is no end in sight. But even more important, we have developed in more than forty countries strong clandestine and paramilitary forces far more dangerous to the internal welfare of those countries than encroachment of Communism, which is supposed to be the reason for the existence of such action. And these covert forces exist. The ¨Communism¨ they are there to guard against is for the most part no more than an interpretation of intent.

… Thus, in those crucial ten years, the clandestine activities of the CIA were redirected from those originally aimed at the Soviet Union and its neighboring states to the many nations of our friends, in which we saw the ¨rampant,¨ dangerous forces of ¨subversive insurgency.¨ And today they have been even further directed, along with other powerful arms of secret power, to seek the sources of subversive insurgency within this country itself. All during this refocusing of direction, the ST has increased its utilization of secrecy in order to keep the host nation from knowing what was going on. Throughout this complex series of operations the Agency went out of its way to keep this information from the Congress and from the people of the United States. There is no doubt that the people of Taiwan, of the Philippines, of France, and of many other countries know more about the CIA has been doing during the past twenty years than we do here in the United States.

…. Over the years this group (hard core CIA and ST elite activists) had begun by defining the Soviet Union and World Communism as the enemy. Then it had pressed the idea of global containment of the world of Communism. Having built the wall from Norway on the North Sea to Turkey on Black Sea, and from Iran on the northeast slopes of the Gordian Knot to India and Pakistan on the high Himalayas, and then on along the tenuous northern borders of Burma, Laos, and the 17th parallel in Vietnam, it began the cultivation and indoctrination of the idea that the real danger lay in the spread of Communism into the peripheral countries by means of subversive insurgency and support of wars of national liberation. To complete this fear-of-Communism syndrome, this movement contained a strong element that saw Communism and Communist subversion seeping into and permeating almost every area of the United States. One of the greatest non-elective, non-ruling power forces of all time is this anti-Communist (ETK: today, anti-terrorist) fanatic group, which rips through to the very heart and soul of the nation, playing upon fear and ignorance for its own selfish and in many cases ignorant, fear crazed interests. More harm has been done from 1947 through 1972 to the United States and the world by this rabid and ruthless element than the Kremlin could have hoped to have accomplished itself by any other means short of nuclear war.

(The Presidential committee´s report) was laying it right on the line that the Government should be stepping into the Mutual Security program with ¨military¨ training, including the development of paramilitary capability in the recipient nations. The only way this could be carried out would be to mount clandestine operations in every country where this was to apply. By this period the CIA knew that it was ready, equipped, and in a position to do this in any ¨counterinsurgency list¨ country, as it had been digging its way firmly into the MAP (Military Assistance Program) since the earliest days of the Greek and Turkish aid programs.

… as General Donovan and Allen Dulles had proposed, the very success of Secret Intelligence would from time to time create its own requirements for subsequent clandestine operations for no other reason than that the intelligence input had detected something somewhere. The legislators knew that clandestine operations would grow out of the findings of Secret Intelligence whether or not there was any national plan or policy to carry out in the first place. This is why the Donovan-Dulles-Clifford school of thought requires the existence, real or imagined, of a constant enemy – Communism (ETK: today ¨terrorism¨) With the constant enemy, every bit of Secret Intelligence that reveals the existence of Communism is its own reason for the development of an operation. Then the counterpunch becomes the action of a machine, not of minds.

(A 1972) report on the Pacification Program in Vietnam, in describing the role of the local army, stated:

¨The maintenance of internal security constitutes a major responsibility of these armed forces, whether assigned directly or not.¨ In other words, if this role were not given to the army, it was suggested that the army would take it over…. Naturally, this philosophy led to many outbreaks in these recipient countries. The MAP-trained army began to take over the internal security role and got into trouble with the national police and with those national leaders responsible for the national police. This situation brought about friction, which frequently broke out as civil war, and of course there was nothing to do but to declare that the national police were the forces of subversive insurgency; thus the head of Communism was reared. Once these labels had been affixed, the United States would join the army´s side with the banner of anti-Communism flying.

C. Final Thoughts

Thus the Cold War is a massive, totally grim game of attrition. The loser will be the one who has dissipated all of his resources; the winner will be the one who remains with his force relatively intact. The great and terrible truth is that in this type of warfare the loser may be the victim of deadly attrition brought about as a result of his own futile actions, as much as or even more than by actions of an enemy.

… Perhaps the strongest support for the Vietnam War has always come from the national defense industries, which benefitted tremendously by this windfall… This war halfway around the world was a major bonanza for the transportation industry and especially for the air transportation groups. During the peak years, the DOD was spending three quarters of a billion dollars on charter airlift for Vietnam alone.

…. By now, the terrifying truth of the matter is that in this last great total war we have been wiped out in every battle…. We have paid all the losses in tens of thousands of men, hundreds of billions of dollars, and prestige beyond measure. On the other side, the Russians have done exactly what Kennan said they would do- preside over our own demise and demoralization. In a war of attrition, the winner is he who holds his own position while his adversary wastes away…. All the historian will note is that like the dinosaur, the loser will become extinct in spite of the fact that he seems at the time to rule the world.

…. Is the President, any President, really capable of ruling these forces of insidious influence? Does he rule and command, or is there another power? Can the ST be harnessed? We have one indelible example after the other which seems to say ¨No.¨

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